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Bicurious lust

Bicurious lust

Bicurious lust

Party Chat. View My Subscriptions. Andrew Haldenby. Celebrating Greediness in 5 of my Bisexual Films. Sign in to add this to a playlist. Here's what you're missing lhst on! Bi Curious Couples favorites. View Profile. Extremely open minded.

Amanda tit fuck. Not a free member yet?

I was Bicurious lust through the same paper lusy placed our ad and saw: "bi curious couple looking for like couple for wife's first time. This edged both of us to be allot looser with our Biccurious. I sucked and stroked and teased him until the head of his cock looked like it was going to burst. When her Bicurious lust touched me a bolt shot through me. I am a film producer, film maker She started washing Bicurlous and said, "I know Tom can't wait to get hold of that cute little Admin rec arts erotica introduction faq of yours. I sucked on his cock hoping it would grow and get hard, but it stayed small and soft and after a short time he shot his load into my mouth, I didn't expect that! It changes Bichrious evolves all the time. Just Desserts Eating out leads to exceptional personal service! We broke the kiss and she got in her car. She wanted to witness as she'd never actually watched two guys suck each other in person. Never been with a man but my cock got hard quick watching him. He was a younger guy in what looked like his 20s. Bicaptain My Captain likes this.

And most of the time the women will have sex with each other too.

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  • Discussion in ' Bisexual ' started by topper , Jul 29,
  • That's how the ad started that changed our lives forever.
  • Not necessarily.

T he thing is, men grow scratchy hair on their faces and usually I just want a soft cheek to press against. But women, with their soft cheeks, don't often have hard muscles beneath their t-shirts to press against. I come up against these discrepancies over and over; I call them conundrums. Goes like this: How can Ione person on a complicated Kinsey scaleget everything I want?

How do I reconcile what one sex has with what the other one is missing? Can I have my cock and eat pussy, too? Years ago, I assumed bisexuality as the most fitting label for my various desires the politically correct equivalent: omnisexual.

I threw it in a philosophical pot with polyamoury, in attempts to avoid the tug of something always missing, something incomplete. But, polyamourythe most up-to-date, hippest way to love!

I'm glad it's out there, getting people loved and laid, but it doesn't make my orgasms better, my emotional needs more fulfilled, my yearnings less distracting. I hear about all of these fish in the sea. Well, I have been swimming through the oceans hoping to find my mate, not knowing whether it will be a girl fish or a boy fish or a girl-boy fish.

I have been trying to let go of the cons and pros, you know. I got me a dildo. Silicone doesn't come with testosterone, though; in fact, silicone doesn't come at all. And sometimes lesbian bed death could use that particular hormone. Yes, it is nice to feel someone crave me so much that he might explode.

But, you know what men don't have? Slender wrists. Necks I wish to sink my teeth into. It's not all about body partscommunication, too, is different. Admit it: The emotional landscape is different. When I'm with a woman I miss the disparity between the sexes, being able to fold myself into a dynamic in which I retain a bit of mystique.

With men, I begrudge that mystique. I wish they could just read my facial expressions already, hear the tones in my voice as well as my best friend can. Where is the green grass? Green grass! The plight of this bisexual continues. Showing 1- 5 of 5. Add a comment. The couple's guide to everything.

Designers, stores and fashion, all locally-sourced. Interior design and home accessories in Halifax. The official handbook to student life in Halifax.

Halifax's sex secrets revealed. Search s of Halifax restaurants, bars and cafes. The Coast's Well Being Guide. Switch to the mobile version of this page. City Guides. The Coast Halifax. Pin It. Favourite Saving…. Comments 5. Showing 1- 5 of 5 Add a comment.

Subscribe to this thread:. By Email. With RSS. More by Anonymous Lessons from December 6 Dec 6, Select a movie or Select a location. Coast Top Ten Most Read. Back To School Why is it so hard for dog owners to rent in Halifax? Digital Edition. Halifax Weddings The couple's guide to everything. Fashion Designers, stores and fashion, all locally-sourced. Beer Guide. Home Style Interior design and home accessories in Halifax. Student Survival The official handbook to student life in Halifax.

The more unintentional you make it seem the better. Thomastochat , Dec 21, He said " Or more. He stands up from the bench and said he was going back to the steam room. He rolled off me and we lay there stroking each other. I finally found a girl who loves pegging guys 13 min Curious Porn Pass - 31k Views -.

