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Cindy suzuki model

IMDb Everywhere. Like this: Like Loading Quick Links. I still have all those photos, too! I wouldn't even dare to buy anything with a tube-top cut as I knew I wouldn't wear them - even for special occasions.

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If you asked me five years ago, I would be incredibly timid to wear an outfit like this. I'd like to think my favorite medium for showcasing creativity has always been apparel; most especially through my daily outfits in grade school. I openly embraced the latest trends, looked for inspiration in style magazines on weekends my stash of Teen Vogue magazines remains a prized possession , and photographed my daily outfits before 'gramming them was a thing.

I still have all those photos, too! Maybe for another day on here. Spaghetti straps were sparse in my wardrobe, and I wasn't quite comfortable with v-neck cuts. I wouldn't even dare to buy anything with a tube-top cut as I knew I wouldn't wear them - even for special occasions. In retrospect, this poorly manifested from my adherence to school dress codes. I avoided detention like the plague: I would have probably been on your list of people least likely to receive it.

Naturally, when our high school's dress code prohibited visible tank-tops, you can bet I never left the house without a layering piece.

As fate would have it, on the sole day I dared to defy our dress code, I was swiftly reprimanded for wearing… a tank top. It was the first week of junior year, and we were still reeling from summer's heatwave. Daringly, I wore a grey knit tank top with a crocheted neckline from Forever 21 similar with jeans rare!

Bonus bold move: I didn't bring a jacket with me as my plan of attack was to stay hidden between crowds through the day.

With fingers crossed, I successfully made it through my first two classes without any comment of my top. Alas, as I was moving onto my third class of the day, I was pulled aside by the then-Assistant Principle. They told me to give them my name, put on a layering piece by my next class, or be sent home. When I finally got to class, I was shaking yes young folks, I was literally shook. Some may have brushed this off with teen angst by speaking against the administrator.

Or, others would have probably asked the whole class if anyone had a second layer to spare me from trouble. In defense of my awe-struck self, I realized almost no one was wearing a second layer in class because, well, it was hotter than hell. While I wish I was empowered enough to stand by my choice of clothing back then, I was defeated. As I heard the class phone ring, a gut-wrenching feeling came over me as I knew administration was calling for me. I pleaded: I motioned that I had no defiant marks on my record prior to this incident — which was true — and promised to find a solution before my class was over.

While the act itself seems so insignificant, it subliminally stuck with me for years to come. I never acted out in school or blatantly broke rules, so to be in trouble for something of this nature gave so much shame to year-old me. Even in a relaxed dress code environment at UC Davis, I rarely bothered to try outfits with barely-there straps. I really credit this look as the first time in a long time that I felt comfortable trying something that I surely could never wear in high school.

When looking back at the dress code incident, I find it utterly destructive to have lost classroom time to be reprimanded for wearing a tank top. Rather, in my long-term relationship with clothing, this provides a defining point with my relationship to my body and continues the ever-existent dialogue on school dress codes. Students of varying body types can also feel unfairly reprimanded, to which dress codes serve as a loose guiding point. We all comprise much more substance and character beneath what we wear, and we ought to hold that integrity when understanding others, too.

Repeat after me: I am more than what I wear. Color crushin' with Casetify. Shop this look:. Newer Older.

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Cindy suzuki model

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Cindy suzuki model

Cindy suzuki model

Cindy suzuki model