Surfing lesbian-Latin America's first lesbian surf camp planned for Brazil

When I began surfing in earnest eight years ago, the first women I met in the ocean were gay. But the men? None of them were homosexual — at least as far as I knew. The film follows Thomas and another Australian surfer as they explore why being gay is stigmatised in the surfing community. The answer is multi-faceted.

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

I could care less what their sexual orientation is. Anyone who knows him would jump to Surfing lesbian defense on this being anything other then just that. Surfing lesbian just any surfer, though, but a renowned professional. Money for a good and heavy lawsuit? Jeff Clark never gives up when the prestige of Mavericks is at stake. I hope that Chad guy reads these and knows that although he should have stated his view in a more appropriate and less offensive way, he has done nothing wrong. Sex sells Reply.

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I wanted to be a world champion.

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One of the most prevalent tools of sexism in the surf industry has been and continues to be lesbian-baiting. Lesbian baiting occurs most often when rumblings are felt within the sexist status quo, when women gain more power in a hierarchy, or when they are acting more self-assertive and less deferential than their male-counterparts are comfortable co-existing with.

These activities, while offering a more active, healthy lifestyle, can be truly empowering in practice. However, if image is emphasised and valued above ability and performance in the competitive realm, it is possible that a competitive form of shape-shifting will arise distorting the spirit of achievement found in this realm.

Each one of the women who participated in these photo shoots did so for their own reasons. It is too simplistic to say that they are being exploited. The key method being used to distance the generations of pro female surfers is the supposed increase in the femininity of this new generation of women on tour from the last.

It is done largely through lesbian-baiting. This is not something new and serves to cut-off one generation of women from the next with each passing generation. While men celebrate their heroes, past female surfers are vilified for not being feminine enough. I hope one day that those who have had experiences within Roxy, as interns, employees and as professional surfers, will stand up and tell their stories.

Until then, we must use what we have in order to tell the story as it begins to emerge. Many of the comments in reply asked about the stereotypical image that offered only a flat image of women surfers, one that was quite one-dimensional and flattering to the male gaze.

A very strange idea indeed. Layne Beachley. This exemplifies lesbian-baiting perfectly. This is really still happening in , this powerful method of ordering the gendered hierarchy within the surf industry. This is why it is so important for the voices of the fans to speak out. This may be hard to see from within Big Surfing, but it is clear as day from where many of us sit, outside of it.

Those within the institution of surfing are a different matter, groomed as they have been by the values of their sponsors and Big Surfing. This is not some abstract idea of internalization I am speaking of, but one that I experienced first hand as a professional surfer within the industry for nearly 20 years shortboard and longboard; amateur and professional levels.

The only other institution I can liken this phenomenon to would be religious institutions. None of this conversation around sexuality should matter, but it continues to in some retro-progressive way that demands of women to exert their hyper sexiness as a sign of their heterosexuality, the sexuality that Big Surfing demands of them.

While this generation might be bullied by lesbian and gay -baiting, I feel quite sure that future generations will see through the nonsense and create new narratives of a truly diverse and inclusive nature. There are so many more ways to present surfing than those on offer from a sexist surf industry. Great perception. The surfing industry scene is an embarrassment. However you slice it and dice it, there are many issues that boil up to the surface of the surf industry cesspool, but the one that stands out the most to me is oppression.

Oppression comes in many forms and it comes from a place of darkness. Which proves exactly what is at stake here. To me, the tactic is an aged old one, divide and conquer. Just look at the recent major court rulings for gay rights and athletes coming out.

Society as whole is accepting homosexuality more and more as a cultural norm. Power and control. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men. Behavior based on such a feeling. Honestly, this goes against everything that surfing, to me, stands for. Surfing, to me, is about freedom. Surfers are adventurous and go against the grain of conventional society.

Surfing is about freedom of expression and to be yourself, and explore the world in search of waves and find new people and places that heighten the human experience. Not narrow minded oppressive behavior that Chris and Roxy have displayed. Their behavior detracts from the overall human experience. The fact that he is seen as an industry leader is sad and appalling.

This is not what surfing is about! It is funny that you would translate his words to mean that though. He is saying lesbian or straight, girls now a days realize their sexual beauty and know how to use it to their advantage.

You make ignorant assumptions, and I get my facts from the source before I create an opinion. Here is my stereotypical and maybe ignorant comment; Too many girls love conflict and drama. Any person who wants to take offense should read over their own garbage. Nicole, I am certain that you would have plenty that I could take offense to. You do know that I can see your IP address, right?

