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Doug is an American animated series. The series premiered on Nickelodeon in , and production continued until Production continued until Nickelodeon's Doug 52 episodes segments ; 4 seasons consisted of two stories per half-hour block. ABC's Doug 65 episodes; 3 seasons consisted of one story per half-hour block.

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Opening up a retail arm is a smart and natural progression for any licensing operation. In reality, one of the biggest areas in this archipelago is St. Krystal, and during breaks, the students realize the school isn't quite finished yet. Dora is really popular in Latin America and we have requests to extend the size ranges for higher age groups, which of course we have! Stare into my bot. Bone's dull school news video show, he challenges the class to do a better one. Bone's dull school news video show, he challenges the class to do a better one. Across the line Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon plus monster truck action will deliver a fresh take on a category.

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At the end of the sketches, Latanya would say "It's time to get our freak on! Audience fishing An acting coach interrupted the Tony degidio bozeman assault in order to improve Josh and Amanda's acting. In one sketch, Randy gets in a hot tub that, instead of water, contains liquid chocolate. When his customers complained, his answers were nonsensical, and he frequently made animal noises, ate inedible things, spoke Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon inanimate objects and broke into dance. A light purple background with nickeloreon All That logo displayed on it Nixkelodeon She appears in random sketches. There have been segments of the Spice Boys signing autographs, a QA, recording a song, and signing autographs in their hotel room. The departure of Kenan and Kel turned some old fans away. There is also an elevator in this greenroom, that cast members can also appear from. The Same cast members who were in these sketches, reprised their roles, despite them being older. A sketch that starred Shane as Bucket Man, a superhero. When the event is over, Jack and Mack would tell the viewers to tune into the next event. Hot muscular smoker jerking off his dick while he is smoking Beefy boys Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon hard!

Great as Cartoon Network was, Nick was even better at producing new and entertaining content for the under 13 crowd, from silly cartoons to witty live action series and sketch shows.

  • The first 6 seasons of All That are known as the "Golden Era", which were considered the origins of the entire show, which end with the pilot and 14 episodes.
  • All That was an American live-action, sketch comedy-variety show that aired on the Nickelodeon cable.
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Jimmy Fallon likens it to pus. And me? I used to have nightmares about this female camp counsellor with a hairy lip who ate an egg salad sandwich with dabs of mayo stuck all along the perimeter of her lips. Just thinking about it now makes me cry a little on the inside. What is it about mayonnaise that provokes such disgust and fear in so many people?

And what can they do to get over it? Allow me to speak from personal experience. As I child, I could think of nothing more repulsive than a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise on it. I still find it kind of gross, though the celebrated turkey sandwich from Parm partially changed my mind:. Like wearing a beige sweater in front of a beige wall. Or stirring marshmallows into your warm milk. Something about it just gives me the willies. Fear of mayo seems to be tied, somehow, to this childhood fixation on gooey substances that remind us of things that come out of our bodies.

Make it yourself! Aioli is a good stepping stone towards mayonnaise. But still, despite my efforts here, I can imagine the mayo-averse among you remaining mayo averse. Hey: I understand. The very thought of it turns me to stone. December 18, 52 Comments. Previous Post Next Post.

She reads the greeting, "Dear Amanda," and the crowd responded "Thaaaaaat's me! After Angelique's departure after Season 2, Amanda became a new member, but the opening title remained the same, just placing her in, and Angelique edited out, respectively. The cold opens took place in the green room five minutes before the show was to start. Visit Gay Muscle XYZ every day and watch the freshest and the hottest muscled gay men sex videos every day! An example of this is: " Britney Spears , hasn't brushed her teeth in 6 months.

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon. Fear of Mayo

Can I borrow your brother's pretty brassiere? Keep your hands off my chicken nuggets! Peter would use the right way while Flem would use his "own" stupid method. For example: "After watching a fine programming, Peter turns off the T. Flem uses a brick. Flem is using the restroom right now.

Flem brushes his hobo. Flem walks his grandmother. Flem pours hot gravy on his lap. Flem spreads peanut butter in his armpit. Flem has to convince Santa to give him lots of nice presents. Flem says 'Lets give a Flemacious round of sound for our musical guest insert musical guest's name " "Peter kills flies by using a yellow fly swatter Flem kills flies with his little brother's guitar. He counts each bite 24 times Flem eats like a nasty goat. Flem shows the bad way to eat a sandwich.

Flem uses his wounds as chip dip. Flem found a hobo. Flem runs from the police. Flem buys bras. Flem teases chickens. A sketch featuring an adorable little girl played by Katrina Johnson who just wanted to make some money selling her homemade lemonade.

