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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. W et, slippery steps are a safety risk that you can now avoid with our elegant rubber step mats, which stay put through rain, snow or frost. They are made from high quality material for long service life meaning that you get excellent value for money and a product that will stand the test of time. Use the self-adhesive strip for secure attachment.

Shop Stair Treads and Risers. Commercial Carpet Mats. Their thin minimal design mean that they look great on any set of steps and blend into any environment. Whether you are voyaging out to sea or embarking on Rjbber cross-country Rubber stair treads home saftey, the durability and resilience of recycled rubber guarantee that the Rubber stair treads home saftey will keep up with you and your adventures. View Our Products. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Delivery is super, no long wait, I was surprised with the short time it took to deliver. They are conveniently Antique brass lamp to fit virtually any stairway, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. What great customer service this company has! These rubber stair treads are designed to prevent slips and falls by increasing traction on indoor or outdoor steps.

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The web page was easy to navigate and items were well-described. Questions others have asked: Can they be used outdoors on porch steps? Yes, the risers are located on this page at the bottom below the stair tread sizes. Select Color: 11 marble gray 40 marble black 85 marble beige 27 marble walnut 77 marble birch 66 marble slate 30 marble mahogany 80 black 20 marble red 47 marble oak 70 marble blue 53 marble green 58 marble oatmeal black dark blue slate dark brown light gray medium gray beige medium brown. Non Slip. Blemish discount announcement. They also have a speedy service and I got mine ahead of the time stated. Manufacturing facilities, refining facilities and material storage. Ribbed rubber inserts and custom strips also can be added for extra traction or to aid the visually impaired. Rubber Adhesives. Don't worry, if there is a problem, the correct material will be sent as soon as possible. Allstairtreads had a wide variety of Rubber stair treads home saftey that I could not locate locally.

The health and safety of customers and employees should and must be a top priority for every business.

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  • Latex Adhesive.
  • Our line of PVC free rubber stair treads is the perfect complement to flooring projects, whether in shopping malls, retail settings, government centers, hospitals or airports.

The health and safety of customers and employees should and must be a top priority for every business. Sure-Foot Industries has built a reputation for top quality products paired with exceptional customer service. Request a Sample. Learn More. Sure-Foot Industries Proudly Offers a full line of.

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Can this stair tread be installed over OSB treads? Must be used with standard or deluxe dispenser. Covers square feet per gallon. Rubber Adhesives Back To Top. Welcome to the Stair Treads Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different stair treads for your home. Include Out of Stock. The Koffler Team Do you have any treads with a rubber edge and short pile carpet in the step area?

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Skip to main content Rubber Stair Treads. Currently unavailable. First, the smell of rubber was QUITE strong right out of the box, but I left the treads spread out individually outside on a deck surface for about a week before placing on indoor stairs, and that helped--a few short weeks later, your nose has to be pretty close to a tread to notice the smell of real rubber.

These are very attractive and are doing their job for people and our dogs providing better footing on bare hardwood stairs BUT second warning do be mindful of the fact that the tread is thick enough that landing with your foot on the edge is a bit uneven and so takes a bit of getting used to. We are not elderly quite yet ahem , so not a real risky feeling, but one that takes a bit of adjustment in one's expectations going up and down those stairs.

See All Buying Options. In Stock. We added these to our steps outside and also to her basement and they work great for us as well as our old dog. Very easy to install. Add to cart. This is the 3rd step anti-slip tape I have tried. Third time is the charm! I hardly ever review but knowing that we're all looking for these tapes to keep kids and grandparents safe at home, I had to write. EdenTapes are absolutely amazing just as promised.

The adhesive is remarkable on our new wood indoor steps as well as our older cement outdoor steps. Thanks EdenTapes for bringing such a great product to Amazon's market!! I purchased this product for my somewhat-steep hardwood stairs to prevent my older dog from slipping.

They were easy and quick to install and I did not have any trouble with air bubbles during installation. The clear stair treads are easy to clean, do not collect dog hair or dirt and are doing exactly as intended. My older dog will actually go down the stairs unassisted again thanks to these pads. The only suggestion I have for the company is to include both installation and removal instructions in the package.

Removal instructions were not included, though I assume they will be easy to remove if needed. I would definitely purchase again.

I bought this product to put on my backyard stairs that lead up to my deck. They look great and are very easy to apply. They stick great even when applied during a coold December day 55 degrees.

I was worried at first that my dogs wouldn't walk on it but they do and it helps keep them from slipping. Would by again but I don't think I would ever have too. The stairs to our basement are slippery and narrow so I purchased these to make the trek downstairs less dangerous. It's been two weeks since I applied the first pack I purchased and they work great. With frequent trips up and down the stairs, they are still stuck and look good. I was worried about the corners rolling up since they are shipped rolled up together, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

They flatten out nicely. My back porch landing has 3 steps down to the patio and is painted with a rather slick paint. My feet have almost lost footing more than a few time when the steps were wet.

I'e been hemming and hawing about repainting it with a non-slip type paint don't even know if it exists , or sanding it all down. Anyway, after my newly adopted little Chi slipped and whomped his little lower jaw into the metal door threshold becauce his feet can't get traction on the painted surface even when it's dry was having slippery, and he had a little cut from the slip, I thought "Enough of this! Next it'll be me slipping and hurting myself.

So, after a lot of looking around Amazon for options, I found these foot tread strips. They were pretty easy She now goes up and down them easier. The treads are nice quality, look great on stairs, they stay in place but you do need you to re-align them during the week.

Use carpet tape if you need it, we didn't cuz we're renting. Very pleased!! For the price and custom cut its fantastic buy! I ordered 3 sets" - by Karen N.

These are awesome. I ordered 3 sets, for front and back porches and steps. They stay in place and do the job. I live in suburban Chicago, and it can get very icy and snowy in winter. I needed these because of new gutters; the gutters "held" the snow because of the covers to prevent clogging. When the snow started melting, ice formed below the gutters. I almost destroyed myself in the dark, slipping on the ice that had formed.

And they pretty much stay in place, even in the wind. Shipping was fast. Loved these stair treads! Excellent quality. We used a couple heavy duty staples to secure them onto our wood porch steps. They look beautiful and feel great walking up and down them.

Would definitely recommend. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Great carpet treads for a great price. Some people say they are too thin but I don't really see that as an issue. They feel nice on your feet and stick well so I don't see the need for them to be thicker than they are. They also look great. I bought the red and its a nice deep red, not super bright.

They do also come with 2 strips of double sided taped already attached to each tread which makes it super easy to install. I bought these mainly for my dogs. One is getting a bit older and having carpet on the stairs really makes a huge difference in how easy it became for her to go up and down.

The other dog is younger and runs up the stairs super fast. Too fast in fact because countless I have painted stairs with a hand rail on only one side and the stairwell is curved. If I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I nearly always slip or fall down. My parents bought something like these and I had no idea they existed, so I, of course, checked Amazon first. Nothing fancy, obviously, but the back is sticky enough that they stay in place and I don't fall anymore!

I had to trim a few because of the angles on some steps, but they didn't fray and they look great. It is NOT provided with a two sided adhesive tape. We got these for our senior dog to go up 2 flights of steps. They are NOT as skid resistant or non slide as the description would have your believe, but of all of the different treads we've tried, these have been the best. They do attract dirt and dust, so be prepared for a weekly cleaning.

However, that's pretty much any decent tread, so that's not a deal breaker. All around, knowing what I know I would still purchase them again. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime.