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Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Understanding that Keenan has no place to go, Marcus invites him and Falcomon to stay at his home. Nanami managed to accomplish to drain all the water in the lake, where ElDoradimon rests, Digimon savers episdoe guide thus preventing any means of mobility to the Holy Capital. Suddenly, he starts turning all the Digimon to digi-eggs. August 13, February 11, November 24, Yggdrasill concedes defeat, acknowledging that humans and digimon hold potential for growth as long as both stand together. November 26, June 23, December 15, Realizing Belphemon cannot be beaten back, Kurata demands the world nations turn over all power He convinces DATS that they should join the mission as a Biggest loser twins up.

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In a desperate attempt to find his way back to Kristy after Merukimon revives him, Biyomon loses control and Digimon savers episdoe guide evolves to Aquilamon and then into Garudamonwreaking chaos over the city. The Off-screen Last Battle! Djgimon to Otoko no Taiman Shoubu! Add to My Pussing riding. It is revealed at this point that Kurata was secretly holding Relena hostage with a charge planted in her necklace. Latest Episodes Digimon Adventure tri. Protect Our Town! However, Thomas feels underappreciated witnessing how all the Digimon support Marcus. October 1 Hidden DDigimon Pages with broken file links. August 6 Frustrated at not being strong enough to protect the smiling faces of both his family and friends, Marcus lets out a cry that awakens the birth of a new DNA that allows GeoGreymon to digivolve into RiseGreymon. Nanami makes her presence known to Thomas, seducing him in order to make him go astray from his mission. An expedition led by Dr.

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  • The following is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Data Squad.
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  • February 25th - March 3rd Included in February's release thread.

Digimon Adventure was an anime series that ran from to In total 54 episodes of Digimon Adventure were aired. There they find out that they are the Chosen Children and become partners with mysterious creatures known as Digimon and they have to save both worlds from the forces of evil. Special thanks to the contributors that make this page possible. Register to help make the animefillerlist. Skip to main content. Shows Login Sign up Contact.

Search form Search. Quick List Click the episode number to see more info. Manga Canon Episodes: , , , , Filler Episodes: , 25 , Related Shows Digimon Adventure tri. Most Popular. Home Privacy Policy Changelog. And So It Begins The Birth of Greymon.

Biyomon Gets Firepower. Togemon Angrily! Devimon: the Emissary of Darkness! The Freezing Digimon. Centarumon the Protector. The Dancing Ghosts! Patamon and Me. Angemon Wakes! Departure: to a New Continent! The Stage Mounting of Evil! Dark Evolution! Cockatrimon, the Captain of Illusions! The Fairy! Nanomon of the Labyrinth. Evolution to Perfect! Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo! The Small Devil, PicoDevimon. Oh Friend! Break Through! The Sleeping Tyrant! Shining Wings! Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness.

The Chase! Hurry to Japan. Mammon: the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka! Digimon: The Great Crossing of Tokyo. Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay. Tokyo Tower is Hot! Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya-Type Digimon.

The Bond of Destiny! The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilymon Blossoms. Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark! Perfects Attack Together! Sparkling Angewomon. The Demon Lord VenomVamdemon. Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness! The Four Kings of the Devilish Mountain! The Dark Masters! The Hardened King of the Seas! Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the Sea.

The Dangerous Game! Jureimon of the Lost Forest. Clash of the Ultimates! WarGreymon vs. The Counterattack of MetalEtemon. Oh Wind!

Oh Light! Bombing Mission! Good-bye Numemon. The Girls' Battle! Piemon: The Clown from Hell. The Holy Swordsman! The Final Dark Digimon.

Spencer Damon embarked into the Digital World to search for the lost baby but found itself threatened by wild Digimon. Beat Meramon. Togemon entre as Sombras! The good Digimons succumbed due to temptation and became evil. June 18, December 3, November 15, Digimon Tamers. Later, to both their dismay, Marcus learns that he and Thomas are to be teamed up.

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide. Last Watched Animes


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Sign in. TV Schedule. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Digimon Data Squad — Season: 1. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Humans and their tamed Digimon partners team up to capture Digimon who cross over into the real world from the Digital World hopefully, before the population sees them and causes a panic.

Secret Agent Yoshino Fujieda gets a call to chase down a rogue Raptor Digimon, but she finds him engaging a human in a fight. The human is a boy training to become an Ultimate Fighter, Marcus Damon.

Amazingly, Marcus can hold his own with the supposedly much stronger S1, Ep2. Luckily, they manage to escape. Marcus takes Agumon home and tries to keep him hidden from his mom, Sara, and sister, Kristy. But Agumon is hard to keep a secret and they soon find out about him and make him feel right at home.

Yoshino shows up to recapture Agumon and erase the family's memory, but Commander Sampson tells her there's a change of plans - Yoshino will now just keep an eye on Marcus and Agumon. Yoshino follows Marcus when he heads to school, toting S1, Ep3. Demimeramon shows up in the human world, spreading fire and creating havoc. Marcus and Agumon try to fight him, but Agumon's fire attacks do nothing and Marcus' punches go right through him. Demimeramon easily escapes them.

But Thomas Norstein and his Digimon, Gaomon show up and get the job done flawlessly. Thomas is not only of royal descent, but a genius who has been away on another DATS assignment.

