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Daddy Yankee unknown. Damn i really want to go see Daddy Yankee in concert. Yo, have you heard " La Gasolina " by daddy yankee. Instead, the man born Raymond Ayala personifies kinetic energy, picking up momentum with every passing day and expanding his already massive fan base. His live album, Barrio Fino en Directo was certified platinum a mere fifteen weeks after its release and, to date, has sold over one million copies just in United States.

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

Certainly lends the news header, " Daddy Yankee gives Daddy dj gasoline yankee some gasolina ," a whole new twist. Posing with male fans, he put on a tough-guy frown, at the same time leveling an index finger in their direction, as if to say, "No, you're the man. Last February, performing at a televised Latin music awards ceremony, he glided from the Shakira hips don lie nude in a tricked-out, floating Lamborghini, peering down at the audience and a waiting line of scantily clad female dancers, shouting something that could be construed as a rallying cry for Latino Dxddy. Of course, "gasolina" is Spanish for gasoline. And the single, which is entirely in Spanish, cleverly Daddy dj gasoline yankee Puerto Rican slang, with a double meaning that Dacdy certain sexual overtones. InEl Cangri. Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Now that he has help from a big label, his associates say he is fixated on pushing his music onto the world stage.

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The song stayed true to reggaeton's musical stylings of synthesized beats yet had a catchy chorus. Thursday 3 October That desire to be the best is what has pushed us to be better. InAyala won several international awards, making him one of the most recognized reggaeton artists within Wild teen flicks music industry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. December 10, Ayala has worked in the film dm as both an actor and producer. Tuesday 30 July Thursday 24 October Sunday 12 May Main article: List of dm Daddy dj gasoline yankee nominations received by Daddy Yankee.

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  • Ayala aspired to be a professional baseball player, and tried out for the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball.
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  • The song was released as the album's lead single in and became a hit, peaking inside the top 10 on some of the charts it entered.
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A long time ago, before he started draping himself in huge diamond medallions, before flocks of teenage girls began trailing him nearly everywhere, before he had a staff of 15 working day and night on the maintenance of his image, Daddy Yankee had a regular name, which was Raymond Ayala.

When he is at home in Puerto Rico, his parents still call him Raymond, as does his older brother Nomar, who works as one of his managers, his wife, Mirredys Gonzalez, who is another manager, and his former neighbors at Villa Kennedy, the run-down San Juan public-housing project where he lived until a few years ago.

To just about everybody else, he is Daddy Yankee. He picked this name for himself back when he was a teenager obsessed with rap music. He identified with guys like Dr. Dre and Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, the first-generation rappers, even though he was a Spanish speaker who'd never left Puerto Rico and couldn't understand a thing they said.

He was, by his own account, a pudgy young kid with no money but possessing a certain brazen faith in his own possibility, a sense that he, too, would outgrow not just his name but his circumstances too.

At 13, he rechristened himself Daddy Yankee. In street slang, it means "powerful man. These days, when Daddy Yankee, who is now 29, performs before throngs of adulatory fans, he will sometimes shout out alternative names for himself, including El Cangri the chief and El Rey the king. Daddy Yankee's album "Barrio Fino," which was released in , has sold more than 1.

The album's hit single, "Gasolina," became a party anthem that -- akin to Ricky Martin's hit "Livin' La Vida Loca" -- broke out of the Latin niche and was embraced by masses of clubgoing, booty-shaking Anglo-Americans. Despite the fact that Americans bought 48 million fewer record albums last year than in , one bright spot for the music industry was Latin music: sales grew by 12 percent, according to Nielsen SoundScan. When I flew to San Juan in November to meet Daddy Yankee, he had just returned to Puerto Rico for the first time in several months, having completed a stop tour of the U.

The early release of his single, "Rompe," a pulsing dance track embroidered with Yankee's trademark staccato rhyming, was climbing to No. I was third in line for him that day, behind a local newspaper reporter and photographer who had been waiting almost two hours to meet him. Perez, a petite woman wearing high heels and a silk suit, has the unenviable job of marshaling both the artist and the growing number of people who require something from him.

Most of her energy was directed toward a relentless speed-dial volley between Yankee's primary handlers -- his brother and his wife -- and his new corporate overlords.

Reebok people were flying in to San Juan for a photo session the next day. By the time Daddy Yankee stepped out of his silver BMW sedan into the steamy heat of midday, dressed nattily in a black T-shirt and an impeccably pressed pair of jeans, two pancake-size diamond-crusted "DY" medallions dangling auspiciously from his neck, San Juan's lunch hour was in full swing.

Office workers disgorged through the revolving doors of their corporate towers. A flock of uniformed schoolgirls alighted on the corner. Heads swiveled. Traffic slowed. Drivers lowered their windows. At a nearby Pizzeria Uno, a group of waitresses abandoned their tables to rush outside, pens and notepads lofted in anticipation of an autograph. The first cries came on cue: "Yankeeeee!

