Tainted desires-Tainted Desires: Revenge by Kelli Ashford

While stopping Fleur's service midway was a part of the plan, it did nothing for my aching hardness, its pressure too heavy to allow me to go out and find someone else. Thankfully, I had a convenient access to a beautiful woman who was more than willing to serve that particular need. With that in mind, I apparated directly to Narcissa's room. Narcissa was lying on her bed when I appeared. Startled by the noise, She jumped up in panic, reaching for her wand.

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Chapter 11 Then, her lethargy evaporated, Amateur hand jobs she started to squirm. Actions Add to Community Taiinted Abuse. As I expected, anger flashed in her eyes Tainted desires she prepared to let out a frustrated growl, but I was ready. You definitely earned a reduction in your punishment. Chapter 10 Weasleys were poor enough to prevent her access Tainted desires the nicer end of casual pleasures.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Apr 22, Layla Stevens rated it it was amazing. I hope that their trials will be worth it in the end. I love Cam and Kylie. Not when more than ninety percent of the population had the ability to gain discrete experience points which then turned into sudden boosts of power, greatly increasing their capabilities, while the remaining few had to do it the hard way, studying tirelessly to enhance their abilities. I cant wait till the next book. I'm not sure how to access the river and meet the Tainted desires Hyao 10 days ago. Tainted desires holds you and lets you cry. No need for hardcore furry transformations IMO but I would like to know my appearance Tainted desires my hair color, body type - Tainted desires or muscular - eye color and, of course, penis size. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I love Kylie's character at first you think oh no not one of those whiney girls running away from her abusive boyfriend, No she is not one of them, she's stron I was so excited when Wendi Hulsey asked me to review Tainted Desire, Adjuvant on line breast cancer had seen her around and heard of the book and wanted to read it so when asked I jumped at the chance immediately.

I woke up around noon, the taste of a certain bushy-haired beauty still on my lips, delicious enough to tempt me for another visit.

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  • Notes: This work will be mostly about the sexual themes, especially on the darker side such as domination and manipulation.

Notes: This work will be mostly about the sexual themes, especially on the darker side such as domination and manipulation. If you don't like such themes, you shouldn't read. And lemons, lots and lots of lemons. What would you do if you died, courtesy of a drunk truck driver, and instead of waking up in hell or fading into blackness forever, you found yourself in another body.

What if that body belonged to a familiar fictional character, facing the biggest decision of his life. For me, the answer was simple. When I suddenly found myself in Draco Malfoy's body, standing in front of a robed, bearded figure that his new body's memories identified as Dumbledore, about to witness one of the most important events of the history of this world.

A moment I recognized easily as the climax moment of the Half-Blood Prince. I barely needed to think before a shout of Expelliarmus left my lips and a red light smashed him, making Elder Wand fly away uncontrollably. However, I suspect the reason why I did wasn't the same with what most others would. Some, I assume, would do to keep Dumbledore's plan intact, while others would do in a weird attempt to keep the timeline stable so they could predict what would happen next.

Me, I wanted the possession and allegiance of the strongest wand of the world. I barely paid attention to Dumbledore's subsequent begging about the light side, nor I paid much attention to Snape's anguish as he tried to gather his courage to kill his mentor. My whole attention was to cast two spells without someone noticing, happy that Draco's skills were available for me.

First, a switching spell, switching Draco's old wand and Elder Wand, causing a comfortable warmth to spread in my body as soon as I held it in between my fingers. With the possession of the Elder Wand, the second spell was ridiculously easy, transforming the shape of my old wand to Elder Wand, and putting an illusion on the Elder Wand to make it look like my own wand.

And just like that, I had the possession of the strongest wand in the world. My body moved automatically during the escape, my mind busy with the possibilities afforded by the situation I found myself in. The future was filled with promises…. After the escape, I had found myself in front of Voldemort and Death Eaters.

I must admit that I was a bit fearful. Despite the presence of Death Stick, I wasn't stupid enough to assume I could fight against him, especially when a significant part of the Death Eaters were waiting in the corner. Thankfully, Snape's 'heroic' success was enough to take the spotlight, reducing me to a decoration. Draco might have been unhappy with that development, but it suited my aims perfectly.

I strongly doubted that the occlumency ability I had inherited from Draco was strong enough hide the fact that a different consciousness currently occupied the body they once called Draco. The ceremony held in honor of Snape's success continued with no sign of stopping, looking like it would go for hours.

I was glad, because it made even easier for me to fade into the shadows and depart the event. I walked towards Draco's room, wanting to stay alone while I tested the limits of my newfound abilities.

