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If the thought of sleepover games makes your daughter wince "Really, Mom? We're, like tweens, now. We're waaay too old for games" , maybe she just needs some fresh ideas. Once your kids get over the fact they learned these sleepover games and activities from you, they'll be just as obsessed as you were at their age. To play this predict-the-future sleepover game, write MASH at the top of a piece of paper, and then fill in categories underneath -- think husband, car, number of children, jobs, colors—adding five options per category.

You can create many of these with items around the house:. Have the girls toss it to each Tdenage while answering the questions. Cucumber Face Race. These sleepover games will make your next slumber party one that the girls will never forget. Have everyone Teenage girl sleepover games on the lipstick the same shade and make five different Guys fucking in levis prints on their sheet. Tip: Give each picture a point value depending on Difficulty. There are funny this or that question about entertainment, style, food, and more. Pass around a basket of accessories. It's a question of life or death in this fun and frantic party gilr. Your Name.

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One by Teenage girl sleepover games, the players start to hide. Start with some fun crafts and activities to get the party going. Both teams had an hour to collect all of those photos in no specific order on their digital camera, and get back to Teenage girl sleepover games house. Star Wars Got any Star Wars fans in the house? Keep their fingers warm with a hot cup of cocoa. Well, there are some awesome ideas out there on how to throw a trendy and unforgettable slumber party! We only had soda during dinner and after the Photo Scavenger Hunt, and we had water, fruit juice and hot chocolate for the rest of the night. Forget about your traditional makeovers, try this game of Blindfolded Makeovers instead. You thought it was a game of skill. A few days after my teenage slumber party, when the shirts were dry, I gave each girl her shirt along with a thank you card. For this gameeach girl brings a sleeping bag or sleeping pad to the party. On the remaining five plates, put out some challenges to eat. This is a Adult personals redfield arkansas that you can relax with because it's got less activity and more harmless laughter.

When your teen has a sleepover there's a good chance he or she will resist any ideas for games or projects while their friends are over.

  • As you realize, slumber party games can be a favorite fun activity for youngsters, teenagers, as well as adults.
  • As you know, slumber party games really are a favorite fun activity for children, teenagers, and even adults.
  • Sleepover parties, a growing trend among teenagers, are a fun idea of getting some alone time to interact and catch up on life.

Sleepover parties, a growing trend among teenagers, are a fun idea of getting some alone time to interact and catch up on life. Most teens love to throw these parties where food is the next best element after friends and fun. Keeping awake all night long is just a trend in these parties.

If your teen is looking for ideas to have an amazing sleepover, MomJunction brings you a list of sleepover games and activities for teens and tweens. Knowing the estimate of people is good.

The number of friends who are coming over can help you decide if the party should be in the living room or the bedroom. Image: Shutterstock. Was this information helpful?

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The invitations for the slumber party were chocolate bars. I know that I do, and the kids will definitely love it too! Tweens can enjoy making friendship bracelets in their individual bohemian sleeping tents. The girl who is giving the makeover has to wear a blindfold while she applies makeup to another girl. Organize the coolest movie night around! What more could you ask for?

Teenage girl sleepover games. 15 Fun Sleepover Games For Teens:

Alternately, you can even hide candy bars and play the game. Packed like Sardines. This is a really fun game and one that evokes a whole lot of sniggers and laughter. The rest of the people exit the house while turning off all the lights.

Once they are out in the yard, they will count till 70 and only then will they come in. Each of them has to find the hidden player by themselves. When they find the player, they hide with her. Make sure that no noise is made, the objective is to not get caught. One by one, the players start to hide. The last person standing has lost the game. She has to be the next person to hide while all the others search for her.

Let's Play Taboo! If you've never played this one, I'll say that you need to get to this one real quick. The way it's played is that there are a set of cards that have a word on them and this word needs to be conveyed to the teammates; but while conveying the word, she cannot use some taboo words that have been listed out on the card.

If the words are used, it's a foul round. Each player must try and convey as many words as possible in under a minute. Find the Candy. This game is a little messy, but it is a whole lot of fun. It may require a bigger area to play, depending on how you want to play it. Place a hard candy in the center of a wide and deep bowl and fill it with a heap of flour so that the candy is fully covered.

If you have a lot of space to play in, you can place many bowls in the same manner for the all the girls there, or you can take turns and judge the winner taking into consideration the time factor.

They cannot use their hands in this game. Once they find the candy, they will have to run to the end of the room with the candy in their mouth. Depending on whether the game is played all at once, or in turns, the winner will be decided.

