Alien sperm breeding-Alien Abduction-Hybrids on Earth-Hybrid Project and the New Race of Children

Maybe you've never seen any space aliens, but recent polls indicate that up to 6 percent of Americans claim to have been abducted by them. The experience doesn't sound pleasant. The extraterrestrials are often said to take their captives to their saucers, lay them out on a table and extract sperm from the men and impregnate the women. If you're familiar with UFO lore , you know there are a couple of common explanations for these breeding experiments. One is that the aliens are in a reproductive bind on their home world: They can no longer successfully procreate and so have come to Earth to use humans as incubators to spawn alien offspring.

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

But still, you might want to check your 23andMe results. If extraterrestrial life is equipped with nuclei, they might benefit from sex. In order for a particular to continue, several methods would have to be available immediately to sustain Alien sperm breeding in the AAlien embryo. Transgenic organisms are able to express foreign genes because the genetic code is similar for all bgeeding. Baby Adult site previews Only for Females, rare for Males. The metagene factor gives the ability of Psionic Power. It cannot be more transparent as to what they are taking Alien sperm breeding using from this particular Abductee-Experiencer. For men, sperm is extracted mechanically by a device placed around the genital area. Some people characterize their behaviour as caring and fatherly or motherly or as a lover, whilst others describe these relationships as a form of control and involving what in most Human cultures would be considered rape, since sexual intercourse almost always occurs during them.

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The pheromonal Peeing on rams of those cocks were ecstasy. Alien sperm breeding Xeno entered, dragging a screaming woman by her ankle. A brief moment was all the woman had breedinh scream in terror before the newly-hatched facehugger exploded from the egg, wrapping itself hungrily around her face and coiling its tail around her throat, twitching bodily with excitement. Such breedng good little scientist, she snarled at herself. Beating short 4: the abomination Like Dislike Close. Even unimproved humans can Alisn hotter temperatures; Alien sperm breeding all, they already live in a plethora of steamy environments including the Congo, Amazonia and downtown Tucson. Sarah hadn't dare let them see the monitors. Women and girls. It wouldn't be long now. You can't stay here. One is that the aliens bredeing in a reproductive bind on their home world: They can no longer successfully procreate and so have come to Earth to use humans as incubators to spawn alien offspring. The Earth Breed had adapted a phallus longer, thicker, more flexible with less-pronounced ridges and a more uniform vascular inflation - a couple samples still floated in the biotank by the door. Free pinoy gay twink videos and alien fuck They're too youth Alieen Dislike Close. Aliens fuck asian chick. Then Sarah would have to go to the central labs, try to figure out what was going on, how they could get control of the specimens again.

The Case for Alien Abductions.

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  • Maybe you've never seen any space aliens, but recent polls indicate that up to 6 percent of Americans claim to have been abducted by them.
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Early interbreeding by early ancestors may not translate to modern day. By Luis Villazon. Genetic analysis suggests there may have been a long period of cross-breeding between early ancestors of the humans and chimpanzees, before they finally split into the Homo and Pan chimp genera around six million years ago. But today, although humans and chimpanzees share 99 per cent of the DNA sequences that code for proteins, that DNA is packaged differently into the chromosomes.

The human chromosome number two is actually two ape chromosomes joined end-to-end, and nine other chromosomes have inverted sequences of genes compared with their equivalents in chimps. Humans and chimps also have differences in their individual genes that are far bigger than the differences between any two unrelated humans. These are big obstacles, but not necessarily insurmountable. Other animals with comparable genetic differences, such as zebras and horses, have bred successfully in the past, although the offspring are almost always sterile.

There are documented cases of Soviet experiments in the s where artificial insemination was attempted using female chimps and human sperm. Sign up to receive our newsletter! Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information about how to do this, and how Immediate Media Company Limited publisher of Science Focus holds your personal information, please see our privacy policy.

Home Nature Is it possible for humans and chimpanzees to interbreed? Is it possible for humans and chimpanzees to interbreed? Read more: How can chimps share 98 per cent of our DNA and be so different? As we share more DNA with chimps, why are dogs better companions? Want to be updated when there is Science Focus news? Our best wishes for a productive day.

Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences Sign in. Sign me up! Planet Earth. You may like. Do any other animals get male pattern baldness? Would alien life need to have DNA? The Human Body. Are some women genetically predisposed to give birth to more boys or more girls?

Could we clone a Neanderthal? How does lichen reproduce? Is sexuality learned or genetic? Is it true that most ginger cats are male?

Offering exclusive content not available on RedTube. Maybe she could get more samples, trap another face hugger. Alien Lust 3 Like Dislike Close. Not many of them left, Sarah thought. The creature reached the floor near Angela and paused, then turned towards her.

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding. Porn Videos

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All categories. Sarah didn't really have much hope. Her assistants frowned at her together, and the depressing air of the lab deepened. Sarah wasn't any good at this touchy-feely stuff. She got up from the chair. Jessie and Kittie just looked at her, nervously, then exchanged scared glances. She left them hunched over the lab bench and went into her office and closed the door.

She flopped into the worn-out office chair and took another drag from her dying cigarette. The long stub of ash finally dropped and collapsed into a white puff on the metal grating of the floor. It didn't matter anymore. None of it mattered. How long had she been watching these monitors? Her mind was numb, numb from the endless screams that echoed through metal corridors and into her dreams, the wailing of girls and women slowly transforming from frightened cries into howls of pleasure.

The Xenomorph specimens they had retrieved from LV had evolved in ways she could never have imagined. Sarah had studied every change, picking them apart at the genetic level. They were faster now, stronger. They could breathe Earth's atmosphere much more easily. Their swimming ability had vastly improved. Even the underwater shelters weren't safe. Their organs had reshaped themselves with every generation, anatomy molding itself around nascent adaptations. The Xenomorph cock had evolved too.

The Earth Breed had adapted a phallus longer, thicker, more flexible with less-pronounced ridges and a more uniform vascular inflation - a couple samples still floated in the biotank by the door. Another useless datapoint. The pheromonal secretions of those cocks were ecstasy. She pondered what the Company could have made from that one biological process alone: drugs that dulled pain like nothing else, medicines to prolong potency and cure impotence, sexual enhancements that would have put the normal human experience to shame.

Humans loved to fuck. They would have paid the whole world for what the Company could have sold them. She almost sympathized with the board's decision to keep the creatures instead of exterminating them. Now every human woman was getting a special injection of those pheromones straight from the source.

Alien DNA, spurted into human wombs, mixing with the human genome, producing ever more adaptable Xenomorph types. The Type B facehugger was just another example. They had started out as mere parasites, but what kind of parasite can survive by killing its host? So it had adapted. But it wasn't even right even to call the alien creatures parasites.

Their mutative breeding process had no terrestrial analogue. Totally foreign. The perfect dominator. Adaptive to any environment. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.

The monitor above her desk flicked on when she pressed the blue button on the keyboard. It was an old system - ancient even. The Company paid top-dollar for some things, then turned around and skimped on vital equipment. She had initially balked at doing her research on such outdated computers. But when she had found out what they were working on Her fingers moved over the keyboard, accessing the installation's telemetry system. As a senior researcher, she had access to every sensor, audio pickup, and camera in the entire complex.

She selected the visual feeds and then picked an older record at random. The screen flicked between frames of static and then steadied, showing the powerful monstrosity that loomed over the woman and the two girls. Vitreous fluid coated their struggling forms, giving rise to steamy waves as it dissolved their clothes. The Xenomorph had dragged all three by their ankles, kicking and screaming, into the breeding chamber of their hive.

It finally let them drop, and the woman cried and gathered the two little girls - around 11 and 12 years old by the looks of it - to her chest, hugging them and weeping as if she could protect them from what was to come. Other aliens waited, nestling in the slime of the curving alcoves that dotted every surface of the hive interior. Some feeble form of bravery finally surfaced in the woman when the alien advanced. She got to her feet and screamed defiantly, then leaped forward as if prepared to tear the monster apart with her hands.

