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A pleated skirt may seem like an intimidating project, but they are easier than you might think. You can make a simple pleated skirt without a pattern and with very little math. Try making a plaid skirt for yourself or for a friend! To make a pleated skirt, start by measuring your waist and skirt length and cutting the fabric to your measurements. Next, decide on the size of your pleats and mark them on your fabric.

How to sew a pleated skirt

How to sew a pleated skirt

How to sew a pleated skirt

How to sew a pleated skirt

The 84" was the plested we got from multiplying our waistline by 3. The placket extends 7 sww below the waist seamline. Get instant access to hundreds of videos, tutorials, projects, and more. Together, they cited information from 12 references. Mark your fabric. However, some sewers shy away from sewing with knits because of the clingy nature of How to sew a pleated skirt or stretchy versions. I've been looking for something to do with my old fabric well, fabric that I decided I needed to have and never used! What you need to know about constructing garments and accessories from oiled canvas.

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If you can get back to me and follow me on twitter I'd so appreciate it or Facebook. A grosgrain ribbon finishes the waistline, and a side-seam snap placket, plus a Big brother erotik and bar, form the closure. Log in to access the full library. Rather the top fabric comes to the place How to sew a pleated skirt the bottom of the fold stops. Once the pleats are pinned, sew across the top of the fabric to secure them. If you want to have crisp, obvious pleats in your skirt, then you may consider ironing them down flat after finishing your skirt. Get the latest including tips, techniques and special offers straight to your inbox. Measure your waist and skirt length. Intended to promote an art gallery in…. Keep in mind that you pleaated need a piece of fabric that ppleated long enough to fit around your waist three times, so you may want to measure the fabric while you are in the store.

Most pleated fabrics are woven or knitted from synthetic fibers and permanently pressed into shape during manufacture.

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  • It's surprisingly easy to make a basic pleated skirt.
  • A pleated skirt may seem like an intimidating project, but they are easier than you might think.

Another day, another skirt Seriously, we can't get enough! Today girls, we will mostly be showing you how to make a knife pleated skirt did anyone get the Fast Show reference?? Pleating is just another way to manipulate a length of fabric by folding the material to make it narrower at one end and fuller at the other another example of fabric manipulation to manage fullness is gathering or ruching. One of the simplest folding techniques is knife pleating. It's a good look.

The key to pleating is all in the maths. You need to calculate the length of fabric you'll need so that, once pleated, it equals your waistline measurement, plus seam allowance. We love the look of pretty narrow pleats so we settled on a pleat width of 1". When creating the fold, you will be folding the fabric back on itself, and then folding it forwards again, so that each 1" pleat becomes three layers thick. That's 3" per pleat. In terms of fabric choice, we'd recommend light-medium weight wovens that press well.

Cotton is ideal. Next, measure your waistline. Let's say for example, your waist measurement is 28". Once you've cut your length of fabric, mark the seam allowance on each side, and start pleating from there. Using the diagram as a guide, fold and press all the way across the fabric, pinning the pleats securely at both ends.

Once you're happy with your pleats, and you've doubled checked that it all measures up and fits your waist, baste the pleats into place along the waistline. We've recently discovered an amazing sewing hack which you can use to form your knife pleats as well! All just by using your standard kitchen fork first measuring to make sure it is approx.

Next, insert an invisible zipper and close the back seam see our definitive tutorial here , and attach a waistband another of our awesome tutorials here. For the finishing touch, go over your pleats once more with a hot iron for extra crispiness. Now go! Pull on some over-the-knee socks and go seduce your professor. Apologies for the dull photography Then simply pleat or gather it in to match your waistline, add a zipper and a waistband and off you go!

I hope this helps! What would be the best way to go about making a full, style skirt to wear with a petticoat? More panels, more fabric, smaller pleats? Hi Doris, thanks for your comment. I hope this helps a little, if not, please drop me a line at help hyhandlondon. I need directions on hemming a pleated hand-me-down school uniform without cutting the bottom hem. Very impressive x. Hope this helps, Elisalex x.

One question: When hemming the bottom of the skirt, do you sew through each individual layer of every single pleat, or just sew all layers and pleats together? Hi, love the tutorial, I was wondering how you would go about calculating the actual length of the skirt not the width, and waist part, but the length. The 84" was the measurement we got from multiplying our waistline by 3. Hope this makes sense! Question for the waist measurement. So I take my waist and times it by 3.

Hi Tara — you got it! Simply sandwich the two layers together and attach the waistband. Sounds lovely! How would you line this? Make two skirts almost one in lace and the other in the lining fabric? When pressing we definitely made sure the pleats were even all the way down.

The pleats will also wash right out of polyester. Hope this helps! Do you think this would hang well with a 28"" finished length? Oh definitely! Pleats are chic at any length! Just make sure you keep the press nice and crisp all the way down. Attach waistband :.

Adding basic side seam pockets to a skirt — or anything with a side seam for that matter — is super easy. I adore the colour too. So glad to hear! I love the mint colour of the fabric and the skirt. I was wondering what type of fabric you used for the skirt and where it was from? It was just a mint coloured cotton… I think we got it from Rainbow Fabrics in Kilburn Market super cheap but that was a while ago now. Sign up here for sewing talk, DIYs, competitions and the occasional cocktail recipe never anything spammy, we promise!

DIY Pleated skirt. Nov 22, , Written by Elisalex de Castro Peake. I really loved this tutorial — it was extremely helpful! Love your blog. By the way, What is the order of construction? Pleat, then join panels? Or join panels first? Leave a comment Name. Tags DIY pleats sewing skirt tutorial.

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Stitch the edges together. Turn the pieces right side out. Step 1. Next, you will need to cut a strip of fabric for your waistband. To fold your pleats, bring the fabric together at your markings and then lay the folded fabric out to one side.

How to sew a pleated skirt

How to sew a pleated skirt. Project Prep Checklist: Don't Forget These Steps


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February 03, This is a written instruction on how to make pleated skirt. Pleat skirts are especially useful in School uniforms cosplays and can be found in almost every other series. They are also a personal favourite of mine because 1. They usually compliments the figure well 2. Plus they are super easy to make! Labels: tutorials.

This is a great tutorial! Pictures are clear and very helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. May 19, at AM. I'm in the process of using your tutorial and had only 1 question.

What type of fabric did you use to make your pleated skirt? Your skirt looked really good and I wanted to copy it. June 18, at PM. Sophie said…. I've used your tutorial to make a pleated skirt. June 26, at AM. Amucchi said….

I'm gonna use it soon. June 29, at AM. Thank you so much for the tutorial. All of the other's I found skipped the waistband and zipper steps.

February 17, at AM. Kiyoko said…. Just the tutorial that I'm looking for. Gonna make one soon and this guide is perfect. Just that the pleated style in my mind is abit different. April 8, at AM.

Kiyoko-Chan said…. Hi I have one question. For the length of the waist, how do you measure it? The circumference of my waist is about 26" so should I multiply that by 2. May 30, at AM.

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How to sew a pleated skirt