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Amatuer webpages

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We are a printed forum of the activities relating to Amateur Astronomers around the world.

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We are a printed forum of the activities relating to Amateur Astronomers around the world. Our magazine is written by amateur astronomers, for amateur astronomers. Over the course of the past 26 years, we have covered telescopes, large and small, amateur telescope making ATM , mirror grinding, collimating tips, observing techniques, astronomical equipment reviews, home observatories, professional observatories, observing lists, profiles of amateur astronomers, star parties, dark sites, imaging tips and techniques, observing logs, astronomical travel logs, astronomy businesses and their owners, DIY astronomical projects, cosmology, science and astronomy outreach.

In short, we are about all the things and people that make this hobby special. Follow us on Facebook. Robert Reeves details his visit to this remarkable facility and the details and construction of this large telescope. We have our regular feature on asterisms for times when you want to surf the sky with binoculars or a small wide field telescope.

This issue we focus on the constellation of Pegasus. Follow along as Dave hunts some elusive prey like Whiting 1, Leavens 1 and the Koposov clusters. Roy details the issues and solutions. We h ave our updated Star Party Calendar so you can start to plan for your dark sky adventures in Enjoy his beautiful lunar images and some great ideas for lunar observing on your next outing. Nick Retson discusses Shadow Lines during a partial eclipse.

Everyone who has experienced a total or even a partial eclipse knows that there are many interesting anomalies that occur during these brief moments of unusual light. Add this one to your list. For our sketchers, we have a Lunar observing and sketching sample by Harry Roberts Australia and a deep sky sampling by Roy Troxel from his observatory in New Mexico. Richard S Wright Jr. Of course you can also enjoy numerous samples of his beautiful work from various locales.

Video astronomy has revolutionized that way that many people observe. Our Star Person this issue is Samara Nagle left and observatory to the right , is a native of Brazil who now resides in Ohio. Read about her interesting astronomy related adventures in various parts of the world and enjoy a generous sampling of her deep sky images.

The print version will be mailed September 30 and the digital version should go out about that same time. If you are not a subscriber, click on the Subscribe tab and join us in our astronomy adventures. As usual, I hope you enjoy the new issue and wish you lots of time under clear, dark skies and optics that are true.

Charlie Warren: Editor. Rho Ophiuci nebula complex - Image by Scott Rosen. What is Amateur Astronomy Magazine About? All Rights Reserved.

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Amatuer webpages

Amatuer webpages

Amatuer webpages

Amatuer webpages. Top Selling Websites


AC6V's Amateur Radio And DX Reference Guide

We need your support! If you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator you are invited to reserve your free space on this server. Sign Up and you will receive a free qsl. You may also be interested in joining one of over amateur radio mailing lists For DX'ers, take a look at DX.

You can search through over DX logs from over different countries, using our powerful log search engine. You can also view a large collection of dynamic propagation information and reports, including our new Tropo Ducting Reports. Tell your fellow Hams about our free services. Spread the word, encourage this site to all Amateur Radio Operators -- the more the better.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks for the support!

Amatuer webpages

Amatuer webpages