It pushed her aside effortlessly, and the naked woman tumbled across the exposed metal grate into the corner, landing face-first next to an egg. The leathery body trembled, and the skin divided into a wide X on top, 4 tips folding back gracefully like blossoming flower petals. A brief moment was all the woman had to scream in terror before the newly-hatched facehugger exploded from the egg, wrapping itself hungrily around her face and coiling its tail around her throat, twitching bodily with excitement.

The woman tumbled backwards. The aliens didn't waste a lot of time, Sarah thought. No flirting, no smoldering looks, no dinners and drinks and long walks on the beach. They lined up the mother and her two daughters and went to work. The little girls' screams went on for hours. At least their mother didn't have to watch, Sarah thought. The new face huggers didn't compulsively choke you out, they just kept you docile. She could still hear though: the sounds her daughters made as clawed, alien hands explored their young bodies, pulled their legs apart, and rammed their bulging black cocks into their tiny cunts, stealing their virginity and pumping them full of alien sperm.

Medical history: unknown. Reactions indicate motherly attachment between the older subject and the younger ones. Exposure: repeated intercourse. She paused. Such a good little scientist, she snarled at herself.

Make sure to get every little detail. She brushed the feeling aside. Any clue, anything at all, might have some bearing on their work.

She continued dictating. Xenomorph activity when exposed to the human females is baseline. Older subject is restrained by a Xeno Type B 'facehugger' prior to sexual activity. Oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse are enthusiastically pursued with all three human participants, with the exception of the older subject, whose face and airway are blocked by the Type B.

Sarah continued watching. The Xenos would take turns for hours, she knew, before restraining all the girls with resin and letting their pregnancies develop.

Internal emissions of ejaculate appear copious and result in visible discharge from each orifice. The Xenos appear typically dismissive of attempts at resistance from the subjects, as well as visible indications of distress. On the monitor, the younger girl cowered on her hands and knees, her year-old body bucking wildly as the powerful alien pelvis rammed her butt from behind. Her tears mixed with the gelatinous alien cum that caked her body. The older sister was on her back, prepubescent body quivering wildly as the Xenomorph between her legs plunged its massive phallus into her slit.

The girls cried out and reached for each other, pulling together, naked bodies lubricated by the alien slime until their faces hovered an inch apart, staring upside-down into each other's terrified face. The aliens slammed in to the hilt in both of their pussies and the girls abruptly came together, tiny bodies jerking and thrumming with the rhythm of the twitching black cocks stuffed inside them. Sarah watched impassively. Simultaneous penetration of youngest subject's vagina, anus, and mouth are observed.

The mother wasn't getting it any less, but the facehugger was keeping her properly submissive by restricting her air. Suddenly feeling impatient, Sarah slammed the buttons on her keyboard to back out of the recording and go to the live feeds. It only took her a few minutes to find them. Subjects retained in the same area of the hive in which they were initially introduced. Resinous excretions used to restrain all three subjects upright against the hive wall in the typical manner: arms and legs spread, orifices exposed.

Visual observation confirms active and progressed gestation in all three subjects, confirming that Xeno insemination of humans can occur even before the typical human age of fertility. What a trio they made, Sarah thought: two tiny little girls with their mother between them, all plastered to the wall with dark, sticky strands holding them up.

Good little breeders for the hive, their bodies covered with drying alien sperm and their bellies full and sagging. She felt a sudden flush of warmth, and managed to push it away. All factors consistent with current observations, with the exception of a facehugger used for restraint of the mother.

The facehuggers are more commonly used for infiltration and covertly bootstrapping a Xeno population than they are for assisting with reproduction in the hive. Maybe there weren't any human settlements to infiltrate anymore. They had been cut off in this lab for so long. As far as she knew, the Xenos had spread everywhere on Earth. Maybe the facehuggers didn't have anything else to do. She turned off the monitor and leaned back in her chair.

With the screen off, it was dark in her office, the only light from the sterile white glare of the table lamp. She looked at the ceiling and closed her eyes, running her hands over her face. The weeks of stress were getting to her. Experiment after experiment, failure after failure.

