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Slashdot is powered by your submissions , so send in your scoop. The real reason Republicans want to kill this quasi-public, self-funding agency is because they can't make money off the little guy by buying stock in it and sucking profits out through a golden straw. How dare the common man have a reliable way to deliver mail that doesn't pay for their yachts? That may even be true much of the time, but the post office delivers everywhere, and that is the kind of service you can get when profit isn't your first motive. Many republican beliefs are flaming piles of shit, but they still somehow believe it, and generally will contort their interpretation of reality to fit those facts.

Postal service sucks

Postal service sucks

Postal service sucks

Postal service sucks

It gets very expensive until fully-funded, then it is just incremental payments. Attempts to call customer service at USPS are met with "high call volumes" and "expected wait Postal service sucks is x hours and x minutes", and no answer despite waiting well past the expected wait time. It should have been sent out immediately for the cost I paid. This isn't the Department of Education. The Tao doesn't take sides; it gives birth to both wins and losses. Government agencies are apathetic because their Postal service sucks just keeps coming no matter what.

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On January 25th, at 12 p. A computer glitch? Post Comment Post as guest Login Sign up. The box was torn open and re tapedmore than half the contents were missing, also other miscellaneous items were in eervice box almost as if they accidently destroyed multiple packages and in a Postal service sucks ditch effort, grabbed random things from the pile of items and put them into random boxes, taped them up and sent them on their Free lesbian movie clips mpegs. He then drove away. Yea, they suck. They are pathetic lazy careless trash! You are all correct. Reply 1 0. The receipt had eervice items that were Postal service sucks the box, and also was for an adress 40 miles away. Anonymous Anonymous Feb 24, Three people were downstairs, because I was expecting the package, and waiting to provide a signature. Long story short, package is very late, if not lost entirely, no response from USPS and cannot contact them.


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  • I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package.
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The U. Postal Service has a wide spectrum of customers, from businesses and organizations to every household in the United States. With that in mind, the Postal Service has made improving the customer experience one of the key elements of its strategic goals. For consumers, customer service ranges from wait time in lobbies to letter carrier service to interaction with postal staff at a Post Office.

Business mailers might focus on different aspects of customer service, such as delivery performance, interaction with acceptance personnel, or how quickly a service problem is resolved.

These systems can also reduce manual inputs, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. Often seamless to customers, these sophisticated systems have helped to make mail a reliable method of communications. However, when they go down or work inefficiently, it can lead to negative customer experiences, which might impact future business opportunities.

FAST collects and monitors appointment data for the facilities, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of appointment creation for both customers and Postal Service management. Business mailers also rely on PostalOne! And although retail customers might not realize it, their customer experience hinges on the Point of Service POS Retail system, which automates retail transactions at post offices and other retail counters.

When these systems are working properly, customers may not think about them at all. But if these systems experience an outage, the customer experience could be entirely different.

Our office is reviewing these systems as part of an audit and would like to hear from customers. Are they consistently available? Or have you experienced system availability problems? For business customers, has system availability or slow response times affected your own internal processes, such as transportation schedules or other mail entry issues?

For retail customers, have you had problems accessing information or services on usps. We also welcome comments of Postal Service employees on their experiences with these applications and the services they support. While the scope of our audit is limited to systems review, we welcome input on the entire customer experience. Thank you for your comments on our blog.

Though we have closed the comment section on this page, the Office of Inspector General is continuously conducting customer service reviews of USPS. Please visit our home page to view our most recent work. I sent a package to , properly addressed, the same as has been used for mail, previously. It came back, incorrectly stating that the address was insufficient, and demanding extorting?

Carrier said: no apartment listed. I showed her plainly on the package where it shows the apartment. It's a large box, so it is there, over 1" tall in type! I tried calling Phone tree: 5 minutes. Person who answered: talked and shouted over me, ended up having to hang up. This is not a delivery issue, it is a fraud issue. I have had problems with before: this is not a mistake, you have people who are deliberately interfering with the mail, from the inside.

I will never use USPS again. I paid for priority mail under the pretense that it would be there in by Friday shipped Wednesday morning from Phoenix to Rochester.

It arrived at 1 AM Friday morning in Albany. Tracking said it would be there by 8pm. The letter was now in Springfield MA. Call on Saturday morning.

