Rap music sucks-

The views expressed in this column do not necessarily represent the editorial coverage of Mustang News. Full disclosure: I love rap music. That being said, it sucks. The days where 2Pac spoke of violence in inner cities and societies with overwhelming racism are gone. The days where O.

Rap music sucks

His education level is so low because he stopped going to musjc at 14 years old. I just personally am a little sick and tired of hearing rap everywhere I go, and I wish it sucos just go away to the backstage for a while, and these rappers are freaking annoying. If you listen to some of the rap out there Everyone has music they love. My intention isn't Jesse godfrey try and change peoples mind, more of a rant of Rap music sucks after being pushed over the edge. March 25, Post a comment!

Wifes first black dick. Hip-Hop is going through a phase. What’s the big deal?

Release Dates. Rappers who do that should have their nuts cut off, their tongues Rap music sucks, get breast implants ,dressed as am Iranian woman - covered head and all. I write a Rap music sucks of rap and a lo tof poetry and I can garentee you there is a difference. Who him is? He's barely saying real words. Rap is a trend-driven medium. Are bts members gods? Stupid, talentless, immoral people and I only mean ANYONE who writes rap or listens to it include offensive, nasty elements in their music. It's not talent, it's a matter of training your mind to come up with rhymes. All rappers can just go lie in a ditch and die, because rap is crap. She tries to convince a director to forsake exploitation Color: Color.

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Discussion Rap music sucks self. After seeing the love and attention the post hating on Drake got, it inspired me with the confidence to say what I've been meaning to say all these years. It's sure to be a very unpopular opinion, especially with some of the younger crew on here, but I don't really give a fuck.

Rap music is garbage. No it's not garbage because it's offensive, because it promotes violence and sexualizing women. I am not a 50 year old fundamental Christian soccer mom with a bone to pick because it's poisoning my children's mind, I am simply a music addict. I love music. I love all kinds of music. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't listen to music, or sing music. It's my life. I am a musician, I write my own music.

If music ceased to exist, I would kill myself, not lying. But rap music is a terrible stain on the history of music itself, and I'm about to break out the Oxiclean and remove it for good. Time to actually get into the dissection of what makes rap such a bland genre. It is made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, it is typically not made for genuine fans of music, this is a fact, and this is generally the way it's always been.

The second thing I want to say is that not ALL rap is terrible, simply the vast majority of it. There are a few rappers that I genuinely enjoy, and will listen to at any time. I won't bother to list them because I don't want to get distracted. Now that that's out of the way, let me explain my gripe with rap music, and why I personally believe we should stop listening to all this shit immediately, and start listening to some real stuff.

Rap is by far, the most formulaic genre out there. The defenders will argue that this isn't true at all, and there is a large variety in the genre of rap because you can rap over just about anything, and while this is true, the fundamental aspect that makes a rap song, a rap song, is the rapping.

We can sit here and talk about how Kendrick Lamar is way different than Migos because Kendrick has a clear Jazz influence in his instrumentals, while Migos takes a more standard "trap" beat, but at the end of the day both artists Migos is a group are still rapping, which is the rhythmic spoken delivery of words.

The emphasis is on the rapping, it provides the rhythm, and the melody, the backing track is in almost all cases there to fill the silence, provide structure to the song, and occasionally add a little flair. So when rapping is about spoken word delivery, you can only do so much with the delivery before it stops being rap, and becomes singing.

This leads to a very formulaic and derivative trend in which rappers try their best to avoid coming across as a generic nobody by picking a trope off a shelf which usually involves throwing in a rest in the middle of their rapping, or messing with the dynamics of their voice. Every time a rapper tries to come across as unique it just feels extremely disingenuous because they're doing the exact same thing every "unique" rapper does. Rap is extremely repetitive. Most rap either follows the same generic pop song structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus.

I wouldn't really have a problem with this if the choruses weren't rapped, because like I said, a spoken word chorus is a horrible idea. Some rap songs do a good job of avoiding the terrible spoken word hook, but the only issue is that when that is the case, often the backing track is the thing that is very repetitive, and more often than not the backing track isn't layered or melodic enough to get away with being repetitive.