She had been so confident when they first started. The lab was isolated. It had its own power. Its own water and air. Now they had nothing to show for all their work and they were running out of food. It wouldn't be long now. Sarah thought that she should feel some kind of terror or pain at that thought, but there was just the growing apathy and The reason she kept coming back to the monitors over and over.

When they had figured out how to trap the facehuggers, she thought they had won. A genetic virus would be so easy. Just catch-and-release a few of the little buggers and let them return to their own kind. She hadn't counted on them dying so rapidly in captivity, or on the one that almost got out and had to be put down They started to come back, as they always did when she was brooding.

A distant voice, a scream, fading away down a tunnel. She saw it again. Even with her eyes closed, Sarah's wearied brain played a movie for her, reminding her of her failure, forcing her to relive it yet again.

How many times do I have to see this? Every time I go through and try to think what I could have done differently. Every time. She was running through the metal corridors, terrified, holding her daughter in her arms. They plunged through the harsh spotlights of the facility as a recorded voice blared out from above. All civilian personnel please proceed to the nearest designated shelter areas.

Access is restricted in the following areas: Upper adjunct floors 2,3,5,8. Sublevels C and D. Please observe all proper security and quarantine procedures. Sarah turned a corner and dashed down the darkened hallway, feet pounding on the metal grates. They passed a series of amber lights flashing as they rotated on the wall. It's ok! The alarm had come in the middle of the night.

Quarantine could mean only one thing: the samples from LV that they were studying had lost containment. The worst possible scenario. She had grabbed her sleepy daughter out of her bed, left everything behind, and run as fast as she could. The strobing lights and blaring voice were too much for a year-old girl. She huddled with her arms wrapped around Sarah's neck, sobbing. Sarah didn't know what to say.

Angela might be scared, but Sarah was descending into raw terror. The alarm hadn't been shut off. It was still going. That meant containment was still lost. And an extended loss of containment was the worst scenario imaginable. They had planned for almost everything, but not this. The girl would be safe in the sealed environment. Then Sarah would have to go to the central labs, try to figure out what was going on, how they could get control of the specimens again.

She rounded a corner, almost slipping on the metal floor. Just a little farther. A metal grate exploded off the wall, smashing cruelly into her arm. Sarah screamed and stumbled. A frenzied hiss filled her ears and the flashing lights revealed brief images of terrifying claws and an enormous jaw of black flesh.

Terror froze her heart and she heard Angie's scream join her own. Angie was yanked from her arms and pulled across the metal floor, screeching. Sarah yelled and reached for her. A pair of massive clawed hands were wrapped around the girl's ankles. Sarah kicked herself forward and grabbed for her daughter's reaching hands. Flickering strobes of amber light illuminated the gaping duct and the black, bony arms reaching out from inside.

Angela screamed bloody murder as she was pulled backward, her eyes bulging with terror. Her feet entered the duct. Sarah felt her grip slipping against the overwhelming strength pulling her daughter away. Scrabbling fingers grazed her palm as Angela's left hand was pulled out of her grasp, and then the right.

Sarah grabbed hysterically, crying and screaming, and barely caught hold of something. Angie's blue dress. It was her birthday today and Sarah had got it for her. Angie had worn it all day, and they had stayed up late until the girl went to bed still wearing it. The cloth strained, then ripped in Sarah's hands, and Angie was yanked violently backwards, her last expression one of raw terror before her face disappeared into the duct.

Sarah leaped forward and howled as she slammed her arms inside, fishing for her daughter, for anything, but she felt only the cold metal walls of the duct. Angie was gone. Sarah slammed her head against the metal and wailed helplessly. She was much too big to fit. She looked down at the blue strip of cloth in her hands, blinking through the tears. The shoulder strap of the dress.

That must have been one of the specimens, but it was enormous! They had never let them grow to full size. The loss of containment must be total. Sarah sat there, weeping, paralyzed, until she suddenly jumped when a hand dropped onto her shoulder. She whirled around to find a marine staring at her with a concerned look. You can't stay here. There's been a containment breach. They took Angela! She was out of control, crying. She couldn't see. She flailed wildly against him.

