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Erotic male bulges

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The repair took several months. On the beach at Elounda in Crete June Story Tags Portal bulge. Cyprus, Acteon Hotel, Paphos, On our balcony by pj's memories. PJ in the tide at Barafundle by pj's memories.

Erotic male bulges

Erotic male bulges

Erotic male bulges

Erotic male bulges. Orientation

The female flowers are solitary. The fruit is elliptic or oblong, and generally measures about 10 by 7 mm, and is red when ripe. The Nikau produces flowers between November and April, and fruits ripen from February to November, taking almost a year to fully ripen.

The photographs of this vintage bodybuilder are small. I did crop the photos down some because the man was not in the center. The photographer photographed more of the fence in the background then his subject. The only reason I remember that day in in Antwerp, is because I had remembered it in I believe and made a watercolor of the visual I had from that remote time. It went to any number of art shows with me at a certain point it must have sold, but I have no memory of that sale.

Twenty or so years later, my son Mark found it at a garage sale in Corpus Christi, TX and bought if for a couple of dollars. He gave it to me and I still have the original. Fast forward to last night Last night was one of my magic nights when everything was perfect and beautiful Several days before the magic night, I had been going through six year old back-up CDs and found a perfect scan of the original wartime sketch, which always brings to mind that day in in Antwerp, Belgium when nothing particularily exciting happened but which for some unexplained reason became almost perfectly etched into my memory, but I'm digressing, back to the magic night.

I took the sketch to PaintShopPro 9 and began to play with it. I wanted to remove the yellowness of the paper, but retain the detail and color and was very successful in that by simply lightening the entire image considerably. I used such intense color originallly that the lightening process still left me with a vivid color pattern. Then I thought about the memory itself and the nature of memory, how it fades, actually fades just like I had faded the image with the PSP brightnesss and contrast tool.

I thought memories drift slowly into the distance, with no actual distance involved except in time, hence distant memories. I took the image to the "distortion" tool and chose the brush "pinch" which systematically pulls everything in the image toward the center of the design. I set it on 25 and began to click. At about 75 the image had been pulled way back into the distance.

Now I looked at the sketch. The paper had been renewed to a pure white: the colors were still vivid; the vignetted composition was even more dynamic and the watercolor was even more the way I would have wished it to have been. I quit working and almost immediately was contacted by someone very special and the magic night began.

If you ever hear that you'll have to hear it ffom them. That's their story. But I do want to tell you about the simple, mundane day in Antwerp that triggered this entire life transaction.

There's really not much more to the story; it's very mundane and only explains why I was in Antwerp in the first place. I was five when Miss Summerall signed me on and afrer completing a school term with her the powers that were deemed me a full fledged, bonafide, second grader.

And that's how I happened to have been out of high school at such a tender age. At that tender age there weren't many jobs around except delivering newspapers and sacking groceries for the supermarkets, neither of which paid very well nor were very exciting. I was working as drill press operator at a machine shop and a temporary employee showed up and worked only a few weeks because he needed to go back to sea.

He was a merchant seaman and told me all about the U. Maritime Service and also informed me you could sign up at age sixteen with parental consent I couldn't wait. After consuming bananas to pass the weight requirement, I was sent to St. Duncan L. Clinch carrying a full load of bombs and ammunition destined for Hull, England. Back home again for two weeks of strutting around my home town in a freshly laundered uniform and I was back at sea aboard the S.

William Grrayson, another Liberty Ship. This time we had a cargo of grain and other food stuff in bulk and in pound sacks. On the trip across to Europe we had a collision with another ship and smashed our bow back completely to the forward gun tub, so upon arrival in Antwerp we went immediately to a location where they repair work could continue and we could unload the food. The repair took several months.

I don't know the dates, but I know the battle of Antwerp was still fresh on everyone's mind and there were still uncleaned battle areas around the city. I was flabbergasted when dozens of Belgian citizens stopped me on the streets to express their sympathy for our nation.