He raised a fist in a dynamic salute to the drivers on the street. He signed an old lady's shirt. He flung an arm around each one of the schoolgirls, smiling boyishly for their cameras. Posing with male fans, he put on a tough-guy frown, at the same time leveling an index finger in their direction, as if to say, "No, you're the man.

A half-hour later, the only person sulking was the local photographer, who wanted to catch Daddy Yankee in an authentic moment -- standing in front of a graffiti-covered wall, leaning up against a streetlight, anything. But it was not going to happen. The hubbub had simply become too great. Spend time with Daddy Yankee, and inevitably, as rappers tend to do, he will start talking about "what's real.

And most important, he himself is real. What he means by this is that despite the recent bonanza of five-star hotel stays and glowing reviews of his work, he is still, at heart, the son of a crime-ridden San Juan barrio -- and his music still represents this. It is, of course, the existential quandary of any ghetto-proud artist whose street credibility starts to erode as success carries him further from the streets, but Yankee seems openly pained by the prospect.

With three young children and millions of newly earned dollars, he has moved his family to a roomy house in the beachfront area of Isla Verde, but he also owns the three-room public-housing apartment where he and Mirredys, whom he married when he was 17, lived until We were riding through San Juan in the backseat of his car, which was piloted by his brother Nomar, a soft-spoken and loosely paternal presence. In what seemed to be a regular habit, Yankee had taken off his diamond pendants, which are elaborately scrolled renderings of his initials, made for him by a jeweler in the Bronx, and hung them over the headrest of the front seat.

San Juan is a beautiful, tired city, lush with palm trees and powdery sand beaches. Behemoth cruise ships sit nosed up to its piers; casinos clang and jingle on the waterfront.

Old San Juan, colonized by the Spanish in the 's, has the same sultry charm as Seville. Beyond it, though, lie neighborhoods of squat, hurricane-resistant houses, whose cheerful paint belies a different reality. Fed by a bountiful drug trade, San Juan's streets are famously violent.

Puerto Rico's per capita murder rate in was more than three times the average of the rest of America. You have no other choice. It was, he claims, a case of mistaken identity. He spent the next six months in bed; it was a year before he could walk. That hiatus from street life was what persuaded him that he should focus full time on making music.

He went to college as well, earning an associate's degree in accounting in , in order to help himself better navigate the music business. At times, Daddy Yankee can sound like an evangelist, sermonizing about the plight of the urban underclass, pointing out both the richness and depravity of life on his native island. One of the most powerful tracks on "Barrio Fino" is "Corazones," a ferociously delivered bit of protest poetry that laments the "spirit of death" in Puerto Rico, implores politicians to budget more money for teachers and proposes a gang truce.

Privately, he acknowledges that his hopes are unrealistic but nonetheless worth voicing. Yankee's ultimate power, however, lies in the ability to switch between agendas. In San Juan, club attire for women is normally high heels, bare legs and just enough spandex to cover the parts that need covering. The dance style most in vogue is a graphic, butt-to-crotch meld referred to as "el perreo" -- the doggie.

Yankee passes little time in clubs these days, saying that he prefers to spend nights in his recording studio with friends or to be with his wife and children -- ages 7, 9 and He does not drink or use drugs, saying that alcohol was "an issue" in his house while he was growing up. By all accounts, he is a tireless worker and a shrewd businessman, having started his own record label, El Cartel, when he was just He put out four albums this way -- overseeing everything from manufacturing to marketing himself.

Now that he has help from a big label, his associates say he is fixated on pushing his music onto the world stage. He learned it quick. According to Prado, Yankee asks him to practice media interviews in English during the three-hour-plus flights they regularly take between New York and San Juan. Perhaps as a result, Yankee comes off as polite, articulate and polished to a high gloss. Depending on what the moment calls for, Yankee can pout and sneer with thuggish authority, and he can work a certain coltish charm.

He speaks to women in a buttery, lilting voice and will impulsively reach out to squeeze your arm in order to emphasize a point.

And it is hard not to. With men -- even the square, marketing types with whom he now regularly deals -- Yankee adeptly goes through the motions of bad-boy camaraderie, punching fists and amiably yo-what-upping with each new acquaintance.

Like any good rapper, Daddy Yankee practices a stylized brand of showmanship, wielded most dramatically when he is performing live. During his tour of the U. Last February, performing at a televised Latin music awards ceremony, he glided from the rafters in a tricked-out, floating Lamborghini, peering down at the audience and a waiting line of scantily clad female dancers, shouting something that could be construed as a rallying cry for Latino power. Its hammering snare drums and nasal melodies may seem wearyingly one-dimensional, especially for those who don't speak Spanish.