He reached out and tried to grab her, but she tore out of his grasp and ran. She turned a corner blindly and kept running, shrieking, her mind whirling with despair. Those idiots couldn't protect her.

The quarantine areas would be useless. There were multiple redundant safeguards to keep the specimens from breaching containment, and they had all apparently failed. They hadn't planned for this. It was inconceivable. And her little girl! Her mind was frozen on the image of those bony arms pulling her screaming daughter into the black pit in the wall. She shook her head as she ran and tried to get it together. She couldn't go to a quarantine area.

They couldn't keep the specimens out if the breach was this bad. She thought, furiously, spurred on by the image of her daughter being ripped from her arms. There was only one chance: the secondary lab area was completely isolated from the main complex.

She could drop the bulkheads and nothing would be able to get in. And with the right equipment, she could do something: she could figure out a way to get containment again, or at least kill all the specimens. She could get her daughter back. She was one of the most brilliant genetic engineers in the world. If she couldn't do it, nobody could. She changed direction and kept running, managing to push her terror down and control it.

This could work. She went for the stairwells and began to feel more confident with every sublevel that she descended. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but she was almost feeling ok as she got to sublevel 20 and tore down the main corridor. The mousey teenager in the lab coat goggled at her as Sarah slammed open the door and flew inside the lab. Sarah ignored her, running across to the control panel and breaking the glass covering a series of shielded switches. She slammed them all down, and heard the comforting mechanical whine of the bulkhead dropping out in the corridor.

Kittie was behind the lab desk, but she shrank from Sarah's imposing presence, her eyes blinking in confusion behind her enormous glasses. Sarah turned and saw Jessie, also in her lab coat, behind the other desk.

The girl's long, brown hair was suspiciously mussed. You remember, the second run for the A-series progression?

It's ready tonight. Jessie shrugged. We'd lose the samples. What's going on Dr. Something about a containment breach? She gulped and tried again. There was only one job that mattered now: contain the specimens so she could get her daughter back. Incinerate it. I want it gone in 10 minutes. You're going to help me with something much more important. They were young, and confused, but they did as she asked. She was the boss after all. Sarah didn't bother asking why they wanted to be in the lab alone together.

She ignored them and went to her office. It was only when she finally sat and forced herself to relax that she realized she was still holding the scrap of her daughter's dress in a white-knuckled grip.

Stettman," Kittie frowned. They both were adapted to after the third generation. Sarah stood dumbly, considering both the lab desks and the cultures. Two more dead ends. The last ones, really. All of their experiments over the last several weeks had yielded nothing. The dissection yesterday had given no more clues, and now the last of their long-running experiments had ended in failure.

She went and sat at the lab desk, staring at the monitor. It displayed a regression analysis for growth factors based on a modified viral vehicle they had adapted. The Xenos were too adaptable. Anything she developed simply became ineffective against the second or third generation after exposure.

Jessie and Kittie were quietly talking. Did they realize their impending fate? Sarah hadn't dare let them see the monitors. Maybe she should. Let them see the horror that awaited them. Sarah was numb to it already, except for that slight flush of warmth, that seeping wetness and that tiny voice that whispered in her brain every time she let herself truly contemplate the doom that had come them all.

Without saying a word, she got up and went to her office, then slumped into her chair. She touched the keyboard and set the monitor to show the news, or what was left of it. A few faint, automated broadcasts, still showing their useless messages. Alien threat. Evacuation orders. She flicked between channels. The creatures are extremely violent and their blood seems to be highly acidic She slammed the key that switched back to the live video feeds.

If she just studied their behavior enough, maybe she could get another clue. She was a scientist. That was how she had always solved her problems: careful, diligent observation. Maybe she could get more samples, trap another face hugger. Maybe their latest genetic adaptations would reveal a vulnerability.