Overall rap songs are by far the most repetitive out of any genre, which I guess answers why they are so popular these days short attention spans. The lyrics of todays mainstream rap are genuinely fucking horrible. This is probably one of the most common complaints by non-fans of rap, so I tried to avoid it, but after doing my research for this essay I couldn't help but make this one a point. You already know enough of the songs to know what they're rapping about these days, so I will explain why that's such a bad thing in my opinion.

In a genre that is completely dependent on the delivery of words, when the words you're delivery are stupid as hell it can be pretty distracting. It's not a coincidence that the rap songs considered to be the best feature not only great delivery, but smart well thought-out, non-generic lyrics.

Mainstream rap lyrics are no worse than mainstream pop although with current trend of name dropping, product placement, social media references, and the fucking ad-libs it's going to age a lot worse than your harmless other terrible lyrics such as "Thunder, hear the thunder, lightning and the thunder" but lyrics matter more when they are spoken word, and the melodic instrumentation matters a lot less.

The culture surrounding rap is cancerous. The way that most mainstream rap fans interact and discuss the artists that put out the music just proves my point that it's music for non-music fans. It's celebrity culture with music as a side-note.

Most of these rappers are closer to Kim Kardashian than they are to John Lennon. With today's social media age, you can be closer to your favorite celebrities than it ever was possible.

People don't give a shit about the music, so long as it has a catchy easy to follow hook and a generic trap beat it will satisfy. People care more about the image surrounding the rappers. These rappers are cool, they're dangerous, they're wealthy yet they still act down to earth.

People always try to see themselves in the image of famous people, so they listen to this music not for the actual music, but because they want the lifestyle that these rappers portray. Satisfy the masses. Rap lacks melody. I'm not saying that a song needs to be melodious to be good, or that one that lacks melody can't, but the one thing that leaves me completely dumbfounded at the popularity of rap, is how much it lacks melody.

To me, the songs that truly stand the test of time are ones that are beautiful, the way that the melody flows and dances is one of, maybe the, most incredible thing about music.

I would love to see an example of a rap song that has a beautiful melody, but I'm starting to doubt there is one. One average rap song that is lacking melody when compared to just about any other popular genre wouldn't be the worst once in a while, but I actually and shocked that a genre that is probably the least melodic out of all the major genres, is the one that is the dominating genre. That about wraps it up no pun intended.

At the end of the day, I don't actually believe anyone should stop listening to this stuff just because I don't personally like it. If you enjoy listening to it, then keep listening to it for gods sake, ignore me. I just personally am a little sick and tired of hearing rap everywhere I go, and I wish it would just go away to the backstage for a while, and these rappers are freaking annoying.

There's some awesome rap out there, and to the proper fans of the genre, they know what it is. But to summarize it all is that I believe mainstream rap is music for non-music fans, and even though I don't typically listen to the radio, it'd be nice if generic pop could come back to the center stage, because the repetitive, formulaic, lack of melody that is your modern rap song is driving me crazy, as are their typical cancerous fan that cares more about trying to look cool than the actual music itself.

The beat is as important as the flow or the lyrics, go listen to Dilla, DJ Premier or Nujabes and you'll get it. I will do that but I'm going to have to disagree with your sentiment. I'm sure in some cases it is just as important, but generally speaking, it just isn't, or rap song backing tracks would be a lot more distinguishable.

What are you talking about? Have you listened only to 90's consious rappers and SoundCloud trappers? Because even Migos are known for their trap beats and when they had Pharrell producing the Stir Fry beat it sounded way different than what they were putting out.

The general sound of the beat can be the signature of a producer, but that's just like when you know it's your favourite guitar player in that song just because of how it sounds. I'm not saying it isn't important, I'm saying that the rapping is the main focus of the song. But dude, with the logic you just applied you could say the same about any genre. Go listen to anything off Doggystyle, and then anything DJ Premeir produced, and then anything J Dilla produced, and tell me that the rapping is the only important part of a song.

The entire point of rap music is the ability to blend the lyrics, flow, and beat. Secondly on to your point about flows. Yeah sure, rapping technically has one less layer than singing in the sense that singing has pitch, but thats a pretty reductionist stance to take, to say that rapping is inherently repetitive because it has 1 less aspect than singing. Here's the thing I don't get about a lot of people who hate on rap. I'm not saying that as a point against any other genre, mind you, but do you honestly beleive that rock has greater lyrical depth?

