Kim seitz reistered nurse-Meet Our Hearing Program Team

In clinic our patients meet with a core team of experts including a pediatric otolaryngologist specializing in hearing loss, advanced practitioner nurse, audiologist, speech-language pathologist, social worker and registered nurse. This team team assesses and makes medical recommendations including further diagnostic testing, appropriate assistive listening devices and surgeries including cochlear implants. Skip to Content. Urgent Care. In This Section.

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Seamans, Charles H. In September Seitz competed at the German Championships where she won gold in the all-around nure on uneven bars and she won silver on floor exercise behind Leah Griesser. Licensed Practical Nurse; Lic, No. Salvati, Anthony M. Smith, Annette A.

Asian news sources. Physician Team

But ho also od the entire Female spanking dote to victory and. She is her own producer, and her program will include orches- tral accompaniment. Ill at the Riverside Chapel, Alton ltd. Phil Abrams; and president, Mrs. Arthur Snydor's black crepe sheath had a cowled neckline and was worn with Kim seitz reistered nurse double-breasted silver sequined jacket. Her bodice was draped in the Grecian manner in both front and back. Me I' that tr nuurse. Ayares, Aisik Seeitz, Murray Drexler. A three- piece black ensemble was worn by Mrs. All we can promise are the festive, fun-filled sur- roundings. Alexander Kogan, Mrs. Kevin, son of Mr.

Pharmacy; Reg.

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In clinic our patients meet with a core team of experts including a pediatric otolaryngologist specializing in hearing loss, advanced practitioner nurse, audiologist, speech-language pathologist, social worker and registered nurse.

This team team assesses and makes medical recommendations including further diagnostic testing, appropriate assistive listening devices and surgeries including cochlear implants. Skip to Content. Urgent Care. In This Section. Oliver F. Physician Team. Jennifer E.

Cass, PhD Psychology. Edward E. Dodson, MD Otolaryngology. Prashant S. Program Manager. Gina M. Hounam, Program Manager Audiology. Nursing Team. Andrea M. Emily M. Columbus, OH Audiology Team. Nikia L Bridges, Au. Cleveland Ave. Suite F Westerville , OH Durinka NationwideChildrens. Holly T. Gerth, AuD Audiology. Kappes NationwideChildrens. Rebecca M. Matsche, AuD Audiology. Christine M. Schafer, AuD Audiology. Schafer NationwideChildrens.

Nicole D. Schuller, AuD Audiology. Michelle K. Shannon NationwideChildrens. Krista M. Winner, AuD Audiology. Speech Pathology Team. AVT Clinical Therapies. Huefner NationwideChildrens. Shana N. Lauren A.

Irving Lehrman, spiritual leader. Jacob Abrams. Murry J. Frank J. Gerald Ford, Michigan Republican and minority leader for his party, called for a stand against Egypt, and rallied sup- port for the amendment. Rusk said the amendment would "usurp'" the role of President Johnson in mak- ing foreign policy, Mr, Rusk sought to portra, Nasser in a more favor- able light, and asked the Senators to consider the future of Egyptian- American relations.

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Kim seitz reistered nurse. Material Information

OH lers ol bas po - "The clash of partisan inter ests was severe enough to pre- vent the election of a new exec- utive, which caused resentment among the delegates in Jerusa- lem and unfavorable comment ab.

But such criticism, how- ever justified, can not obscure the positive achievement of the Conqress as Ihe mo. Of vital significanct rstand eacht. February 5. Shaiai Mid that he was. He indicated pp. Pre dent's aide, Co Aryeh Rai. MIAMI 4t. But ho also od the entire world to victory and. London until Tueadnj Mm! Wa kr OOO ii UraoJ Bonds during the coming vrar Rabbi Miller, who will discuss the latest political and econom- ic developments in Israel, has been active in American and Jewish affairs for more than three decades.

Ale ander Pekelis. Vice President Humphrey to Speak At Israel Bond Inaugural Confab in addition to lu- activities on 'in- international scene, Rabin Miller h;i- pioneered in the field ol lewish education in thi-.

Over M years ago, he founded th A peel preaidenl -f the Zioniat Brandeic school,. Gardner -lute band director. Miss Bess Myer son. Plans will be mapped for the successful launching of the IMS Israel Bond drive on an international scale at this session of the conference.

