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Read more about us. As your next-to-skin article of clothing, a baselayer plays a fundamental role in pulling moisture away from the body and regulating core temperature. Merino is ultra soft, warm, and handles moisture well, but is very expensive. Below are our picks for the best baselayers of For more information, see our baselayer comparison table and buying advice below the picks.

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear

Smartwool and Icebreaker are the brands that I use the most. Carrie on November 22, at am. Those who prize comfort above all else might choose silk for sleeping, around camp, and other low-output activities. These will come handy! In the case of extreme warming needs, it is also usually the bulkiest layer, and the Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear and easiest to be donned or removed. The result is a baselayer that Campong offers premium next-to-skin comfort but Ameteur art much tougher than pure merino.

Girls volleyball booty. How to Choose the Best Thermals

Aparna Krishnan on December 19, at am. Follow Knderwear On Facebook. I would love to stay warm with IBEX merlino wool thermals. Kristin S on November 6, Amiture striper pm. I have a pair of weatherproof Aquatalia boots which I hope will suffice. First Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear, lightweight, synthetic fabric. Britt on January 11, at am. The Ibex seem really nice. Follow Us On Twitter. Anita on November 2, at am. I would looove to own any of these fabulous brands!

Maintaining maximum dead-air space, and moisture control are the two primary purposes of dressing in layers.

  • What do smart travelers have in common?
  • Polypropylene thermal underwear is the best base layer to keep you warm and dry because it has the lowest thermal conductivity of any traditional long underwear fabric.
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If you're going to buy only one top, this should be it. What distinguished this top from other base layers in our test, though, was its comfort and fit. Our lankiest testers applauded its long sleeve and shirt length, which kept their wrists and backs covered.

The microweight fabric—made of merino wool fibers spun around a nylon core—was particularly soft, non-itchy, and durable compared with the competition. Because the shirt was so thin, in our tests it felt more breathable and dried more quickly than other, similar wool layers.

Heat and vapor were able to escape quickly during movement, especially compared with the Hot Chillys and Duofold base layers we tested. Because it breathed so effectively and offered UPF 30 protection, testers were able to wear this base layer as sun protection with the sleeves rolled down even on warmer days.

It performed equally well layered under jackets for skiing in Colorado, and it stayed warm when it got wet in the moist Pacific Northwest. In our tests, the stretchy, velvet-soft fabric kept the shirt from riding up during movement and made this top ultra-comfortable.

Multiday backpackers and testers who did not wash it after a single wear complained of odor, too. The thick waistband stays up without digging into your belly or rolling over uncomfortably, and the fabric is soft and stretchy without the plasticky feeling of other synthetic base layers. We found it genuinely worth the cost for the fit. We had to pry it away from our testers.

With a stay-put fit rivaled only by our top pick, this US-made base-layer bottom sacrifices some stretch and softness for a better price.

These natural-fiber long johns reduced stink and fit our bodies better than others. The workhorse of base-layer bottoms, the Icebreaker BodyfitZone Zone Leggings were among the best of the bunch in our tests. We liked the fit, the mobility, and most of all, the breathability of this pair of bottoms. Plus, merino wool has natural anti-odor capabilities—and for us, it worked. In addition, I interviewed Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry , the first and only people to hike the 2,mile Pacific Crest Trail in the winter, and pioneers of several 1,plus-mile treks in places like New Zealand and the Himalayas.

In the offseason, Lichter is a ski patroller and Forry is an associate director for Outward Bound. I also spoke with Alli Noland, who has worked for almost a dozen base-layer companies, including the heavy hitters.

At the time of our interview, Noland did not represent any of the companies we considered, but she has since gone on to represent Trew.

She told us which features distinguished notable base layers in her two decades of public relations and outdoor experience. We also picked the brain of designer Outi Pulkkinen from Duckworth to learn how fit could impact the performance of a base layer. Lastly, we talked with Robert Thomas no relation to the author of this piece , senior apparel product line manager at Smartwool, who talked to us about base-layer fit and core-spun yarn technology. The best base layer for you will be the one that fits the dimensions of your body and has a design that you are comfortable wearing.