At its best, however, the music blends a rich mix of cultures. Here, the verbal wizardry of hip-hop plays off a variety of traditional tropical sounds, including salsa, merengue, Dominican bachata and even bomba and plena, the heavily percussive forms of music brought to Puerto Rico by African slaves working on sugar plantations and their descendants.

It was another group of workers, Jamaicans living in Panama, who introduced reggae and, later, its quick-tempoed cousin, dancehall reggae, to the Latin world. In , a Panamanian singer named El General took dancehall's rollicking beat and added Spanish lyrics, which in turn sparked excitement in Puerto Rico.

As American hip-hop drifted down from the north and dancehall floated up from the south, the two genres became the music of choice at San Juan's nightclubs and house parties, even as Puerto Rican radio remained devoted to salsa, pop and merengue. Working with low-tech equipment in a home studio, Playero created a steady flow of mix-tape compilations by local artists, which were then sold from apartments and car trunks, further fueling the underground party circuit.

We took dancehall and hip-hop and mixed it in the middle. I knew we had something. I thought, This sound is Puerto Rican sound. The earliest incarnation of that sound was a demonically fast drumbeat overlaid with urgent, often incendiary rap. Raquel Z. Daddy Yankee simply describes it all as "real. View all New York Times newsletters. In February , acting on charges that the music's lyrics violated local obscenity laws, police officers raided six record stores around San Juan, confiscating hundreds of CD's and cassettes.

It was how we talked. That's the essence of the movement. The major record guys and people in their 30's never paid attention to them. They said, 'Eh, this is nothing. Various D. And then there was "Gasolina.

The song is both imperious and hollow, a pitch-perfect party tune involving a call and response between Yankee and a cloying female chorus -- one that has now been reproduced by keyed-up nightclub crowds all over the world.

The lyrics describe a girl who "loves gasoline" -- le gusta la gasolina -- which Yankee says is a Puerto Rican way of describing a girl who likes to live a life of "cruising around in cars. Read this however you like. The rhythms have slowed, and in deference to the requirements for radio play, lyrics tend to be cleaner than they once were, though they remain stacked with double-entendres about sex and partying. The music's growth on mainland America has contributed to a mini-revolution in radio programming.

Thursday 22 August Anda en carro, motoras y limusinas. Retrieved June 30, Both albums were successful in Puerto Rico, but not throughout Latin America. Tuesday 15 October Friday 13 September

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

Daddy dj gasoline yankee

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Translation in English. Who's this? Da-ddy Yan-kee! Ad up mambo so my babes turn on the engines. Que se preparen, que lo que viene es pa' que le den duro.

Be them ready to catch what's coming, Hard! Honey I now you're not gonna go away from me Hard. What I like is that you like to be taken away hard! To' los weekenes ella sale a vacilar duro. Every weekends she goes out kidding Hard! Mi gata no para de janguear porque. My girl never stops hanging out because. A ella le gusta la gasolina. Como le encanta la gasolina. How she adores gasoline. Ella prende las turbinas, no discrimina.

She turns on the turbines, does not discriminate. No se pierde ni un party de marquesina. Neither does she miss a fancy party. Se acicala hasta pa' la esquina. Luce tan bien que hasta la sombra le combina. She looks so well that even the shadows go with her. Asesina, me domina.

Assassin, she dominates me. Anda en carro, motoras y limusinas. Hangs out in cars, motorbikes and limousines. Llena su tanque de adrenalina. She fills her tank with adrenaline. When she listens to reggaeton on the speaker. Here i'm one of the best Take it easy. En la pista nos llaman "Los matadores". On the dance floor they call us "the killers". You make anyone fall in love.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Daddy Yankee July 13, Add to Wishlist. Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. Reviews Review Policy. Flag as inappropriate. See more. X Spanglish Version. Danza Kuduro. Don Omar. Danza Kuduro is a single album by Don Omar. DJ Kass. Dame Tu Cosita Radio Version. Nio Garcia. Daddy Yankee Albums.

King Daddy. Daddy Yankee. Muve Sessions: Prestige. Prestige is the sixth studio album and eleventh overall by Puerto Rican reggaeton singer-songwriter Daddy Yankee. The album currently has three singles, the lead "Ven Conmigo" was released on April 12, The second single "Lovumba" was released on October 4, The third single "Pasarela" was released on July 10, Mundial Deluxe Version.

Talento de Barrio. Talento de Barrio is a soundtrack album to the film of the same name starring Puerto Rican reggaeton singer-songwriter Daddy Yankee, who also performs the songs on the album. The album also received a Latin double platinum certification by the RIAA with an excess of , copies.

El Cartel: The Big Boss. The album features contributions from Scott Storch, will.

Daddy dj gasoline yankee