Dorm sex story-16 Embarrassing Stories About Sex in a College Dorm

Now imagine that the person that walks in on you is your freshman roommate that you do not get along with. It is no surprise that trying to have sex in a shared freshman dorm room that's literally the size of a shoe box is almost impossible. My experience with this happened when my boyfriend came up to visit. We went to dinner and came back to an empty dorm room. In the middle of us having sex my roommate just walked right in.

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

So, when the noises would start again I would get back up and bang on the srory over and over. Coming Out. College Adventures. I moved my tits up and down his chest, I love the feeling of bare skin against each Young uncut pics. Nothing really seemed to change so I ended up making the decision to move out. I don't think he knew what to do.

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She pushed a little on the tip. The Dor. Dropping the Soap : Part 1. One Saturday morning, we woke up in my bed naked after a wild night. Fake Pass Out. We came together, hard and fast. My roommate was watching TV Midnight babes the Domr room standing wide open. College Roommates Meet Ch. Some Like It Hot. Its Dorm sex story. It turns out he is not as young as he looks. Eli's Visit A sneaky dorm-room blowjob.

I ended up wandering the hallway, stark nude, for hours.

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  • It was my one-year anniversary, December 21st.
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It was my one-year anniversary, December 21st. I was going to the same college as my boyfriend and this year I had a special surprise. I stripped naked and put on my high heels and a long dress coat and rushed over to his dorm room. He let me in and I closed the door behind me. Then I let the coat slide to the floor, revealing my naked body. His mouth dropped open. I knew he was waiting for this for a long time.

I told him to sit down on his bed, because I had something planned. He sat down and I pulled his legs apart and began to slide my body up and down his crotch, giving him a lap dance. He pulled my ass closer so I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. I leaned over brushing my breasts against his face as I undid his pants and took out his cock. His hands covered mine and he helped me to jack him off until he was rock hard.

That's when he said it was his turn to play. He stood up and pulled off his pants and told me to lean over his computer chair. I did it and I felt him grab my hips as his cock circled my clit before he slid it in. He pumped in and out of me, slowly at first and then he sped up. I grabbed onto the chair for dear life as he pumped harder and harder.

I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my thighs. His hips ground into mine as he came violently inside me. As I felt myself fill up with his cum, I came as well. We spent the rest of the night having sex in various positions. I was taking chemistry in college and having a hard time. This boy in my lab offered to help me study.

He was kind of nerdy, but I needed the help. He came to my dorm room to study and I kept catching him looking at my shorts which were kind of short. Then I noticed a bulge in his sweatpants.

It was huge. I have no idea why, but I couldn't help myself. I reached over and grabbed his dick through his sweatpants and rubbed it. He just sat there. I don't think he knew what to do. I pulled his pants down and stroked his big cock, and he came in about a second all over his notes and book.

I kept stroking him and he stayed hard and I pulled my pants down and straddled him. I told him to tell me when he was going to come. He was really big and I came fast.

I made him promise not to tell anyone. That is still the biggest dick I have ever seen. I was a sophomore engineering student at an Ivy League college, living in a coveted dorm located in Collegetown.

I had not had a steady girlfriend since freshman year, and got by on the occasional drunken hook-up. One night I was studying for an engineering calc final in the common area of the dorm located on the ground floor. There were a number of us studying in the common area, but as the hours passed, the crowd grew thinner. Eventually, me and a girl from my floor, Debbie, were the only ones left.

It was about 2 a. I was casually acquainted with Debbie enough to know that she had a boyfriend. Debbie was about 5'9", with short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes very New England-y, J. Crew looking. We ended up sharing some coffee she had brought down with her and talking for about two hours. At about 4 a. I fell asleep in her bed for a while, but awoke to find her in a robe, fresh from the shower.

We parted ways. I called Debbie to invite her to a party my housemates and I threw the following year, but she declined. I had to retake the calc class. Man's Story: Room Switcheroo. In the middle of the night in college one year I knocked on my friend's door to ask if my girlfriend and I could sleep in his bed because she was keeping my roommate awake with her coughing.

He gladly agreed, and we switched rooms for the night. Now that we were alone though, instead of sleeping we took to attacking each other. There was something highly erotic about the scenario, and it turned both of us on to a boiling point. At one point she was standing on the bed with one leg on the bed, the other on his desk, leaning on the wall for support. I stood under her licking and sucking on her pussy as she thrust down onto my mouth.