I was surprised to realize that Draco never, not even once, tried to test the limits of the magic, restricting his peak to a few flashy spells taught by his father and the cantrips he learned in Hogwarts. What a waste, he had the power to rewrite the reality and shape others to his will, and the only thing he exerted his power was to humiliate and bully people in the school.

Such a sad loss of potential. Of course, I had no intention of limiting myself like that. The word was my oyster. I gone through several spells, conjurations, transfigurations and combat hexes, all flowing through my wand effortlessly.

I wasn't sure about the reason, maybe it was the Elder Wand that made the difference, maybe it was the difference in perception and understanding coming from dying and resurrecting in a different body, but the spells I have tried worked much better compared to Draco's earlier tries. I smiled, more power was always a nice thing. Still, even with the upgrade, I was aware that the power I possessed paled compared to Voldemort's and now deceased Dumbledore's.

A detail that I'll fix as soon as possible. I had no intention of living under the whims of a madman. Then, the door opened without knocking and someone walked inside. A blond, pretty woman very familiar to Draco Malfoy, considering she was his mother. If Draco had been still in possession of his body, he would have felt relief to see the one person that loved him unconditionally. Me, I felt apprehension, because I didn't believe I could act good enough to convince Narcissa, even with the full set of memories I had access to.

It took a significant bit of effort to keep a satisfied smile off my face. With the level of concern she had, she would most likely dismiss any detail that didn't match as another effect coming from the stress of his failure. It wasn't a bad guess to be honest, working uninterrupted for the whole year to kill Dumbledore, only to fail in the last minute would have been devastating for Draco.

It was convenient that he was gone forever. It was in my benefit for her to think I was depressed, she would be concerned about how to fix my behavior changes instead of trying to notice every little difference.

She said nothing, just wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. Draco would have felt comforted, but me, feeling her bountiful breasts just under my chin, her smell filling my nose… I was beset by a wave of arousal, not a surprise, considering I was being hugged by one of the most amazing MILF's I had the pleasure meeting. The temptation was strong. Despite the risk, I was unable to prevent myself from putting my hands in a place dangerously close to her bottom, three of my fingers resting on her plumpness.

She stiffened momentarily as I pulled her even closer, smashing her breasts to my chest, but no word of protest left her mouth as she gently caressed my back in a misguided attempt to console. In actuality, I wanted her to leave because of the raging boner I was sporting. It wouldn't make sense for Narcissa to notice it just yet, as learning that her 'son' was feeling carnal desires towards her was not in my hastily constructed plans. Not yet, at least. Soon, she would learn that fact, but not before I softened her approach and manipulated her mind enough to accept my presence.

I was aware of the dark smile spreading through my face as I imagined Narcissa writhing under me in a mixture of guilt and pleasure, enjoying the forbidden fruit of her own son.

Of course, I wasn't naive enough to think it would be easy. Technically, one Imperio was enough, but there was no victory to revel in such a case. I could go pay an escort instead of that, and it would be better. I wanted her to agonize between her arousal and her taboos. Of course, I was living in magical world, and I was sure that there was more than one tool I could use for that aim.

I went to the library, and started browsing on the love and lust potions. Not the strong ones. Amortentia was the same as Imperio, forcing her to fulfill all of my desires with no concern of her own.

Instead, I focused on the weakest ones, ones just enhances the lust and love a bit. There was also another benefit of the weak ones. There were almost impossible to detect a couple of hours after application. For the magical world, there was nothing more than bedroom aids and gimmicks. I, on the other hand, was aware of the true potential they carried, how they could be used in a long time period to condition someone to new behavior while using them as rewards, especially when combined with the mundane drugs like ecstasy.

After changing into a casual disguise, I left for Knockturn Alley, and purchased a large spread of potions, perfumes, and oils, most geared for lust. I had no intention to limit myself to just Narcissa, after all, not while this world has many amazing women, all ready for my tender attention. And they would provide me an adequate distraction as my other plans to create my own power base slowly developed. Still, there was one more stop before I returned home. I went to mundane London, and looked for a particular residence, the Granger residence.

I wanted to have some leverage over so called the light side if the things went unexpected. The residence was ridiculously easy to find through the phone book, and an apparition later, I was in front of the house, camouflaged by a disillusionment charm.

The door was open, so I sneaked inside. I wasn't concerned about getting caught, mostly because Hermione was still in Hogwarts. The lights were on, but there was no one downstairs.

I moved to the upstairs, and could hear the water flowing behind the door. I carefully turned the door open, hoping whoever was behind the door wasn't Hermione's father. The view of the door caught me by surprise. Since Hermione was seventeen, it was likely that her mother was in her forties, or late thirties at best.