Our female testers found the Kora Shola Crew —which we tested but was not a pick—to have a straighter, more gender-neutral fit. A good base layer also known as thermal underwear or long underwear is an article of clothing that most outdoorspeople will live in from fall until spring. From hiking in cool and dry areas to skiing and snowshoeing to winter rock climbing, our testers played hard in these tops and bottoms in many varying climates—and then wore them some more.

For this guide, we looked at base layers that functioned as more than just underwear and worked as both a thermal layer and a wicking layer. That way you can stay warm whether you are working up a sweat, sitting around the campfire, or occupying that cold transition time in between.

Fit and comfort are the most important factors. To find the most popular styles and determine which features were must-haves or plain old dealbreakers, we spoke with experts and reviewed print and online coverage from Snowshoe Magazine , GearJunkie , Outside magazine and Outside Online , OutdoorGearLab , Runner's World , Skis.

We perused blogs and customer reviews for dozens of brands, ultimately deciding on the best model from each brand based on the reviews. To supplement what we read, we talked to dozens of outdoor-garment buyers to get their opinions on what they used in the backcountry.

The inclusion of Lululemon might surprise you, but we had found that many John Muir Trail hikers all women were trying to stretch their dollar by using yoga wear as a base layer on the trail. This is a phenomenon documented by REI, which featured a blog article suggesting that yoga-style pants will work for about 50 percent of people enjoying the outdoors. Because many outdoor enthusiasts look to stretch their buck by choosing activewear that works indoors, outdoors, and as a style piece, we wanted to test whether yoga wear could hold up to the standard outdoor-apparel competition.

When we began picking models to test, we eliminated those made with cotton and cotton blends immediately. While such pieces work well enough as thermals when dry and are good at wicking, cotton is not an effective insulating layer when wet either from sweat or rain.

Worse yet, cotton takes so long to dry that it makes wearers feel colder than if they were wearing nothing. Wet cotton is also more likely to cause chafing and rashes than other fabrics. By banning cotton from our review, we cut out common brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom the least expensive options available.

We then concentrated on brands and performance fabrics meant for outdoor exercise. We also included several brands better associated with fashion or athletic wear than with the outdoors, such as Under Armour, Cuddl Duds, and Uniqlo. For this guide, we leveled the playing field by testing items with as similar design features as we could find read: basic crewneck, long-sleeve tops without frills. Last time, we tested base-layer tops with all sorts of elements—hoods, half-zips, thumbholes in the cuffs, and pockets.

Some of these extras made certain base layers more desirable than the standard long-sleeve top, while an occasional poorly executed detail disqualified an otherwise great base layer. This time around, in order to arrive at the best base layer, we believed it was optimal to compare layers that were—at least superficially—designed the same way for the most part. Another benefit of focusing on crewneck base layers is that they are more affordable than their hooded counterparts.

We also traded out midweight tops for lightweight tops, because we had discovered that definitions of midweight varied more widely by company than for lightweight fabric. By testing lightweight layers, we were able to better determine which fabric had the best warmth-to-weight ratio versus which one was simply the heaviest.

With our chosen layers in hand, our seven testers hiked, skied, snowboarded, mountaineered, and climbed their way through four months of testing.

Nearly all of our testers had thru-hiked a 2,plus-mile trail at minimum—an experience that requires living in the same base layer from four to six months—so they had opinions.

They subjected a few of our top-ranked base layers to hundreds of miles of use on similar trips. Some lived and worked in base layers, while others loved layers for casual hiking and day-to-day wear. Our testers took these base layers to extremes in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Japan, and Florida why not?

