Household objects that feel vagina-18 Women Confess Objects (Other Than Dildos) They've Used To Masturbate - Mandatory

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: what household object mostly resembles the feeling of a vagina. Do you need two hands to count your IQ, or is one enough. Originally Posted by gooober. Remove the peel from the microwave, test the heat against your wrist, and then wrap it around your penis and stroke until you climax.

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Always use a condom to help minimize the transfer of bacteria. Why else do you think my fridge is stocked with cucumbers? Massaging Shower Head while bathing. Type keyword s to search. Running water from the bathtub faucet; just lie on your back and let the water run over the vulva and clitoris.

Military recruiter careerbuilder gay. What Are Pocket Pussies For?

Washing Machine Turn on the spin cycle, take a seat and let the washing machine do all the work while it cleans your laundry. Why do women say Household objects that feel vagina I'm lying when I tell them my boyfriend makes me squirt during intercourse? If you want to get notified Houseuold every reply to your post, please register. But remember to put a condom on it to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Be sure to keep Househood water on the colder side because you don't want to burn anything. Pull the glove cuff apart and slip it back over the rim of the container, so the edge is completely concealed. No artificial vagina will produce natural lubrication. Unanswered Questions. Yes No. Back Massager Like the electronic toothbrush and razor, they Tanning bed bride death to the back massager is Household objects that feel vagina vibration capabilities. Feels almost exaclty like a vag ; enjoy. Guest over a year ago dont you know what a fee-fee bag is?

I do recommend you to give Fleshlight a try.

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  • Remember that scene in Broad City when Ilana sees police officers in the subway station, so she stashes her weed in her vagina?
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Carrots When I lived with my conservative Asian parents I was too scared to have sex toys in case my mum found them, so I used to masturbate using a carrot wrapped in kitchen cling film.

From the kitchen: Cucumbers, bananas, celery, corn on the cob, meat pounder tenderizer? Everywhere else: Toy sword, water balloons, vacuum not as a dildo, but it still warrants a place here , gear stick, trophy, the handle side of a baseball bat, play station controller, remote, costume jewelry. Super Classy I worked at an adult toy shop with a woman who was into vaginal stretching. She would boast about the fact that she could sit on a beer can. Super classy. He stood and talked to her while she ate the whole thing.

Let There Be Light One day, post-coitus, my boyfriend and I scanned the room for things to put in my vagina because we were bored. So a flashlight hoping we could turn it on inside and see light come out of my vagina and a cowbell. Yes, I rang it. He was also dumb. To figure out whether or not he was gay, he stuck a carrot up his ass. So, in confidence, he told his girlfriend that he washed the carrot off and put it back in the fridge.

My friend, after he found out from his sister about the carrot, bought her a carrot cake for her birthday. Now, whenever we go out to eat, her mother always points out carrot cake when its on the menu. So there I was, being asked questions by paramedics about this old lady I barely knew, who had just fucking died right in front of me, with her meth pipe wedged up in me. Ah, Childhood I had a toy dinner set from when I was little in my cupboard.

So I used the handle of one of the spoons from my childhood toy. Interesting Couple One time my boyfriend blindfolded me during foreplay and stuck an airsoft gun up there.

Did not feel good. Masturbation MacGyver Aside from several jumbo sharpies, a travel hairspray can and various handles ranging from nail polish to spatulas. I actually used to fashion my own from age 13 on. I would take a decently long hair brush handle, wrap a sock around it, and then stretch the middle finger of a latex glove over it.

I even used to twist the top of the sock to try and imitate the glans as I got older. Smuggler A bunch of weed I was sneaking onto a plane. It was wrapped in plastic. Desperate for a home remedy to avoid going to the doctor again so soon, I researched holistic remedies online and stumbled upon the idea of inserting a clove of garlic. Despite being a bit skeptical, I figured it was harmless and worth a shot if not just for shits and giggles.

