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The first season of the anime series Inuyasha aired in Japan on Animax from October 16, , through May 21, Based on the manga series of the same title by Rumiko Takahashi , the episodes were produced by Sunrise and directed by Masashi Ikeda. The series follows a half demon Inuyasha 's and a high school girl Kagome Higurashi 's journey, alongside their friends Shippo, Miroku and Sango to obtain the fragments of the shattered Jewel of Four Souls, a powerful jewel that had been hidden inside Kagome's body, and keep the shards from being used for evil. The anime is licensed for release in North America by Viz Media. The English dub of the first season was broadcast on Cartoon Network as part of its Adult Swim programming block from August 31, , through January 21, , and again on Toonami beginning on November 3,

Inuyashas dream

Inuyashas dream

Inuyashas dream

Inuyashas dream

Case Closed Major Ganba! Retrieved July 17, She first encounters him nailed to a huge tree by arrows and believes he is dead. Archived from the original on Fukai Mori English Version. Animage in Japanese. Returning to where Naraku was hiding, Byakuya watched as his master conversed with the Shikon no Tama ; a purple light swirled out of the jewel and pierced Naraku. It is explained when a person contains the four spirits, them being courage, friendship, wisdom and love, at their maximum, they unite to Inuyashas dream a really strong and powerful balance within the soul that can be used for either good Inuyashas dream evil. Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers!

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Anime News Network. Archived from the original on November 17, Because of this, his emotions often pushed his body past Used vintage trailer parts limits. Inuyasha's group is soon joined after by the demon slayer Sango and her two-tailed demon-cat Kirara. The fourth and final film, Inuyasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Islandwas released on December 23,and depicts Inuyasha and his friends attempting to rescue children trapped on the mysterious Imuyashas Houraijima by the wrath of powerful demons known as The Four War Gods. This was especially true when Kagome was involved. This caused him to receive vicious glares from Sango, greatly confusing Inuyasha. Retrieved November Iniyashas, Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Oricon Profile". September 14, Even after her death, Inuyasha suffered severely. I never noticed that you were Contortionist sucking suffering. Over time, Inuyasha enhances Tetsusaiga into stronger forms while contends with Naraku's minion incarnations like Kagura and Kannaand the reanimated Band of Seven.

You can now dream bravely dream brandish your blade Go in and try forcefully try towards looping troubles That never end day after day you, too Do you need to cry?

  • The series begins with Kagome Higurashi , a year-old schoolgirl from modern-day Tokyo who is transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine, where she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha.
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  • Although Inuyasha first aims to become a full demon using the Jewel, as the story progresses he develops strong bonds with the comrades who aid him.
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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Inuyasha's Dream World Writers. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: Corri18 - Stories: 8 - Followers: 0 - Staff: 1 - id: Endless Moonlight. This C2 community is an accumulation of the members in my guild on neopets who writes anime fanfics.

My user name for Neopets is Corri If you happen to be in my guild, drop me a line and I'll add you to this list! I really suck at summeries but please read it anyway! Always in my Heart by Endless Moonlight reviews It's been almost a year since the jewel was compleated, Naraku was killed, and Kagome went home. A year since they've actually seen the other Define:Date by Endless Moonlight reviews Miroku overhears Kagome and Sango talking about a very important date kagome has, but by the time it gets around to Inuyasha she's supposedly getting married!

What will our poor hanyou do? Still Dreaming by Endless Moonlight reviews Everything Kagome thought was real, was suddenly a dream Or is she trapped in a dream world? Tomoyo knows something, but refuses to tell.

To Love or Die by Cbear reviews Kagome gets what she wanted but is it to late?.. Terms of Service.

In the end, after three years of Naraku's defeat, he reunited with Kagome after Bone-Eater's well was connected and married her. Retrieved September 4, You may be looking for the series by Rumiko Takahashi. It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise. As pointed out by Kikyo's younger sister, Kaede , Kagome is revealed to be the reincarnation of the now-dead Kikyo, who was the priestess in charge of looking after the sacred jewel.

Inuyashas dream

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Viz Media 6. Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved February 9, June 10, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved March 18, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved February 10, Retrieved June 28, July 7, August 8, Can you trend this show?

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September 28, Star Publications. The Star. Archived from the original on June 21, Retrieved July 1, Retrieved 6 January September 22, Retrieved September 16, All Cinema.

September 14, Retrieved June 26, July 9, Retrieved September 4, Oricon Style in Japanese. Retrieved February 8, Oricon Profile". Archived from the original on March 11, Retrieved January 2, Trading Card Games For Dummies. For Dummies. December 10, Archived from the original on October 1, March 2, Archived from the original on February 8, Archived from the original on July 30, Shogakukan in Japanese.

