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We all know that a goat usually kids about days after being bred. I am not a goat expert. However, this being my third year kidding, I feel like am I finally getting a wee bit more comfortable at being a goat midwife. Our very first kidding season occurred when I was just a few days postpartum with Prairie Baby. It was….

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples

I was really interested if she handled it well or whether it nipplds a problem but I never heard. My doe is expecting triplets for the second year. I havens heat lamp in there for Kidd but vent open. Goat udders Boer doe multiple nipples multile nipples correctly referred to as goat teats come in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes with deformities. Mar 25, 7. No, create an account now. If your doe is a dairy doe, it is concidered a defect.

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Messages: 12, Glad your Lesbian bodybuildres is A-OK and you have no need to panic. I have a few rescued goats with extra teats and was considering breeding someone just to get some milk some time, but I'm really thinking I'd rather breed my well bred two teated girls. Steppin Out was Boer doe multiple nipples twin, he has a good bite and 1 plus tiny teat on each side. Log in or Sign up. All rights reserved. Related Questions I'd appreciate knowing how many nipples a goat has, please? Sizes to 30'W and 14'H with no limit on the length. It's really a personal Boer doe multiple nipples, but I hate supernumerary teats. Picture taken 12 April

Goat udders and goat nipples correctly referred to as goat teats come in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes with deformities.

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Nothing has changed and there are no kids. The past six years of raising goats have taught me to be patient and to watch for the kidding signs that are legit and true. This can happen days before the babies decide to make their arrival. All that is happening here is the babies have dropped to the lower region of the abdomen. The birth canal is opening and preparing for the birth of the new kids.

Some does will never drop their kids as low as other does will. This is where the milk dropping into the udder becomes a better sign of a near labor. The udder will appear to be more full as you examine and compare from the udder of yesterday. Both quarters, front and back, should be full and tight.

This is the BEST sign that kidding is near. You can feel the udder to examine the tightness. If you were to gently squeeze the udder, there should be no loose skin. It should feel similar to a balloon or ball full of air.

Messy Hair When kids are moving into position for labor, the movements and changes irritates the doe. Swelling of the vulva The vulva is the outer, hairless area under the tail. This is where the kid will come out of her body. The vulva swells when pressure of the kid is there.

So, when you see the vulva looking swelled and larger than normal, get ready. I will admit, I have had does with swelled vulvas up to one month prior to kidding! Tail Ligments are separating This process presents a hollow space between the tail head and the top of the hip. You should be able to fit your fingers all the way around feeling the hollow area.

This generally happens a couple of days prior to the start of labor. Study the signs for a successful kidding season. These five signs have proven time and time again to be useful indicators that kidding time is near. Depending on the doe, sometimes she can show these signs for up to 1 month. Knowing the signs plus knowing your doe and how she carries will prepare you for the estimation of when labor will begin.

The best sure sign to know when your doe will be kidding is to know when she was bred by the buck. If possible, schedule the breedings and document closely. Finally, putting the approximate breeding date with the signs will give you a great understanding and feeling of relief when anxiously awaiting baby kids to love on.

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I believe that extra teats are acceptable in boers, but not in dairy breeds. Here are some pics of my girl. When the vet tipped her over to look at this, she exclaimed "She looks like a little cow! RRD T I see dairy goats raise multiples on 2 normal teats all the time without issue Please use our Forum , or contact us directly warning : we can't read every email.

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples. Bear Creek BC G1068 Harambes Dream Maker


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Discussion in ' Goat Frenzy ' started by Turquoisebird , Mar 24, Log in or Sign up. Inverted nipples on buck kid? Extra teats? Tags: teats nipple buck. Mar 24, 1. He has two normal teats and the inverted spots are symmetrically located right next to his normal teats on either side.

They are inverted little pockets of skin. Anyone know what they are or seen this before? They remind me of belly buttons but there's no central mound of flesh. Turquoisebird , Mar 24, Mar 24, 2. More pics. Mar 24, 3. Mar 24, 4. Wow, never seen anything like that before. I certainly wouldn't chance using him for breeding though. Mar 24, 5. He's going to be banded for sure. Wish I didn't have to. Of course he's my best looking, fastest growing, flashiest kid I had born this year.

The way it goes I suppose. I've googled and asked on other boards, but no one knows exactly what this is yet. Mar 24, 6. Yup, probably from the Boer. Why is it always the best kid of the year that has some odd problem. A few years ago, my best doe had quads- 3 does and a buck. The nicest doeling was a hermie. The 2nd nicest doeling was a freemartin!

The 3rd doeling had already been spoken for. Mar 25, 7. Never heard of or seen this. Can't blame just boers. Mar 25, 8. No, but Boers are more apt to have multiple teats. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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Boer doe multiple nipples

Boer doe multiple nipples