But the woman currently showering didn't look a day over thirty, a well-maintained, beautiful thirty years old. Her shapely body didn't have a bit of excess fat, probably the result of a meticulous exercise regime. Her breasts were large but shapely, too shapely to be natural, but it had been a masterful medical intervention. I could feel my pants tighten. Joining her under the warm flowing water was such an attractive idea, especially since it took only a whisper to make it a reality. But I held back, restricting my spells to several really obscure tracking charms hidden in the Malfoy family Grimore.

Ones that need special charms to detect and dispel. Keeping track of her after Hermione changed their memories and sent them to Australia was very important. Knowing her location would allow me to control Hermione, the most important person of of the upcoming struggle. Still, I had no intention of leaving completely empty-handed. I have reached one of the bottles I had recently purchased, a strong lust perfume. Careful not to make any noise, I walked towards her and puffed the perfume to her face.

She barely registered the spray amongst the flowing water, and I stepped back, unbuttoning my pants in preparation for the next scene. It didn't take long for her expression to shift, biting her lips alluringly.

I am on her beta readers team and I read this book and I laughed, cried, got mad as hell. Time Traveler for taint The first known use of taint was in See more words from the same year. Then, Peter decided to try an alternative approach. Hayden bottoming is a national demand. So many women fall victim to domestic abuse. I took a few steps towards her. Smokin HOT!!!

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires. Get A Copy

But in my defense, two glowing, floating sentences, invisible everyone except me, was an excellent reason for my distraction. Wait two decades before gaining first experience point. Of course, it was difficult to understand its total magnitude without knowing my particular background. Not when more than ninety percent of the population had the ability to gain discrete experience points which then turned into sudden boosts of power, greatly increasing their capabilities, while the remaining few had to do it the hard way, studying tirelessly to enhance their abilities.

Melius, these people had been called, increasing their skills and abilities through the points they have collected through killing monsters. Nobody knew why something like that was possible.

Some claimed it was a gift from gods, others theorized it was somehow linked to endless hordes of monsters that turned otherwise beautiful planes into blackened seas of death, interrupted only by occasional town or city. Some fringe religions even claimed that it was somehow linked to Demon Kings, and every single Melius was cursed by the demons -not a popular theory considering the only reason that people were still alive against the monsters was the Melia, especially the elite warriors that had been lucky enough to have a high enough level cap.

Everyone had a different level cap, with no way of learning it before hitting to a point, causing a Melius unable to register an experience point gain. That level cap neatly tied into my status as a disabled Melius. Or my supposed status, invalidated by the floating letters in front of me. As the firstborn of a noble family, I was tested when I was five, revealing that, unsurprisingly, I was a Melius.

But things had taken an unexpected turn when I killed a small monster that had been captured by our family hunters, only to receive no experience. It caused a huge commotion. Repeated tries, or experiments with different monsters, changed nothing. No matter the creature, no matter the circumstances, I never gained a single experience point.

Experts, after making my father spend endless riches, deduced that I was the most unlucky Melius ever, born with a level cap of 1, meaning I would never learn a Skill, or earn a Stat Point.

I was supposed to live my life as nothing. No skill points, no stats above one, no skills, and certainly no hope…. My father used his influence to record me as an Invalid, meaning I was supposed to belong to that particular unlucky minority that was supposed to improve themselves through endless practice. Still better than being a cursed Melius that never leveled up. Less damaging to family reputation, at least. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Tainted Desire reviews Most people, had they found themselves in occupying the body of a character in a book they enjoyed, would have tried to make sure the story ended happily for all that was involved.

Not me. I wasn't stupid enough to miss the chance the forge my own destiny in a new universe, especially not when I found myself in the body of infamous Draco Malfoy. Oh well done Wendi, well done. I kept watching the percentage complete on my ereader, thinking how there would be a small conflict at the end and then a quick wrap up and Cameron and Kylie would live happily ever after and then you decided to drop that bomb.

Cliffhangers usually tick me off in a good way but this one in particular has me in a bit of a tizzy right now. Rant over! Kylie is heading to Orlando International Airport to meet her childhood best friend Courtney. She's leaving Milwaukee and he dangerously abusive boyfriend far behind. It's either that or probably end up dead. She can't wait to see Courtney again, or Courtney's twin brother Cameron.

He was her first love and he still has a very large home in her heart. Cameron is no longer the young pubescent boy that shared a first-kiss with his twin sister's best friend. He's hot and he's a race-car driver and he's more than ready to sweep Kylie off her feet.

He doesn't want to push too much, after all, she is fresh out of an abusive relationship, but he wants her bad. There were a few times that the story seemed a little bit contrived, but for the most part it was a pleasurable read and had a couple of twists I did not see coming.

