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Midway through this lush adaptation of Arthur Golden's bestseller, kindly veteran geisha Mameha played by Michelle Yeoh defines her profession as "a moving work of art". And that's what director Rob Marshall - previously responsible for Chicago - has striven with every sinew to create himself: his film is replete with stately compositions, shimmering landscapes, and carefully coordinated colour schemes. Marshall also brings some of his skills as a choreographer - arguably the film's most successful scene is one where apprentice geisha Sayuri Zhang Ziyi must seal her ascension to the sisterhood with a public dance, a scene that Marshall infuses with unexpected emotion and beauty. Much ink has been spilled over this long-gestating project - once destined for Steven Spielberg, until he backed away. Some of it is over the perceived lack of understanding in the west of the geisha's calling; though, in its defence, the film draws a clear distinction between the geisha house - where all is genteel and ornamental - and the brothel down the road.

Geisha movie review

Geisha movie review

Geisha movie review

Geisha movie review

Although there are moments of tension, such as the theatre performance, the sumo wrestling match or the jealous rage of a competitor geisha, much of the pacing especially in the first third is lacklustre, like someone telling a story at a continuous speed much of the background is told in voice-over. They do, however, sell their virginity, and pride themselves on being well Geisha movie review for it. Hatsumomo in response acquires Pumpkin as her Earch for sex proxy in the battle. They eliminated the Geisha movie review that they needed to in the interest of time, but they didn't try to take any shortcuts or speed up the plot. Zhivago to be less than perfectly fluent. The marginalisation of Nubo, the minister, auntie, mother - and the dumbing down of the dynamic and IMPORTANT rivalry between hatsumo and mameha and hatsumo and sayuri made the movie lack any real depth.

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Films directed by Rob Marshall. At Convicted sexual predators willowick oh performance, she attracts the rebiew of many men, including the Baron Mameha's dannawith her performance. It also shows the horrors of Geisha movie review slavery, being sold to live a life Geisha movie review a sex object. The Memoirs of a Geisha official soundtrack featured Yo-Yo Ma performing the cello solos, as well as Itzhak Perlman performing the violin solos. North American theatrical release poster. Satsu Elizabeth Sung Color: Color. In fact, Chiyo uses the geisha world to win the love of the Chairman, even though she realizes that a geisha is only half a wife to her patron. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. On the level of voluptuous visual beauty, it works if you simply regard it. Best Smart Movie Girls. Hatsumomo then goes out of her way to deliberately make Chiyo's new life miserable by having her take the blame for everything and intentionally withholding information of her sister's whereabouts in Geksha pleasure district. Follow IMDb on. Chiyo is taken in by Kayoko Nitta, the Mother proprietress of a geisha house in Gionone of the most prominent geisha districts in Kyoto, whereas Satsu is sold to a prostitution brothel.

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  • Production took place in southern and northern California and in several locations in Kyoto , including the Kiyomizu temple and the Fushimi Inari shrine.
  • I suspect that the more you know about Japan and movies, the less you will enjoy "Memoirs of a Geisha.
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  • The movie deals directly, but discreetly, with the sexual themes of being a geisha.
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Hatsumomo is then kicked out of the okiya by Mother, her belongings given to Sayuri, and she is banished from Gion with her fate left unknown. The fantasy remains the most precious object, whether embodied by gorgeous women or imagined by them. Sayuri finally reveals her love to the Chairman, and the film ends with their loving embrace and kiss, and a stroll through the garden. The Japanese release of the film was titled Sayuri , the titular character's geisha name. The film includes some images of streets under siege China and Japan are at war , as well as tensions inside the geisha house one character sets fire to the house, leading to some frightening images. Mother, seeing Sayuri as a financial asset, names her as her adopted daughter and heiress to the okiya. Inspired by his act of kindness, Chiyo resolves to become a geisha so that she may one day become a part of the Chairman's life.

Geisha movie review

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I suspect that the more you know about Japan and movies, the less you will enjoy "Memoirs of a Geisha. The heroines here look so very beautiful and their world is so visually enchanting as they live trapped in sexual slavery. I know, a geisha is not technically a prostitute. Here is a useful rule: Anyone who is "not technically a prostitute" is a prostitute.

