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Generation One. He married Mary Leet circa at Darby, Pennsylvania. He died in at Hunterdon Co. He Charles Wolverton was a Quaker. June 6th Charles Woolverton is written as present on the Bench; This office included also that of Judge.

Donna wolverton hamilton

She married George Hamultonson of Michael J. He died in at Columbia Twp. He died on 15 Jun at Wekeeney, Trego Co. He married Edna Jane Colpitts in He was buried after 21 May at Mt. She married Frederick Dale Bormhoff Era U.

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Wolverton s - s managed by Hal Wolverton last edited 7 Jan Runyon Wolverton 22 Aug Alexandria Twp. Robert Wolverton Wolverton abt Mollohan McKinley. John Wolverton Ohio - 14 Donna wolverton hamilton As discussed Tom I am committed to you to do that. From toHamilton was a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates[1] hamiltom he was the House clerk from to Love Pastor Wayne, Karen and kids. Also, at least from the markers on the trails, the mileage is very close to 17 miles. Elizabeth Wolverton Dodson abt Henry Co.

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Generation One. He married Mary Leet circa at Darby, Pennsylvania. He died in at Hunterdon Co. He Charles Wolverton was a Quaker. June 6th Charles Woolverton is written as present on the Bench; This office included also that of Judge. It was printed by Roland Hall and other eminent Protestants who were forced to leave England by Queen Mary, the Catholic queen, because of their religion. This edition of the Bible was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth and called upon her to avenge the wrongs to Protestants during the reign of her predecessor.

It's called the 'Breeches' Bible because of the peculiar translation appearing in Genesis, Chapter 3. Then the eyes of both were opened and they knew they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.

One hundred years later it was purchased at an auction sale and was presented by the purchaser to one of the descendants of Dinah Woolverton, granddaughter of the first Charles, through his son, Roger.

Dinah married a Tomlinson, and in the Bible was in the hands of Mrs. Francis J Tomlinson of Florida. Jim Wright San Jose, Calif. I know that things out here have seemed to be rather quiet lately, but I have still been working on the family. I have been working on getting the descendants of Dennis 2 together for David Macdonald, and this has clicked on a number of points of previous confusion for me. One of the things I had dug up was a family history written in by Linus Woolverton; I have been hacking through a digital version of it for a couple of weeks.

I thought I would share its content with the members of the list, as it mentions things of interest to all of us, not just descendants of Dennis. With this in mind, I will be excerpting from it in a few parts it runs about 30 pages in its original form. Here is some background: Linus was an agricultural scientist with an interest in family history.

From about until , when this missive was written, he sporadically pursued information about the Woolverton family. What follows is a transcribed version of the original typescript. The original is in the possession of my great-uncle, Ralph Woolverton, who also made the digital transcription.

At one point, I also had a photocopy of the original, but through 20 years and 8 moves, it has managed to disappear on me. The family seems to have been an old one in England, appearing under various forms of spelling, as for example, Wolferstan, Woolverstone, Wolverton, and Woolverton.

There is a town called Wolverton in middle England, and a station of that name near Sandringham. Woolveraton Park and gardens at Ipswich is one of the largest and most beautiful estates in Suffolk. Perhaps the oldest traces of the name in England appear near Blackgary in the southern part of the Isle of Wight.

One family descended from Robert Wolferston or Woolverstone, who made his will in lived in Staffordshire, England and occupied Statford Hall. In an old Book of Heraldry in the Library of the University of Toronto in I found a coat of arms of the Woolverton family, which contained on the face three wolfsheads d'argent with broad band d'or, and which I roughly copied.

It had as motto: 'Que sera sera. There are six parishes of the name Wolverton in England, viz. Georges Bucks Co. At Basingstoke, there is the Wolverton rectory, and the following is a letter from the rector Rev. Cave, addressed to Dr. Theron Woolverton, Grimsby, Ontario. There is another Wolverton Parish in Bucks. The name of my Parish has been variously spelt, sometimes Woolverton.

In Domesday Book it is Wolfre-ton, the town of Wolfre, who from his name was probably a Saxon invader who possessed himself of these lands.

This would not conflict with the statement that he sailed from Dorsetshire. Very early records of the family are to be found in some books on the early history of the Isle of Wight, which in September,, were in possession of Mr.