Fit: Long johns keep you warm by trapping heat in the small gap between your skin and the base layer. This gap allows you to keep a relatively consistent temperature, like being in your own temp-regulated bubble, because the base layer thermoregulates, releasing warm air when the temperature rises and keeping you warm when the mercury dips.

The key is to make sure that gap is the right size. Winter-adventuring duo Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry suggested that a base layer should have a relaxed form fit—trim enough to layer over without being bulky. It should not hang off loosely from any part of your body.

A tighter fit can constrict circulation, so the body feels colder. Exposed skin: We asked testers of varying heights and body types whether the design of the layer left any body part feeling naked. Comfort: Does the fabric feel soft, stiff, or plasticky and wetsuit-like? Does it allow a full range of movement? Is it scratchy? Does it make you itch? The more minimal, the better it will feel. Some base layers up their breathability with mesh-like panels in key hot-spot areas, such as the armpits.

All the base-layer fabrics we tested were breathable, but some were more breathable than others. Wicking: In addition to allowing water vapor to escape through breathable fabric, base layers help the body regulate temperature by wicking moisture drawing it away from the skin and spreading it to a broader surface area to evaporate faster. The more quickly your layer dries out, the less likely you are to feel cool and clammy while moving, or when you stop moving.

Wickability depends a lot on fit. There is nothing in the fiber that gives it that feature. They need a treatment. When a manufacturer treats these fibers on the outside of the garment with a hydrophilic or water-loving topical treatment, the synthetic fabrics start attracting water away from the skin and toward the outer layer of the fabric.

Hydrophilic treatments absorb water and disperse it to a greater surface area to reduce evaporation time. These treatments turn the synthetic fabric into a moisture-wicking layer but can wash out of the garment over time. Manufacturers can also make synthetic base layers moisture-wicking by blending hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers, a process that tends to be more permanent.

The better your layer wicks, the less cold you will feel from sweat when you stop being active. Drying time: Once moisture has wicked away from your skin and into the fabric, it should disperse across a wider surface area to help the layer dry out faster.

We tested drying time by running all the layers through the wash and hanging them up. We ordered the layers based on how moist they felt right after the spin cycle. Then, every five minutes, we rearranged the order based on moistness until all the layers were dry, recording how long each layer took to attain dry status. We did this test inside a garage, outdoors at night, and outdoors during the day, and got comparable results for each testing period.

Temperature: This one seems obvious, but it can be a little tricky because a base layer needs to keep you warm in a variety of temperature-changing situations. Base layers work by switching from a wicking layer when you are active to a thermal layer when you are taking a break in the cold. They also need to work during the transition time in between. Odor: Wool has natural antibacterial features.

Style: Is the piece stylish enough to wear alone, or do you always need to wear this underwear under something else? Can it work as an athleisure or athletic-lifestyle fashion accessory in addition to a performance piece?

Value for price: High-end and high-price base-layer fabrics include cashmere, mohair, and alpaca wools. These materials tend to have higher tensile strengths, feel less itchy, and be less absorbent. We kept our eyes peeled for American-made long johns, as well as companies that offered recycling or take-back programs for used gear. We also thought about ethics in the manufacturing process. People care about the treatment of the sheep raised for wool more than ever.

It creates a warm microclimate, like a thin, personal temperature-regulated bubble. So the other job of a base layer—besides warming and cooling—is to wick sweat away from your skin to keep you from feeling chilled.

April G on November 1, at pm. Cindy on November 22, at am. These would make my old bones happy too!!! Polypropylene Thermal Underwear for Men and Women. Thermals are a good option to avoid bulkiness. I would love to win a set of thermals because my daughter lives in cold Ohio, Reply. There are many different brands you'll find polypro thermals in.

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear

Camping clothes polypropolene long underwear. LONG UNDERWEAR THAT WORKS AND FEELS GREAT!

