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How much does a Stripper make in Alaska? Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. View the Cost of Living in Alaska. A stripper or exotic dancer is a person whose occupation involves performing striptease in a public adult entertainment venue such as a strip club. At times, a stripper may be hired to perform at a bachelor party or other private event.

Create a new password. Jai worked at the Bush Company while in Alaska and she wasn't shy about sharing her insights. It's only possible with your support. They advised the dancer to obtain abusiness license in Fairbanks. Are you an HR manager or compensation specialist? About Alaska. Kent Leppink.

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  • When you need professional strippers for your next bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, or any party or special event, Dancing Beauty is the obvious choice for Anchorage Female Strippers, Anchorage Male Strippers and all types of exotic dancers and entertainment.
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He says the demonstrations will feature exotic dancers on board the boat, anchored off a harbor near the island city of Kodiak. Byler has long alleged he was hit with the federal "poop" charges because authorities and others disapproved of the exotic-dancer business he ran in He is appealing his federal case.

This is my way of winning. He was convicted in Federal prosecutors have said Byler piped sewage from the Wild Alaskan bathrooms into the harbor near Kodiak in The Bylers were accused of telling the Coast Guard they were properly disposing of the waste — a contention Byler still maintains.

Supporters say the charges involve disposal practices that have long been routine among local boat owners who were never prosecuted. The Wild Alaskan is now registered with the state as a pleasure boat, but operators of such vessels are still required to meet Coast Guard safety standards such as providing floatation devices for each passenger, according to Coleen Greenshields, a state administrative officer.

Byler said the Wild Alaskan can comfortably seat 50 to 60 people, and he plans to have enough life jackets on board. He said the boat never had sewage problems, and in a May 5 letter to the Coast Guard announcing the planned protest, he wrote, "Please feel free to send your undercover sewer cops out to the vessel and put a dye pack in the vessel heads.

Coast Guard officials did not elaborate on how they will respond to the protests planned six nights a week until Sept Officials said, however, that vessel owners are responsible for the safety of passengers, including following the correct load calculations and having basic lifesaving and other equipment on board.

Byler's guests are safe and the vessel safely operated," Capt. Paul Albertson said in an email to The Associated Press.

He said the city has no immediate plans to monitor the boat. Rob Dierich, a commercial fisherman and longtime Kodiak resident, checked out the Wild Alaskan as a new attraction when he was single a few years ago.

He believes Byler was targeted because of moral disapproval. Still, he doesn't believe Byler needs to be "egging everybody that was on him the first time. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Strip club onboard Alaskan fishing boat making comeback. Updated: By: Associated Press. Copyright Associated Press. Its owner, Darren Byler, is resurrecting the controversial strip club on board his boat, billing the enterprise as a nightly protest months after he was sentenced to probation for dumping human waste from the vessel.

Byler, who is appealing the case, says he will begin his summer-long "First Amendment Freedom of Assembly" protests, complete with exotic dancers, Thursday May 18, This time, he's billing the enterprise as a nightly protest. The U. Attorney's Office declined to comment on the planned protests. His wife, Kimberly Riedel-Byler, was found not guilty of the same charges. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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The dancers are responsible for getting themselves to all of their parties in their own vehicles. Anchorage Female Strippers are mostly requested and booked for performing at bachelor parties. The last thing you want is an out of shape stripper to show up to your party location. Also booking female strippers to come to your location are much more interative and fun than going to a club. The clubs have many rules and tend to charge alot of money for drinks. When it comes to professional stripping entertainment, we are without a doubt "the biggest and the best" around! When you have a house party, you can buy your own alcohol and supply your own food, and snacks.

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Owner: No flak from the law for floating Alaska strip club - Business Insider

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed the three complimentary stories. Please disable your ad blocker, whitelist our site, or purchase a subscription. A lot of cash changes hands in a strip club. Dancers collect itby the fistful. But three women who danced at clubs in Anchorageclaim that not enough of that cash was still theirs at the end ofthe night. In , the women-who are named in the lawsuit but will remainunnamed in this story-sued Crazy Horse and Fantasies on 5th Avenue,saying the clubs use stage fees, illegal tip-pooling, house fees,mandated souvenir sales, and even involuntary charity drives toextract money from strippers-practices that may violate both Alaskawage and hour laws and the U.

Fair Labor Standards Act. Thedancers in the lawsuit claim they were treated so unfairly that onslower nights at the clubs, a dancer could make less than minimumwage. She could even wind up owing the club more money than shecollected in table-dance fees or tips. The dancers now have a trial date, January 3, , and theirattorney, Ken Legacki, is getting set to argue they were exploitedworkers. Legacki calls the three women "courageous" in one of hiscourt filings, but he declined to talk to the Press for this story,saying the case was too close to trial.

A settlement conference,with a federal judge acting as mediator, took place earlier thisyear and ended with nothing resolved. Four phone-book-sized volumes of pretrial pleadings, affidavits anddiscovered evidence give a preview of arguments U. Burgess, in a page order issued in September, rejected the lastpleas by club owners to throw the dancers' case out.