Like,the Beatles are regarded as the best of the best, and I don't disagree, but the majority of their songs had very little meaning, or that meaning was hidden behind layers of metaphor that you'd never catch on first listen.

That's not the point of those songs. Before you go off, hear me out. All of these new wave rappers you'll point to as awful lyricists make party music. It's meant to be put on in a club, or at a frat party, or whatever, and danced to. They know fully well that their target audience won't even be listening to the lyrics, let alone processing the deep meaning behind them. This sint exclusive to rap, either. There's plenty of good, meaningful country music, and then there's fratty party country.

Same goes for every genre, at least any that gets played at parties or to dance to. You seem to think that most rap music is like Lil Pump, and the 3 artists you like are alone against the others.

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Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks. Post navigation


Some of the most popular ones include:. Rapping while sucking a dick. If you have been following mainstream Hip-Hop for the past couple of years, you might have noticed the direction the genre has been moving to. Mumble rap is a stitched-together, brash and inorganic sound of popular tracks that are likely to be bumped in the whip. Many will argue that these tracks have no rhymes, no vocabulary, no soul and they repeat the hook over more than half the track with no connection to the elements of the hip-hop culture.

Some may also say that most of the beats sound the same. Cohesive lyrics and intellectual songwriting do not match with heavy bass and playful instrumentals. Future is seen as a revolutionary who inspired a large wave of imitators and like-minded artists.

Interview after interview, he tells older rap fans and artists alike that you do not need to be able to freestyle and spit poetics that tell where you are from. These are not the rules by which the game is played anymore. Hip-hop has developed in a direction that favors heavy, bass-driven instrumentals since the late s. This vibe that mumble rap gives is what is provided in situations where processing a unique message plays little part: at clubs, house parties, during boring trips inside the whip, etc.

Putting yourself in a modern rappers shoes, would you rather work hard delivering a message few would listen to? Or work less and focus your energy on making it sound dope, and cash in on the contemporary hype? Mumble rappers capitalised on the growing demand for rap music that primarily gives a good vibe. And it worked.

By doing this they worked smarter rather than harder, whether they did this intentionally or not. Hip-Hop itself is almost 40 years old. Just the music. B-boying and graffiti art are even older. But think about Rock music when it was 40 years old. You had classic rock, heavy metal, soft-rock, folk rock, progressive rock, grunge, alternative, punk, the list goes on…. The same thing happened with Jazz.

Between the s and s, the emergence of swing, big band, free jazz, ragtime, bebop, modal, and cool jazz all made significant contributions to the genre. This is not to say that mumble rap is going to make a lasting impression 40 years from now. Before mumble rap, only a couple years ago, it was auto-tune that was in vogue. Auto-tune was cool for two minutes and then everyone was shitting on it just as hard as they are on mumble rap right now.

The thing is, nowadays if you throw some auto-tune on a track, nobody cares. The hype is over and decent rappers can get away with using it as a stylistic choice. One way to look at it is if you turn rap into an acronym for Rhythm and Poetry. Some rappers might be more about extending the rhythm part, as we have been seeing with mumble rappers, such as Future, Rich Homie Quan and Desiigner.

While others like to extend to the poetry aspect, like Kendrick Lamar and J. Like any other art form, there are stronger suits to some artists work and weaker suits. The fact that we have such a diverse culture associated with this genre shows just how diverse and vibrant hip-hop can evolve to be. Mumble rap is an equal form of rap with a different makeup behind it and it should be respected. Though, as mentioned earlier, mumble rap is not the lyric-heavy, poetic rap that you listen to that has some sort of meaning.

It could probably be played at parties, clubs, and kick-backs religiously. For the most part, mumble rap production is a heavy component that already serves as a giant plateau for musicians such as Desiigner, Lil yachty, Lil Uzi Vert. Nobody really bothers to listen to beats or instrumentals by themselves, so preferably, they like to listen to it with some vocalization over it. Young musicians have chosen to use their voices in strange, unprecedented ways, and against the wishes of their parents and forefathers, just as the generation before them did.

Mumble rap is no danger to the culture and the same rules apply to those who are good at rapping. Yachty is 19 years old, he would have to grow with his audience if he expects to be around another 10 years, just like Jay-Z and Kanye West had to grow with their audience. Five to ten years from now, nobody will give a shit if a rapper mumbles their way through a verse.

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Rap music sucks

Rap music sucks