Retrieved November 28, October 22, October 29, Archived from the original on August 5, Retrieved August 19, November 19, May 21, December 3, December 22, October 13, Retrieved May 3, October 1, January 13, Animage in Japanese. June Archived from the original on May 23, Retrieved August 11, Archived from the original on December 13, August 2, October 15, November 18, Mania Entertainment.

Archived from the original on August 10, Retrieved February 16, Anime and Manga portal s portal. Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi. Works by Rumiko Takahashi. Case Closed Major Ganba! Flame of Recca Dan Doh!! Daigo of Fire Company M. Inuyasha Monkey Turn. Cheeky Angel. Urusei Yatsura by Rumiko Takahashi Dr.

Stone by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi Sengoku Planet Ran Big Battle!! Assembly of Everyone!! The Movie Love Live! Dub '00 Superfriends. Tenchi Universe. G Gundam G. Cyborg Dai-Guard Gigantor. GXP Naruto uncut. Parasyte -the maxim-. Portal Category. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Whenever tears were shed for him, with their gentle scent bringing relief, he felt that he had found his place as a protector above all else.

Contact with Kagome healed the deep loneliness in his soul. In the beginning, Inuyasha didn't think there was anyone in the world who would grieve over his death.

This different comfort was based on Kagome's similar and like-minded spirited approach to life, sharing in Inuyasha's own never-give-up attitude as well as her kindness and warmth towards him, which slowly opened him up to a world less lonely.

The fear or anger at his lack of belonging caused him to feel intense loneliness. However, Kagome and his allies comforted him, and he was able to develop a strong and gentle disposition over time. Immediately after being released from his fifty-year seal, Inuyasha sought to become a full demon and acquire power quickly by using the Shikon Jewel. In the rage of battle, he ceased to have concerns for the lives of others. However, after meeting Kagome and other gentle humans, he came to understand his human half, and began to search for true strength of spirit instead of raw demonic power.

Inuyasha in his Robe of the Fire-Rat. When he assumes human form, Inuyasha's demonic claws and fangs, as well as his dog ears, disappear. His silver white hair also changes to black and his golden eye color changes to brown. When transformed as such, Inuyasha's sclera turned deep red, his irises became blue slits with white pupils, jagged purple stripes appeared on the sides of his face, and his fangs and claws lengthened. Despite being a half-demon, his demonic power level is the same as a normal demon's with no auxiliary skill.

Regardless, Inuyasha was one of the most powerful demons seen thus far and throughout his journey he was able to take on many powerful supernatural beings e. When Kagome fell into the well, the Sacred Jewel awoke and subsequently utilized her body to return to the Feudal Era. Once she reached the Feudal Era, Kagome's meandering ways was the reason for releasing Inuyasha from his year slumber on the Goshinboku, and was responsible for sealing Naraku's fate.

They were forced to team up when Kagome accidentally shattered the Sacred Jewel in an attempt to regain its possession from a demon bird. Throughout the course of their journey, Inuyasha and Kagome began to develop romantic feelings for each other and slowly began to fall in love, despite the numerous arguments and obstacles they faced. As a result of his feelings towards her, Inuyasha became fiercely protective of Kagome, saying that "the thought of losing two women is unbearable.

Inuyasha's love for Kagome was quite obvious amongst the group of friends and they immediately recognized his very strong and fierce protectiveness over her. Since Inuyasha held possessiveness towards Kagome, most enemies, including Naraku, used Kagome to gain an advantage over Inuyasha. Several times throughout the series, even when seriously wounded or near death, Inuyasha spontaneously regained physical strength beyond all odds in order to protect Kagome, much to the surprise of his friends.

This led them to realize that the strength of his desire to protect Kagome brought on such spontaneous physical strength. At first, out of pride, Inuyasha vehemently denied that he loved Kagome over and over again, but over time he stopped trying to reject his feelings towards her. When they were both trapped in the Sacred Jewel together, Inuyasha realized that he and Kagome were born to be with each other. After Kagome wished away the Shikon Jewel's existence, the Bone Eater's Well stopped working, forcing Kagome to return to the modern era for three years, during which time she completed her high school studies.

However, Kagome's strong and overwhelming desire to see Inuyasha again allowed her passage to the Feudal Era once more, and she and Inuyasha were reunited. Inuyasha and Kagome married immediately after her high school graduation, and Kagome moved to the Feudal Era to be with him for the rest of her life, vowing to become a priestess. Inuyasha and Kagome proceeded to live a happy life together where they were able to adapt to their new, permanent life together. She was initially enraged with Inuyasha for what she believed to be a great betrayal, but it was soon realized that neither party was responsible for the actions that occurred 50 years ago, and that they both had been tricked.