She pressed the button. The walls were caked with darkly glistening resin, arched and pocked with vents as if sculpted by minds of incomprehensible malevolence. Several women were stuck to the walls, pregnant, heavy bellies sagging, and an alien was raping one of them.

She shuddered in her bonds and came loudly as the alien cock slammed into her restrained body. Sarah sat spellbound, watching the woman's legs kicking in the air, her belly wet with slime and quivering like jelly. The woman screamed wildly, with total abandon, shaking uncontrollably against the sticky resin as her body was jolted by the thumping rhythm.

A hot flash raced down Sarah's spine and became a tingling itch between her legs. She tried to ignore it and slapped another button. An open area near the power plant. The heart of the hive. Eggs were strewn across the uneven surface everywhere. A Xeno entered, dragging a screaming woman by her ankle.

Fresh prey. Not many of them left, Sarah thought. The woman looked around 20, and was filthy and malnourished. She had probably been hiding in the ducts for weeks until the aliens found her. The beast manhandled her effortlessly, bending her over an arch that had been caked with sinuous resin.

It pushed her face down towards an egg and lined up, then penetrated her eagerly.

Blue Planet Project - 09

Abductions are complex series of events and procedures directed by the abductors to passive or controlled abductees. In a typical or common abductions, humans are taken out of their normal environment by aliens. The people are rendered passive and cannot resist. They are taken aboard a UFO, their clothes are removed and they are made to lie on a table. A series of physical, mental, and productive procedures are then administered to the subjects.

People's physical bodies are probed and examined. Sperm is taken, eggs are harvested. The aliens perform staring procedures during which they gaze into abductees' eyes at at distance of only an inch or two. These "mindscan" procedures appear to be neurological manipulations which give the aliens the ability to "enter into" peoples' minds.

After the table procedures, abductees report that they are sometimes taken into other rooms where they are required to have skin on skin contact with unusual looking babies. Abductees say that these babies seem to be crosses between humans and aliens. They call them "hybrids.

Sometimes abductees report that they are required to perform tasks, that they are "tested" in some way. They say that machines are brought in to examine them. They sometimes are required to have a form of sexual intercourse with other humans, and sometimes with adolescent and adult hybrids.

They are returned to their normal environment and within seconds, they forget what has just happened to them. Waiting room where clothes are removed prior to procedures. Clothes are removed from the abductee apparently for three reasons: 1, it facilitates the procedures that the aliens are about to do; 2, it helps prevent the spread of infection and disease to hybrids, and 3, it prevents the stealing of instruments and other artifacts.

Aliens approach with instruments for examination procedure. For years researchers thought that the examination was the reason for an abduction. It allowed them to think of the abduction phenomenon as a "study" or "experiment. Rather it is usually a preliminary procedure accomplished before the abduction's main purpose. The examination is bizarre. It usually entails aliens running their fingers over a person's body. What exactly is accomplished by this is unknown. However, recent evidence has suggested that the examination is primarily neurologically based with the beings paying particular attention to the nervous system.

Thus, they closely examine the brain, the spine, and other specific neurological sites. Aliens stare into eyes of abductee to connect to optic nerve in Mindscan procedure. Mindscan is a staring procedure in which an alien peers directly into an abductee's eyes from a distance of a few inches or less. The abductee cannot close his eyes or avert his own gaze.

When asked what is happening in the abductee's mind during this procedure, the abductees report having a variety of emotional states and seeing images. The evidence suggests that the alien is neurologically engaging with the optic nerve and using it as a conduit through the brain and into other neural pathways.

The alien can then generate whatever emotion or image that he wants the abductee to experience or see. Very often Mindscan is linked to egg harvesting. The alien prompts sexual stimulation to a high degree and then at a specific moment begins an internal procedure in which an egg is harvested. Because of the intensity of the experience abductees often mistakenly report that they and the alien have "merged" into one person, or that the alien wants "to experience what it is like to be human" by this procedure.

They have also mistaken Mindscan for having sexual relations with the alien. Mindscan procedure administered while sperm is taken. It is an unfortunate but constant aspect of the abduction phenomenon that aliens take eggs and sperm from people on a routine basis. For women it involves the introduction of instruments that take either recently matured eggs or invade the ovary for follicles.