That's my definition. Is the transaction elevated if there is very little sex, a lot of cash, and the prostitute gets hardly any of either? Hard to say. Certainly the traditions of the geisha house are culturally fascinating in their own right. But if this movie had been set in the West, it would be perceived as about children sold into prostitution, and that is not nearly as wonderful as "being raised as a geisha.

Still, I object to the movie not on sociological grounds but because I suspect a real geisha house floated on currents deeper and more subtle than the broad melodrama on display here. I could list some Japanese films illustrating this, but the last thing the audience for "Memoirs of a Geisha" wants to see is a more truthful film with less gorgeous women and shabbier production values. This is one of the best-looking movies in some time, deserving comparison with " Raise the Red Lantern " in more ways than one.

On the level of voluptuous visual beauty, it works if you simply regard it. The women are beauties, their world swims in silks and tapestries, smoke and mirrors, and the mysteries of hair when it is up vs. I am not disturbed in the least that the three leading Japanese characters in the film are played by women of Chinese descent. This casting been attacked as ethnically incorrect, but consider that the film was made by a Japanese-owned company; the intent was not to discriminate against Japanese, but in favor of the box office.

The movie was cast partly on the basis of star power: Ziyi Zhang , Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh are not only great beauties and gifted actresses, but box office dynamite.

Even in Japan, Zhang and Li outgross any Japanese actress. They do wonders with their characters, who are trapped in a formula fiction but suggest possibilities they cannot explore. There isn't the faintest suggestion of free will, but then free will has never played much of a role in the world of a geisha.

That's made clear at the outset, circa , when a widowed fisherman sells his daughters on the human market in Kyoto. The older girl, although hardly old enough for sex, is sold directly into prostitution, while the 9-year-old Chiyo Suzuka Ohgo is sold to a geisha house where she will be an unpaid servant until it is determined if she is elegant enough for the house's clientele.

Chiyo quickly becomes best friends with Pumpkin Youki Kudoh , a girl about her age, and they are raised by the house under a strict discipline that trains them for a lifetime of flattering wealthy men. They learn that love has no role in this world although Hatsumomo sets a bad example. Geisha lore hints that they do fall in love with clients, but the operative word is "client" and the love is not free. Nobody wants it to be -- not the geisha, who is earning her living, or the client, who is using money to control a woman while maintaining his independence and, for that matter, to observe a distinction between his geisha and his wife.

The key male in the story is the Chairman Ken Watanabe , who first encounters Chiyo when she is a child, and suggests her to Mother. As Chiyo and her beauty grows, it becomes clear she may represent a threat to the dominance of Hatsumomo. The story resumes when she is in her mid-teens and is purchased from Mother by Mameha Yeoh , Hatsumomo's rival, whose master plan is to use her control of the younger girl to win control of Mother's house away from Hatsumomo, who expects to inherit the reins.

Hatsumomo in response acquires Pumpkin as her own proxy in the battle. It is amazing that a client stepping through their doors is not killed in the crossfire. Chiyo is renamed Sayuri, and is now played by Ziyi Zhang. The movie, almost like a tourist, prowls the geisha quarter of Kyoto, visits a sumo wrestling match and attends a dance performance where Sayuri stars.

Then World War II intervenes that is the best word for its role in the film , and in peacetime the Chairman now desperately needs Sayuri, who has always and still does love him, perhaps because he steered her as a child into the best geisha house.

It suits him for Sayuri to become the friend of his colleague Nobu Koji Yakusho , and there is great intrigue surrounding the auctioning of Sayuri's virginity.

This takes place, if my math is sound, at her fairly advanced age of about 26, which reminds me that Oscar Levant claimed: "I've been in Hollywood so long, I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin. I realize that my doubts and footnotes are completely irrelevant to the primary audience for this movie, which wants to see beauty, sex, tradition and exoticism all choreographed into a dance of strategy and desire.

The actresses create geishas as they imagine them to have been, which is probably wiser than showing them as they were. There is a sense in which I enjoyed every frame of this movie, and another sense in which my enjoyment made me uneasy. I felt some of the same feelings during " Pretty Baby ," the film in which Brooke Shields , playing a girl of 12, has her virginity auctioned away in New Orleans. The difference is that "Pretty Baby" doesn't evoke nostalgia, or regret the passing of the world it depicts.

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Geisha movie review