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Fluffy butts rescue

Contact Us. Oh, yeah, it's also about the homeless kids. Dog Breeds. He was ours within days. Free Shipping on Dog and Cat Food. Just so ya know, FluffyButts is all about me. We try to keep their listings up to date Flufvy their latest antics and details.

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People keep confusing my rescue with one Fluffy butts rescue IOWA. The trip back was better, but had to sit through some heavy rains and Fluffy butts rescue at the destination before attempting to return. Help another rescue group that helps so many little dogs Tzu Zoo! Pamala McBrayer was in a serious auto accident in October and has been injured. Fluffy Butts Alumni FBR assists checked adopters or those willing to work with their local rescue to get dogs out of shelter to safety in the DFW area. Close Main Navigation Menu. I need to get two rescues into homes and then carry on. Ameriplan is Flfufy answer! Fluffy Butts Rescue is Two men wife with other breed interest groups to help break this cycle permanently! As always, thank you for your support! Finding pets for you….

I'm still here.

  • Fill out an application on our website if you're interested in being adopted by this cute kid.
  • Siberian Husky rescue Assistance with shelter pull and transport for other rescues, and evaluation of other large dog breeds.
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Be sure to click on the photos of the kids on the Petfinder listing on the main page. We try to keep their listings up to date with their latest antics and details. If you're interested in adopting a fluffy butt, please be sure to fill out an Adoption Application. Help our homeless pets! Get a free pet insurance quote. Contact Us. Got something on your mind? Well, all ya hafta do is ask. Just fill out this form and we'll get back to ya.

Free Shipping on Dog and Cat Food. If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information. Enter discount code FluBBX1 to earn moolah fur the kids. Dog Breeds. First Name:. Last Name:. Email Address:. Zip Code:. Phone Number:. Do not enter anything in this field:.

Fluffy Butts Rescue. Category Education. Please consider Archie New album pending!!! It is irresponsible. The best thing you can do is to do the right thing

Fluffy butts rescue

Fluffy butts rescue. Full size images

We do not ship these kids on airplanes by themselves - we think they'd have a hard time getting through security without their rabies tag setting off the metal detectors. If the kid needs a health certificate because they're flying home, that will be an expense for the new family. This is definitely not a money-making venture. We're usually so far in the hole but the impawtant thing is to get these kids the medical care they need and help them find the pawfect family.

That's our top pawority. I just can't resist using "paw" whenever I can! How stupid would we be to say something like that? If you're willing to be trained by your new family member, please fill out an application. If you're looking for a totally potty-trained kid, you may as well stop at the toy store on your way home from work and buy a stuffed toy because those are the only reliable ones to NOT potty in your home.

There is a period of adjustment, not just for the new family member but for everyone in the house. You must be patient, understanding, and willing to work with your new family member. It can take anywhere from several days to several months.

To stay signed in, click continue You will be logged out of your account in 2 minutes. Gifts for Ginger can be made directly to the vet Siberian Husky puppies available from CA rescue.

It's raining puppies at ARA. This frightened 11 week old little man is going to be a big boy. He was surrendered due to allergies. He will soon be looking for a new family and will be leaving to his foster mom Penelope tomorrow :. Our rescue needs fosters to help any more in the future because we are providing senior care for three rescue dogs that are not likely to be adopted. So no room at the inn, for now, with me. We are still seeking to place Summer, Lucy, Boots, and Linus. New album pending!!!

Sorry that I have not been able to answer many calls today! Animal Services, and Sherman Shelter! Sadly, Sherman Shelter volunteers report 10 dogs were EUd for space in one day.

Animal Services!!! Sunday Noon - 5pm!!! Lots of work to do now that I have a little time off We have vetting that needs to be done next month for three dogs People keep confusing my rescue with one in IOWA. Fluffy Butts Alumni Boomer is now in VT living out his retirement as perm foster. We had adoption hopes for him when pulled, but his overall age and condition make that unlikely. Please consider sponsoring his ongoing care. Without Amy's taking a chance, he would not have left the shelter alive Boomer is available for adoption, although we are not asking an adoption fee.

I am not sure what he thinks the chickens are because he has terrible vision but is clearly excited by chickens. Boomer was terribly abused. We are not sure why he is limping. He has arthritis and was most likely kicked. Please give Boomer a peaceful home to nap in. Houston peeps! Please share this SN special widely McGaffey; Roswell, NM Shelter staff thinks I am about 1 year old.

Collage photo is pledge thread. They will be best equipped to answer your questions since they're with the animals every day. This page is maintained by volunteers. We try as hard as we can to keep the photos updated and information current, but if you need availability information on a specific animal, please call the shelter with the animal ID number. Adoption package includes: A combination shot, Bordatella for dogs, de-worming, new leash for dogs and a box-type carrier for cats.

A wellness check is provided also for all animals. All animals are started on Revolution. There is no pull fee. I will not be available for any M-F pulling or transports until mid January. Weekends will be spent working with my own dogs and rescues for placement. Right now, I am not doing anymore new intakes until further notice. EU listed Please consider Archie I weigh apprx 52 lbs. One of the veterinarians I and partner rescues use!

Available for adoption in the Cedar Creek Lake area! Rescue is not always pretty An individual rescuer is trying to help her and save her babies. Any donation would help and will go directly for this dog's care.

This is Treasa Gealic meaning strength, determination -- Ok folks this is a heartbreaker. A girl found this dog hanging around a lake and posted on-line that she desperately needed help. Amy Skeens aka Angel Skeens to the rescue.

She has picked her up and brought her home. Amy is taking her to Dr. Parker tomorrow to see if he can save her and the babies. Anyone wishing to donate toward this poor girl's medical bill can do so at Walnut Hill Veterinary Clinic, E.

Main Street, Jackson As always, thank you for your support! Having a pet, just like choosing to have children, requires a cost benefit analysis, and making the adjustments necessary for your individual pet's needs. They are NOT one size fits all Cute only goes so far Pawning that off on your parents, or others, is not cool.

It is irresponsible. If you cannot care for your pet adequately, then be responsible enough to admit it, and do the work to rehome your pet The best thing you can do is to do the right thing As much as I advocate adopting unwanted pets and opening your home and heart to a homeless pup, some people just should not have dogs.

You will have to clean up, feed, walk, and play with this animal daily, and at regular i Pucha was pulled from Garland shelter for transfer to a rescue in the NE U. She is now SAFE! FBR assists checked adopters or those willing to work with their local rescue to get dogs out of shelter to safety in the DFW area.

We also pull on behalf of rescues, becoming their arms and legs locally to make it happen. Our rescue is an excellent resource for evaluation of troubled dogs that volunteers may reasonably have concerns about transporting or holding. Andrew Children's Ministry serves children birth-5th grade at St. Andrew United Methodist Church.

I "See" A Fluffy Butt @ The Animal Rescue Site

We had 2 other dogs and even 2 cats but my heart just ached. I KNEW he belonged in our family. Little did I realize those eyes belonged to Bocelli, a blind Pomeranian. He was ours within days. He is like a little bumper car: a crash just means turn around and go the other way. What a guy!!! Limit one per person. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. I "See" A Fluffy Butt. We want to hear your story! When you click, our sponsors fund food for hungry shelter pets.

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Fluffy butts rescue

Fluffy butts rescue