The final event oi the con ence on Sundaj evening "ill pi tribute to sir Isaac Wolfson, i oi the outstanding personalitie British public life From modest beginnings as a salesman in rural Si otland, he has built up Ihe G I imei -. WatKington Ave. FR N. You could have done that yourself! Or could you? Flajler SI. W ;ih Awe. Tamumi Branch; 1W1 S. EOison Center Bianch b N. Our l a variety of national end ove-: organizations dedicated to Jewish j and also the State of Israel's immigralion program through the United Jewish Appeal, h receives approximately half ci Greater annual philanthropic effort.

Now 'hat the campaign is in full sv. We can not stand on the siCe- lines when so much is at stake; we must active- ipate The grand design of Jewish humanitarian v. Let each of us make certain that ontribute to its resounding success in Old Argument Again.. Each year. Secretary of State Rusk or an undi ny has appeared at a heur.

In the past, most of the anger expressed against Nasser was as a consequence of his aititute toward Israel and his obvious plans lo launch a war in the Middle East. This time, the lines are more clearly cut.

Dictator Nasser has insulted the United States. He has told us, in less polite language, to go jump into the sea. Furthermore, still we insist upon giving it to him. Those who accuse our gov- ernment of helping Nasser's scheme to launch a war against Israel argue that it isn't true that we are simply giving him food credit.

I Now. The House feels that Nasser's insults needn't be- repaid with further American aid. Once again, however, our S"ite Department presses for- ward the same argument about hampering the President's capacity to deal with foreign policy i mm,. Will we still be giving Nasser food when he starts those Soviet-made rockets toward Tel Aviv? Certainly, the tanks will help readjust the imbalance Israel is currently suffering as a consequence of the larae quantities of war mcteriele being purchased by Egypt ,n the Soviet Union.

But West Germany is in effect ridding i'self of weapons that are obsolete in the grand de- sign to contain the spread of Soviet Commun- ism on the European continent. It hardly shows a change in Bonn's atti'ude toward Israel with respect to so many of the problems that have arisen between the two countries: notably, Ger- man scientists at work in Egypt and the failure 'hus far to accord Israel diplomatic recognition through the official exchange of envoys.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of better relations. But much more is needed to bridge the gap before some sort of normalcy has been achieved. Careful Scrutiny Needed The rabbis who express concern over fed- eral aid to parochial schools have an excellent point.

They are worried about the principle of separation of church and state. Such aid is as valid a part of the violation of the principle as Bible-reading and the mark- ing of other religious observances in the school.

We are certainly concerned with the devel- opment of the Jewish parochial school system throughout the nation. Those who feel that this sort of education is the bes' way for their children to receive a well-rounded, traditional upbringing have the right to apply themselves toward the development of these schools. But federal aid flies in the face of our na- tion's democra'ic traditions. They would op- poee it for parochial schools operated by other denominations.

They must now carefully scrutinize thoir principles to make certain they aren't being prejudiced in their own favor.

We seem t "in the inner - For. In our n of the memories and nostaglia for the past, "we should learn tribute something to the future" by acquiring more knowledge our history and heritage "relevant to modern meanings.

It was Mr Solender himself who at the outset saw a about the quality in our organizations. The "thinness. Ronald Pallot, Trans- irtction Group chairman. Two leading units, the Metals Cioup and the Paper Group have. Florida Metal Supply C'..

The Paint. Chemicals and Plas- tics croup i- divided into three sectioi -. Co-chairmen of the Paint Section arc. Williams Apte, co-chairman, respectively, of the Residents Division. Irving Lehrman. Ayares, Aisik Brener, Murray Drexler. Joseph Gardner. Lou Harris, Sampson Hittner. Sigmund Klein, J. Gerald Lewis.! Jacob Lovvy. Philip Lus- tine. Morris Norian, Charles Res- kin. Julius Rosenberg, Irving N.

Stenn and Philip Thau. Ida Raskin is chairman. Evening will include refreshments and prizes. On Tuesday noon, a bazaar lun- cheon will be held. Merchandise item for the bazaar will be ad- mission. Murray Shaw is chairman. The adult series in history will be re- sumed this Sunday morning at 10 a. Lipschitz At the Deauville Some peri-ons attended a testimonial dinner in honor of Dr.