Shop below, and remember, your order is guaranteed by our free returns policy , and thousands of satisfied customers. Polypropylene Thermal Underwear for Men and Women. Polypropylene Thermal Underwear for Men and Women All the reasons polypropylene is the most popular synthetic fiber material for thermal underwear: Affordable Long lasting Wicks moisture away from your body Fast drying Recyclable Shop below, and remember, your order is guaranteed by our free returns policy , and thousands of satisfied customers.

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Show: 20 50 All. Quick View. Add to Cart. Quick View Sale. Today's Deal. There are no products matching the selection. My Account. I do a lot of walking through nature trails in the winter and would also find thermals useful to use during my frequent travels when the temperatures drop!

I like thermals very much. I dream to visit Iceland and I need thermals. We are going to New Hampshire this winter and these would come in super handy, love that they are light and still keep you warm. Love the Ibex Thermals. Thanks for this great article, very useful indeed! And that leaves me freezing, like, to death ahahah.. Thank you for this information!

These look so cozy! They would come in extremely handy if this winter is as cold as the last one.. These would be great. Not only are they great for travel, because you never know what is going to hit in winter time, but mostly these would be awesome for winter in general everyday. Always looking for lightweight, but warm thermals that are functional for any kind of weather, because our winters can be long and very cold. So the new set of thermals will never be some extra.

All of my friends swear by Burton! I love all of their designs and patterns! I just need something to keep me warm for winter sports like snowboarding! Heck I would wear them even just to walk the dog or lounge around the house! It will keep me warm on a winter day. Thanks for the giveaway! Living in Alaska and enjoying the outdoors has resulted in a drawer full of base layers…mostly black. I would love to be brave and wear some colorful insulation!

Burton has my vote and since these layers seem to last, the price is right for a quality investment! Alyeska Resort here I come! Merino Wool thermals would be a life saver for our trip to Alaska in January! Nothing keeps me warm and cool!!! Angelina is my favorite! These are great choice to cope with cold weather where I live.

Thanks for sharing. This would be great to use on my next trip to Maine this winter to see my sister.. This December will be my first experience in Europe during the winter season so these thermals would be very useful!

Thanks for all the info this post was very helpful!! I love the travel and adventure that goes along with snowboarding — these thermals will help keep me on the slopes longer. Merino thermals are the best. They are so lightweight and great for traveling. They are also great when I have to walk to work in the snow.

I really need some new thermals for the winter! Thanks for sharing such an awesome list! I really need some thermals for winter! Thanks for such a great list to choose from! The weather at soccer fields can be unforgiving — nothing to block the wind and cold! A new set of thermals are the answer — light packing and adequate warmth! Wearing something that looks good and keeps me warm would be fantastic.

These will come handy! Living in Canada prepares me for winter, but it does not mean traveling light to England in early spring will be easy. All my heavy, warm clothes will be too heavy for light packing.

The varied weather in the UK in early spring scares me, I keep hearing the Scotland in May can be like March here at home. I would love to win the thermals. After reading the above list, I realized that I currently own silk glove liners from Terramar Love!

I would love to win a pair of your thermals! I am such a big fan of the Ibex Merino leggings. I bought a pair in and just decided To retire them last winter. I love how nice and long they are and the odour resistance. I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer and my internal temperature gauge is going crazy.

I range from extreme hot to freezing cold in seconds. I also suffer from circulation problems but if I keep my trunk warm, my extremities stay warmer. I love to travel and I like to pack as light as possible. I believe trying the Ibex thermals would be excellent choice in my frustrating attempts to stay warm but not too heavy!

Ibex thermals would be great for skiing and then staying cozy by the fire. I am from Europe and I am going home to Slovakia at the beginning of December. Also, I am planning on going to Scotland in January and after that to Ireland. The winter time in Europe is super chilly and freezing, so it will be very cold in those countries.

I would love to win the set of thermals which will keep me warm and it will be a nice present from USA which I will bring back to Europe with me.