That night, I popped a clove up there, and the itching was gone by morning. The rest of the symptoms cleared up as the day went on. The hot dog thawed inside of her and broke off. She had to go to the ER to get it removed. I told this story to a buddy. We ran into her at the beach and then he started to date her. She ruined our friendship with her hot dog vagina.

Quite the Pickle I used a pickle in a condom and hid it under my bed in fear that my parents would find out. I found it days later in not so bad shape, so I rinsed it and used it again. That situation happened twice…maybe three times. Wrong Hole Probably super tame compared to what others are going to say, but a butt plug.

I refuse to use it in the back door. I have also tried using a controller on my clit. I felt stupid. So one time I was taking a bath and playing with some Lego boats that I built. I took one of the antennas off of the boat and started to stick it in my dickhole.

I only got about a millimeter deep before I stopped. Then I wondered why adults liked sex so much. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it. From things you might find in the produce aisle to common household items, these women and a few guys, as well come clean. Can you one-up them?

This is by no means an inclusive list, but I am starting to have trouble thinking of things. His family ate a carrot that was stuck up his ass. He saw nothing wrong with this. Bad idea. Bad idea all around. And a size 15 knitting needle, but knob end first. I was curious, not stupid. It just sits in there, but it feels awesome having it in when fapping.

Guest over a year ago i nead multiple ways to make a fake vagina out of so i can feal like i haveing real sex with a girl. But there are nice furniture stores in Mexico where you can build such items. Guest over a year ago well lets see here i tried the gaterade thing i tried altering the bottle more of realistic use varous stuff to help make it more of a vag did not work out well i tried watermeleon jim carey gave me the idea tried the orange anthor funny mess issue using fruit is a messy idea not best to used if you live with other people i bought a sex doll but i bought a cheap one so its not all that great i thought it would better than what it is "for those under 18 but over 15 and male human" "or ones who do not wanna use a cedit card or spend alot of money" try looking up how to make cheap fleshlight try to pick the one with the best ideals that would seem to fit the "thing you want to feel" the reason why im on because i want to price the fleshlight and look that up i might buy one in a year or two dont know dont kare for now im going to look up how to make flesh light and go form there. Pocket pussies are also known as artificial pussies, DIY pussies or portable vaginas. By tranceaddict in forum Misc. How does it feel to lick a pussy?

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina. Report Abuse


10 Household Items That Double As Sex Toys

I do recommend you to give Fleshlight a try. In the meantime you can learn how to make a pocket pussy by following the instructions below.

If there is a risk of inappropriate discovery of masturbators, or purchasing one is not something a man wants to do, then another option is to build a homemade pocket pussy. A pocket pussy is an artificial vagina, or other replica orifice, that men can use to masturbate with. Pocket pussies are also known as artificial pussies, DIY pussies or portable vaginas. Although the names vary, the product is essentially the same item and it generally looks like this.

Whilst pocket pussies can be used simply for pleasure, there are other aspects that make them useful. For example, men who want to build up sexual stamina can use a pocket pussy to raise their ejaculatory threshold before orgasm, and those suffering from premature ejaculation can use artificial vaginas to help them last longer. Single men may also find a pocket pussy good company if they are without a partner, and couples can use pocket pussies together for variety.

They are also great substitutes in a relationship where penetrative sex is not possible. Examples of this include during menopause, religious preferences, pregnancy, when no contraceptive is available, or times of menstruation. When using a pocket pussy, lube is essential. No artificial vagina will produce natural lubrication. It is possible to cause damage to the penis without sufficient lubrication, so choose a good lubricant when playing with an artificial vagina to avoid any trips to the emergency room.

A torn foreskin will bleed and will panic the victim to extreme lengths. The following five home-made pocket pussies are simple inventions using readily available household goods.

They range from the easiest quick build through to the more complicated and time-consuming. Simply follow the easy steps below for a custom made pussy, integrating the optional steps if desired. This suits: Total beginners and those without a great deal of time or resources around the house.