The testimonial marked the five j years of service by Dr. Lipschitz to Beth Torah, as well as his 18 years in the rabbinate. It also cel- ebrated his winning the Doctor of Philosophy degree at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. Present at the banquet were a host of communal dignitaries, including personalities in gov- ernment, the rabbinate, and or- j ganizational affairs. Presidet of Beth Torah Congre- gation, which has grown during the past five years to a member- ship of some families, is Rich- ard Sneider.

Chairman of the din- ner of tribute was Howard Ralby. Anacin also re- duces swelling and inflammation. In minute pain goes so that it's easier to move afflicted limbs again. Flamingo Re- search Laboratories. A newly organized Plastics Sec- tion of the group will be headed by S.

Ronald Bamette, of Di- mensional Plastics, Inc. Ronald Pallot. Addres-inu a faction of his Ma j ;. Eshkol that no one ever informed him he wonld hr expected to reopen the Lavon affair when he assumed the post of Prime Minister. He noted that neither of his two predeces- sors in that postMr. Ben-Gurion or Moshe Sharett"did so when in office. Ben-Gurion on many members of Mapai. Mr Ess a stop to the biggest myth of all. Ferdie has been elected president of Temple Za- mora for Stanley Silvern was reelected first vice president.

He is a mem- ber of the South Miami Toastmas- ter's Club and a graduate engi- neer. Silvern was elected re- llllililll secretary. Harold Stiuman. Marks, financial secretary; and Hilbert Leavitt. Elected to the Board of Direc- tors were Louis Alwii-s. Charles Fidelman.

Irving Si- mons. Israel L. Ben Co- hen. Leon Honm. Samuel Miller, Joseph Ostrie. Sidney H Palmer,. William Locke. All we can promise are the festive, fun-filled sur- roundings. The rest other than delicious meals, outside sea- view staterooms, dancing, recreation and entertainment is up to you.

Fair enough? Pier No 2 B. Write M. They hove more rr So do we. Try us. During your brief, comfortable flight, you enioy friendly -Welcome, Amigo! And the Round Trip fare is a low. United Slates, Central Aawt- , ic. Temple Emanu-El's Breakfast Forum Commit- tee at its initial meeting sets plans for the con- gregation's third annual Sunday morning lec- ture program which will take place on Feb.

Charles Rosen- blatt, Mrs. Alexander Kogan, Mrs. Max Boder- man, Herbert S. Shapiro, Mrs. Herbert S. Sha- piro, Oscar Rosenstrauch, and Morris Lapidus. Halperin, chairman, and Dr. Irving Lehrman, spiritual leader. Temple Israel ol Creater Miami. The sys teni is a lir-t" here. Purpose ol the closed circuit TV v ill be to assi-t in the accommo- dation of overflow services in I Temple Israel's main sanctuary.

A system will enable worship- pers in the Jacob H. The television camera is equip- ped to otter a broad view f tht main sanctuary, as well a- close- ;. Dr Bernard Man- delbaum, provost of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and associate professor in homi letics on the faculty of the Rabbin- ical Department, will continue the rtatne f the series In his discus- -ion of 'Intermarriage. Halperin is chairman of the Breakfast Forum Commit- tee. Serving with him are Mrs. Leonard Abramson.

Judge Fred- erick Barad. Mrs Max Boderman. George Goldberg. Sherman Kaplan. Alex- ander Kogan, Morris Lapidus, Dr. Herman R. Mur- r. Mrs Charles Rosenblatt. Michael Tames and Milton Sirkin.

George Kronen!. Theodore v.. Isaac Goodman and Sam- uel Grayaon. Also Joseph H. Louisj Hiraeh. Charles Kaauaaky. Ernest Klein. Harry M Kaplan. Charles W. Iger, Melvyn Kes-ler, Allan E. Samuel I. Also Jacob Rus-o. Isadorc Rod man. Jacob Sieei. Benjamin Weinberg. Abe Weinberg and Abraham Weiss man. George Talianoft, attorney and past president of the Beach Lodge. Samuel Weiner. Other mem- bers include past president. Jack Fink. Gershon Miller and Michael Sossin; vice president.