Being from a pretty sunny state, I rely on thermals to help keep me warm during winter travels. I live in Israel. We have heat in the winter. I am therefore very important to have good thermal underwear — like Ibex.

I want to try Ibex next, I like clothing made by outdoor companies — I find them to be very well-built for adventure!

A great pair of long underwear will help me pack light, but still be comfortable as we explore the Emerald Isle. It is great to see Cuddle Duds has expanded their line and styles. I have a couple of pieces from years ago that look like they were designed for old ladies.

I would most definitely make use of some new lightweight and warm thermals! I have lots of trips planned for next year, one of which is Europe in March which is always changeable!

Winter is coming so I could really use some toasty new Ibex Thermals. I get cold easily and my travels always take me to chilly places for the holiday season. I live in Boston. Last winter made my winter wardrobe obsolete. Please help me, Travel Fashion Girl, stay warm without the bulk!

I would love to win these ibex thermals! My family owns a farm and we are out in the weather all the time. Thermals have been my go to since I was kid! I would love to win a set of Ibex thermals because I want to travel carryon only even if the weather outside is cold!

Help me pack light every time! And to stay warm when not traveling but going about my day in winter here in the States. I would love to win the set of thermals, because I find merino wool to be the best material ever, and it would definitely keep me warm without having to pack bulky sweaters! Fingers crossed! It would be great to lighten the load with these great thermals and look great at the same time — better than the old waffle weave! I travel during cold weather months for work, identifying horses.

I am outside for hours on end, sometimes in extreme conditions. I would love to stay warm with IBEX merlino wool thermals. Right now, my favorite is a very old pair of Cuddle Duds that was bought in college for ski trips. They are more lightweight and just as warm as fleece tights. Warm and light without the bulk is always a winner in my books!

They offer a variety of base layer styles for men and women. The clothes are amazingly lightweight, and thin enough to wear under anything. I will be in a small mountain village in Nepal this January and February, helping with the earthquake relief efforts. This village has no electricity, no phone, no WiFi, and. I have Wintersilks and Duofold thermals. An additional layer of merino would really help! Always enjoy your posts, TFG! As for thermals, I find wool or a wool blend to be best in both wet and dry cold environments.

A pair of thermals could open up a whole new season of travel. I would love to have a set of merino wool thermal for my gap-year trip next year. I heard it is so warm and comfy for winter. I live in tropical country so it is hard to find merino wool clothing here. I would love to win merino wool thermals! We ski and have had smart wool ski socks, but never knew about the tee shirts, light weight jackets or thermals!

Definitely will be adding essential pieces over time! Would love to give IBEX merino thermals a try this winter!!! It was indeed a life saver. I am currently planning my trip to Canada and I believe my new Ibex thermals would keep me warm and stylish.

I love seeing the world without worrying about the cold and a bulky backpack. New thermals! So my winter travel plans this year include a trip on a cruise boat from Vancouver to Los Angeles in the middle of December. Thermals provide a layer under my maxi skirt or the endless cardigan that that seems to come up during this time of year. I like that thermals can fit under my fancier clothes.

I did one year of my PhD here and will finish in Brussels where I was just awarded a 4 year scholarship , earning a joint degree from both universities while traveling between the two places. Not to mention traveling around Europe on weekends! I love Ibex, have several pieces and have yet to be disappointed. I also love TFG and all the great travel tips.

A win- win combination! I travel to the Chilean Andes for work a couple of times a year. I always pack a pair of thermals to help me sleep through the sub-freezing nights. I would love to win the Ibex and keep warm during winter travels. And of course, got to get those Angelina leggings too! I would love to win a set of Ibex thermals for fall and spring camping trips. I hate feeling weighed down in a layer after layer of clothing, just to attempt to stay warm at night.

Not only would these help keep me warm during my upcoming holiday travel, but they would really help in the readjustment of living in the Midwest again after living in SoCal for a few years. Went to Paris in November and CuddleDuds saved the day and kept me warm under my clothes.

