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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Iraqi family says attack a 'hate crime' Story highlights Police chief: "Other evidence" leads investigators to keep open to possibilities Police "strongly believe that this was an isolated incident," the chief says A note "threatening in nature" was found near the beaten woman, police say Shaima Alawadi had been on life support since the attack Wednesday.

Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

Cancel Post. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share iraqii own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Vote Are you sure you want to submit this vote? NPR Shop. Men with missing limbs hovered near a truck carrying staffers from an NGO offering legal Extreme iraqi wife, waiting to ask for help.

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The status of women in Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century is affected by many factors: wars most recently the Iraq War , sectarian religious conflict, debates concerning Islamic law and Iraq's Constitution , cultural traditions, and modern secularism.

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Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Iraqi family says attack a 'hate crime' Story highlights Police chief: "Other evidence" leads investigators to keep open to possibilities Police "strongly believe that this was an isolated incident," the chief says A note "threatening in nature" was found near the beaten woman, police say Shaima Alawadi had been on life support since the attack Wednesday.

The possibility that the killing of an Iraqi woman who was left brutally beaten in her Southern California home last week was a hate crime is "just one aspect" being investigated, a police official said Monday.

Shaima Alawadi, a year-old mother of five, died of a severe head injury after she was taken off life support Saturday, El Cajon, California, Police Chief Jim Redman said at a news conference. A note that was "threatening in nature" was found near where her year-old daughter discovered her lying unconscious in the dining area of her home in El Cajon in San Diego County last Wednesday, Redman said. Redman would not specify what the note said; the daughter said it told the family to go back to Iraq and called them "terrorists.

Although the investigation is "still in the early stages" and police "have not drawn any conclusions," Redman did say evidence leads them to "strongly believe that this was an isolated incident. Detectives obtained a search warrant for the family's home because a court order is "just the best way to recover evidence," Redman said.

And so the day they hurt her, they left it again and it said the same thing. He did not know when they moved to El Cajon, which has one of the nation's largest Iraqi communities. Alawadi and her husband have three daughters and two sons, ranging in age from 8 to 17, Mohebi said. Fatima Al Himidi said nothing was stolen from the house, leading her to believe the attack on her mother was motivated by hate.

Why did you do it? I want to know. Answer me that. Social media users quickly compared Alawadi's death to that of year-old Trayvon Martin, calling both hate crimes, and drawing a parallel between a hijab and a hoodie. Martin was killed last month as he walked back to the house of his father's fiancee in Sanford, Florida, after a trip to the convenience store.

Police say he was shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who said he was acting in self-defense and has not been charged. The teen was unarmed, carrying a bag of Skittles candy and an iced tea, and was wearing a hoodie. On Sunday morning, the authors of the parenting blog Momstrology tweeted: "A teen murdered for wearing hooded sweater. An Iraqi woman beaten to death for wearing a head scarf. Our hearts ache for you.

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Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

Extreme iraqi wife

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Iraqi Civilians Flee ISIS, Tell of Terror and Boredom | Time

The status of women in Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century is affected by many factors: wars most recently the Iraq War , sectarian religious conflict, debates concerning Islamic law and Iraq's Constitution , cultural traditions, and modern secularism. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women are widowed as a result of a series of wars and internal conflicts.

Women's rights organizations struggle against harassment and intimidation, while they work to promote improvements to women's status in the law, in education, the workplace, and many other spheres of Iraqi life, and to curtail abusive traditional practices such as honor killings and forced marriages. To appreciate women's achievements in this society, it is important to look at the history of their position in the society and how wars and successions in dynasties and governments have affected women's roles.

During the seventh century the lamas as a part of their conquest were fighting the Persians , who were defeated. Doreen Ingrams, the author of The Awakened: Women in Iraq , stated it was a time when women's help was needed. In particular, a woman called Amina bint Qais "at the age of seventeen was the youngest woman to lead a medical team in one of these early battles.

In , Baghdad was attacked and captured by the Mongols. In the s there was a "major uprising where women took part" p. In , Iraq was declared independent and in was declared a Republic as a member of the League of Nations. In , equal rights for women were enshrined in Iraq's Constitution, including the right to vote, run for political office, access education and own property. Iraq established an education system in and by the s education became public and free at all levels. The gender gap with regard to Iraq's literacy rate is narrowing.

Education levels attained by Iraqi women and men in were: [12]. With an estimated population of 22,,, Iraq is a male dominated society. It has been very active in Iraq for several years, with thousands of members, and it is the Iraqi women's rights organization with the largest international profile. It defends full social equality between women and men and secularism , and fights against Islamic fundamentalism and the American occupation of Iraq.