Mellor, an old resident of Black Gary. Near this place in the Parish of St. Lawrence is 'Old Woolverton' a building so old and so far in ruins that it puzzles the antiquary. Here lived in the 14th century, Sir Ralph de Woolverton who owned four hundred acres of land around the house.

Sir Ralph also paid tithes for his domaine to the priory of Carisbrooke. In the list of armed men made in the reign of Edward III the name of Sir Ralph appears as having contributed two bowmen for the defence of the island.

It would appear from his name that Sir Ralph was of Saxon origin or perhaps one of the followers of William the Conqueror who came across from Normandy in and apportioned out grants of land to his faithful followers, among whom may have been Sir Ralph of the town of Wolfre or in short: de Wolfre-ton'.

Many men of strong convictions looked toward America whither some sixty years previous the Pilgrim Fathers had gone and founded a colony. These men were of various parties such as Puritans, Independents, Quakers and Churchmen and among them such men as William Penn and George Fox who secured from the Crown large estates in what is now known as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

No wonder that the example of so many brave men and true setting out for America, led Charles Woolverton to dispose of his property in England and come along with his friends Fox and Penn to invest in American lands. So about the year we find Charles sailing from Dorsetshire to America. Charles is called 'Gentleman' in the records of that time, which in those days signified a man of such means as to be able to live without work. It appears that Charles was then identified with the Quakers, as we find in Consultation with the Secretary of the Friends' Library in Philadelphia in March, He reported as follows: 'Charles Woolverton was a member of the Society of Friends, as his name is mentioned in the Minutes of Burlington Monthly Meeting about twenty four times, the first mention being made in the year The records of Chesterfield Monthly Meeting of Friends show that 9th month, 4th day, , Charles Woolverton produced a certificate from the Burlington Monthly Meeting of Friends and that in the 10th month, 2nd day, , he was appointed overseer of the Friends settled in Bethlehem Frenchtown which is not far from where the tract of land purchased by the same Charles was located.

Woolverton, Vancouver Barrack, Washington Terr. There are some reasons for believing of Charles Woolverton having emigrated from England with his brothers John and Gabriel, and after living for a short time on Long Island moved about to the Pennsylvania bank of the Delaware River from which he moved soon after to Burlington County on the opposite bank. Besides being a man of considerable means, he appears to have been one of the leading men of the community.

On the erection of Hanlerder County, he was in elected one of the first five Justices of the Peace and was thereafter frequently called upon to witness his neighbors' wills. Deats, Flemington, NJ. Deats of Flemington, NJ.

Riddle, near present village of Rosemont, Delaware, Hunlerder County. He is said to have come from Wolverhampton, England, but stopped on Long Island for a time. A number of his descendents still live in this county, but not all have the name of Woolverton. There are probably fifty families who have been internamed with them. List suplied by H. Deats, of Flemington, N. Eliza, Hunterden Co. Joseph Lambert, Hunterden Co. Mary, Sussex Co. Samuel Crowell, Sussex Co.

Mary, Kingwood, Geo. Smith, Kingwood, July 27, May 22, May 2, Married May 14, according to Daniel Bray's bible. He left numerous descendents which I am now engaged in tracing, most of them residing in their county. Note: Arnell and Kingwood were names of rather undefined districts which later became townships in Hunterden Co. Page Date Charles W. In Book A. Woolverton, near Stockton, N.

This old estate extended from Rosemont nearly to Prattsville. In May Charles sold acres of this land to George Fox and in August 25, , there was land conveyed to Dennis Woolverton, which he willed to his son Jonathan.

The graves of George Fox, Dennis Woolverton, and probably the first Charles, with many others, these early inhabitants are in Rosemont Cemetery.

In instances where there are apparent sources of confusion, I have added in my editorial comments in square brackets. More to come. Children of Charles 1 Wolverton and Mary Leet were as follows:.

Generation Two. He married Margaret --? He died circa ; Charles will was probated 30 Oct Reference: He left ti his wife Margaret the use of the house and furniture for life and 10 yearly. To his son Mooris he left the plantation of acres on which Morris lived. To his son John he left the land joining the Delaware, containg 70 acres, on which the grist mill stood.

He named his sons Morris and john executors. Children of Charles 2 Wolverton and Margaret --? He married Mary --? He died in ; Will was dated 24 February Children of Roger 2 Wolverton and Mary --?

Donna wolverton hamilton

Donna wolverton hamilton