Unfortunately for people passing by, the little girl was extremely "persuasive", utilizing methods such as giving away peanuts soaked in pepper juice and then charging ridiculously hefty prices for her drinks, or making people pay extra for a cup, ice, or sugar.

If a customer refused to pay or buy lemonade, the girl would cry and make up something that her mom would do as a punishment.

A later sketch had her meeting another girl played by Amanda Bynes who did a similar trick to people and ends up working with the Lemonade Scammer. Katrina mentioned at the Comikazee Panel that this was her favorite sketch. Katrina Johnson as the Lemonade Scammer. A parody of crime drama shows featuring Danny Tamberelli as Jack Campbell, an obese police officer.

After a dramatic crime was revealed one episode featured stolen electronics , Campbell would appear at the door. He would then ask questions about victims' meals throughout the day, and "search" through fridges for clues while stuffing his face. Usually the clients would stomp away after a while, leaving him to enjoy eating everything. This was used in the 10th anniversary, where Principal Pimpell observed, "That officer certainly is obese. This sketch is a parody of Dick Tracy that features a hopelessly incompetent private investigator played by Josh Server speaking in a style similar to Columbo.

After a crime was committed, Dan would appear with two police officers and make a horrible mess of things. In one episode, a wealthy woman's jewelry was stolen. When the butler walked by Dan covered in pearls and other gems, he let him go by while investigating a statue. He would sometimes add on to the line depending on the situation, such as when he walked in wearing a trenchcoat and boxers, and said, "I'm Detective Dan, and I'm not wearing any pants.

After Detective Dan leaves, someone would quote "What a moron. Featured a talking cheeseburger puppet named Cheeseburger Doyle voiced by Danny Tamberelli who ran a detective agency in the style of Dick Tracy. Hapless victims often appealed to him to solve some mystery, and Doyle would infiltrate the scene of the crime in a disguise usually a false mustache.

Astoundingly, everyone was always tricked by the disguise, and Doyle would catch the culprit red-handed, spraying mustard or other condiments on him or her.

The victim would be nearby to thank Doyle-and then attempt to eat him. Also, it would show a guy named Bill Leon Frierson he would always say "Ay, it's a talking cheeseburger," in a manly voice and then jump out a window laughing. Danny Tamberelli as the voice of Cheeseburger Doyle. They were loud and had a tendency to be rude to customers, and even verbally berated someone who tried to rob the store Danny Tamberelli.

Latanya's nemesis was Latasha Christy Knowings. At the end of the sketches, Latanya would say "It's time to get our freak on! Most of her time was spent talking on the phone, much to the chagrin of her boss Miss Williams Christy Knowings. Similar to the Inconvenience Store, Latanya would dance to Miami bass music.

A sketch featuring Stuart played by Mark Saul , a deranged individual who took on minimum wage jobs one episode even had him taking over Ask Ashley and believed incorrectly that he was the best person ever to do that job. Stuart's antics ranged from incompetent such as a postman destroying a fragile parcel , to bizarre such as a yearbook photographer using an iguana instead of a camera , to surreal such as suddenly believing he is the customer, and asking the real customer for assistance.

When his customers complained, his answers were nonsensical, and he frequently made animal noises, ate inedible things, spoke to inanimate objects and broke into dance. Eventually, it would emerge that Stuart had tied up and replaced the real person of that job. They appear out of nowhere with an officer saying "That's him!

He tied me up and took my uniform! I'm just a guy, named Stuart. And everyone would come up to me and say, 'Oh, Stuart. You all sicken me! Complaint Department was set in a complaint department of a store, with people portrayed by random cast members waiting on line to complain about a purchased item to the clueless clerk, played by Lori Beth Denberg.

The clerk would examine the item, and would either not find anything wrong with it, attempt to badly fix it herself, or give insane suggestions on how to fix it, until the consumer would leave, irritated. A common line from the clerk would be " Is that your complaint? However, there was one special instance when Ed from "Good Burger" found her insane suggestions to make sense, and would fall in love with the clerk, the feeling being mutual.

A parody of James Bond. Josh Server played Jimmy Bond, a teenage secret agent who often had to save the world from dangerous villains. In later sketches "W" was replaced by "Z" Nick Cannon. Whenever Jimmy goes to confront the villain, W or Z would say "I love it when he saves the world". Jimmy's actual talent as a spy was questionable, but most of the villains were too strange or stupid to actually complete any evil plans.

