Mature silkies for sale-Silkies For Sale

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Mature silkies for sale

Mature silkies for sale

Mature silkies for sale

Select Yes No. But often, it is better to just let her be broody and give her some eggs to hatch. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. Silkies are generally as easy to raise as other breeds of chickens, but Mature silkies for sale are a couple differences. Silkies aren't well known for their flying. My 3 month old Silkie has Jowels hanging down on both sides of his beak.

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Email bobbywisemanjr gmail. Legal Disclaimer. Mature silkies for sale Bantams Details Silkie Chickens for Sale Our day old silkie chickens sometimes called silky chickens or bantam chickens hatch mid-February to November. Wanted: Silkies all colors, Crele's, Marans all colors etc. Thank you and one more newbie question. Email kembry5 gmail. When will the roo start crowing? Prefer any color but white. Click here to write your own. These bantam chickens are gentle, quieter than most, docile and like people. Your Location. They will be inside pets and very spoiled! A bantam MF d'uccle. There is speculation that the breed was brought west through the silk trade, but no one knows for sure. She needs a companion but ….

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  • Our day old silkie chickens sometimes called silky chickens or bantam chickens hatch mid-February to November.
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Yep — you can definitely keep chickens as pets , and Silkies make GREAT pets, especially for households with children.

For special needs children, Silkies can also be a great pet because:. Silkies are an ancient breed that has their origins in Asia, most likely in China.

As you can see, Silkies have made quite an impression on humans for centuries! Silkies weigh about pounds and are about the size of a Chihuahua dog. When you think of Silkies, you probably think of the bantam size — and according to the American Standard of Perfection , the perfect size for a silkie chicken hen is about 2 pounds.

The legs of both hens and roosters should be straight with no more or less than 5 toes. Funky feathers like fluff balls of joy! Silkies are a bit different than other chickens. Their feathers are structured different than other chicken feathers — they do not have barbicels, so they do not have the physical structure needed to allow Silkies to fly.

Silkies are also well known for their skin — while most other chicken breeds such as Speckled Sussex and Araucana chickens have white skin, Silkies have black or even blue skin. You might notice your silkies have blue skin, particularly on their ears! So, they can only jump a couple feet at a time. Do silkies roost? We put bales of hay in our coop for the silkies to jump up on — and they can get feet in the air easily. Unlike other chickens, Silkies have an extra 1 or two toes on their feet!

Just like a polydactyl cat! The scientific reason is because Silkies have a genetic mutation that allows them to grow the extra toes. Silkie chickens come in all sorts of colors, such as black, blue, buff, grey, partridge, white, cuckoo, lavender, red, and splash.

Most owners love it! If your silkie is a rooster, he should start crowing at about 7 months. However, not all silkies will crow. It depends on the individual chicken. Silkies are quiet birds who enjoy human company. You can see our chicken breeds for children recommendations here. Yes, especially if raised as pets from birth. Silkies, like other chickens, can live for years, when kept in ideal conditions and fed correctly. To give your silkie the best quality of life, you should keep them in a coop with fresh water and plenty of high quality feed.

You should also give your pet chicken medical care when needed and herbal supplements to support her health. Whatever someone will pay for it! Silkies that are show quality might cost hundreds of dollars, while ones hatched at a high quality breeder might cost less. Hatcheries, your local farm store, or private breeders.

See our list here of where to buy chickens. You should also bring a knowledgeable friend who can help you select chicks that appear healthy. Approximately 16 weeks of age. Like other chicks, Silkies need their brooders to be between degrees for their first week of life and reduce the temperature by 5 degrees every week. Not generally, although this will depend on how cold your area gets.

In colder temperatures, you might have to provide a heat source. Freezing rain, sleet, or snow can turn deadly for your Silkies — so in inclement weather, leave them in their coop. Yes — even though they look different, Silkies are quiet flock members, and get along well with other chickens. Just like you would any other chicken — by letting established flock members see their new friend without touching the Silkie.

Then, after hours, you can try to integrate the Silkie with the rest of your flock. You still might see squabbles, but as long as everyone is healthy and not hurt, they will stop in a couple days. Silkies eat the same feed as regular chickens — a high-quality layer feed for hens or a high quality chick starter for baby chicks. For treats, you can feed Silkies mealworms, herbs, kitchen scraps, leafy greens, black soldier fly larvae, or river shrimp.

Silkies are smaller chickens, and they eat less than standard size breeds. They still should be fed about cups of feed daily — and you can feed them leafy greens, black soldier fly larvae, herbs, mealworms, and other treats to boost their diet.

This is also a great way to bond with your silkies! You might read on the internet that Silkies are more disease prone than other breeds and you should get your Silkie chickens vaccinated — I have not experienced this, and I would venture to say that Silkies are a hardy breed.

As many as she can fit under her! The amount will depend on the size of your fluffy butt. We love our Silkie rooster, Elvis. He was one of our first chickens. He, and as it turned out, 3 brothers were gifts from our kids.

Yep, our first 4 chickens were all roosters. One difficulty with silkies is they are hard to sex. Hope one day to get Elvis some Silkie hens. My 3 month old Silkie has Jowels hanging down on both sides of his beak. Does this make him a boy? Also, if he is a boy will he cock a doodle doo? Would males fertilize eggs of the other kinds of chickens? Thank you! By using this website, you agree that the information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure illnesses or diseases.

