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Log in or Sign up. Walt Harris' daughter is missing around Auburn, Alabama. Please read this thread for more information. Howard Stern is Politically Correct now???? I was a watcher of the E show and the old channel 9 show and listened to him for hours on the radio in the late 90s early s.

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult

It started after Artie left. Thank you These are all things that forusm the show brings up I turn it off. Joined: May 7, Messages: 2, Likes Received: That means that you will not be able "call" this picture from other websites for instance other forums. Feb 3, It actually started way back during the Artie Lange-High Pitch Mike feud when Lange would refer to Mike as a "fag," and Stern would "get uncomfortable" with his verbiage. Looking at my example above forkms the batchelor tv show. I'm apparently in the minority with Household sex tools.

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Tags: audio movies spanish video wfsn youtube. Joined: May 7, Messages: 2, Likes Received: The audio is NSFW!

I'm a daily listener to the Stern show and this is by far my favorite interview that he's ever done. For those of you who don't know, Lupe Fuentes is a tiny Spanish porn star who is famous for her diminutive frame. Even if you aren't a Stern fan you should be able to enjoy the interview.

RudyTBag Contributing Member. Joined: Jan 6, Messages: 23, Likes Received: 9, This is funny Howard is the man I want to see the video. Nice Rollin Contributing Member. Joined: Mar 30, Messages: 11, Likes Received: Awww man I thought it was gonna say Howard stern interviews Lupe fiasco.

Joined: Dec 12, Messages: 3, Likes Received: Um talk about a porn star yet no PICS. Thefabman Member. Joined: Nov 14, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Lynus Contributing Member.

Joined: Feb 14, Messages: 6, Likes Received: Lupe is friggin' hot. That is all. Joined: Aug 15, Messages: 15, Likes Received: CJLarson Member. Joined: Jul 6, Messages: 3, Likes Received: She's 4'11 though.

Certainly not midget status. But GD look at her waist in that pic above! I know, it was hard for me to find it too! Blurr 7 Contributing Member. Joined: Dec 12, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 1, Lupe can talk!?!? All I've ever heard from her is moaning and the occasional "yeah"! I had been wanting a bike and she had her Honda Shadow parked in her driveway with a "for sale" sign on it. So, I go home and check my funds and then give her a call a few days later. So I bought the bike and she even came down on the price after we'd gotten to know each other a little bit.

Turns out she was really cool. I was 29, she was about She was an RN and in great shape. So we hung out a few times and I met all of her gay guy friends and her fat straight female friends. Since I was straight, the fat straight chicks hit on me. I played along, but I wasn't interested. The gay guys hit on me too, which was great because that meant I never had to pay for any drinks, but whatever, I'm not gay. Then one night I'm at a party at her house.

It gets to be 4am or so, and she and I are the only two left awake, and we started talking about porn. Every lesbian I've ever met likes straight porn, and she was no different, but the tone of the conversation had taken a pretty clear and distinct shift. Hathaway, double and triple-teams, the whole nine. We were all over each other soon after that.

She told me later I was the first guy she'd been with in 19 years. I have to leave out the rest of the details, but man she was a cool chick.

She had a cool dog, loved beer, darts, cars, motorcycles, video games, music, and she was a total freak. I need to look her up. Joined: Jul 3, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 3, Damn, I wish hadn't taken my shower already. Joined: Jul 5, Messages: 18, Likes Received: 3, Aceshigh7 Contributing Member. Joined: Jun 16, Messages: 3, Likes Received: I think this is the chick where a guy in Puerto Rico was facing charges because the authorities thought her videos were kiddie porn, and she ended up going to the trial and proving she was an adult.

KingCheetah Contributing Member. Joined: Jun 3, Messages: 36, Likes Received: 11, Superstar is one of my favorite rap songs. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Howard Stern Interviews. Replies: 46 Views: 4, Replies: 17 Views: 2, TdashDUB Feb 1, Replies: 5 Views: LonghornFan May 16, Replies: 7 Views: 1, Jeff Nov 2, Replies: 12 Views: 1, Share This Page Tweet.

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Password login howard stern forums adult

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Last Post: Ftvgirls. Last Post: FaceSittingMoms. Last Post: Bukkakenow. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Go watch girls get naked on cam for free! Howard Stern. I was doing quite well, proud of being able to answer most of the questions. I lost out on winning the bar quiz by one answer. The question was, "Where do most women have curly hair?