Jan 15, Alysha rated it really liked it. She has written a wonderful story of a young woman in a bad place in your life. You find yourself cheering her on to succeed from the sidelines.

Kylie found the love of her life at a young age, Cameron. She thought they would have a great relationship, up until his family moved him and his sister Kylie's best friend away. So for years she and Courtney kept in touch, but that didn't stop Kylie from hurting about the love lo Tainted Desire is book 1 of the Desire Series, written by Wendi Husley. So for years she and Courtney kept in touch, but that didn't stop Kylie from hurting about the love lost. When Kylie was older she found herself getting into a relationship with a man she thought could be good for her, until the relationship turned abusive.

Kylie was afraid for her life, so Cameron and Courtney helped her run away. Since this is the first time Kylie and Cameron see each other since he moved she is extremely nervous. She wonders if she will ever be able to trust another man again. At least until she looked into Cameron's eyes, then her heart answered the question for her. You want Cameron and Kylie to rekindle their love they once had, while hoping she stays safe from her ex. Wendi Husley has done an amazing job, I can't wait to finish the series.

Jan 04, Lost in Romance Books rated it really liked it. I received an ARC for an honest review. I was not sure what to expect from this new author but I was very pleasantly surprised. Tainted Desire was a well written book telling the story of childhood friends being reunited and the blossoming romance between Kylie and Cameron.

Kylie was escaping an abusive relationship and her childhood friends twins Cameron and Courtney provided her with a place to escape to. Cameron was also hoping to rekindle their teen romance. It worked out perfectly because I received an ARC for an honest review. It worked out perfectly because that was what Kylie wanted as well. The story had an element of thriller; the reader knew that the abusive ex would not want to let Kylie go but had no idea how he might try to get back at her.

There is a surprise and a bit of a cliffhanger at the end and the next in the Desire Series will be coming in the spring of I was impressed with the writing and dialog from this author and will definitely be getting the next book to see what will be happening with these characters.

Jan 07, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebook , review. I was so excited when Wendi Hulsey asked me to review Tainted Desire, I had seen her around and heard of the book and wanted to read it so when asked I jumped at the chance immediately. Tainted Desire is HOT! Like ohmigod, Cameron is all kinds of YUM! I mean he's the sweet but really sexy guy you just want to lock up.

Too bad he's Kylies! I love Kylie's character at first you think oh no not one of those whiney girls running away from her abusive boyfriend, No she is not one of them, she's stron I was so excited when Wendi Hulsey asked me to review Tainted Desire, I had seen her around and heard of the book and wanted to read it so when asked I jumped at the chance immediately. I love Kylie's character at first you think oh no not one of those whiney girls running away from her abusive boyfriend, No she is not one of them, she's strong, independent and determined.

I love that she doesnt let Dylan's abuse destroy who she is. Then there's Cameron's parents who you think immediately are going to be some snooty patooties because they come from money but they really surprise because they are so loving and caring. I wont giveaway too much more but this is one story you have to read because the cliffhanger leaves you wanting to much more. I can't wait to read the sequel, Wendi Hulsey has really out done herself.

Jan 13, Amazeballs Book Addicts rated it really liked it. Tainted Desire was a great read. It left me speechless and wanting more. The book starts with Kylie leaving her abusive boyfriend Dylan.

She flees to Florida, where her best friend Courtney lives. Courtney has a twin brother Cameron. Cameron and Kylie has a relationship thirteen years ago. When they meet again, they still have strong feelings for each other. It doesn't take long after the meet again for their relationship to get hot and steamy. There is a major twist in the story. I never expect Tainted Desire was a great read. I never expected it that twist. Wendy Hulsey did a great job writing the story so that the twist was never expected.

The ending was an insane cliffhanger. I can't wait to read more in the next book Heated Desire. I wish I could give this book more stars.

I was ask if I'd read this book. I said sure I would love to. Let me first say this book should come with a fire extinguisher because this book is that hot. Kylie fights for her freedom from a man who say he loves her but abuse her in way that one should not be treated.

But once she free she finds Cameron. Let just say once she with Cameron that when it gets so freaking hot. But the ex does not want her to have a happy ending. This book is to hot not to I wish I could give this book more stars. This book is to hot not to read. Jan 21, Hooker Heels Book Blog rated it really liked it. Kylie Jenkins has been in love with Cameron Conner since they were kids. Cameron and his twin sister Courtney moved away when they were thirteen leaving Kylie. Now twelve years later, Kylie finds herself needing their help to escape her abusive boyfriend Dylan.

Overall this was a good read and a great first book from this author. The relationship between Cameron and Kylie escalates quickly and while full of hot moments, there are some that were a little annoying. This book will keep you hooked a Kylie Jenkins has been in love with Cameron Conner since they were kids.