Its president is Yanar Mohammed. OWFI concentrates its activities on the fight against sharia law , against abduction and murder of women and against honour killings. Thousands of members strong, it has at its disposal a network of support from outside Iraq, notably from the United States. Its activists and its directors have many times been the object of death threats from Islamic organizations. The circumstances resulting from the Gulf War and then the Kurdish uprising in Iraq in , gave the Kurdish region of Iraq an essentially autonomous situation for a period, despite the conflicts between zones controlled by the largest nationalist parties.

This allowed the development of some claims to women's rights, which in turn influenced some of the women who would become active in founding OWFI. Some militant women's rights advocates in Iraq, who seek to establish a dialogue with Islamist women, maintain a distance from the radical feminism and secularism of OWFI.

Some reported issues related to women in Kurdish society include genital mutilation , [17] honor killings , [18] domestic violence, [19] female infanticide [19] and polygamy. However, some reported issues have not been taken seriously, because all reported issues are common among the populations with whom they live. Some Kurds in small populated areas, especially uneducated Kurds are organized in patrilineal clans, there is patriarchal control of marriage and property, women are generally treated in many ways like property.

Some Kurdish women from uneducated, religious and poor families who took their own decisions with marriage or had affairs have become victims of violence, including beatings, honor killings and in extreme cases pouring acid on faces very rare Kurdish Women's Rights Watch Women's rights activists have said that after the elections in , only five of the elected members of parliament were women, and that women's initiatives were even actively opposed by Kurdish male politicians.

Scholars like Mojab and Amir Hassanpour have argued that the patriarchal system in Kurdish regions has been as strong as in other Middle Eastern regions. Marjorie P. Lasky also said that U. By law, a woman has to be eighteen years or older to get married. Marriage and family are necessities for economic needs, social control and mutual protection within the family.

Divorce is a very common practice in Iraq. The Iraqi Constitution of states that Islam is the main source of legislation and laws must not contradict Islamic provisions.

The family law is discriminatory towards women, particularly with regard to divorce , child custody, and inheritance. In a court of law, a woman's testimony is worth in some cases half of that of a man, and in some cases it is equal. In March an Iraqi year-old girl was violently murdered by her father and two older brothers for becoming friendly with a British soldier. When her mother ran away out of defiance of such a cruel act, she was found dead on her street, shot in the head twice.

The father was released after two hours of questioning from the Iraqi police force and was neither charged nor tried with the murder of his own daughter, although he had confessed to killing her. On January 29, , the interim Iraqi government, supported by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and despite the strong opposition of the American Administrator Paul Bremer , launched Resolution which introduced sharia law in the "law on personal civil status", which since established rights and freedoms for Iraqi women.

This resolution permitted very different interpretations from the law of on the part of religious communities. It opened an additional breach in the civil law and risked exacerbating inter-religious tensions in Iraq. Iraq is a secular society. Women and men in Iraq never imagined that they would defeat Ba'athist Fascism only to have it replaced with an Islamic dictatorship.

Despite its reputation for being relatively secular, sharia law was never totally absent from Iraq before The "law on personal civil status" provided that, in the case that it was not expressly forbidden in the law, it would be sharia law that would prevail. Beginning in September , OWFI launched a new campaign against the forced wearing of the veil being enforced by Islamic militias, notably in the universities.

In , there was once again debate over the new constitution , which considered islam as one of the sources of Iraqi law. The outline of the constitution proposes, in article 14, the repeal of existing law and to refer merely to family law, in concordance with Islamic sharia law and other religious codes in Iraq. In other words, it makes women vulnerable to all forms of inequality and social discrimination. Women's groups also denounce "pleasure marriages", based on a practise commonly believed to be founded on Islamic law, which was revived during the occupation of Iraq: it authorizes a man to marry a woman, through a money gift, for a determined period of time.

In most cases, groups such as OWFI charge, it provides a legal cover for prostitution. Female genital mutilation was an accepted part of Sorani speaking Kurdish and Iraqi Arab culture in Iraq, including Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

According to the same survey, FGM has declined in recent years. Kurdish human rights organizations have reported several times that FGM is not a part of Kurdish culture and authorities aren't doing enough to stop it completely. According to a report in the Washington Post , the Kurdistan region of Iraq is one of the few places in the world where female genital mutilation had been rampant. Female genital mutilation was prevalent in Iraqi Kurdistan and among Iraqis in central Iraq.