Other pa. Memoer Federal Reserve System. Federal Deposit Insuranca Corporation i. Pocono Mt. Miami M0 Dadeltmd Mall Ph. Be surr. Flagler Street, N W. The bill now goes to the Senate, Where a number of Senators 1 both parties are already on rec- ord against further aid to the N. The State De- partment was described by in- formed sources as "furious" over the House vote and is said to have voiced apprehension lest the House alone "drive Nasser into a real frenzy of anti-American actions.

Mahon, of the Mouse Appropriations Com- mittee, opposed the amendment, asking Congress not to be influ- enced by Egyptian Israeli differ- encies. Seymour Halpern. New York Republican, replied that the issue was much broader, and involved support by the American taxpayer of the Castro of the Nile.

Leonard Farbstein. New York Democrat, and member of the House Foreign Affairs Com- mittee, differed with his own Ad- ministration by backing the amendment. He said that Nasser had disregarded previous expres- sions by the Congress, and that nothing less than mandatory ac- tion severing aid would at this : point uphold the dignity of the 1 United States Rep. Farbstein and indicated that the true interests of the United States were not con- listent with further assistance to Egypt.

Gerald Ford, Michigan Republican and minority leader for his party, called for a stand against Egypt, and rallied sup- port for the amendment.

Silvo Gonte, Massachusetts Re- publican, cited the burning of the U. Another Democrat who differed with his party's position was Rep. William Pitts Ryan, of New York. He had offered a parallel amend- ment, but the one proposed by Rev. Michel, member of the Appropria- tions Committee, was called up first. Ryan stated that the lessons of recent history taught that leaving the matter to the dis- cretion of the Executive Depart- ment was useless, and that the time for severing aid to Egypt was past due.

In a meeting of Senators held in executive session. Secretary of State Rusk, aided by Chairman J. Fulhright of the Senate For eign Relations Committee, made a plea for the defeat by Senate of' the amendment passed by the House Meeting with the hurriedly as- sembled Senators, Mr.

Rusk said the amendment would "usurp'" the role of President Johnson in mak- ing foreign policy, Mr, Rusk sought to portra, Nasser in a more favor- able light, and asked the Senators to consider the future of Egyptian- American relations.

Chairman Ful- bright. He said he would oppose the amendment, and thought policy to- ward Egypt was a matter for Ex- ecutive Department discretion. Wayne Morse. Col n. Morse said that -. Frank J. Brickman said. Several hundred people are ex- pected to attend the program, which will include organized tours ol the acre grounds of the new V" and a meeting at which the re plans of the "Y" will be pre- ted. Working on the committee are Mr and Mrs. Richard Brickman. Mr and Mr-. Milton Balsam.

Mr- A Budd Cutler, Mr. Robert Friedman. Marshal] Harris. Rich, anl Helfman, Mr and Mr. Dr and Mr- Henry Lubow. Leonard Luria and Mrs.. Joseph Mallah. Barnett Robinson, Jr. Herschel Rosenthal. Michael Goodman, and Mrs.

Norman Sand, Dr. Ronald Shellow. This sear's meeting was to take place at the Methodist Students enter. University of Miami cam pus. As in the past, a noon luncheon was to be served, and an outstand- ing program featuring prominent speakers was to highlight the an- nual interfaith activity. Pro- tective Life proudly recognizes and com- mends this leading producer.

He sold in excess of S 1,, of life insurance during The performance of this representative and other Protective Life agents enabled Protective Life to achieve a record-break- ing !

He aodi an additional J1. S00 on December 1 lift and -. South Miami The Modern Rank v. Bel- li also will serve as chair- for the reception at which national and Canadian lead- the university will meet with 'c. Belkin is a distinguished author, scholar Ml educator. In addition to its extcn- eaihinu' programs, the uni- conducts a network of amity service agencies, a Ipread program of research, SlsS puhlishcs several scholarly joarn;.

BeDcJn's leadership, the university's enrollment has. During his pioneering admin- istration, the institution has be- come a university, and estab- lished a liberal arts college for women and graduate schools of medicine, social work, education and sciencethe first of their kind under Jewish sponsorship. In Belkin has brought to the presidency a rich background of scholarship acquired first in two Off.

Belkin has been accorded many honors and tributes, and has been singled out on many occasions by groups represetig all denomi- nations for his outstanding contri- butions to American life. In June. It is a vio- lation of our understanding of the hallowed principle of church- state separation to require the state to support religion. Fur- thermore, we consider it ulti- mately harmful to our religious institutions to depend on state funds for the furtherance of their program.