This book will keep you hooked and leave you hanging for sure. I can't wait to dive off into Heated Desire to see what happens. Nov 02, Charlene Martin rated it it was amazing. I had the honor of beta reading this book and I am completely in love with Kylie and Cameron.

Kylie is in an abusive relationship that is completely tainted, she flees and moves in with her childhood friends Cameron and Courtney who are twins. I don't want to give any more away, but when her past and present life collide things get rather interesting. Amazingly sexy and my all time sex scene comes from this book. This is a series and book two will be out next year.

You don't want to miss these t I had the honor of beta reading this book and I am completely in love with Kylie and Cameron. You don't want to miss these two in action. Dec 05, Michelle Rexrode Polk rated it it was amazing. It grabs you from the beginning.

One minute you love Kylie, the next minute you want to scream at her. As for her two best friends, I really love Courtney. She is so fantastic. You will have to read to find out about him ; I always had trouble putting it down and was always wanting more. You will too! Well done Wendi, Thank you for letting me be a part of this. Dec 13, Sharon Courtney rated it it was amazing. This book has it all, hot men, sex, and humour Its well writen and is a real page turner, my only problem came when i got to the end as i was enjoying it so much..

Im eargerly awiting book 2. Wendi Husley is a new author and i expect with the high standard of writing in this book that she will get the followers she deserves Apr 22, Layla Stevens rated it it was amazing.

I was so excited when I got this book I love the story tween cam and Kylie I dnt like Dylan I think he's an asspickle I can't wait to find out I it's love or will she always be haunted Good job Wendi. Dec 04, Tiffani Bullock rated it it was amazing. I am on her beta readers team and I read this book and I laughed, cried, got mad as hell.

But above all I loved this book it was well written and easy to read. I love Cam and Kylie. I hope that their trials will be worth it in the end.. I cant wait till the next book. Nov 29, Brandy rated it it was amazing. This book leaves you on the edge of your seat as this story unfolds. Great read and looking forward to the next book :. Apr 25, Lee Ching rated it really liked it.

Lets do thisssssssss… Tainted Desire is the 1st book in the Desire series. This book talks about having a abusive relationship, being strong enough to leave it and move on with your life.. Having life-long friends that no matter what they will support you and have your back.. Proving yourself and get the reigns of your life back.. Living with a abuser is not a life any women should accept.

Dylan the Son of a bee.. The three of them plan the escape, it looked quite easy- leave house—go to airport- well when you are running from your own shadow, everyone is a threat even the taxi driver.. I can say that this part of the book had me in pins and needles, holding my breath. Kylie is free and clear ready to start a new chapter of her life, with her bestfriend by her side, nothing could go wrong, right?

Well, something like that.. Kylie is a very outgoing girl, who just wants her independence and accomplishing things on her own. Cameron is the good guy, the perfect lover, the guy you want to share your hopes and dreams. The guy that takes you to the moon and shower you with kisses. That holds you and lets you cry. New life so.. Brazillian wax or Bikini line?? That made me go WHAT?? I guess I am a little weird :P We meet Mr. I should have known better It was a sweet read, nothing too much, a straight forward story..

I can honestly tell you I was expecting a HEA.. The END.. And I wanted more.. This book almost gave me ALL.. Did it feel like I was neglected from something?

No, she wrote a lovely story and delivered it.. I hope in her next book she takes time to help the readers connect to the characters before moving on with the story.. Will I read the next book? Hell to the yeah!! I want to know what happens next.. Like I always do.. The songs I choose to describe this book are.. Little Mix- Little me.. Thanks Dec 30, Stefanie Kral rated it really liked it Shelves: received-arc , favorite-read-books , read-for-blog , read-in I didn't know what to expect when I 1st started this book.

But, I ended up really, really enjoying it. We start off with a very scared Kylie. Kylie has been in a relationship with Dylan. He keeps her prisoner in their apartment and uses her as a punching bag. They moved away years ago. She's best friends with Courtney.

Once Kylie gets off that plane and see's Courtney it's like a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. Cameron on the other hand. So, until he can meet up with them at dinner he sets them up with a spa day. While Kylie is getting the massage of her life, the massage therapist gets a little too frisky. I must say I was very jealous of the massage that Kylie got. That night when they go out to dinner, Cameron brings Blake. Which is a automatic yes!

From that night they very rarely leave each others side. They are either shopping or trying to find Kylie a job. You'd think that everything is picture perfect. Well, guess again. Kylie is on edge! Every time she turns around she's either smelling Dylan's cologne, her stuff is moved or she feels like she is being followed. Everybody thinks she's just over reacting. Only Kylie knows how bad Dylan is. I really liked this story.