Bicurious lust

Bicurious lust. XXX TRENDS

I was happy to see that BicuriousLust, which is part of a large network of sites didn't screw us over on the galleries. Too often, I find that you end up with crappy video captures in any of these sites coming from big companies, but not here, the pictures come in 53 high-resolution sets , with an option to watch them as a slideshow or even send them as an ecard, XXXmas is just around the corner after all.

It's important to note that to see the photos full-sized you need to click in the center of the frame to open a new window otherwise they show up embedded within the page at regular-resolution.

There are 13 movies to enjoy but unfortunately, they only come in short clips, which is always a bit of a disappointment for me. Nevertheless, they are downloadable in Windows Media format x, kbps. The quality is decent although admittedly it might be better, especially considering how short the clips are, most running under 1-minute so file size and download speed wouldn't be the issue even if the quality was better.

In addition to the main content, you also get access to the All Members Area network with 18 bonus straight sites, another bisexual site, two gay sites, two tranny sites and four fetish sites, all with full-access for your Bicurious Lust membership.

The price is standard so I would like to see improved video quality to match the great picture content before I would consider this site a must-have without the bonuses. Understand the criteria. Scores without comments will be deleted. It takes less than 15 seconds, it's FREE and confidential. Not convinced yet? See the benefits of a membership! Review done by Will Peters. If you have any problem with Bicurious Lust 's website, please use the info below to contact their administrator.

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Rate this site. We no longer link to this site. I was looking through the same paper we placed our ad and saw: "bi curious couple looking for like couple for wife's first time. Must be first timers only. When I told Dave about the ad and he suddenly saw his proclamation from the other night becoming real, he started to back off but I made him promise to call them.

He said he would call the next day from work. The whole next day at work I could not think of anything else and when I got home I was bouncing off walls till Dave got home.

As soon as I kissed him hello my first words were, "What did they say? What are they like? They seem nice, his name is Tom and hers is Sharon. He owns his own business and she stays at home. They agreed to meet us Friday night for diner and if all goes well maybe drinks and dancing. He said he thinks after we meet each couple should have time to think about it and not rush into something in the heat of the moment.

Friday finally came and Dave said to dress nice but sexy. I was wearing a short pleated black skirt with a white button blouse and my water bra that gives me great cleavage especially when I leave a couple buttons open. I wore my white lace thong panties. I thought about not wearing any but in a dark bar with a dark skirt I don't care how short your skirt is a man looking up your skirt is never sure what he is seeing if anything; but with white panties, no mater how small like mine, he knows when he hits pay dirt.

Tom and Sharon were waiting for us outside and said it would be about a 20 minute wait so we went into the bar. Sharon and I both said, almost at the same time, "I could use a drink". Sharon and I are sitting at the bar with the guys standing behind us. We talked about everything getting to know each other. They have been married almost as long as we have but they have no kids. The guys were talking about work and sports and all that guy stuff when Sharon pulled me close and asked, "Are you as scared as I am?

I answered back, "You bet. I don't know how I should act. I don't know what Dave expects of me and I sure don't know what Tom expects. Should I be prim and proper and lady like or should I be more of a tease? In other words act like a lady but tease the hell out of him. The more unintentional you make it seem the better. He likes to look where he thinks he is not suppose to be looking, if you know what I mean. I can't believe I said that I've never openly teased anyone but Tom.

I looked at Dave and it did not go unnoticed by him. Sharon and I continued to talk and were fast becoming friends. We had a lot of things in common. We had just ordered a second glass of wine when the waitress said our booth was ready. We brought our drinks with us and were seated in a round corner booth. The guys let us in first so Sharon and I were sitting next to each other with our husbands next to us. I couldn't help but notice that Sharon was a very beautiful woman and I was attracted to her but old habits die hard and it was her husband I was trying to tease.

I always sit on my leg and with my short skirt, which I pulled up even more, and the way I was sitting facing Tom he had the perfect view up my skirt. What I didn't know was that Dave and Sharon could also see my panties, I guess the skirt was higher than I thought.

Diner was great, the company was great the evening was going very well. Tom asked us to join them at a dance club down the street so we followed them in our car. That gave Dave and I a chance to talk some. I asked Dave what he thought of Sharon and Tom and his answer shocked me. The subject of sex was never brought up even though we all knew why we were there so I was taken back when Dave said, "Sharon is a very beautiful woman and I would love to see her going down on you or you going down on her.