In a resolution on the plight i Soviet Jewry, the Board announ- ced that it was 'prepared and eager" to send a supply of matzoh for the Jews of the Soviet Union if that country's leaders fall to make facilities available locally to satisfy the needs of the Jewish community in time for Passover.

In another resolution on inter- national affairs, the Board de- nounced "the proclaimed policy of the Bonn Government" to al- low the West German statute of limitations to take effect on May 8, in the prosecution of Naii war criminals.

Rabbi Max Schenk. HI gree from Brown University, His higher education. In June, , alma mater. In December. SW Section preferable. Write L E.. Box Miami. Jefferson Ave. JE , JE J Sunday, February 7th, 2 P. PanUe, Department of Florida. Jewish War Veterans. Harding Ave that "on -Mar L'l. Harry P. Pfefier spoke on recent develop- ments in the United States Supreme Court relating to religion and state.

Surfside Civic Association held. Featured was a panel discus- sit n. Morris Finkel. Nat Korbin. Marion Schwitzer, treasurer. Max Spiro. Frat tin. Bernard M Joyce 1 lea ley. Temple Sinai Sisterhood will present its annual intertait! Tieet- ing Rev. Rumania, and Czecho- s ivakia. Another part of the ex hilut showed Jewish resistance against the enemj in pre-Israel Palestine.

As pn ddcntial guards in dress rn ror la di anked M San tennj d rhe Jews, wii i the iir-i in lh and the Nazi? An entire genera- lion. Teen-agers luct sen ice at 9 IS a m alter h thej have a breakfast in the il Hall and will be addressed r-t speaker i ilar meeting is iched- uled 3 day at 7 IS pm Agen- plans loi. Impeccable good taete. Every feature and convenience for gra- cious oceanfront living Beautiful sequel to Sea- coast Towers North, most popular Miami Beach rental apartment building of the decade.

Designed from foundation to pent- house to offer a very warm and wonderful way of life. Seacoast Towers South Colline Avenue. Condominium financing provides individual ownership of your apartment.

You assume no financial rMponsibllHy for any other owners! You may sell or lease as you desire Closed Saturdays Tel. JE 1 cry 5. There are three Ulpan courses now avail- able in Miami Beach: elementary. Vernon, N. Occasion will be the third ses- sion of the adult studies program of Temple Beth Sholom, according t a joint announcement by Mrs. Irving B. Kaplan ami Mrs. Wolfson, senior vice j president of VVomctco Enterprises, has been named vice president of Variety Children's Hospital.

He will serve as a member of the Board of Trustees, it has been an- nounced by P. William Burke, hos- pital president.

JS Rev. Kagan, both a rabbi and a qualified psychologist, is spirit- ual leader of Sial Temple in Mt. His book is a psycho ogkal analysis of six Jewish geniuses frem Moses through Freud and Einstein. On five succeeding Monday eve- nings, the remaining personali- ties will be discussed by the fol- lowing: Ramon Lemos, Department of Philosophy.

L'niver- siU of Miami. James Tedeschi Jr.. Department ol Psychology. University of Miami. Rehran Kursunog- lu. University of M'ami. Brotherhood Fete Temple Zamora Religious School in conjunction with the start of Brotherhood Month, this week fea- tured a unique Sunday School as- sembly commemorating the ob- servance.

A show called "Dolls for Democ- racy was presented by Mrs. The dolls are part of a collection of dolls of outstanding person- leader. Temple Beth Sho-. Supreme Court. He is co-author of a book. Wolf- son will participate in the planning of the development fund cam- paign expansion of the hospital. School; and Sbolem Kpelbaum. JE Ph. King-size apartments ng and heating. We ie rig ay which and the S jn- shme State Parkway.

When they tell you the features are the finest. When they tell you, dollar for doWar, you get the most. Rabbi Isa. I l-"ll:. Lip- son. Bur Mlixvnh mi. Philip Hon ;. Mr- David. Miian Mlncha Rabbi Solomon Schiff. Cantor George Goldberg. I nuthi-r oft "Tlo- Iini-. L- si Ortho- i.. Rjbbi Berel Wein. Frlila; 5.