I really did love their relationship. They had such incredible sex! I mean WOW!! What I didn't like was how fast their relationship developed. I mean Kylie was with Dylan for 3 year. He beat the hell out of her for absolutely no reason. I don't know any woman that goes from being beaten on a daily basis. To starting a new relationship, even if you knew him when they were younger.

I mean if you didn't know about Dylan, you'd never know she had it that bad. That was the only thing that annoyed me. That, and the cliffhanger!! What a cliffhanger it was too. I'm so mad that I have to wait until Spring to find out what happens next!!

You have no idea what you are doing to me. I just don't want to push things too fast and scare you away. I want to do things right, and cherish you. I dreamed about what it would be like with you; however the dreams were nothing compared to reality. I'm certainly a lucky lady. Jul 11, Jan Mcclung-short rated it it was amazing.

Kylie Jenkins is the product of an abusive boyfriend. They had been a couple for three years and the abuse was escalating to the point she feared for her life. Dylan doesn't realize that she is planning to escape him by moving to Florida. Courtney and Cameron had been chilhood friends that moved away at the age of Cameron and Kylie had connected back then. She dreamed about what he was like now.

He has to be hot because he was irrestiable then. She dreamed of his chocolate brown eyes on her. Courtney was his twin and was still her best friend. Kylie didn't want any relationship to interfere with her getting her life back. So when Courtney called to tell her that Cameron and herself had bought her a one way ticket to Deltona.

The escape became real and planned to get her safely gone before Dylan got home from work. Getting her life back required alot of thought. She needed a job that Dylan would never be able to find her at.

Little did she know that Cameron was still in love with her and had a mental picture of their perfect life together. Little things began to happen to make her think that her past was haunting her. She was rattled. What's a girl to do but find a shoulder to cry on and a safe bed to sleep in. Especially when her room is destroyed and a message left on the glass in the bathroom. Cameron didn't have to do much to convince her that his apartment was safe for her well being and the best way to protect her.

Cliffhangers piss me off. To me, its like the author didn't want to write a real novel. Split the novel up so the reader will want to read on and call it a series. Great novels don't have cliffhangers. The author knows how to get you to continue to read their books by wit, laughter, tears, a real connection to the book, and a love for the flow of the story.

This book has a theme that most women have experienced at some point in their lives Whether it is physical or mental abuse. You don't walk out the door of an abusive house and not have issues. The story carried you through her recovery which was so fast that as a reader you begin to question her being abused.

The sex was unbelievably hot. It didn't seem to be thrown. It flowed with the book. The characters interacted together and they became your friends.

The ending was so out there and appropriate. Its definately not a happy ever after book. It could have been the beginning of a great novel itself. I really never saw that coming. The so sultry hot sex scenes drive you at the end of the book to find your main man. This book was given to me by the author when I won a contest. I have not been paid to give her this rating.

I gave this book my honest opinion and rating. This author has a future if she remembers that great novels don't have cliffhangers.

I love to read everything an author wrote when I have really enjoyed their books. But I read nothing more when the "book" becomes secondary to a career.

Courtney and Cameron have been her best friends since they were kids and will do anything to help her. Ingrained in his heart she never left. But, sometimes, a persons tainted desires are out of their control. Tainted Desires story-line has tons of potential. To really hook the reader and make them want to read on there should be some kind of Each of the characters whether major or minor will tug your heart strings. At time I felt slightly detached from them due to how those scenes were portrayed and worded.

The sex scenes are steamy and delicious, they will leave you tingling and wanting. While I did enjoy the characters and story-line, even though a few areas need a little work to really connect to the audience, I would recommend this book.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Rating 3. As a family member to someone who suffered from domestic violence, this aspect is completely unbelievable in this story.

It would have worked better if Kylie was just leaving an asshole boyfriend that never hit her, and then got kidnapped by a stranger that saw her at work and wanted her. And it seems like Kylie's parents didn't know- trust me, the family always, ALWAYS knows, especially when you are in the same town and see each other regularly.

Also, your abuser does not give you enough leeway to squirrel away money for an escape. They don't give you cash to go to the grocery store and not ask for a receipt. Once an abuser believes he owns you- you have to account for every penny you spend and every minute you spent away from him. That's a classic domestic violence scenario.

When you are able to escape your abuser- you don't answer the phone without checking the caller id, you don't wander the mall aimlessly, and you constantly check all of your surroundings-thinking you see your abuser everywhere.

You are scared to your core, and you assume everyone is out to hurt you. You don't fall into bed with someone after 3 days and adamantly state that you trust them completely to never hurt you. And as an abuser, Dylan would never 'give' Kylie to Blake.