In About honour killings per year are reported in hospitals in Iraqi Kurdistan, although real numbers are likely much higher. He also said that the government figures are much lower, and show a decline in recent years, and Kurdish law has mandated since that an honor killing be treated like any other murder. Attitudes towards domestic violence are ambivalent even among women.

Under the Criminal Code of Iraq , honor killings can only be punished with a maximum of three years. According to paragraph " Any person who surprises his wife in the act of adultery or finds his girlfriend in bed with her lover and kills them immediately or one of them or assaults one of them so that he or she dies or is left permanently disabled is punishable by a period of detention not exceeding 3 years.

It is not permissible to exercise the right of legal defence against any person who uses this excuse nor do the rules of aggravating circumstance apply against him ". Examples of legal rights include: "The punishment of a wife by her husband, the disciplining by parents and teachers of children under their authority within certain limits prescribed by law or by custom".

OWFI created shelters in Baghdad , Kirkuk , Erbil and Nassiriya for women and couples whose families have threatened them with honour crimes. A crisis phone line number was available in each issue of ' al-Moussawat. An "underground railroad" was put in place, with the help of the American association Madre , to allow some women to clandestinely escape the country.

Since the end of , the shelters, determined to be too dangerous for the residents, were closed and many of the women were accommodated in host families. Beginning in August , OWFI organized a protest to attract attention to the rapid growth in rapes and abductions. An inquiry was initiated by OWFI to examine abductions and killings of women.

According to our estimates, no fewer than 30 women were executed by the militias in Baghdad and in the suburbs. During the first ten days of November , more than unclaimed women's corpses, most of them decapitated, mutilated, or having evidence of extreme torture, were processed through the Bagdad morgue.

For OWFI, these deaths are linked to honour crimes, [85] but in this case, in a new form, since the killings are taken beyond the family circle to become the business of paramilitary groups.

Beginning in , OWFI initiated an inquiry into the link between widespread abductions of women and prostitution networks. Activists for women's rights in Iraq have mapped and studied prostitution in their country to understand how it functions and how trafficking spreads, showing that the majority of prostitutes are minors and that the trafficking networks extend throughout the Middle East.

This campaign of enquiry, publicized by an interview on the channel MBC in May , was denounced by the pro-government channel Al-Iraqia , which held that it constituted a "humiliation for Iraqi women". The Iraqi Kurdistan region has reportedly received "women and children trafficked from the rest of Iraq for prostitution ". Many people feel it is due to the ongoing terror wrought in this land that brings so much oppression to women.

Prior to the arrival of forces in Iraq in , Iraqi women were free to wear whatever they liked and go wherever they chose. Since the invasion in "Iraqi women have been brutally attacked, kidnapped and intimidated from participating in the Iraqi society". Arising from their fear of being raped and harassed , women have to wear not only the veil, but must also to wear chador in order not to attract attention. In an online edition of Guardian, the reporter Mark Lattiner reports that despite promises and hopes given to the Iraqi population that their lives were going to change, Iraqi women's lives "have become immeasurably worse, with rapes, burnings and murders [now] as a daily occurrence.

OWFI has set up an observation group of activists, directed by Dalal Jumaa, which focuses its action on the defense of the rights of women in prison and in police detention. It has notably obtained authorization to regularly visit the Khadidimya prison, in Baghdad , and to denounce the detention conditions: rapes during interrogations, poor treatment, and the presence of children in the cells. OWFI has taken part in negotiations with the municipality of Bagdad to open a daycare in proximity to the prison.

In February , OWFI launched a campaign to support fifty female bank employees held on charges of embezzling millions during exchange operations involving banknotes. Embarrassed by the affair, U. OWFI has denounced the Islamist-influenced licensing process for women in professions. The insurgents and militias do not want us in the professional sphere for various reasons: some because they believe women were born to stay at home — and cook and clean -- and others because they say that it is contrary to Islam that a man and woman should find themselves in the same place if they are not related.

Women make up one half of society. Our society will remain backward and in chains unless its women are liberated, enlightened and educated. Until the s, Iraqi women played an active role in the political and economic development of Iraq. During the s and s, Saddam Hussein urged women to fill men's places in schools, universities, hospitals, factories, the army, and the police. However, women's employment subsequently decreased as they were encouraged to make way for returning soldiers in the late s and the s.

As noted by Yasmin Husein, author of Women in Iraq , the traditional role of women in Iraq is confined mainly to domestic responsibilities and nurturing the family. The wide scale destruction of Iraq's infrastructure i.

Extreme iraqi wife