Either the person who finds the candy first and runs to the finish line wins in case the game is being played with everyone at once , or the person who finds the candy and runs to the finish line the fastest, wins in case the game is being played in turns. Slumber Obstacle. This one's a whole lot of fun. So what you do is you collect all these items from around the room that you can use for an obstacle course. Things like pillows, cushions, soft toys and the like nothing that is hard or has edges.

In a spacious room, set these up into an obstacle course. Divide the group into two teams of equal numbers and then keep a sleeping bag at the start of the line. At the blow of the whistle, the first member gets into the slumber bag and hops through the obstacle course.

At the end of the line, she gets out of the bag, runs over to the starting line and hands over the bag to the next member who then gets into the bag and repeats the whole process again. This is done till the last person has crossed the end line. The team that finishes first, wins. Kiss and Tell. This is a game that you can relax with because it's got less activity and more harmless laughter. Pass on a piece of white paper or a napkin to each of the girls, ask them to wear bright lipstick everyone has to wear the same shade and kiss the paper.

Collect all the papers and mix them up. Movie Bingo. Write these out on a piece of paper and make copies of the same, then hand these copies to all the girls. Every time someone gets a match, they mark it and the girl who gets the fastest 3 or the fastest 5, wins. Kiss The Poster. Buy a poster of a film star, or if you have an old one that you do not mind discarding, use that.

Tape the poster on the wall and pass a bright-colored lipstick around. Ask each girl to pucker up. Once all have done this, blindfold the first girl, twirl her around and let her go kiss the poster.

Do this until all the girls have had their turn. The girl who manages to kiss closest to the lips of the actor, wins. Scary Story with a Twist. What's the point of a sleepover if there are no scary games to play? No point. In keeping with that then, here is one of the best games that you can take up.

Turn off all the lights and use only flashlights, or you can use a weird-colored bulb to create an eerie effect. Then tell one of the scariest ghost stories that you know, complete with sound effects and renditions as well. And here's the funny part, get in a friend in on this plan, then when the story reaches the scariest part and everyone is on the edge of their seats, make someone enter the room with gory make up on.

It'll scare the hell out of all of them there. What more could you ask for? Each one of these teenage girl sleepover games promises a whole lot of fun.

All you have to do is get them into action. And now that you have some of the activities that you can carry through at that sleepover, just go have a really awesome night. The colour dictated the team that way, I mixed up my school friends and church friends, and no one could accuse me of always going with a specific friend or group of friends.

After dinner, we had a fun activity, called a photo scavenger hunt. The girls were divided into two teams, and each team was given a digital camera. Then each team was also given a list that looked like this:.

You have 1 hour to take pictures of everything on this list. Be careful. Both teams had an hour to collect all of those photos in no specific order on their digital camera, and get back to my house. For dessert at my teenage slumber party, we gave each girl a bowl and had chocolate and vanilla ice cream that you could serve your self. Then, on the table were bottles of chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and bowls of chocolate chips, Oreo cookie crumbs, Smarties, liquorice, different types of candies, and chunks of different chocolate bars.

During the movies and games, the kitchen table had snacks on it. The snacks included cut up fruit and dip a great dip is a container of flavoured yogurt and a container of whipped cream mixed together ; vegetables and dip; cheese and crackers; chips; cheezies and pretzels. We only had soda during dinner and after the Photo Scavenger Hunt, and we had water, fruit juice and hot chocolate for the rest of the night. After watching a few movies, we played some teenage slumber party games.

Make sure to film your friend doing their embarrassing thing with your digital camera! They can range from normal, to embarrassing, to gross. This is a fun activity, and you can get good ideas from here….

Telling ghost stories at a teenage slumber party is fun. If you make them up, add in places around your town, and slumber party guests names to make the story even more creepy. Then you can read them by the eerie glow of the computer screen. The girl in the sleeping bag made an animal noise, and the guesser had to guess who it was.

Teen sleepover games

Looking for some fun teenage slumber party games to play at your upcoming slumber party? You have found the right place. A slumber party is a great time for teen girls to bond and get to know each other better. You can make memories that can last forever.

This list of games will help you make it a night to remember. Some of the slumber party games are wild and zany, others are great for teen girl bonding. Pick out the perfect games for your slumber party. We also have tons of other teen party games , and many of them can easily be played at your slumber party.

Make sure to check them out when you are finished looking through this page of games. Instead of volleyball you use a balloon, and instead of hands you must use your feet!! Use a volley ball net if you have one, if not just use a piece of rope or ribbon. Hang the net so that the TOP is only about four feet off the ground. To Play have all the girls remove their shoes and divide them into teams. The teams take their sides of the net and everyone lies on their back.