Tainted Desire - Chapter 1 - field_of_daisies - Mystic Messenger [Archive of Our Own]

I woke up around noon, the taste of a certain bushy-haired beauty still on my lips, delicious enough to tempt me for another visit. Unfortunately, I had important matters to attend, and some of them were in financial nature, and couldn't be postponed.

Still, it wasn't a big sacrifice, considering there was a particular blond beauty that was currently in the employ of the bank, a beauty that I had been neglecting during the last few days.

There was a simple reason for my urgent financial needs. The recent takeover of the Ministry had left quite more than a few key functions in shambles. And nowhere else the situation was as bad as the departments with a role on the muggle side of the business. Combined with the total collapse of the relationship with the non-magical side, it was a mess that was impossible to recover. This state of things, combined with my status which allowed me to sneak into the department that was responsible for monitoring overall magical activity levels, gave me free rein on wandering around in the muggle side.

Some magical observation, a few compulsion charms, and I had found myself in possession of several million pounds, and an almost equally sizable cache of dollars.

All completely untraceable from the magical side, and since their source was criminal, muggle side wasn't aware of them as well. Luckily, Goblins, true to their reputation as greedy little fucks, were more than willing to offer a combined service of laundering the money and converting them into galleons. And they just asked a small cut of sixty-five percent. A criminal cut to be sure, but I didn't let it bother me much. After all, it wasn't that I worked hard for them, and having a sizable pile of cash outside the control of Voldemort and Malfoy Senior was worth it.

And all that excessive fees had another nice side benefit, making me a favored client. I was far from the richest customer in terms of total holdings, or even cash holdings, but my activities generated a lot of revenue for the goblins that were managing my accounts, which was always more impossible than a huge pile of money they weren't allowed to touch.

Which was why, when I asked a particular person to be my dedicated contact person for the legal side of things, they just grumbled rather than taking an actual insult. They wouldn't normally agree to assign a non-goblin account manager to an account this important, taking as an insult to their business acumen, but not with the money I was bringing to them.

For Goblins, there were scarcely few insults that couldn't be mended with the attractive shine of gold. At Gringotts, I stopped by the Goblin responsible to handle the dirtier side of my business. That meeting took less than five minutes. Their cut-throat attitude was annoying, and they were intentionally nasty, but there was an advantage to working with them as well.

They never took a second more than what was necessary. There were some benefits to being unburdened by things like kindness, humor, and empathy. Now, I was sitting at a private room 'kindly' provided by Goblins, quite a bit bigger and more comfortable than their usual offices, for a small fee of several hundreds of galleon each hour.

For another hundred galleons, they ever agreed to lift the ward that was preventing apparition. I was waiting for my new account representative to appear, feeling the anticipation burning in my heart. When the door opened after a brief knock I felt my heartbeat quickening in anticipation. Then, the door opened, revealing Fleur on the other side, breathing deep in exertion.

Her panicked hurry made sense, as I couldn't imagine goblins acting understanding if one of their human employees dared to make a high-profile client wait due to employee's lateness. The shock invaded her face the moment she had seen who was waiting for her in the room.

I used the small distraction to examine her clothing -a fashionable, strategically tightened on certain locations to make it more appealing without being gauche-which looked perfectly pristine, not showing a sign of disruption despite her labored breath.

Probably a quick cleaning charm, or maybe some permanent runes to of preservation. Weasley," I said with a surprise that was fake, mostly because I didn't bother to make it genuine.

There was no point of doing so, even if I had tried to make it genuine, she was smart enough to know goblins would never be assigned her to this task in their own violation after seeing my financials. And in the current state of our relationship, it was barely a bother. Her knowledge didn't change anything, not when goblins would never allow her preference to change the customer. For a moment, she said nothing, just standing still, immobile enough to be mistaken with a statue if it wasn't for the creeping redness on her face, overriding her exhaustion.

The conflict on her face wasn't a surprise, not with all the changes our encounter had developed during the last month. From a perfect stranger to a thug that blackmailed her for her husband's safety, from the savior of her sister to the man that explored her body again and again… And our last encounter, where I took her virginity over the unconscious body of her husband didn't exactly help the typhoon of confusion.

I let my desire to float on the surface, reminding her of the state of her dress during our last encounter, nothing but my bite-marks and finger-prints. She was anxious. Another second passed in hesitation before she followed the direction. It was good to see she hadn't forgotten her lessons during the short break I had given her. She sat next to me, her gaze on the ground, her hands together, pressing to the skirt of her skirt, like that would prevent me if I wanted to get a taste of her.