Rabbi Alexander 8. Rabbi Mamches. David Shapiro. C a nt o r "Yehudah. Modern Traditional. Rabbi Max Shapiro. Cantor 8enjamin Ben-Ari. Rabbi Shmaryahu T. Dixie Hwy. Rahhi Richard Marcoviti. Cantor Seymour Hinkes. Orthodox Rabbi Tibor H Stern. RaiDh Krieger. Orthodox Rabbi David Lehrfietd. Cantor Abraham Seif. Rabbi Joseph E. Max Lip- schiu.

Cantor Beo-Zion Kirschen- Daum. I Mr in. Rabbi H. Cantor Jack Lerner. Rabbi Abraham Strassfeld. Rabbi Zevi Green- wald. I Srrmoi Tin Kutiir. SH Many people read our lesson. Who ire ymr? Who learns m. Where do you live m and where? H"IJ T. HOB read Hebrew? V What do you ihink f I about all this. Pieaae write ut a letter. Bf 30 iSV Brr. TJK to know become "VVp acquainted newspaper pnj you m. D3TW how many ,T5 how much?

M ,-,. Cantor Sadi Nah- mm. Con- servative. Rabbi Jonah E. Cantor Maurice Neu. I -III]' I'. Kendall Or.. Rabbi Herbert Baumgard. Rabbi Samuel Jaffa. I"ri K:IS p. Hermon: "Churx-hlll's rl. Cantor Herman Gott- lieb. I Rabbi Morton M.

Cantor Ernest Sterner. Rabbi Leon Kronish. Cantor David Conviser. Rabbi S. M Machte.. Ca-itor Abraham Reiseman. I'i in, S ;- i' in Si. Rabbi Irving Lehrman. Cantor Zvi Adler. Mr and m i - Nu-I. Rabbi Joseph R. HH, i-,l. Rabbi Morns Kip- per. Rabbi Mayer Abram- owita. Cantor Edward Klein.

Raboi Eugene Labovitz. Cantor Saul H. Killinii Hi i a. Rabbi Daniel M. Cantor Chet Gale ' i-iiIj. I Till M. Ill II'- till v. The ark was lo be mad. The table too was to be made of acacia wood There were to be a golden candelabra, a tent of curtains and boards, outer curtains and inner curtains, and an altar of acacia- wcod. Finally, the construction of the court- yard of the Tabernacle was described. This recount! President of the society distributing the volume is Joseph Schlang.

Jut" the. In Ihe teal not to cause dish. Rabbi Henry ' Wernicta. I"i lllli ::n i in Si l in,. I SIiikIi Shnblml I Rabbi Sherwin Stauber. I : illH Temple Judea of Coral Gables announces the third ol eight lec- ture discussions, entitled "Relig- ion Revisited," uill be held in the Reception Hall on Sunday at a. Louis Schneiderman, chairman. If Anything. Irvin S. Jacobs, psychia- trist, is instructor in the Deport- ment of Psychiatry, University of Miami Medical School, and a medical director at the Chil- dren's Center.

Graduated from the University of Maryland, he served for throe years in the U. Navy as lieutenant. Jacobs is past presi- dent of the South Florida Psychi- atric Society. Murry J. I lei ken. Purdue University. He Is also graduate of the v.

Heiki i served in the U. He was al-o consultant 10 the Alcoholic Rehabilitatioi ic. Leo Levm. Hebrew Sim : IraHn-r an i r. Halpern peaks Vzre Dr. Morton Ilaipem -n -ke oi. Assisting Dr. Talk was in oli- onth. He also served as cantor at the Temple in.

Middle- town. He was director of the teen-ape camp at Blue Star, N. C, and in the summer of direct- ed a successful experiment in pre- teen camping for the I'AHC camps. Rabbi Kipper has served con- gregations in Chicago, [ Rabbi Kipper is the author of a text on Jewish spiritual value-, a book designed for primary grades. He i- married. Miami Beach and Dade County Auditorium. Both concerts begin at p.

With Dr. For the balance of the program, the orchestra and Dr. He has toured Europe four times. Canada, where she was awarded scholarship- for advanc- ed study in voice and theory. She has appeared at many local hotel-. Operatic, Jewish and Hebrew folk songs.