He later tried to refrain from seeing her, in part due to Kagome's feelings of jealousy. Even after her death, Inuyasha suffered severely. When Miroku tried to make a move on Kagome, Inuyasha instantly got mad and demanded him to never to lay a hand on her or to make any advances towards her whatsoever. This clearly surprised Kagome, and caused Miroku to believe Inuyasha was in love with Kagome, which Inuyasha instantly denied, though Miroku was left unconvinced.

Miroku and Inuyasha almost acted like brothers and always looked out for one another. Although Inuyasha was often annoyed with Miroku's lecherous tendencies towards women and viewed him as a hopeless fool, he acknowledge the spiritual power that he possessed.

Miroku often gave advice to Inuyasha when it came to Kagome when she was upset with Inuyasha. Although Inuyasha himself never had a positive role model for an older sibling or perhaps because of it , their relationship was quite similar to two brothers often disagreeing and fighting out of stubbornness.

Kagome later stated that they always fought because they were so close to each other. Inuyasha treated Sango like a sister. They argued from time to time, but Sango always helped Inuyasha when he was in trouble, and occasionally gave him advice when it came to Kagome.

Inuyasha sympathized with her situation with Kohaku , and often tried to give encouragement that he could be saved from Naraku's control. He cared about Sango and found her a good ally on the battlefield, though he was incredibly dense to Sango's feelings for Miroku, and often shot his mouth off about Miroku's flirtatious personality among women without thinking. This caused him to receive vicious glares from Sango, greatly confusing Inuyasha.

Inuyasha, in reaction to this, usually cowered and thought to himself, " What's with the glares? Although,in parts of the series he would come back and warn Inuyasha of danger or instruct him on how to make Tessaiga stronger. He entrusted Tessaiga to Inuyasha knowing he'd care for humans and protect them, having human blood in his veins. He also gave him Tessaiga to keep Inuyasha's demon blood in check. He died shortly afterward.

Inuyasha never met his father, but he did know of him and respected his power, gaining even more respect for him after he gained his father's sword, Tessaiga. Inuyasha always came to the modern era to pick up Kagome from her family to bring back to the Feudal Era. Kagome's mother considered Inuyasha to be a perfect match for her daughter, and viewed him like a son to her. Kagome's mother even offered her consent and support with Kagome going back and forth between the two different periods.

She often made lunches for Inuyasha and the others, as well as provided medical supplies for them and replaced Kagome's clothing and shoes whenever when her current ones were damaged during her deadly battles with the Feudal Era. Kagome's mother even gave her blessing for Kagome to leave the present time forever to live with Inuyasha in the Feudal Era.

Higurashi was pregnant with him, and Inuyasha was born right before his father had sacrificed himself for him and his mother, and they both find Kagome to be a bit of a handful at times, especially when she's in a bad mood. Inuyasha faced the young leader of the Shichinintai more times than the other members of his group and far more seriously.

They often bantered back and forth, deriding the other's fighting ability, though in an interesting turn of events, Inuyasha admitted that Bankotsu was x more decent than Naraku after the former's second death by his hand.

Inuyasha's grudging respect for his enemy was likely due to Bankotsu's compassion for his teammates and brothers within the Shichinintai. Though despite all their fighting, the two did help each other when the other needed it and eventually become friends.

Inuyasha had a vindictive side, shown when it came to Jaken; for example, when he caught Jaken trying to steal the Tessaiga, he swore to make him pay the next time they crossed paths, an oath he fulfilled by beating him up. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the title character Inuyasha. You may be looking for the series by Rumiko Takahashi.

Contents [ show ]. That's not why Kagome was born! Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Kagome was the reason I could make friends and rely on those friends! Kagome was born to meet me! And I was born for her! After that, I couldn't get her out of my mind.

She was always by my side and I by hers. On top of that, when a human has someone he's gotta protect, his power grows exponentially. I have what it takes to destroy you. All thanks to my human mother! That means that in both of us there is a human heart and a demon heart, Naraku! But you have betrayed that! We were both given the freedom to choose: to follow our human heart or our demon heart.

And you chose to live as a demon, ignoring all that was human in you. You chose to hurt others, and curse them with misery and suffering; but your days of hurting my friends are over, you miserable bastard!

I'm not either. That's all. There was no place for me, so I had to find one myself. And then I realized. I had a place, but I was the only one in it.

I didn't know any other way to live. But you've cried for my sake. You've always stayed by my side. When I'm with you, I feel so peaceful and happy. But I'm not supposed to be all ease and cheerful. So it's only fair that I repay her with my own life. That pained me. I couldn't say that I was suffering.

I felt like I had to bear this alone. But I was so focused on myself that I never considered your feelings.