The judgewrote the strippers' claims under state law are actionable. Among the things that must be settled at trial are whethertable-dance fees paid by customers are services charges or tips,and whether the dancers are independent contractors or clubemployees. When a customer buys a ten-dollar table dance, is that afee that passes through a dancer and goes to the house? Is it morelike the payment made for a pizza, or the tip given to the pizzaguy?

Is the dancer an employee of the club or an independentartist? Shafer, a Michigan-based attorneybrought in this year to assist the club owners' defense.

Shafer says he's defended businesses in similar cases all over thecountry, winning in places where he described the wage and hourlaws as "liberal" meaning some states have laws that tend to sidewith workers in these cases. Shafer says he hates using the term"contractor" to describe the dancers, though many past legaldecisions have used that word.

Like any attorney, Shafer can becounted on to rely on preceding cases to bolster his argument thatthe Alaska clubs are clean. With some frequency, about once or twice a decade, Alaska's sexindustry spawns a lawsuit in which striptease dancers claim theyconsistently lose wages and tip money to the establishments theydance in. Strippers seem to enjoy the murky compensation systemjust fine when they're using it to earn untaxed tip money. But whenthe tip money gets scarce-as they age, or lose enthusiasm for thework-dancers see the same system as an opening to try their luck inthe courts.

Prove you're a wage earner, by proving you worked understrict supervision of the club owners, and the law allows you tocollect back pay for minimum wage, overtime hours or both. In the s, the state of Alaska filed a wage-and-hour claimagainst The Lonely Lady, a strip club in Fairbanks that morerecently has operated as Showboat II. The state Department of Laborbrought the suit after a dancer filed a complaint with Labor's wageand hour investigators.

The state has not had similar in-courtinvolvement against a club since the s. The state argued the Lonely Lady dancer was an employee of theclub. The Lonely Lady owners had recruited the dancer from LasVegas through a booking agent. They advised the dancer to obtain abusiness license in Fairbanks. They gave her a contract thatexpired after six weeks and required six days of work each week inreturn for a flat weekly rate. The club owners argued Lonely Ladydancers were independent contractors responsible for their owntaxes and not entitled to overtime.

They lost that argument. A superior court judge ruled the clubexerted too much control over the stripper's working life for herto be considered anything other than an employee under Alaska law.

Appeals were filed and that question-employee or contractor? The only catch is manylawyers will say this question must be revisited in each case, foreach employee and each wage scheme. Until losing the case, The Lonely Lady would have dodged itsobligations under Alaska's unemployment insurance tax, not tomention federal payroll taxes.

The current case in federal courtcould bring to light similar losses to the government if, as clubowners suggest in their filings, the dancers collect cash notreported as income and pass cash to other employees that may not bereported as income either. Club owners caught up in these cases often claim that strippersmake good cash until they don't anymore, and that exotic dancers inthe lawsuits are attempting to use minimum wage law to attack abusiness relationship that has already netted them more thanminimum wage.

As Shafer says, "I have never, ever heard of anexotic dancer who wanted to be [compensated as] an employee, shortof after their career is over or they get pissed at the managementand they see free money and file a lawsuit. Judge Burgess wrote about this in his September order, rejectingarguments from the Anchorage club owners that the dancers would beunjustly enriched by a successful lawsuit.

That may be, but it is not an issue for this Court, whichdoes not have the power to rewrite those laws," Burgess wrote. Hethen quoted a Florida case, writing that the clubs themselves choseto "exotically structure" the dancers' compensation scheme in themanner that led to the in court controversy. Burgess has not allowed the three dancers in the Anchorage case toestablish their lawsuit as a class action.

That means January'strial could result in an award for these three, but not inlost-wages compensation for other dancers who worked alongside themat Crazy Horse or Fantasies on 5th Avenue.

The dancers claims comefrom work between and Shafer, the Michigan attorney working for the defense, suggests onereason to avoid a class action. Dancers "have first amendment rightto perform," Shafer says.

She may not want to receivenotice in the mail informing her of lawsuit she could be a partytoo. One filing on behalf of Crazy Horse is an affidavit from the club'sowner, Jeanette Johnson, in which she argues, a bit clumsily, thata class action suit would unfairly harm the reputations of womenwho performed in the club and who don't want to be part of alawsuit. She lays outreasons a dancer may leave the business-pursuit of education,motherhood-and notes some dancers have "minor trouble" with thelaw.

The affidavit left an opening for Legacki, the attorney for thethree dancers, to sucker punch the club owners. He landed thishaymaker in one section of a recent filing:. Johnson readily admits that she can exploit her employees,knowing they are hesitant to exercise their legal rights because ofvarious vulnerabilities.

Johnson states that her typicalemployee would be reticent in going before the Court. But thesethree courageous women are not afraid and they challenged theexploitation by the defendant employers and are seeking remediesfor their legal rights.

Judge Burgess will ring in the new year by deciding whether threeof Johnson's employees were indeed exploited. The value of a subscription is keeping the community informed, holding local officials accountable and giving a voice to the voiceless.

It's only possible with your support. Thank you for Reading! Sign Up. Log In. Purchase a Subscription. Toggle navigation Menu. Stay Informed. Legacki titled the section "Jeanette Johnson admitted her employeesare exploitable.

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