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What can we help you find? Please contact them if you can help them find it! White bearded silkies only! Black Australorp Chickens. Best Egg Layers.

Mature silkies for sale

Mature silkies for sale. Adult Swans

Illinois — Bearded Silkies. Exhibition quality and non-show quality available. Silkies are well known for their calm, friendly temperament. We sell bearded silkies. My Silkies are raised in the California sunshine! My Silkies are handled with the love and kindness they deserve! Each package contains a variety of colors, shipped directly from our farm. Fertile eggs, chicks, adults, email me at trentdavidson83 gmail. I do bring them to shows if they are prepaid on paypal. No birds available at this time.

I have the whites eggs with a frizzle gene. Whites are currently laying. Email me at milesloft hotmail. Click here to write your own. Blue, Black, Splash, White, Partridge.

I breed for exhibition and quality! Straight run. Assorted colors. Blue, black, gray, buff. Quantities and colors subject to change. Visit our Facebook page at www. Contact BluegrassBantams gmail. I sell hatching eggs year round … Click here to write your own. Return to the Chickens Directory. Return to the Breeder Directory. What can we help you find? Search the website:.

Search your Spam or Promotions Tab so you don't miss a single issue! Antique Incuabator available in Normal, IL. Email kembry5 gmail. Dutch breed show chickens. Bantams are small chickens, a perfect size for young kids to show.

The longest tail feather is. LF silver laced Cochin rooster 2 years old, I am no longer breeding this color located in Hartwell Ga pickup only. I also have 3 silver laced LF cockerels. Join the conversation at our Facebook Group! Featured Breeders: That's a lot of Silkie listings! Get more buyers for those birds by becoming a Featured Breeder! What are you looking for? Buff Orpington chicks. Your listing will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph.

Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Click below to see what they're looking for. Please contact them if you can help them find it! I can be reached at lbansen yahoo.

I am also interested in a few other breeds if you have more than silkies. I am in southern UT. Looking to get a couple silkie hens. If you have any for sale around or near Griffith, Indiana. I'd be grateful to buy some hens! Price is of no issue for the right birds. Looking for maybe 4 - 6 male and female. Email bobbywisemanjr gmail. No particular color. You can reach me at keir. We caught her, built her a coop, and run with all the comforts of home.

She is young, … Wanted: Young Silkie Rooster. Located in Andalusia, AL. We have two hens but the rooster we have is related Need one that is a few months old Email crazyelk yahoo.

I am located in Lakeland, Florida Laura at Wanted: Looking for silkie hens. Looking for silkie hens. Any color is fine. I already have a buff and a white hen. I can be reached on my email joceysb2 aol. Would like to pick up so Texoma area to Eastern New Mexico would be best. I live in Midlothian,VA and you can contact me at ambersquails yahoo. Reply to waylonglegs yahoo. I am living in Metro vancouver, BC Canada. Must be healthy. Would like somewhere reasonably local so I can pick up.

I need grey bearded silkie chicks or eggs. Show quality preferred daughters in 4H any color. Please email Heather shadandheather yahoo. I would like to raise these little beauties. I live in the Fla. Email seabeewayne74 gmail. Donantus contacted me and said he had 3 silkie hens. Located in Westchester email: f-dj live. Able to pick up in Wisconsin. Email: megan. Must be shipped to Michigan.

Thank you. My son is 10 and has 2 buff silkies but he would like a small flock for showing. My Name is Ruby. My Email Is Rubyann gmail. Show quality pullets or older birds. Even if they are ancient, they will get a great home. Show quality. Age doesn't matter as long as they're not ancient and even then I might give them a good home.

Silkie roosters have unique feathers other than the fuzzy ones typical of the breed. They have pointed hackle and saddle feathers that are more like other birds. They also might have a pointed tail and have spurs.

History: No one is exactly sure where Silkie chickens originated, but Marco Polo did mention black-skinned, furry chickens in his travels through Asia during the 13th century.

There is speculation that the breed was brought west through the silk trade, but no one knows for sure. There have been many myths about Silkies. They have been billed as being covered in mammal fur, being a hybrid of a chicken and a rabbit, and as having miracle healing properties.

Of course, none of the myths are true, and though they are unusual chickens, Silkies are, indeed, just chickens. The American Silkie Bantam Club was established in and continues as a strong organization today. They host poultry shows, publish a quarterly newsletter, an annual breeders directory, as well as host online forums and provide information about Silkies regularly to members. Silkies , by the American Bantam Association.

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Silkie Chickens: A Comprehensive Guide

The Dunham Farm currently has Silkie hens available for sale! They are excellent quality and outperform the competition. The Dunham Farm has 80 running years of experience breeding and raising poultry. They have a long list of highly satisfied customers and you will not be disappointed. The Dunham Farm currently has Silkie hens available. They do not guarantee the sex on Silkies chicks or young as they are very hard to sex until they are mature.

Call: Call Now Available Colors. Silkie Availability. Silkie Pricing. Want to get more information or purchase some of our Silkie Hens?

Mature silkies for sale