She sings in seven lan- guages, Estellc Hoberman. Miami Miz-. Olga l. Kmil Friedman. He is presently a student of Alexander Prilutchi. Since his arrival in Miami in , he has appeared on television, and has performed in numerous con- certs and in recital. JI S. Schworti Dignified, beautiful and reverently cared for surroundings for our departed loved ones are a source of very real comfort to alL v v. For the World Tlionlsl Congress. Jewish survival faces..

I'ther people in the world, with an obvious weaken- ing of family and leJiginun ties, and with the un- limited temptation ol modern, free, mobile society constant! Wbexi CUl leges and universities nourish, offers a good index The increased number of conscientious Jewish youngsters who hunt for marriage ceremonies lo?

I- I- ol oee. In ever Ii. Today, there are Jewish mamas acquainted with baseball but do not know anything about the Iokshen' board. This past week, the New York Herald Tribune had a Story of an attempted holdup There was a woman customer in the store She grabbed the bug by the- arm and tossed him to the floor She had come recently from Israel.

She explained, "'We do this all the time in our Israel Army training. Economists haw- come with scores of definitions. The other day we leaded an Israel Bond conlerence. The best definition, be. His wile was businesswoman and he sat all day and pored the Hebrew nooks One day, the rabbi was i-aUt to a "Ix'th din,". She will know wl to do with it You can get fish with it. Lies' in i.

House to normakze israel-Ainericai leia -. Maxwell Rabb served. A few new i iici til. Ihe -. Throughout the Middle Mast as indeed, in too man other sections ef the underdevi loped coun- tries oi the world the woman is -till the beast of burden while the male- nili - Thirty live governments have made proposals to Ihe IN lor improvement of the lot ol woman vHiistandin--! John Kt. Shown is Prot Daniel N.

Lawrence, lec- irr. Left to right are Prof. Lawrence, Mrs. Bass and rtudents of 'he school. Bonnie Sue Brody, Robin Zelkowitz. Marcia Ahman. He noted that "the Israel Tour for Teen-Agers is the only teen-age tour of Israel available to unaf- filiated Jewish youth.

Mount Sinai will receive the highest salaries offered in any non-profit, volun-, tary hospital in the entire state. We al.

M pejr- r, yr. Mention name of publication when writing Send post-card or letter to. Heinz Co. J'2, Box Teachers pref for s'-v-ral outdoor, recreational or n'fc'-'V! Friday, February 5, Section B here in a planning session, for the reception to launch th Report from Israel Art Exhibit are reading from left So right.

Received spam message that read: craigslist secret code for email is , Do not share this code for any reason- Any request for it is a scam- Also received this same text with different email address and code from a different phone number. Michaud I received a call : p-m- but I did not answer it because I did not recognize the number.

Mouse payday loan center its the guy that bounces his number. Just got a recorded message to my very-limited plan cellphone from the campaign for Gael Tarleton WA state from this number- Sent them a strongly-worded email asking that they remove this number, and to tell whoever they got it from to stop passing it out- I also mentioned that I will never vote for any candidate who makes ME pay to receive their messages.

Smith This lady called me and said I needed to "pay up" or she would call the sheriff- Sounded very "ghetto" and not professional at all- I've taken out loans before but come on- I'm not talking to you if you act this way. Anon I got a message from these people saying I needed to call them back right away today- Sounding like a bill collector or something- Almost a threatening tone of voice- Since I pay all of my bills on time I was suspicious, looked up the number and found other posts regarding them- I think this is a really sleazy way to try to drum up business.

I don't have a Mastercard. Then gives the run around with no phone calls. Voice says his name is troy. So I hung up, he immediately called back and I said I wasnt interested, to remove my number from his list, and he said why- I hung up again- What a creep. I would like to report them to the FTC. Love this site too. Lamoro I've gotten sereral voicemails too,but it was just breathing,very strange- How about yours? Have gotten mine in the last couple weeks. I've actually asked to be removed from their call list, and they still call me.

I called that number a few times, mostly gave me a busy signal- Did get a live person and I asked what company it was and they said Principle Credit Management- Can't find this so called company on the internet- I think it's a scam- Let's see if they ever show up to serve me papers, I'm leaving it alone.

Or Conney?? I could not under stand him- This call is just like the calls from Florida except they did not fake the caller ID and they will leave traces as to who they are- Message said I should urgently call about my credit card balance and the minimum rates going up- I have no credit card balance-.