Coldfinger was the first villain that Jimmy Bond has encountered. He had a frozen finger from a milkshake machine incident. Coldfinger also owns a pet penguin named Betsy. Coldfinger is the only Jimmy Bond villain to have made more than one appearance. He is very obsessed with pointing out how cold his finger is which annoyed Jimmy very much. Coldfinger once collaborated with Hot Toe in a plot to blow up the world. Attempted to blow up the world by touching her "hot toe" to Coldfinger's "cold finger" which only succeeded in turning Jimmy into a pig.

Season 4 Dr. Maybe Mark Saul : A parody of Dr. Had trouble deciding on whether to do certain things or not. Season 5 Mr. Nice-Guy Gabriel Iglesias : A villain who used the power of politeness, good manners, and generally acting nice to conquer the world.

Season 6 Mr. Big Leon Frierson : A parody of the villain of the same name who wanted to eat the world. Season 6 Sally Amanda Bynes : Mr. Big's assistant who feeds Mr. Big anything from the world.

Season 6. A sketch that featured Kenan Thompson as Seymour. The sketch took place in a park. The sketch had something cute which was never seen that became more humorous as usual. Seymour never said anything. She makes household items out of trash and Andre constantly bothers her. In one sketch Bill Clinton portrayed by Gabriel Iglesias appeared as a guest. The Cheese Police were a pair of police officers who accuse people of using cheese illegally somewhat similar to drug abuse. They mainly featured Kel Mitchell as Officer Colby.

Officer Colby once appeared in a Dullmont Junior High School sketch to tell Miss Fingerly's students the horrors of using cheese illegally. A sketch showing a kid Leon Frierson doing things that should never be done at home or school. For Example: "When at school, be polite and raise your hand. When the teacher calls on you, Don't say "Hey teacher, I dare you to give me an F, you smelly doofus. A sketch where Amanda Bynes was a doctor who was also a cheerleader.

One time, she helped Bernie Kibbitz played by Josh Server. A sketch where the superhero Boring Man played by Danny Tamberelli told boring stories to his enemies and putting them to sleep and his side-kick Pillow-Boy played by Leon Frierson gave them pillows to lay on.

His nemesis is Hypno-Pants played by Mark Saul , who hypnotizes his victims using a hypno-disk on his butt. Christy knew the topic but when she passed it to Gabriel, he just acted like a baby.

Kids with their talents such as a girl who can drink an entire gallon of tomato juice, a girl who can do bird calls, Earboy as "Mr. X" until Ross Perot gave him away , and a boy who does an impersonation of different characters including Sinbad.

An episode talking about self-defenses. An episode talking about superheroes which even included Okrah helping Superdude fight Milk Man. A construction worker played by Kenan Thompson who would appear in random sketches. He always said "construction worker" after his name. He would often use the word "construction" as a verb e.

An old man who would appear in random sketches, notably Good Burger. In one Good Burger sketch, Ed made him so angry that he exploded.

During the 10th Anniversary in a huge Good Burger sketch, it was revealed he has a great-granddaughter named Bernice played by Christina Kirkman of the "Relaunch" cast. Connie Muldoon is the matriarch of the Muldoon family and was a recurring customer at Good Burger. Lori Beth Denberg as Connie Muldoon. A news sketch featuring a rather obnoxious anchorwoman named Brenda Stone Christy Knowings and a weatherman named Ray Borealis Josh Server , who was often put into dangerous places to report the weather like: A hurricane in Montana The North Pole Mars Death Valley A dumpster The cage of a gorilla at the zoo A very tall building There were some News Flashes that Brenda Stone reports of detailing some mundane happenings.

Neither are related to each other. The pair would usually have events at Dullmont Jr. High School i. When the event is over, Jack and Mack would tell the viewers to tune into the next event. Francis played by Danny Tamberelli is a caveman talk show host who also appeared in random sketches. A dating show sketch mentioned that he was thawed from a block of ice. A sketch of "Whateverrr! He was accompanied by Studs Wilkinson Josh Server on his talk show.

An awkward, illeist hippie in an afro who would appear in random sketches. His catchphrase is, "What it is. Benji Martin is supposedly Ricky Martin's younger brother who would be booked for events that Ricky Martin could not attend himself.

A completely idiotic family who doesn't cook properly, wear their clothes inside out, never cleans their house, has breakfast at night, falls down the stairs, and many other stupid things. The family consists of: Mr. Grover Maroon played by Tim Goodwin : The father who wears a bra on his shirt.

Season 3 Mrs. Fern Maroon played by Lori Beth Denberg : The mother who shouts through cupboards and refrigerators whenever someone rings the doorbell.