I said nothing, letting her speak first. Her blush intensified, but she hadn't said anything else. That comment managed to break her determined silence. I couldn't help but smirk at her anger. Honey, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember you trying terribly hard, trying to stop me as we tested certain parts of your precious love nest.

Not while we were in your bedroom, or in your living room, and certainly not when we were in your kitchen. The statement cut through her forced calmness like a particularly well-enchanted knife. So, you're free of your obligations," I explained in a matter of fact tone. I had a feeling that it was aimed at herself rather than me. I shrugged. Then, should we move on to work, then," I said, gesturing the large pile of paperwork on my various investment.

She nodded, and reached for the first of the files. Her eyes widened slightly after examining the first document, especially the number below the line, showing the total amount of money on that particular account, but she managed to hide it much better than she could hide her reaction to my touches. I made sure to act in perfect professionalism as we discussed my financial matters.

Well, almost perfect, as occasionally, I let my fingers to slide carelessly as we passed the documents back and forth, trying to remind her about my touch. At first, it seemed that my attempts were going to be a waste, that I had overestimated the lasting effects of our short, yet steamy acquaintance.

Every time I brushed my fingers, her hand slid away in a controlled manner, as if she was impervious to the desire now that I lacked leverage to force her compliance. I still had quite a bit leverage I could bring of course, but they were all more heavy-handed than I would have preferred.

Before I could decide to use one of those extreme methods, her defense, impressive as it was, started to crack before the turn of an hour.

Her skin was the first one to surrender, turning into a slight pink. As the minutes rolled, the pinkness deepened, becoming a darker color that almost deserved to be called red. The next ability that was compromised by her rising arousal was her breathing, slipping out its soft rhythm into one that was reminiscent of the nights that we spent together. I had started to feel the delicious weight of her allure just before her fingers showed the first signs of surrender, losing their impetus to escape, the contact stretching longer and longer with each 'accidental' touch.

Soon, I wasn't the only one that was initiating those touches, her gaze flickering towards me whenever they touched. I would have pitied her if I wasn't such a heartless bastard. She was a woman who spent her early life away from the temptations of the flesh, trying to prove that she was more than her heritage. She had been the top student, and a champion for her school. She was good enough to get a prestigious job in Gringotts, and she was even selfless enough to join a hopeless resistance against tyranny in another country.

But then, just before the finish line, she tangled into my web, unaware of my true reach, every attempt of struggle pushing her deeper into the descent. And now, here she was, marginally more than ten days after our initial meeting, her desires pushing her to a point where she was sending glances that were nothing more than wordless cries of temptations, filled with hope that I might lose control and take her over the desk.

The funniest thing was, I was sure that she wasn't aware the full extent of the display her body was putting. She was haughty and prideful enough to think that, despite the storm that was raging inside her heart, she had managed to hide her thoughts and feelings from me, forgetting the fact that, during our intense trade, I had learned to read her body perfectly, that her attempts of obfuscation were doomed to fail.

From the corner of my eye, I continued watching her expression, which twisted by a sudden disappointment. It took a few seconds for her to erase that expression. Even then, she wasn't entirely successful, leaving a distinctive ghost behind that told the whole story. My initial plan was to leave her stewing after the initial contact, but that was harder to do when her perfect beauty lay in front of my eyes, and her allure quickening my blood flow.

We can continue working there. Her eyes shone in excitement at first, which then quickly replied with disappointment. She looked astonished, which, admittedly, was understandable. Here I was, a Malfoy, not only offering to spend time on the non-magical side voluntarily, but also carefully avoiding any term that might be construed as insulting, like mudblood, or even muggle. Looking for a better word than a bigot, no doubt.

I didn't want to break the intimate air, and a reference to her married state would do that easily. We found ourselves in the secluded corner I had prepared as a convenient arrival point, protected by several spells to keep people away. After looking around to make sure the spells were still holding, I turned my attention back to Fleur, who was trying to gather her balance after the surprise teleportation.

Even with the power of the Death Stick, side-along apparation was a nasty feeling when unprepared. She looked at me angrily, but she was smart enough to keep her tongue from saying anything she might later regret, proving that her training wasn't a waste. I removed my robe, revealing a simple jeans and shirt combo underneath. I stuffed the robe to the pocket of my jeans, which was charmed to hold anything I put in there.

Her expression shifted when she noticed the sudden change of clothes. I can't come here wearing a robe. I doubted that. Even in the ridiculous stuff that the magical insist to treat as respectable clothing, Fleur looked more beautiful than a runway model, and her robes could be easily explained as a new fashion statement. I had no intention to tell her that though. I would never miss the opportunity to make her wear something more appealing than those robes, especially when I could watch her change.

Tainted desires

Tainted desires

Tainted desires