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The phone just rings and rings- I only called once out of curiosity- Not use what he is selling. My own family stole my phone so I want to know who has it. Ritchie I worked for AMEX sometime ago and they would never ever ask for updated information in this way- When they provided you a bill they would have you update the information at this time or you would make the initial contact- This caller is running a scam as you can see some say they are from AMEX and others say a collection agency- In addition a large corporation such as AMEX who monitors how long they leave someone on hold would answer within seconds-Oh, they told me they were from AMEX verifying info and I hung up.

Since we started using the Business Care service? Andrew Paulson. Slick Person calling represented Microsoft windows and indicated problems with my computer had been detected.

Kept calling me from different numbers even when blocked. They called me and said they had a missed call fromt number. Impossible because I've never called that number before.

NYS Professional Discipline Summary Index - S

Pharmacy; Reg. Pharmacy, Reg. Saad, Ahmed M. Pharmacist; Lic. Dentist; Lic. Licensed Practical Nurse; Lic. Registered Professional Nurse; Lic. Chiropractor; Lic.

Sacco, Christina M. Sacco, Robert ; Tallahassee, FL. Sachs, Stanton J. Podiatrist; Lic. Sacket, Marianne ; Farmington, CT. Sadd, Marilou P. Saddler, Muriel E. Veterinarian; Lic. Sadovsky, Roy ; Greenwich, CT. Optometrist; Lic. Sadowsky, Paul A. Safah, Ruweida ; Gretna, LA. Safonova, Nataliya I.

Physical Therapist; Lic. Sahadi, Jacqueline ; Newington, CT. Charles Hospital of Port Jefferson, N. Felix, Jessica ; Brentwood, NY.

Louis, Erick ; Riverhead, NY. Louis, Michelle M. Surin, Kettly ; Brooklyn, NY. Sakolsky, Norman S. Saladon, Steven ; Bellport, NY. Salce, Anthony Frank, Jr. Salerno, Philip ; Goshen, NY. Professional Engineer; Lic.

Salisbury, Robert T. Salmon, Jennifer A. Salpeter, Michael ; Greenwich, CT. Saltenberger, Patricia E. Salvaggione, Ronald G. Salvant, Anne Nellie B. Salvati, Anthony M. Architect; Lic. Salzano, Anthony ; Farmingville, NY. Samica Pharmacy, Inc. Retail Pharmacy; Reg.

Sams, Lynda ; Plattsburgh, NY. Samson, Joseph Eli ; Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Samuel, Mark ; Mamaroneck, NY. Samuels, Michelle K. Samuels, Natasha A. Sana Saieda Enterprises, Ltd. Sanchez, John ; Bronx, NY. Psychologist; Lic. Sanchez, Sarah T.

Respiratory Therapy Technician; Lic. Sanders, Jean ; Baldwinsville, NY. Sanders, Judith E. Massage Therapist; Lic. Sandor, Luz ; Castaic, CA. Sankary, Beverly E. Santa Maria, Bernard S. Certified Public Accountant; Lic. Santa Maria, Theresa V. Santasero, Victor J. Certified Social Worker; Lic.

Santiago, Carmen M. Santiago, Linda ; Bayside, NY. Licensed Master Social Worker; Lic. Santore, Raphael D. Santos, Maritza Juliet ; E. Sanvitale, Daniel R. Saracco, John ; Boonton, NJ. Saraniero, Donald J. Sarel, Kathleen ; Carmel, NY. Satterley, Jr. Saunders, Edmonia ; St. Albans, NY. B; Cal. Morris, NY Sausa, Nenita V.

Savanovitch, Tammy E. Saviano, Lisa A. Savitz, Annette A. Ophthalmic Dispenser; Lic. Savon, Angela M. Savran, William J. Saxe, Maryann ; Rochester, NY. Saxton, Richard T. Saya, Erika J. Sayre, Deborah A. Sbarra, Samuel ; Nutley, NJ. Registered Nurse; Lic. Scannapieco, Carmina M. Scarano, Jr. Scarborough, Susan A. Scarlett, Sheril Althea ; Mt. Vernon, NY.

Scarperi, Patricia A. Scavetta, Barbara A.

Kim seitz reistered nurse

Kim seitz reistered nurse