He also appears in other random sketches. For example, Lump is a student at Dullmont and attends a class of dimwits and wears normal clothes instead of inside-out clothes at school. After "The Maroons" sketch was dropped, Lump made appearances in other sketches where one of the sketches involve him being a cousin of a southern trailer family.

Seasons Two elderly hecklers of the show played by Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. They also reappeared during the th Episode Live! In one episode, it was revealed that Clavis is the cousin of Coach Kreeton. A parody of game shows , featuring host Jerry Fytootal surname later changed to Futile , played by Josh Server. Three contestants, played by other cast members, would appear on the show. As the title suggested, it was quite literally impossible for the contestants to win.

The first round featured quiz questions that either had no answer or were incomplete a classic example: "How many shoes? In addition, certain events could trigger a massive loss of points, such as speaking when not supposed to, or saying a certain word On one occasion, a contestant actually answered the question correctly; Jerry then claimed that he did not hear the contestant.

After the quiz round, contestants would be asked to perform random and completely difficult tasks, such as transforming a sheep into a dolphin or putting their entire foot in their entire mouth in ten seconds, or speaking to a dog in another language. This was a notable occasion in which contestant Antoine played by Kenan Thompson refused to participate in the final challenge by pouring the bowl of pudding on Jerry's head and left.

On one notable occasion, female bodybuilder Helga Schlumpkenfist played by Danny Tamberelli actually completed her task: eating meatballs within 10 seconds.

However, she accidentally ate three extra meatballs and once again lost. Angered by this, she brutally mauled Jerry, and then declared herself the winner. A sketch that took place in a store where everything is free, which is a rip-off. However, an item must be brought to the register to be purchased which contradicts the "free items" theme of the store.

An example of this is Danny finding a watch and after hearing that it's free, walks towards the exit and is accused of shoplifting. Also, items are not returnable. A grown man played by Kenan Thompson who acted like a baby. A parody of the hit Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out.

Like "Figure It Out", this show also featured panelists having to guess what peoples' hobbies were. Only the panelists were characters from this show with one episode having Kevin Kopelow with the teacher characters. The second round would have something happening to the panelists if they guess wrong.

Christy Knowings as Winter Wonders. A group of superhero action figures fighting evil in a stop-motion animation. The cartoon also appeared on KaBlam! One sketch showed Repairman trying to "fix" their color TV.

Helga Schlumpkinfist is a German female bodybuilder played by Danny Tamberelli. She has anger issues and yells at people, often crushing them and hurting them with her bare hands. She does however have a habit of eating fast as shown in "You Can't Win". A sketch featuring Kel Mitchell as a radio talk show host who helps families with problems with their children, gives them stupid advice, and then rings a large gong when the problem is solved.

When he answers a call, he frequently says "Say hey to diggy-diggy-Dr. A sketch about a dusty pants-wearing cowboy named Dusty Pants played by Josh Server. His first appearance had him enrolled in Miss Fingerly's class while his other appearances had him in a wild wild west town.

He would often end up in a fight with an outlaw cowboy named Nasty Nancy played by Kenan Thompson who's tagline has him quoting "you'd be nasty too if your name was Nancy. A band of musicians that look and perform songs that are titled for 'bacteria' themed substances. In Season 4, Maggot and Spew held an audition for a replacement member after Rash quit the band and they ended up with Bwah played by Danny Tamberelli.

An airline company that has dumb and zany employees working on the plane. This is a parody of s disco bands, presumably K. Antoine is shown to be a member of this group. Leon Frierson as C. A sketch that was always interrupted because the stage crew can never find the Squash Boy costume which was to be either worn by Kenan Thompson or Kel Mitchell so the cast members just did other activities including: Trying to hit a giant bell over the audience.

One time Mavis and Clavis interrupted the sketch and entertained the audience by performing the song "Shout! Audience fishing An acting coach interrupted the sketch in order to improve Josh and Amanda's acting. She appears in random sketches. A terrible dentist who often tries give patients checkups with his hands usually dirty from doing something personal like changing his car's oil. Josh Server as Dr. Bynes Christy Knowings as Dr. Bynes' nurse Season 4. A parody of The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy played by Katrina Johnson must take a shower but instead winds up in the Land of Cos during a storm where a window closed on her head.

A good witch named Lisa played by Lori Beth Denberg tells her she can seek help from the Great Cos in order to access a shower. She meets various characters like Mr. McToad played by Josh Server , an ugly toad-faced man who is tired of scaring people with his face and Pasta Man played by Kel Mitchell , a Pastafarian man made completely of noodles who hopes to get some sauce. Bill Cosby gives Pasta Man some Jello to mix with some gravy in order to make a sauce. Then Bill gives Mr.