Oh and the supervisor informed me that Priority isn't any faster than regular stamp mail, which is contrary to what i was told when purchasing the postage. So I paid extra to expedite my shipping, USPS screwed it up royally, then refused to do anything to help resolve the issue. Absolutely unbelievable and completely unacceptable service. OH my letter finally arrived Monday afternoon. No thanks to the USPS. Terrible service. I was on hold for almost 2 hours and then hung up as I couldn't loose anymore time.

There was no option to receive a call back. This makes me not want to use USPS for anything! It's rediculous to loose that much time waiting for any type of assistance. The tracking system they have is not accurate. I have tried to call many times and sat on the phone for more than and hour on hold. My package says delayed but they give no reason why. The package i am waiting for should have been here yesterday and was not. This package is important to me and I cant even get good services from these people.

I have had a package waiting since Jan 2 for something to be done with it. When I opened a case, the update went from being in transit to saying that a label had been created but there were no updates. No one can find my package, I've been waiting a month and I haven't received an update on the progress of my package. I also haven't received any communication on the status of my opened case and it has been three days. I know that nothing will get fixed because the USPS is the absolute worst federal agency in existence.

I just came here to say that the USPS is awful. You suck. Our Mission Note the following is a failed mission: The OIG achieves its mission of helping maintain confidence in the postal system and improving the Postal Service's bottom line through independent audits and investigations. Audits of postal programs and operations help to determine whether the programs and operations are efficient and cost-effective. Investigations help prevent and detect fraud, waste, and misconduct and have a deterrent effect on postal crimes.

The daily mail delivery service just continues to deteriorate. Sadly, I have experienced this so often lately. I have shipped and paid extra postage for 2 day deliver to FL and it arrives in a week. Today my complaint is that I cannot even get mail within my own state.

I still do not have it. I received tags for one vehicle but not the other. PO have closed, open times shortened, location services cut in half Quality is not something you should try and promote.. Looks like a chance it will be lost. Says delivered, but it is was not. So after a well over 1 hour of waiting, finally got a hold of someone from what sounded like an outsourced personnel, no resolution. Lost or stolen package was the end result.

I blame them. They are not the same as they were. Sounds like a private business took over wanting to destroy the USPS. So frustrating. This is the worst excuse ever. All I have that could possibly be an obstacle is an small gate which you can easily just step over. They suck!! WHY is your Contact Us always messed up? Problem encountered - try again later after 5 minutes of multiple screens. Website is experiencing difficulty. Try your request at a later time.

Your number puts people on hold for over an hour MOST of the time. All the complaints one can read about how shabby and inept the USPS doesnt change anything. Welcome to America of the century. Lost in its arrogance, ignorance and downright corruption! Home from work due to a snow day, witnessed a USPS truck pull up to my vehicle in my apartment complex, the driver proceeded to get out of his truck, walk around my car looking in the windows. I have pictures as proof. He then drove away.

No damage done to the vehicle but very suspicious. I mailed a certified letter on February 1, at pm pst and it was going to a doctors office. They attempted to delivery it on a Saturday, which of course the office is closed. So,the carrier should have attempted to deliver it the next business day, which would have been Monday February 5, but the carrier DID NOT attempt to delivery it.

What kind of service is this?

We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. I have never experienced anything like this. They were so amazingly courteous, caring and professional over a simple package. Worst experience of my life and will never work with post office again.. If you won't offer refunds on particular services it should be disclaimed at the time of purchase. Sounds like a private business took over wanting to destroy the USPS. The only info was the date, and my name and address.

Postal service sucks

Postal service sucks. USPS Reviews

The fact that it was late did not upset me greatly, as no one gets it right ALL the time. But what concerned me was that there was no tracking scans after departure.

So, on the 12th I called Customer Service. I have to say, it was frustrating trying to get an actual person on the line no choice offered. They're overworked! But when Deloris called me, she was wonderful! She was pleasant, professional, and very helpful. She promised to forward my concern to management so they could follow up. Thank you. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have never experienced anything like this.

I could get a package from Antarctica faster than this. The tracking is so bad. Just been on "In transit to the next facility" for 8 days. No reply from CS. If you want your package delivered to the right place, go with UPS. They are way more trustworthy. I mailed out a letter 6 weeks ago and it didnt get to its destination in Sacramento. Other letters have not not made it to their local destinations either from the same mailbox. The mail has not been returned either.

Where is my mail? I called number for post office and waited for 1 hr to speak to someone when I heard a commotion and the person left me on. I heard people yelling in background. No one came back to phone. Bad customer service! I have packages sitting in a distribution center showing no final acceptance for them and Monday is a holiday with today being Friday.