Belgians are very polite as a nation. Every time I've ever met a Belgian, whether in Belgium or Oklahoma, upon finding that I was in Belgium, they've told me their grandfather made them promise the thank every American they met for liberating their nation. That almost seems like a unique attitude in this day and time. I have, however, returned the the act of loyalty in that Hurcule Poirot is one of my favorite detectives on BBC.

Now I could give the bloody, made up by a seventeen year old male who had many sixteen year old girls to impress and tell you about all the carnage we found on the battle grounds and in the destroyed Sherman tanks scattered about, but I have a feeling you're probably smarter than those sixteen year old girls, so I'll tell it the way it was.

After we go the ship ready for the return voyage, we had all kinds of time off, so we took excursions, the bombed General Motors plant one day, crawling through the wreckage, another day spent seeing the sights in Brussels and many days picking through the battle areas around Antwerp. We crawled through a number of Sherman tanks, but never found anything although I ran my hands under the seats in the cockpit religiously, thinking surely one of the tank operators had stached a.

Colt army issued automatic. The truth is all we picked up was a few unexploded cannon rounds. These were dumped overboard one day at sea when I heard them rolling around in my metal locker. They still had unexploded war heads which were made to go off on impact and I wasn't taking any chances so without drawing the attention of the ship's officers, these were all quietly slipped over the side into the waiting bowels of the North Atlantic Ocean. New York was crazy and we were not permitted to go ashore for two days after the big celebration.

The Captain did not want to have to recruit a new crew at this particular time. I'll save you the story of the Nazi submarine that followed us several days out of Antwerp, just as the radio was declaring hostilities would cease at hours the following day.

Ok, so using those principles, I continue to make it leaner and meaner and leaner and meaner until all I have left is, "I was in Belgium. Actually, the stories I told when I got home were much more fun than the ones I tell now, but I can't remember them all now.

So it goes. Now, I am absolutley, utterly and completely through with this essay. I cannot think of another paragraph, sentence or word that I need to add.

I have added every random thought that popped into my head as I was writing this presentation and I have decided it has So there Not the best quality of photos but I still wanted to share them anyway. Taken with a Canon A-1 film camera back in April, at a bodybuilding competition in Illinois. He left Prussia in to avoid military service and traveled throughout Europe, becoming a circus athlete and adopting Eugen Sandow as his stage name.

Ziegfeld could not guarantee that much but agreed to pay 10 per cent of the gross receipts. Ziegfeld found that the audience was more fascinated by Sandow's bulging muscles than by the amount of weight he was lifting, so Ziegfeld had Sandow perform poses which he dubbed "muscle display performances" He added chain-around-the-chest breaking and other colorful displays to Sandow's routine.

Sandow quickly became Ziegfeld's first star. In , Sandow featured in a short film by the Edison Studios. While the content of the film reflects the audience attention being primarily focused on his appearance it made use of the unique capacities of the new medium. In , he appeared in a short Kinetoscope film that was part of the first commercial motion picture exhibition in history.

He created the Institute of Physical Culture, an early gymnasium for body builders in In Sandow founded a monthly periodical, originally named Physical Culture and subsequently named Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture. He held the first major bodybuilding contest at the Royal Albert Hall on September 14, He was buried in an unmarked grave in Putney Vale Cemetery at the request of his wife, Blanche.

In , a gravestone and black marble plaque was added by Sandow admirer and author Thomas Manly. The inscription in gold letters read "Eugen Sandow, the Father of Bodybuilding. In , the grave was purchased by Chris Davies, Sandow's great-great-grandson. Manly's items were replaced for the anniversary of Eugen Sandow's birth that year and a new monument, a one and a half ton natural pink sandstone monolith was put in its place. Blog: sebastrianolandfal. Quite unique, at that time, the plant was totally self sufficient.

Energy for aluminum production came from 4 water turbines placed in the vast room behind me. Innovative blast furnaces were used here.

Several new methods for aluminum forging were also developed in this plant. Environment protection was a top issue too, with powders, chemicals and debris resulting from production being filtered and properly disposed off , to keep the air and river's water clean this didn't stop the spreading of "blue skin spot", a plague who affected workers and population nearby.

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