I still can remember her juice flowing all over my face when she came. The rest of the night we fucked in his bed and on his floor, trying our best to keep the noise down but having a difficult time of it. The next morning, exhausted from out lack of sleep, we got up to go to breakfast only to find that we had completely stained his sheets with our cum.

Embarrassed as I could be, I told him, but he just laughed it off and told me it was no big deal. Obviously, this was part of the reason he ended up fucking his girlfriend in my bed about a month later. Unfortunately we were at different schools so I was really excited when she said she would come visit. Now my girlfriend has always been kind of a sheltered girl and I was not sure how much of the "College Experience" she had had.

So that she wouldn't be overwhelmed, I decided to take her to an apartment party rather then the usual full blown Frat house parties we are so well known for around these part. As it turned out she quickly got drunk and bored and we were on our way out the door around midnight.

The walk back to my place took us across campus and past the veterans memorial. All of a sudden she stopped and took my hand This was so exhilarating, being outside, a little drunk, a lot turned on I had never seen my cock so big , and about thirty yards away from an all female dormitory. Needless to say with all the excitement I didn't last to long I came after only about a minute and surprisingly she took every last drop down her throat.

Remember at the beginning of the night I still thought she was a sheltered girl. When she was done she zipped me up, reached into my pocket and pulled out my dorm room keys smiled and said, "Come on, we gotta get home. Woman's Story: Dorm Room Shenanigans.

I attend a large private university and I have made friends with a guy down the hall. I had the biggest crush on him and apparently he felt the same way. He usually stayed in our room until 3 or 4 in the morning but my roommate was always there, though she claimed to be sleeping. Last week, he came over to our room and as I opened the door, he hugged me, and undid my bra. I giggled a little bit and whispered that my roommate was sleeping and he said "that's okay, we'll be quiet.

He took my bare breast in his hand and grabbed and it and tugged and it almost hurt but at the same time it felt so good. He brought his mouth to my tit and began to suck on it violently. This turned me on so much I lifted up his head to mine and began to make out with him.

As we were making out, I undid his belt and slid off his pants I took his cock and began to rhythmically move up and down on it. When he was starting to cum, I brought my mouth to it and swallowed every bit of what had come out. His hand started to drift under my silk pajama pants and he fingered me like I've never been fingered before.

He used 2 fingers and pushed them inside of me with a thrust and then massaged my clit softly. I ripped off his shirt and pulled his bare chest to mine. I moved my tits up and down his chest, I love the feeling of bare skin against each other. I have a big tit thing, anything a guy does with my tits turns me on.

He started licking them and making a pattern with his tongue. While he was doing this he positioned his cock at my opening of my pussy and thrust in. I began to finger myself as he fucked me and he grabbed onto my breasts. When we both started to cum, I couldn't help but make a lot of noise. He shut me up by making out and after we were finished, we masturbated for each other. My roommate still has no idea. Man's Story: In the Dorm.

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Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story. Change picture

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Now he merely has to wait for minute to have the ability to edit him. I watch as my wife takes on man after man. She then invites gentlemen to visit. With help for eighteen years old come businessman and hire her as his live-in maid. Now in their early 20's, necessity brings them together at the lake, where they become friends and more. It is time for father to teach daughter.

The final character will be introduced in the next chapter. The story will not be good vs evil or save the world theme. The reader learns about the world through the eyes of the two earth characters. I am not happy with this chapter, I need to add to it but I will come back to it once I have the first draft completely finished.

Again, just first draft to get things down before I go back to do edits, adding more to it. Also, working on the second photoshoot with real models, designers to portray all the characters. The story, hopefully a series, is a mix of fantasy and science fiction, light reading. To survive they may have to do the unthinkable; change their views. Born into a world where gender roles have been reversed, she's used to men being the weaker of the species. Certain things are starting to change though, and she isn't quite sure how to deal with her own fantasies anymore.

A martial artist from Japan is among the first. Not waiting in the beginning can ultimately be the reason you wait for the one you care for to return. Early desires meet instant passion like no other followed up with the worst time ever for Jason.

The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond. The day where more then just the temperature was rising. A night awaits where he must satisfy horny men who have been released to fuck him. Although, she still fights with herself on making a move.

Then she finds out Rose's dirty little secret.

College Sex Stories

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Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story

Dorm sex story