Marcus is quickly threatened by Thomas and the two square off. Marcus challenges Thomas to a fight in S1, Ep4. S1, Ep5. With no one else at headquarters, Marcus threatens to break the Digital Dive machine unless Yoshi helps him go to the Digital World to finish his fight with Drimogemon. Drimogemon easily traps them underground, and they are reunited with an S1, Ep6.

Marcus and Agumon fight and defeat Tortomon, but Yoshino takes them to task for rushing into battle on their own. Marcus and Agumon remain confident in their ability to defeat whatever foe they face, even if they face it alone. Their bond doesn't last long - they soon get into a silly argument and then refuse to work together anymore. Agumon sulks in his Digivice. Marcus gets into a street fight with an old, human rival and his cronies.

When Elecmon appears, Marcus goes after it himself. S1, Ep7. Marcus has to take a make up exam at school on his little sister's birthday. So he asks Thomas to spend the day with Kristy in his place. Marcus and Kristy's mom, Sarah, thinks it is a good idea and Thomas agrees to do it. Being part of a family brings up sad memories for Thomas. Ever the perfectionist, he plans out the entire day with wall-to-wall activities for Kristy.

But the plans all go awry when Kristy has her own ideas about what to do on her special day! As the day draws to an end, Thomas takes Kristy and Sarah to a local amusement park to watch the fireworks S1, Ep8. Commander Sampson reveals that Yoshino is actually on a secret assignment - she's investigating Neon because DATS suspects that he's harboring a Digimon.

Thomas believes that the reason Neon is selling so many albums is that he is somehow artificially manipulating the music charts. Thomas convinces him that Yoshi has become too emotionally connected to Neon to be objective, S1, Ep9. The great boxer, Hayase Harris is making a great comeback after an injury cut short his run to the championship. Harris was Thomas' childhood hero andhe still follows his career. Marcus feels his last few victories smell of Digimon involvement and despite Thomas' objections, Sampson agrees and opens an investigation.

The suspects are Harris, his wife, his daughter Minnie, and his trainer, Rocky. Different DATS agents suspect different people of working with a Digimon, but Thomas figures out it was his daughter, Minnie, who was working with Togemon to make sure her S1, Ep Marcus, Kristy, and Agumon go to Thomas's opulent house for dinner.

Kristy is already anxious about the degree of wealth and formality in the Norstein home, and to make things worse, Marcus and Agumon can't help but embarrass her. Because she feels her brother is deliberately making her look foolish in front of Thomas, she becomes very upset. She yells at Marcus, wishing all kinds of embarrassing things would happen to him, too, and runs, crying, out of the house.

Surprisingly, every bad thing Kristy wished on her brother starts to come true. Agumon says that a To make amends for Agumon eating all the delicious manjuu Miki and Megumi brought back from Kyoto, Marcus agrees to replace the treats himself.

He makes a trip to the 'Shitori Bakery', famous for making the best manjuu in Japan. The owner's son, Connor, is an old friend of Marcus. Marcus arrives at the bakery just in time to witness Connor's father, Shitori, getting threatened by a couple of loan sharks - who Marcus promptly sends on their way. Connor explains that when his mother became sick, his father was forced to shut down his bakery to care for her, and the He's also discovered that the wall between the human world and Digital World has destabilized, and it probably not by natural causes.

Someone may be weakening it on purpose. Marcus and the others rush in and discover that a Digi-egg has appeared at Marcus's house.

It ends up hatching, revealing Puwamon, an in-training Digimon. Kristy finds the cute little Biyomon has become attached to Kristy. However, the memories of Kristy remain fresh for Biyomon, who vowed to always protect her.

Now as a Champion Level, Aquilamon, he returns to the real world to deal with these persistent memories. Aquilamon digivolves into Garudamon as he tries to defeat Marus and Agumon. But this new digimon cannot But before they do, Commander Sampson reveals that Marcus's father Spencer led the original team to the Digital World but never returned.

Marcus confronts his mother, who reveals that she knew all about what happened to Spencer and that she's worried the same will happen to Marcus. She makes him promise that he'll return from the Digital World. However, a human boy, Keenan, who's partnered with Falcomon, They come upon a deep gorge they cannot cross. Marcus and Agumon go down into the gorge to investigate and the rest of the gang follow.

They are ambushed by Dokugumon, spider-like creatures that ensnare the humans and cage the Digimon. Enter MetalPhantomon, who puts the kids to sleep and plans to destroy them by entering their nightmares and stealing the essence of their hearts.

Marcus dreams of his sister Kristy, being taken away by a Yoshi had passed out after their battle with MetalPhantomon in the Digital World. The Data Squad get her to a cave where she can recover from her dangerously high fever.

But Keenan and Falcomon find them. Before they can fight, Yoshi touches Keenan and he passes out as well. Falcomon blames Yoshi for contaminating Keenan with a virus, which he had had before as a child. In the past, Frigimon had gone to Wanderer's Cape to fetch a vaccine for Keenan. Knowing this is the only way to cure Keenan again, Falcomon asks the humans to go with him to Wanderer's Cape in order Yoshi is tormented by dreams of her past when she was fraught with stage fright at a piano recital.

To make things worse, her sisters were both musical prodigies. Remembering her humiliation makes her drive the team even harder toward their goal. Suddenly, Keenan and Falcomon attack!

Gotsumon takes advantage of the situation and has Mammothmon cause an avalanche to take down the humans. Marcus and Agumon battle

Digimon savers episdoe guide

Digimon savers episdoe guide