Regardless of how many different emails you use? I can safely say that less people care if a female athlete is gay than if a male athlete is gay. Not acceptable. No girlfriends allowed. That screen grab is pure gold. My understanding of his comment is that the creator of the clip took surfing back 20 years.

And if the editor HAD included a well ridden wave, there should have been little criticism over the clip. I could care less what their sexual orientation is. Those women surfed really well, look hot to me, still do and had personalities! Todays young surf stars, fall into my 2 daughters age bracket. My older daughter has her bachelors degree in anthropology and is a successful theater actress with numerous credits as well as critics of her work.

You are a past world champion longboarder and a solid surfer. So what are the true reasons that Chads comments got you fired up? Nicole, Chad is far from homophobic. Reread his comment, the athletes are hot, sexy women who are in touch with their sexuality AND know how to market it! Lastly, when a MAN is portrayed with the ripped up body in an ad, what is the ad creator shooting for? Please tell your brother that we have an entire stadium of people and press room of people, who want to make sure his harassments are stopped.

Money for a good and heavy lawsuit? Defamation of character is a certainty here. This was done on his personal Facebook page, is that correct? I sure hope that his company stands by him and does not take the cowardly approach to handling these female crusaders that are out to harm, rather then make good.

Please read my comment below. Using Sex in advertising is lazy and boring. Almost everyone I have known sponsored by Roxy has been anorexic at some point to fit the sexy mold. That is not very empowering. Who ever this Chad guy is, I feel really bad that he had to endure the insecurities of some disillusioned females. Freedom of speech should be considered top priority over people taking offense over such minor things.

I hope that Chad guy reads these and knows that although he should have stated his view in a more appropriate and less offensive way, he has done nothing wrong. I sure hope quiksilver stands by him or in the end they will be as pitied as these bantering women are. Anyways, just read this and had to comment because I too, think it is so ridiculous. Cory needs to come into reality and understand that jealousy will not get you far in life or ever bring you happiness. She may have a handful of people who she surrounds herself with, that are in her corner and think the world should revolve around their views..

Sorry Cory, women having rights and being able to show off their beauty is fifty steps forward in equalism between men and women. You may not belong in America, perhaps living in India or Pakistan would make things easier for you to deal with. Definitely stay away from Europe though, your bubble would be popped wide open and the burden you carry over girls showing sexuality, would be hugely expanded.

AS a female surfer, I just want to thank all the companies that advertise in surfer and surfing magazine for using such hot guys in their adds. Sex sells. Me, too! Thank you, hot surfer guys! Also, can I thank other hot athletic men who I greatly enjoy to look at, such as David Beckham.

Reading over this.. I personally know Chad Wells, and have a very hard time imagining him saying this in anyway with ill intentions, whether or not his word choice was appropriate. I know that he is the last person who would have had any hurtful or demeaning thoughts behind his words.

Of course it was an awful way to say what he was shooting for. But come on people!? How about we, as women, just hit him right back with a stereotypical comment and say.. Not running for political office. However, He is such a great guy with a good heart who respects and excepts everyone.

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Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

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Lesbian-owned tour operator Brazil Ecojourneys is inviting women to a week on their own. In this case, the real "l" surfers will travel to Praia do Rosa, a spot that is already frequented by the local LGBT community. I see how there really aren't many opportunities for gay women to get together and learn to surf in a friendly environment," explains Marta Dalla Chiesa, owner of Brazil Ecojourneys.

Surfer girls will learn and improve their surfing skills with Capitao David, the founder of the oldest surf school in the region. He has taught more than beginner surfers. The five-day surf camp was created for lesbian surfers, but it is open to all women allies, family and friends. Santa Catarina offers breathtaking beaches and mild climate. Praia do Rosa is located in a half moon shaped bay. The Championship Tour world title race scenarios. The Wave: Bristol is officially open.

Latin America's first lesbian surf camp planned for Brazil January 19, Surfing. The first ever lesbian surf camp in South American will get girls sharing their uniqueness in Santa Catarina, Brazil, between May 9thth. Share this article. Share with Facebook. Latest surfing news The Championship Tour world title race scenarios.

One day after the dramatic interference call, the World Surf League WSL released an official explanation regarding the wave that sent the world title discussion to Hawaii. The high-tech wetsuit that we don't want.

Vissla and the Surfrider Foundation teamed up to produce a one-of-a-kind wetsuit. Mavericks Surf Awards: the new video performance contest. Jeff Clark never gives up when the prestige of Mavericks is at stake. On October 25, , The Wave: Bristol officially opened to the public.

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian

Surfing lesbian