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I am but a mere incarnation of Naraku that will die when he does. I have no regrets. I have fulfilled my role. Naraku , Naraku's incarnations. Mitsuaki Madono. Michael Adamthwaite. The InuYasha Wiki has 8 related images. This perhaps means, he was conducting trial and error in producing detachments and Byakuya is the final result. Note: This section describes what originally happened in the manga, not The Final Act anime adaptation. Byakuya created illusions to distract Inuyasha and allow the demon to flee.

He appeared before Inuyasha to introduce himself, right after telling the demon where he was. Byakuya watched as Inuyasha slayed the demon and was hit by a backlash of energy from Tessaiga. He warned that if another enemy was around, Inuyasha would be dead. Byakuya took his leave to report back to Naraku, commenting those his orders were to simply observe, he didn't kill Inuyasha when it would have been very easy to do so.

Escaping death, Byakuya explained he was simply doing his job. He succeeded in luring in his prey, but was forced to flee once more when Inuaysha's group arrived to help. Around this time, Naraku promised a demon who used to be a human sage a Shikon shard in exchange for Inuyasha's death; this happened during a new moon. Byakuya captured the fleeing head of the demon in a web, taking back the shard in it, promising to gift it to the body that grew a new head if it succeeded.

Meeting for the first time, Byakuya greeted the boy and attempted to kill him. Naraku later sent him to give Kanna an order, which was for her to release Mirror demon form of her mirror to attack Inuyasha and steal Tessaiga's powers. Byakuya watched in confusion as Kanna took on the wounds her Mirror Demon would have, realizing it was a walking voodoo doll.

He laughed that his enemies should be trying to kill Kanna instead of trying to reason with her, temporarily thinking Kanna became angered by this. He then came to the conclusion Kanna had no heart, even though he was wrong. After Naraku made Kanna explode along with the Mirror Demon, Byakuya noted Naraku has a cruel streak in him, even towards his loyal incarnations.

He summoned vines filled with miasma to block them, but Miroku sucked in the poison. When Naraku was recovering from the damage caused by the repaired-and-improved Hiraikotsu , Byakuya was given a remaining shard of the Mirror Demon. He transported the brothers to another dimension to allow a peaceful battle without interruption from their respective groups, while he watched with his eye demon. A recovering Naraku placed a tentacles in Byakuya's eye socket, allowing him to see what the eye demon saw; this only disgusted Byakuya.

Returning to where Naraku was hiding, Byakuya watched as his master conversed with the Shikon no Tama ; a purple light swirled out of the jewel and pierced Naraku. A new being emerged from Naraku's body and took off. Byakuya assumed that he now had a younger brother, but Naraku told him it was the evil will of the demons trapped in the jewel, Magatsuhi ; releasing it from the jewel was the best plan to corrupt and obtain Kohaku's shard.

When Magatsuhi failed to return, Byakuya learns from Naraku that the demon had failed in the attempt to take Kohaku's shard and lost the temporary body given to it. However, he also heard that the evil spirit had another plan in the works.

However, much to his amazement and disbelief, Byakuya watched as all the demons that he gathered were reduced to nothing more than pieces of corpses in less than a minute.

Byakuya noticed that Naraku had defiled the jewel to the point where there was no more room for Magatsuhi to return. Naraku transformed into a giant spider, creating a powerful storm that lured lesser demons to him. This only left Byakuya laughing at his enemies' stupidity once again; they should just forsake Rin and safely destroy Naraku from the outside. He watches as Naraku curls into a ball, turning into an ominous replica of the Shikon Jewel.

Byakuya later teleports inside, where helps spread the light from the Shikon jewel around, to lure Miroku and Sango into traps. These traps involved Byakuya creating an illusion of Naraku for each of them, Sango was to be tricked into destroying Rin while Miroku would be tricked into opening his Kazaana. Neither illusion worked. When he mocked Inuyasha for not trying to kill Kanna directly to defeat the Mirror demon , Byakuya feared that he angered his eldest sister.

He fears for his own life, taking note as to how Naraku made Kanna explode in an attempt to kill Inuyasha's group. Though he often appears calm, even amiable at times, he is capable of being caught off guard, such as when Sesshomaru used Bakusaiga's yoki wave to annihilate the 1, demons that Byakuya summoned, with his reaction being obviously unnerved and cowed by the dog demon's powerful new sword. His outfit consists of a light blue haori with red patterns on it. Byakuya wears brown hakama with them.

He also wears a dark blue vest with yellow markings on it. He wears socks with his sandals. Byakuya keeps his bladeless sword tied to his back along with his gourd. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Naraku's got a cruel streak in him. I best keep an eye out. Categories :. Cancel Save. Created by Naraku , formed him out of his own flesh.

Naraku Progenitor Naraku's incarnations "Siblings". Illusion Gourd Barrier Origami creations. I'd best keep an eye out. Rejected parts.

Inuyashas dream

Inuyashas dream

Inuyashas dream