But when I cruise the North Sea I am going to need some serious warmth. Went to Paris in November and stayed warm with CuddleDuds. A wise foundation to any cold weather wardrobe. Thanks for the round up and the reminder of how convenient base layers are. I will be investigating some of the less expensive options for my upcoming trip to Scotland. Perhaps if I plan to do more outdoor travel in the future, those merino layers will be worth the investment.

Aiming for a carry-on only to avoid the chaos. These should help! Thanks for the tips! Thermal base layer is crucial, and these look great. Thanks for the advice! I travel and I used your list of leggings and actually bought two pair of the fleece lined leggings.

I look forward to your next article. I find you very informative.. Thank you so much! I would love to have a set of thermals to open up more possibilities for travel!

Snoeshoe, ski, sled… hey! Going to Antarctica is on my bucket list! I have a feeling I may need thermals there! I have always kept my distance from thermals because it brought to mind the itchy things from my childhood. And my husband and I have begun initial planning for both Iceland and Norway so the thermals would definitely be a useful wardrobe addition.

I would love to win a pair of Ibex thermals. I get cold easily and always need layers in the winter. I am going on my first ever overseas holiday in December to London, Italy, Paris and Scotland and all those places will be cold.

I do get a lot colder than I did when I was younger. I can really use these terrific thermals! I would LOVE to win these beautiful thermals. So… I have been freezing for all 8 weeks I have been here! And we are avid downhill skiers, always a frosty adventure in Canada! These thermals sound like a great addition to my packing list. Going to get a lightweight pair to wear for my next flight.

The Ibex seem really nice. I love how sleek most of them are! Massachusetts gets pretty cold and last winter I shoveled our driveway quite a bit… so these would be nice! I have a lot of travel this winter to cold places! Looking at base layers now and this helped, thanks! Smartwool and Icebreaker are the brands that I use the most. Great article!!! I love thermals, especially Merino. My goal to to pack my toddler AND my clothes in a carry-on. So that means zero bulk.

Wish me luck! I ski, and a nice non- bulky base layer is a must!! Easy to pack and moisture wicking make skiing less confining and toasty!!

I travel between the east coast and Wisconsin in January and thermal under layers are a must! Also, as a knitter, I love seeing merino wool items available commercially in these light weight fabrics.

Merino wool thermals are amazing! Help me survive the bitter cold. I would love to win thermals! I would wear them when I go skiing or just sitting around the house on a lazy winter day! All the thermals shown actually look awesome — thanks for the reviews. Merino sounds wonderful for winter travels with the kids! My last big trip was to a warm weather climate and required very different items in my backpack! I have to make many trips into the city, and because parking is so expensive, my mom has to wheel me blocks in the frigid temperature to the office.

I would give them to her, because she has done so much, and I would never be able to afford these thermals. Thank you for the opportunity! I travel between Colorado and the east coast Year round. I need that layer of warmth without packing tons of clothes and so I can pack light during the winter too. I have always wanted to try the Ibex thermals. I have a dress from them and love it! I would love to win the merino thermals for my July trip to Norway. Thanks for the opportunity!!

What a great article! I would love to add a set of merino thermals to my travel wardrobe. Merino is one of my favourite travel materials so adding something new would be much appreciated. Hi Micheline, I know what you mean about the Uniqlo thermals aka. Even with several layers, it can still get pretty cold. Are they really warm? I love my cuddly duds and I would love to try out some new brands.

I love thermals! I would love to win the thermals! But I really want to spend my winter break in Europe, and I think the Ibex thermals will be a perfectly warm addition to my carryon only travels. I hope I win, but good luck to everyone who enters!!! I love Arizona—even in the summer, but am always cold when I travel! As I visit my family in California throughout the winter, I need a set of Ibex thermals to help me stay warm!