No reason for this to be happening. Given a tracking number for express service parcel which they can't find. Customer service can't find reason why parcel hasn't left regional dept for several days but then she's several thousand miles away.

Won't connect you to local personal to assist in parcel recovery. Not recommended!!!! Bad service, expensive and very poor attitudes. Ever since Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general in , USPS has been delivering mail to people across the country.

Today, USPS has expanded its services to also include international shipping, package shipping and priority mail. Easy to use: Anyone can send mail through USPS by using their home mailbox or dropping their mail off at any post office in the United States. Consumers and businesses can also arrange for package pickup online, making it easy to mail packages without leaving home. Mail options: USPS offers several mailing options so consumers can find a shipping timeframe and cost that meets their needs.

First class mail is available to send items weighing up to 13 ounces. Stamps cost only 47 cents, and your parcel will be delivered within one to three business days. They include polyethylene foam dots or inserts that prevent items from moving during transport. Precious Cargo Boxes are available in three sizes. Military and diplomatic mail: Send packages to your loved one who is in the military for the price of domestic shipping, even if they are overseas.

Save an additional two dollars when you use a large flat rate box. You can print off a label complete with custom forms right from your home printer and arrange for home pickup to simplify the process of sending a package to the military overseas. The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions.

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Slashdot is powered by your submissions , so send in your scoop. The real reason Republicans want to kill this quasi-public, self-funding agency is because they can't make money off the little guy by buying stock in it and sucking profits out through a golden straw. How dare the common man have a reliable way to deliver mail that doesn't pay for their yachts?

That may even be true much of the time, but the post office delivers everywhere, and that is the kind of service you can get when profit isn't your first motive.

Many republican beliefs are flaming piles of shit, but they still somehow believe it, and generally will contort their interpretation of reality to fit those facts. Well thought out except for the aside saying that Republicans want to make money specifically off the little guy.

Rich people of both parties have no qualms of making money off others - rich or poor. Also, our taxes shouldn't directly pay for politicians' yachts. Government, even the US government, is very good at banking. It is what should be a very boring domain that is easy to administer and should be kept conservative. Instead we dole out charters to criminals--literally--to run for-profit banks that dabble in other "market" activities.

I'm am a totally free market person but the last place I want to see a market is at a bank. Name one company that is as efficient as government services. I worked in the public sector for a while. I had a few horror stories to tell, but my friends that worked in the corporate sector could one-up me every time with truly appalling tales of graft and waste.

Now I'm in the private not-for-profit sector and I have to say, waste-wise, we've still got the government beat with all the money we waste. The problem here, as always, is creating a sort of artificial divide between a corporate bureaucracy and governmental bureaucracy. I've done a lot of work with government employees, and while there are issues, it never seems that much different than working with corporate bureaucracy. It's more about the general behavior of large organizations, than anything specific to public versus private organizations.

Business has the redeeming quality of occasionally pursuing greatness and the ebb and flow of customers and the marketplace. Government agencies are apathetic because their money just keeps coming no matter what. For them to be efficient they should be on the ropes, constantly justifying their need and reaffirming their place.

The USPS. It's profitable and provides a service that is both far cheaper and can service far more customers than any private competition. Medicare and Medicaid provide health care coverage at a vastly reduced administrative cost compared to insurance companies, and actually pays their bills on time without dragging their feet to the point your doctor is about to sue you before admitting that yes, you are covered for that procedure.

It would be nice if we could get some fundamental reform that would relieve us of income taxes Sales or VAT instead and put the brakes on debt issuance.

Compare that with the rich, who spend very little of their paychecks and invest the rest - there is no tax on those investments unless you have an income tax. Wealth inequality is bad enough as it is. If you want to be more fair, switching it the other way is the better way to go: Higher income tax, and the removal of sales tax, will fight income inequality.

No it's not. It is exactly zero people on the government's payroll. The USPS does not get any tax dollars. Note if the USPS is leasing space they do pay taxes indirectly. If it is leased then once again they do so indirectly. Note also they had to purchase property in the cases where it is owned by them.

Probably not though. They have the famous case where the court rules "the power to tax is the power to destroy". But neither do states pay Federal tax. Oh, and neither do corporations. Not just the profitable locations. Great point, really. Otherwise we end up with the 'gentrification' of the mail service.