Score just like you would for regular volleyball. If your party is at night, connect glow in the dark necklaces to make your net and use a glow in the dark balloon for the volleyball. Turn off the lights and have a blast. Have everyone wear glow in the dark bracelets around their ankles and neck to avoid collisions. You can also buy some fun items to add such as silly string, nail polish, hair accessories, etc.

Some of your friends can offer services such as a coupon for a free makeover, manicure, or hairstyling. Before the auction pass out play money to everyone. You can give everyone the same amount or you can save this game for last and have everyone earn money by playing your other slumber party games. Bring out one product at a time and have people bid on it, start the bids at one dollar and let the fun begin!!

Give every player a sheet of white paper or napkin. Have everyone slather on the lipstick the same shade and make five different kissing prints on their sheet.

Mix up all the pages and display them for everyone to see. Everyone must try to guess whose lip prints belong to whose lips.

The one who guesses the most correctly wins! Divide the girls into pairs and have them decide who will give the makeover and who will receive it. The makeover giver must do her best to put make up on the receiver with absolutely no guidance from her. Give the teams about 20 minutes and then judge who did the best job.

If you want you can have the teams switch and let the receiver become the giver. Revenge can be sweet if they didn't like their blind makeover. Another fun slumber party game that involves a blindfold is the blind obstacle course. Set up a simple obstacle course with pillows, cushions, etc. Divide the girls into pairs again. One will be the leader the other will be the blind. With only her teammates voice to guide her, the blind must make it across the obstacle course and retrieve a flag the flag can be anything from a stuffed animal to a hair brush.

Then she must make it back through the course to pass it to her team mate. The team that has the total shortest time wins! Speaking of the hilarious new party game where players are paired up to try and say the same thing at the same time - SYNC UP!

With a variety of fun categories, only a few seconds to answer, and a different partner every round, each game is a toss up of who's going to Sync Up! To start, one player picks a card, reads the category and the first question followed by Ready. Sync Up! So for example, the category is pizza and the question is a a meat topping Couples shout out their answers. If they both say pepperoni they move ahead 2 spaces on the game board. If one says pepperoni and the other says sausage, they stay where they are on the board.

At the end of each round, players switch partners and play a new card. To make the game more interactive and challenging, players can use Make A Bet Cards to score extra points by guessing how many times partners Sync Up! Divide the girls into fashion teams.

Provide tons of different colored tissue paper to each team and let them decide who will be the model. The teams have 20 minutes to create a fashion masterpiece out of tissue paper.

When time is up let the models show off their teams work by walking the run way. Vote or have a non partial judge decide on who:.

Have a wide assortment of different funky colored nail polish ready. All the girls sit in a circle and one person chooses a nail color and spins it in the center of the circle. Whoever it points to must paint one of their nails with that color. That person then gets to be the next to pick and spin a nail polish bottle. This is an fun game to play before it gets to dark.

Divide into teams and make sure each team has a camara to use. Each team gets a list of picture they must try to take in a given amount of time usually 30 minutes to an hour depending on your list. Many of the pictures will require the team to work together to create the photo-op. Here is a list of suggestions, many of them are subject to artistic interpretation. At the end of the photo scavenger hunt which ever team has the most pictures wins. Tip: Give each picture a point value depending on Difficulty.

This is a fun game where girls are asked to choose between two things. Usually they are pretty gross or embarrassing. Sit in a circle and have one person start by asking another. The person that answers gets to be the next to ask. Before the movie , pass every player a blank bingo sheet and a large list of things they may see in the movie. Print these out ahead of time.

Tell them the name of the movie, and have them fill each spot on their bingo sheet with one item from the list. Ideas for the list could be:. Of course the list will depend on what kind of movie you choose. When everyone is finished filling out their list watch the movie.

When you see an item call it out and mark it off your list. The first person to get five in a row call out bingo. They are the winner.

You can then continue playing to see if anyone can fill up their whole sheet for a second winner. This is an awesome way to pump up the movie fun. Tired of boring slumber parties and tiresome campfire songs? If so, then it's time to sink your fangs into the Spook Tales Collection. It's so much fun it'll make you scream!

Featured games include:. Twisted Tales Storytelling Game: Players compete to create the freakiest, creepiest, funniest tale they can by playing storytelling cards. Twisted Tales is the perfect storytelling game promoting goose bumps, creativity and laughter.

Vampires Rise Game: Who is a vampire and who is a villager? It's a question of life or death in this fun and frantic party game. Bluffing and role playing create fun and tension in this game - perfect for any sleepover or camp out. All Rights Reserved. Featured games include: Twisted Tales Storytelling Game: Players compete to create the freakiest, creepiest, funniest tale they can by playing storytelling cards.