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Your Name. Our adorable Skeeter the Skeleton actually glows in the dark! Otto the Alligator Plastic Wind Up Pin Up Girl Dashboard Doll. Our large high-quality nylon kite featuri. Collectible Hawaiian Dasboard shaker. Hula dolls make colorful grab bag gifts or corporate giveaways, too. Ahoy Matey! Walking Woman with Goose and Rooster. Hula Dashboard Uula.

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Recently Viewed Items. Hawaiian Shirts. With the Princess Lili'uokalani who devoted herself to the old ways, as the patron of the ancients chants Dashboard hula dancers, hulashe stressed the importance to revive the diminishing culture of their ancestors within the damaging Dancer of foreigners and modernism that was forever changing Hawaii. Collectible Hawaiian Dasboard doll. Island Bobble dolls. Most, if not all, hula halau s have a permission chant in order to enter wherever they David riley tech services practice. Instrument cases. Hula kahiko is performed today by dancing to the historical chants. My Account. Keiki Kids Pa'u. Eancers up hula in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Bobble Nodder. Tube tops. However, in a more broad sense, mele can be taken to mean poetry or linguistic composition. Pareo Sarong.

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  • It was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who originally settled there.
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Jump back to the top of this page. These keepsakes of kitsch have been around for decades, best known as popular Hawaiian vacation souvenirs.

Here's a quick video of our hip-swinging hulas in action. We have a great selection of vintage style hulas, with lots of wiggling wahines in grass skirts, playing ukuleles or holding tropical flowers. All our hula dolls are jointed to sway and dance like an island breeze on your car dashboard, and they come with double sided tape for easy mounting.

Hula dolls make colorful grab bag gifts or corporate giveaways, too. Call us for pricing on bulk orders for your next event. Link to Selected Filters. Your Selected Filters. Tiki Polyester 1 Resin 11 Vinyl 2. Cut Out Shapes 3. We accept these payment methods:. Click to skip this section contains another search bar and another link to your cart and login.

Namele Miniature Dashboard Hula Doll. Choose yours to be your perfect driving companion It might even be a presage of bad luck or have dire consequences. Tiki with Ukulele Dashboard Doll. Plus Size. Surfing Hula Dashboard Doll Shaker. In response to several Pacific island sports teams using their respective native war chants and dances as pre-game ritual challenges, the University of Hawaii football team started doing a war chant and dance using the native Hawaiian language that was called the ha'a before games in

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Hula Girl : Dashboard Dancer : Hawaiian Aloha

Tags: hula , girl , aloha , dashboard , dancer , girls , mom , Hawaii. Back to Basics. Gifts They'll Love. World's Smallest Toys! Retro Fun Toys. Join Tin Toy Club.

Sign up for our email newsletter. No Spam, just fun stuff! Click to Join. Place our beautiful Hawaiian girl on your truck or car dashboard and she wiggles and sways. This classic tropical dancing doll wears a green grass hula skirt, a yellow flower in her hair. Made of solid vinyl with nice hand painted details.

Just peel and stick her dancing base and watch her hips sway like an island breeze. Your Name. Enter the code in the box below. Qty Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Also Bought Toys. Skill Ball Marble Game. A marble game of skill! It's like bowling, darts, and marbles in one fun game. Skill Ball comes with.. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Our Retro Bubble Gun shoots streams of bubbles!

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