These would keep me cozy and warm, and I also like the style! Thanks for the reviews! I managed to find the icebreaker set on special and I absolutely love them. Maybe saving up and only going to warm places would allow one to purchase several baselayers… ooh, the possibilities! Oh the places I could go with these ibex thermals!!!! I would laugh at the cold and run for adventure!!! These would make my old bones happy too!!!

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They get rave reviews. Jonelle on November 30, at pm. I would looove to own any of these fabulous brands! Jonnie on November 24, at pm. Amy on November 24, at pm. As a frequent traveler and avid snowshoer, these would be a welcome addition to my suitcase. Carolina Kelly on November 24, at pm. Christine Holliday on November 24, at am.

Angelica on November 24, at am. Hannah on November 23, at pm. Dianne Brelsford on November 23, at pm. Alex Reynolds on November 23, at am. Kaitlyn Compart on November 22, at pm.

Aless White on November 22, at pm. Lisa L. Moriah Messineo-Benge on November 22, at pm. LuAnne on November 22, at am. Kelly Barnett on November 22, at am. Lightweight, cozy and comfortable. Easy to care for. Theses thermals are ideal! Cindy on November 22, at am. Donna Brakefield on November 22, at am. I would love to win a set of thermals because my daughter lives in cold Ohio, Reply.

Linda on November 22, at am. Carrie on November 22, at am. LLPirate on November 22, at am. Kristin on November 22, at am. Chloe on November 22, at am. Rust on November 22, at am. Ibex thermals are so wonderful for surviving the windy winters of Chicago. Monica on November 21, at pm. Kerri on November 21, at pm.

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They seem both stylish and warm. Melissa on November 14, at am. Danielle Grant on November 13, at am. Chrisanthy Sotiropoulou on November 12, at am. Thank u! Talley on November 11, at pm. LaurenS on November 11, at am. Martha on November 12, at am. Winnie on November 11, at am. Anne on November 10, at pm.

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Reni on November 7, at am. KateS on November 6, at pm. Stella Martis on November 6, at pm.

How to Dress for Winter Camping Like The Pros Do - Tips

What do smart travelers have in common? Frequent flyers use thermals under their clothes so they can travel carry-on only even in winter. Find out the brands our readers most recommend! The best thermal underwear for women often feature popular and recommended fabrics, such as merino wool and polyester blends, because they are lightweight, ultra-warm, and wick away moisture. Another smart traveler secret is to re-wear clothing more than once without washing.

Read more tips about this strategy here! One of the biggest benefits of traveling with clothing made with merino wool is that it can be reworn several times without washing. Some travelers have even gone weeks wearing it repeatedly without washing it! Due to this reason, you only need to travel with one pair of woolen thermal underwear on a trip helping you pack light yet stay extremely warm.

The biggest downside with merino wool and silk thermal underwear is the price. All you need is one pair! Keep an eye out for sales. Synthetic blends are a less expensive option.

Keep in mind that cotton is the least effective fabric for winter under clothes such as thermals. It absorbs moisture, preventing your clothing from helping you stay warm. While they also offer fleece-lined tops and bottoms, their silk layers are most noteworthy. Takes up no room, and layers perfectly.

As an added bonus, did you know merino wool makes a great base layer for dry suit scuba diving? ColdPruf creates knitted and thermal underwear products that give off a familiar, cozy feeling. Thermal Top Thermal Bottom. Cuddl Duds thermal leggings get top marks from our readers. They are amazing. I walked all over New York City in below freezing weather and I was warm. Soft, comfy, and hand wash well. The shirts are terrific, and the leggings are excellent under other leggings or pants.

A Cuddl Dud crewneck, with a button up shirt and a merino sweater, was perfect for very cold weather urban sightseeing. Ditch the button up shirt for normal cold, add a decorative scarf, and stay toasty! TFG readers love their classic and best thermal underwear for women, especially for their budget-friendly prices.