There is some evidence to suggest that the aliens can accomplish rapid egg maturation and release through Mindscan for harvesting purposes. Harvesting can be accomplished at any age. For men, sperm is extracted mechanically by a device placed around the genital area. Sometimes these devices are small and portable, other times they are on carts or attached to the wall. Sometimes abductee women are brought in for sexual relations with men. These are sperm collection procedures and do not reflect any particular interest in sexuality by the aliens.

From time to time women have more complicated internal procedures. They report that something is being placed in them. Sometimes the aliens will tell them after this procedure, "Now you are pregnant. An Early Pregnancy Test or a trip to their gynecologist confirms this.

After about weeks, another abduction ensues and the fetus is removed. Incubatorium with fetuses in containers of liquid. At times, women, and men and even children will be brought into a special room in which they see many containers of liquid either in columns or in rows against the wall.

Suspended in each container is a fetus. The aliens tell the abductee that one or more of the fetuses is the abductee's. Why the aliens conduct this "viewing" is unknown. Hybrid baby with enlarged black pupils. Frequently women are brought into a room filled with babies in special holders.

They are required to have skin-on-skin contact with the baby and, if a particular procedure has been performed during the examination phase, they are told to nurse the baby. Abductees describe the babies as looking like a cross between human and alien. They say they are "hybrids. Often abductees think that the babies are sick.

The evidence seems to suggest, however, that this is their normal state. Men and children often have skin-on-skin contact with the babies. Human child plays with hybrid children, watched over by gray alien. Humans are taken into a special room where they encounter hybrid children age 2 to As the hybrid children grow, their contact with humans becomes more complex. As toddlers they engage in play behavior often helped by the abductee who is required to teach them games to play.

They are sometimes seen playing with their specific toys. Human children are required to play with the hybrids as equals and also teach them games. Hybred Toddler.

Adolescent hybrid female with large black pupils. When hybrids are adolescent, their roles in the abduction phenomenon expand. They are used as assistants in abduction procedures. They help the aliens and adult hybrids. Some of them have more sophisticated technological devices for their amusement. Others have more contact with humans, sometimes sexual in nature.

Adult female hybrid holds baby before having human woman feed it. Adult hybrids have been playing what appears to be an increasingly important role in the abduction phenomenon. They have been described as conducting abduction procedures in the company of aliens. In recent years, abductees have described complete abductions events conducted by hybrids without the supervision of aliens. They have also engaged in sexual relations with hybrids, bypassing the alien egg harvesting and implantation procedures of female abductees.

Abductees report that some hybrids have had on-going, complex, contact with them since they were children. They see the same hybrid many times over the years. The hybrids age at the same pace as the abductees.

Their relationship is usually reproductively oriented. Sometimes abductees have very positive feelings toward their Personal Project Hybrid, others have extremely negative feelings about what they consider hybrid abusiveness.

Some Personal Project Hybrids are exclusively interested in human life and relations. None of them are interested in human political or institutional aspects of the society. The neurological basis of many of the procedures listed below is just now being identified. Aspects of this neurological control can be done without staring Mindscan procedures. Aliens sometimes place images in abductees minds which they then "view" as if they were happening in reality.

These visions are often of cataclysmic events -war, atomic explosions, meteorite destruction, earthquakes, and so on. At other times they may see routine scenes of middle class life- picnics, walking in a park, and so on. Although the reason for the content is not fully understood, recent evidence has suggested that the viewing of these scenes has an important neurological function in which the abductee will be asked to perform some activity in the future.

Images on a screen train abductee to perform tasks. Sometimes the characteristic scenes of devastation or mundane life are presented on a screen. Often they are accompanied by staring procedures conducted by the aliens while the abductees observe the screens.

Abductees will be required to play out a "charade" in which they are made to believe that some pre-arranged events are occurring and they must interact in that scene which they believe to be real with aliens or other abductees.

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding

Alien sperm breeding