Tom must have given her the go ahead. Once we were in the club she grabbed me and dragged me to the lady's room. While we were fixing our makeup she said, "Tom said he enjoyed your panties back there. You can give them to Tom when you get home to remember the night we all met.

She lightly kissed my mound and as she stood up ran her hand across it. She lightly kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "I sure do hope things work out. I would love for you to be my first.

We joined the guys at the table and she started some serious flirting with both men so I followed her lead. We each danced with both men several times and at one point Sharon was sitting next to me with Tom on her other side and Dave next to him. We were watching the dance floor and Tom started stroking Sharon's leg that was next to me. Sharon took his hand and placed it on me leg and at first he tensed up.

She stroked my leg with his hand till he relaxed. Then she slid her chair back pulling Tom's hand all the way into my bare pussy. He turned to look at her and she just said, "Enjoy" and moved her chair in between Tom and Dave as Tom slid closer to me. Sharon asked Dave to dance and as we watch them head for the dance floor Tom turned to me and always the gentleman asked, "Do you mind? I said, "If Sharon doesn't mind it is fine with me.

She sat down with Dave and shoved his hand under her skirt and pulled him in to kiss him. Dave looked over to me and I pointed down to show him Tom was doing the same to me. Tom pulled me over to kiss him and Sharon reached for Dave's cock.

When Tom broke the kiss he said, "Before things get out of hand I laughed at his choice of words since his was still deep in my pussy I think we should call it a night and let everyone talk about how far this has gone and how far we want it to go.

Dave followed with his arm around Sharon. We were all kissing as we walked to the cars. Tom and I were between their car and ours. He was kissing me deeply and that's when we noticed that Sharon had Dave's cock out stroking it. Tom decided he better get his wife home before it went and farther. She was just starting to bend down to take Dave in her mouth when Tom pulled her up and said it was time to go home.

Tom opened her door for her and I stepped up to her. I put my arm around her and drew her close and kissed her deeply and brought my hand up under her skirt to rub her mound. She started returning my kiss and her hand slid under my skirt.

We broke the kiss and she got in her car. Dave was already in our car and I walked around to my side. When I opened the door the light came on and Sharon and I both saw that Dave never put his cock away. I left the light on so she could see and as they pulled out the last thing she saw was me taking Dave in my mouth as she had wanted to do herself. I knew Dave was ready to cum as soon as I put him in my mouth but I kept him from it till we got home.

We ran to the door pulling our clothes off and once inside we fucked right there on the floor. We didn't even close the door. Dave only lasted about three strokes as I thought he would. He rolled off me and we lay there stroking each other. I was watching his cock and asked him, "Did you enjoy playing with Sharon's pussy? I asked, "Did you like watching Tom play with my pussy? I stroked him a few times and asked the big question, "Did you like watching me play with Sharon's pussy?

He was now fuckable. I climbed on top of him and he slid into me. As I rode him I kept up the teasing, "Would you like to see Tom fuck me? Wouldn't you just love to shove your cock into Sharon's wet pussy? We finally closed and locked the door and went up to bed. Saturday was the longest day of my life. Why haven't they called?

Did things go too far? Did I do something to upset them? Sunday that the phone rang. I jumped at it as if I was expecting Ed Mc Mann to be calling. It was Sharon. She asked, "Can you talk? I said, "Now I can what's the mater? We can't wait to get together with you two again, but there is something else isn't there? I mean can we get together I was hoping we could.

Local Lust: The plight of the bisexual | Sex + Dating Guide | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

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I AM Addicted!!!!!!! Play All View Playlist. Bi Curious Couples favorites. Bisexual MMF 2 favorites. Bisex favorites. Bi boys at the pool with a blonde teen chick Buy Clips. Bi Partisan 5 - Scene 3 Legend. Couple plays with bi-curious gay K views. BiMax K views. Bisexual Swingers 1. Bisexual Men with a Female 1. Bi-Way or the Highway K views. Threeway Bisexual Dannyblk Bi Bi Love 7 - Scene 1 Heatwave. Bi couple fuck gay K views. Live Cam Models. JasmineKenji Party Chat.

Bright girl with a sugar plump lips! Welcome to my world! I'm the sweet MILF next door that loves to get down and dirty! AinsleeDivine Gold Show. Im here just for you! Come and play with my big sexy booty!

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Bicurious lust

Bicurious lust

Bicurious lust