Made for the adventure traveler, Icebreaker creates clothing options to match your outdoor necessities. Anubha, one of our guest writers, lives in the Canadian arctic and wears Icebreaker all day every day. I would also recommend their socks and undies, if you want to go for a full-wool ensemble. I have several tops and dresses, they can be layered up with boots and tights in winter or worn with sandals in summer.

The fabric is amazing — it stays fresh for many wearings! For a trip to an extremely cold destination, read our post on what clothing to wear in the arctic! Their snug-fitting, moisture control products are made with cotton, polyester, and spandex blends.

Baselayer Top Baselayer Bottom. Merino wool is one of the most perfect fabrics for keeping you warm and comfortable all day. It will naturally wick moisture away from your body. It is anti-bacterial and resists odors. You can wear it to stay warm in winter or cool in summer.

You also can wear it as a baselayer or a mid-layer, if you need additional warmth. The merino wool leggings and top feature super soft fabric, with no itch. This Meriwool quick-drying shirt and thermal leggings have a loop you can use to hang them dry. Our readers suggest the best merino wool sweaters! While the other bottoms listed in this article act as the perfect under clothes layers, these styles from Angelina are the best thermal leggings for winter to be worn on their own.

Thermal bottoms tend to loosen with wear but since these leggings have a microfiber spandex blend. Who gets your vote for the best thermal underwear for women? Comment and share! This is a very helpful list — thank you for pulling it together — but I wonder about sizing.

I am a plus size gal looking for thermals — who do you recommend? I worry these may be made for the non-plus crowd — thanks in advance!

Hi Lori, thank you for reaching out! For the best options for extended sizing, Minus33 thermals are available in a variety of sizing. The other options featured on the article including the Terramar Thermal Underwear, Duofold thermals, and Icebreaker are available in sizing up to XL.

Hope this helps. Happy travels! I have a pair of weatherproof Aquatalia boots which I hope will suffice. I just think get a sense of how cold it can get. Thank you for this great article! Hi Aparna, so pleased you enjoyed the article! I would invest in one pair of merino thermals, but it would depend on how badly you feel the cold.

What is the weather like where you live? Have an awesome trip, and a fantastic new year!! Thank you Alex. I decided to take a puffer jacket and a coldpruf bottom along with a merino wool base layer top. Hopefully it should keep me warm.

I to am travelling thru Russia and Iceland then to Cairo have no winter clothing this will be December thru to end of January would like some advice on clothing and shoes comfortable for walking in cold conditions. Have an incredible trip! Got any ideas? Hi Carol, I am sorry to hear that. Nice article and great clothes! I fell in love with thermal clolthes, especially merino wool. It keeps me warm during Australian winter. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with thermal clothing!

Ideally they would be look like any other opaque tights, high waisted, a tiny bit transparent and have a matte finish. I would think they would need a bit of stretch to achieve this, otherwise you would get baggy knees.

Not a good look! Thanks, this is the best blog ever!! Hi Mira, thanks for your question. Thanks Alex! I actually ended up with the Falke Merino blend tights and they seem like they will be perfect.

So soft and warm they seem stretchy enough. Also, amazingly, they were almost half the price of Amazon on the British high end fashion site MatchesFashion. Matches was great, free shipping, free returns and got to me in California from the UK in 3 days! I work in Russia and can vouch these work well.

Cuddl duds thermals are not comfy! The material is not soft and the fit is too tight. I really regret wasting my money on these! I have yet to own merino wool under layers! I have recently started my wanderlust and definitely think these are a must have in my packing list! Great list. I may have to travel to Saskatchewan Canadian prairies in January.

Extra warm long underwear is a must. Thermals really make all the difference in cold weather. I love all the funky and functional options available nowadays! I would love to win this thermal layers in order to use them in my next europe trip, I am going to Rome, Prague and Germany.

I come from a tropical weather in mexico, I am freezing here in france and its not even decmeber!! ALso, their lovely designs are easy to match with casual clothing.

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