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River Daves Place. Nov 1, 1. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 10, The Ronnie Mund 69th birthday roast was epic! Last edited: Nov 1, Nov 1, 2. Messages: 2, Likes Received: I'm seriously thinking of dumping him. Can't believe I'm saying that since I've been a loyal fan for so long By the way, I can live with him having a different point of view than I do Nov 1, 3. Messages: Likes Received: The roast was great. The dildo chair was perfect for Ronnie. But having George Takei back in studio was painful.

What an asshole. Gives this long speech about how his sexual harassment claim against him was a huge lie and there was no proof, but soon as a caller brought up Judge Kavanaugh, George immediately said he believed Christine Ford. Nov 1, 4. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1, Calling howard stern a jackass is an insult to the jackasses of the world. But that's just my opinion. Nov 1, 5. Sorry - posted wrong link - here's the one where Nikki Glaser roasts Ronnie Her talk about anal sex made Ronnie and the guys wild.

Nov 1, 6. The only possible saving grace there is he's pro-gun. And agree on George Takei - I had hoped he'd never be back. Nov 1, 7. Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Its one of the few things that gets me through my hr commute from the IE to OC every day.

I'm way more into the smaller interoffice bs minus Memet, i hate that whiny prick I regards to the left leaning, i think hes actually really in the middle, at least how I see it.

I think hes a lot like me, socially liberal, financially conservative. As for George, I get a such a kick out of that creepy gay old man, i dont know why. I think its because hes kinda like JD in a sense, you never know what you're really gonna hear come out of his mouth, some of it is funny as fuck. Like when he was talking about getting someone to be his caretaker after Brad dies.

Constant likes this. Nov 1, 8. Messages: 35 Likes Received: Nov 1, 9. Messages: 6, Likes Received: 5, Howard is awesome. I don't have a problem being entertained by someone who might have a few different views than I have. And the Ronnie roast was great. Nov 2, F Jackie. Messages: 26, Likes Received: 12, Hit em with the Hine!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Messages: 1, Likes Received: Just about everyday since the late 90s. Recently have been having to turn it when Memet is on.

Messages: 14, Likes Received: 19, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 5, Ba ba booey!! Lets fuck some whores!!!! Messages: 2, Likes Received: 3, I listen to Stern and NHL radio almost exclusively. And he knows what he knows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Hi Fred. It takes a long time to get all the humor. I watched the channel 9 show back in the day and have been a fan ever since. I miss Jackie, not because of Jackie, because of the loops they played behind him talking. Gilbert was amazing on the show too.

Billy West. Stuttering John interviews. KC Armstrong. The Gary puppet and the Jackie puppet. Billy West was the best. Activated likes this. I go way back with him and his show - I was in the NYC area and heard him on the radio for years. And saw his TV show on Channel 9 and his special shows he did in the area. Amazing that he went from all that and Fartman to the huge star he is now.

And he is the best interviewer around by far but part of it's because he does them for about an hour-and-a-half. Ma-ma-monkey Anyone remember the Kielbasa Queen? Bobo used to be the worst but Memet beats him by a mile. One thing that really gets me to turn off his show is when he spends time on shit and diapers usually it's with Wendy The Slow Adult formerly Wendy The Retard.

I'm usually pretty immune to stuff but scat gets old quickly especially if I just ate or I'm going to. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 1, Been listening forever Ronnie is only focking normal guy and the show Howard gets more like his mom as he gets older Loved the Artie years Artie brought some needed blue collar views to the studio.

Fred's drops are unmatchable and his Ronnie imitations Red-snapper likes this. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, Been listening to howard since the early nineties.. The show still makes me die laughing now 24 years later. I could listen to richard talk all day long. Shit is great!! Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3, I listened to Stern since 92 up until a couple years ago.

He's become your typical Hollywood celebrity ass kissing type left winger. I'm sure there are still some funny points to his show but his leftist views and love for Hillary were too much for me anymore.

I Dropped Sirius all together. I still have one lifetime subscription that I got when Stern went to Sirius in 05 but I seldom turn it on. I look back now at all the years I was paying for so called "commercial free" radio and think, WTF was I thinking.

Prescott area has 4 country stations you can receive so I'm good. Messages: Likes Received: 1, The sex tips are awesome.

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult

Password login howard stern forums adult