Imagine this: neighborhoods full of poor minorities suddenly don't get mail service anymore because it's 'unprofitable', being forced to drive to some far-away facility to pick up what was mail service to their door assuming they can even get there at all. Or worse, they have to pay some sort of 'delivery surcharge' because they're not on 'normal routes', putting more financial stress on people already living paycheck to paycheck.

Is this really the America we want to create? Yes, it has been established the USPS's biggest problem is their need to pre-fund all their pensions for the next 75 years. There's also an established Republican desire to privatize USPS, probably so some private equity firm can suck that pension fund dry and discard the useless husk. If you want to preserve the USPS, get ready to fight to defend it.

How cute. No one, and I mean no one, pre-funds their pension fund 75 years out, it's not rational. Let's try this - why don't you go down to your local school board and get them to pre-fund their pension 75 years out, just like the USPS? Why not, according to you it is merely being 'fiscally responsible'?

Because I'm an American. Therefore, I hate education and anyone connected to it. You're supposed to go threaten teachers with violence especially science teachers , not offer them money, you silly! Financally responsible is a vice, anyway.

Most Americans habitually vote against that, and it's one of the things that all Democrat and Republican. The pensions are funded 75 years out, if employment slows down, fewer beneficiaries to fund, payments to retirement fund will go down. If USPS stopped hiring employees today, and everyone remained in the pension system, never left before vesting, never died before receiving benefits, etc.

When people can retire and set their kids or grandkids to be beneficiaries, then you have a real problem as they will be paid in full for far longer than 75 years. You literally made that up, USPS retirees can't designate their kids or grandkids as beneficiaries for their retirement payments. It gets very expensive until fully-funded, then it is just incremental payments. It's an idea, there are worse ideas, but don't for a second pretend it is a common thing, or that anyone else in the world does it.

Yes there is. There law requires to pre-fund them, it just doesn't mention 75 years. That number comes from the United States Office of Personnel Management who provide the guidelines for how to financially account for the requirements set out in the PAEA. Let's see you pre-fund your household expenses for the next 75 years with a 10 year deadline for the prefunding to be done. It's the fiscally responsible thing for you to do, after all. All that proves is the USPS is more efficient than the private sector.

Do they get a sweetheart deal that drops them below cost? If not, the delivery is profitable. Do they get a deal that's substantially better than the deal UPS gives them?

If not, the deal is not corrupt. If there's even a deal at all. But I haven't heard anyone claim that USPS loses money on average delivering for Amazon other than the President, who is a well known pathological liar. Article I establishes that Congress has the right to establish a governmental postal service Section 8 but does not mandate that one be established. Trump bloody hates Bezos because he owns the Washington Post, which regularly publishes factual information.

The Post is pretty good with facts. They also have a strong anti-Trump bias. Most reasonable people do, but papers are supposed to attempt unbiased reporting. If they are trying, they suck at it. I don't expect them to be unbiased - that's a human impossibility. What I do expect is that they try to be as unbiased as they can.

The recent change and by no means is this historically unprecedented is that they have recognized that being biased drives revenue and so they don't even try anymore. It makes it very hard for a person who desires dry information to get it. But for the most part the reputable news sources have lined up against Trump and Republicans in general , and I refuse to stoop to sources like Breitbart in a vain attempt to "balance" my news.

The criticism that they did it too fast is fair 10 years , but the change was absolutely justified and should be extended to the rest of government. Private companies have not been able to promise unfunded pensions for decades - it's a moral issue that the government is allowed to continue this practice. If you want to promise people future benefits, then actually fund those promises.

Otherwise you are simply burdening your children with future obligations, and making no guarantee that they will keep your. Nonetheless, the idiot will make the post office asking for a higher price, which then will prompt Amazon to create their own 'delivery boy' service, thereby ruining the post office and thousands of people may lose their pensions and jobs.

This seems a little dramatic. I understand what you are saying but this is why people aren't listening to you. Dramatic rants of "the republicans will kill us all" is lost on all but the most devout liberals. I'm a democrat and I've never met a democrat that is "for abortion". It is a ridiculous statement. Abortion is a terrible choice for a women to have to make, but we believe that it is her choice.

I find it absurd that republicans want to force people to have babies and don't want to provide health care, food, education or an living wage for the parents. Republicans would much rather give tax breaks to the super rich than to provide a meal to a child they forced to be born.

Postal service sucks

Postal service sucks