Roll the towel around the glove. This will take practice, as too tight a towel will result in difficult and frustrating penetration. Conversely, if the towel is too loose, there is no friction. Try rolling it several times to find a good fit. When the preferred tightness is achieved, secure the towel with rubber bands or a belt, to prevent it unfurling.

If you are struggling to visualize the towel pussy, watch this video. Lazy man emergency link. This suits: Beginners, and those who are looking for an easy way to build a pocket pussy. It may also suit variety seekers and those who like a cool feeling around the penis.

Open the cucumber up and remove seeds from both sides. Once the seeds have been removed, take out small amounts of cucumber flesh until both sides fit snugly around the penis. Wrap the cucumber with insulation tape or Duct tape. At this point the user is able to accommodate any tightness preferences. If preferred, a condom can be placed inside the cucumber. To do this insert the condom before duct-taping the halves back together. Here are some images to help you make the cucumber pocket pussy.

Remove the Pringles tube lid, or cut the bottom from a soda bottle. If using a soda bottle, place several layers of Duct tape over the sharp plastic edge to avoid any cuts. Make a glove sandwich with the sponges. Lay one sponge down, place the glove on top, and then place the remaining sponge on top. There should be no gaps and the sponges should squash together.

If they do not, find another container or pad the current one with paper kitchen towels. Pull the glove cuff apart and slip it back over the rim of the container, so the edge is completely concealed. If a Pringles tube has been used, cut a small hole in the base to prevent any suction build up.

For texture, place squares of bubble wrap on top of the sponges before they are pushed into the container. Alternatively, use rice filled plastic sandwich bags. This suits: Someone who wishes to easily dispose of evidence, and likes something bigger to hold on to. Place a latex glove into the middle of the balloons, with fingers pointing inside, and the cuff protruding from the top.

Stretch the glove cuff out, pull it over the balloon ties, and down the container edge so the opening is smooth. Here are some images, to help you visualize the process.

Remove the candle and dispose of it, or if a successful size, keep it for further silicone pussies. The remaining mould is the pocket pussy. By their nature, pocket pussies are small and compact. This gives the user an option of lying on top or standing up. Other options include the gap between sofa cushions or the stair rails.

Once the user is looking out for a hands-free option they become numerous. Microwaving a pocket pussy is an option, but this must be done with caution. Ensure there are no metal parts and that the inside of the pussy is not roasting hot afterwards. Sharp Edges. Ensure that all sharp edges are carefully covered in Duct tape or wrapped in a soft contact body.

Paper, card and plastic can deliver nasty cuts, as can rough edges of silicone. Never use glass to make a pocket pussy for obvious reasons. Physics demonstrates that friction builds a vacuum. This can result in a situation where the penis becomes stuck inside a masturbator.

This is why intact bottles should never be used as a masturbation aid. Ensure that all home built pocket pussies have vacuum releasing holes. Soda bottles and Pringle tubes must always have a small hole cut in the bottom. Some vacuum is desirable as it replicates the feeling of a real vagina, but too much vacuum will be uncomfortable and at worst, painful.

Friction burns can arise from any non slippery surface, such as the towels, balloons and silicone options listed above. Always use lube to ensure friction does not build up, and be sensible about the contact surface. Condoms and latex gloves are the best contact surface options, but buy good quality, especially latex gloves as the cheap versions tear easily.

Any kinks, bends, or size issues can be worked around. Tightness issues are accommodated with a bespoke pocket pussy too. Shop bought portable vaginas are excellent , but sometimes the homemade method suits better, especially if the user likes to add textures and temperatures to the experience which are beyond what the market can offer. Homemade pocket pussies are a good choice for those who have inquisitive children or a partner who disapproves of sex toys too, as they are easily made with no special resources.

They can also be quickly disassembled or simply thrown away after use. The problem with a Fleshlight or similar masturbator is that they are obviously sex toys. If there is no discreet place for such possessions, then a homemade option is the only route to follow. This enables the user to create a masturbator to their own preference, but negates the need for balloons and Pringle tubes.

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Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina

Household objects that feel vagina