McToad a paper bag over his head which didn't make Mr. McToad happy but everyone else happy. When it came to Dorothy's wise, Lisa appeared and told Dorothy that she must slap her face three times and quote "There's no place like my shower" as Bill keeps asking Lisa on how she got into his kitchen.

A sketch that gave facts and info about a cast member or special guest. The sketch involved a random voice that made a mockery of individual cast members or guest stars with embarrassing, wacky, funny, but untrue facts.

An example of this is: " Britney Spears , hasn't brushed her teeth in 6 months. This short sketch would appear during every episode. Brian Peck provided the voiceovers of the sketch. On Seasons 7 and 8 the announcer usually said only 3 facts: the first one would be an honest mistake, the second would annoy them, and the third one would really upset them.

A sketch that featured three girls who were constantly having a slumber party-Bridget Chelsea , a boy-crazed teen, Gail Giovonnie , a sunny, happy individual, and Claudia Lisa , a frightening goth.

Strange things would often happen during the slumber party, usually due to Claudia's magic. Sometimes Bridget's little brother Elliot Kyle would interrupt the party, and the older girls would torture him, specifically Claudia. One example consisted of her whispering something into Elliot's ear, causing him to run away screaming and horrified by what she said. Whenever someone left the sketch, they would usually go out the window; this was mocked in one sketch featuring a pizza man.

After Giovonnie's departure, comes the spin-off of Bridget's Slumber Party, the character of Claudia Foiles was retained in a small sketch, during which Claudia would read a poem to children, alternating cute and horrifying lines until delivering the final line in a demonic voice.

This would scare all the children home, all except Claudia. Featured two rowdy fans Shane and Jack who were loud and bothersome. The pair often intruded in places that rowdy fans were unnecessary, such as on a date or in an operating room. They would yell, cheer, scream, make signs, and do the "butt-quake", annoying everyone they came in contact with. Shane Lyons Jack DeSena. A spoof of Harry Potter.

In it, Harry Bladder Kyle , ReRon Bryan , and Herhiney Lisa would attend magic class, usually potions with Professor Chafe, whose legs were badly chafed, causing him to be unnecessarily mean. The students often encountered the mischief-making Sacco Shane. I still find it kind of gross, though the celebrated turkey sandwich from Parm partially changed my mind:. Like wearing a beige sweater in front of a beige wall.

Or stirring marshmallows into your warm milk. Something about it just gives me the willies. Fear of mayo seems to be tied, somehow, to this childhood fixation on gooey substances that remind us of things that come out of our bodies. Make it yourself! Aioli is a good stepping stone towards mayonnaise. But still, despite my efforts here, I can imagine the mayo-averse among you remaining mayo averse.

Hey: I understand. The very thought of it turns me to stone.

Nickelodeon Ooze News Archive:

Patti is one of the friendliest girls in school, and gets along with almost everyone. She met Doug when he first moved to Bluffington, and he instantly fell in love with her. She is a very well-preforming student, in both academics and athletics.

She also formed her own softball team, "Patti's Pulverizers", after being rejected from the school team. She also gets jealous when Doug is with other girls too.

Earlier in the series, while Doug had a huge crush on her, her feelings were only hinted at, though this was because at that point, the series was only from Doug's point of view. The first time her affections were explicitly shown was in "Doug to the Rescue" from the first season of the Nickelodeon series. She also mentions in "Doug's Magic Act", from the third season of the Nick series, that Doug is her favorite person to be with.

In the Disney series, Guy Graham, an eight grader, showed affection for her, though she never appeared to be completely interested, only seeing him as a friend. However, after finding out that Guy was planning on exposing the monster to be destroyed, she ended her relationship with him and began to dance with Doug for the remainder of the movie.

In the final episode of the Disney series, she asks Doug out on a "date-date", thus causing the two to become an official couple. At home, she lives with her dad. Her mom died in a car accident, which her dad was also in, but despite surviving, became wheelchair-bound as a result.

It's unknown whether Patti was present during the accident. Patti was one of the characters of the stage show, Doug Live! Patti also appeared as a walkaround character in Disney's Hollywood Studios in She was retired in mid, though she may make an appearance on rare occasions, such as when another cast member is delayed. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Patti Mayonnaise [3] is one of the main characters and the object of Doug's affections in the Nickelodeon-turned- Disney TV series Doug.

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Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon

Hairy mayonnaise all that nickelodeon