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Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum

My wife hates the little flashing red light on the dash, but we know of no way to turn it off. I've tried installing it on my work laptop Flashing wife post forum to check if my personal computer wasnt broken or something but I get the same issue. Today's Posts Member List Calendar. Strangely enough LogIn worked today, so it seems to be a server sided bug. You must Flaahing in or sign up to reply here. Last Post by cbama 2 years 5 months ago. Destination Expert for Niagara Falls.

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We fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside! Buying a car? Don't be duped - check the history first with the UK's most comprehensive car check. View and manage your membership online and discover all the benefits of being a member of our club. Join here.

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MyRAC View and manage your membership online and discover all the benefits of being a member of our club. Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Today's Posts Member List Calendar. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Flashing your headlights as a warning , There's been a lot going on up here about getting done for flashing other motorists for mobile speed camera vans as it is deemed to be impeding a police officer in the course of his duty.

Well, the obvious answer is not to speed in the first place! However, our conundrum is that warning oncoming traffic using flashing lights and, if possible and daylight, using an arm signal to slow them down to warn them that there's a hazard ahead, say round a tight bend or over a blind summit is also a regular occurrence.

This could be major debris tree down, rockfall , or livestock or wild animals on the road or even some stupid eejit stopped in the carriageway taking a photo - I kid you not, this happens - even on a trunk road like the A82!

On our single track roads, we use flashing headlights as well as indicators to tell oncoming traffic we're giving way. I'm quite well aware that, even if some flashes you to say come out of a side road, you should still take all precautions. My instinctive reaction if someone flashes their headlights at me is to ease off - even if well within the speed limit - as I've met all of the above excluding the speed camera many times on my journeys.

Equally, I alerted oncoming drivers of hazards I don't mean speed camera vans , but we're all getting a little twitchy that, in total innocence, we could inadvertently fall foul of this, now they're stepping it up. And we all know the motorist is not assumed innocent but the other way round now.

Tags: None. Many, many and I mean many years ago when I did my advanced driving course, back then flashing your headlights was to warn the car in front you were about to overtake them. Now it seems it is a 'I'm giving way'. Comment Post Cancel. Only on our single track roads, Hometune, at least here, if I've read your post right. Of course, life is very different up here! On the other hand, I have been known on very rare occasions when the viz is okay and road clear - on the Bridge of Orchy straight on the A82, having been stuck with a nose to tail convoy of hired motorhomes at under 40mph for miles and miles to see it's clear, check my mirrors, pull out and put the pedal to the metal on over a mile straight with my lights on and finger over the horn ready.

Last edited by ficklejade ; , I know exactly what you mean - horn at the ready. As far as I am aware, many of these camera vans are crewed by civilians working for the police forces. So how can the warning flash of headlights "impede a police officer in the course of his duty? This tells me to see things from both sides. Originally posted by Hometune View Post. Originally posted by Beelzebub View Post. You're instructor was right-ish.

The only legitimate use of flashing lights is to indicate your presence. When overtaking, the police Roadcraft advice is to consider "giving a light, horn or indicator signal". I'd generally use the horn, as I have no confidence in the other driver seeing a light signal from behind in daylight.

The driving instructor in was the senior civilian driving instructor for Lincolnshire Police, recently retired police traffic officer from Kent. The examiner was a Lincolnshire police traffic inspector. The totally unnecessary comment that the instructor was "right-ish" is of course completely wrong. Ah yes, I often think about the drive from the ferry!!! Keeps you on your toes right enough.

Glad you remember the experience - get that almost every day and it's got steadily worse with all the hired motorhomes driven by folks who don't know the width of their vehicle, can't reverse, don't know the rules and are usually petrified!! Back to my original post - Snowball is correct that a lot of the camera vans are manned by civilians and therefore cannot be deemed as interfering with a police officer going about his duty but and sorry for not making this clear people are being dealt with by police officer manned vehicles.

Okay, some may be warning about the speed camera though in fairness, the A82 lot aren't exactly hiding themselves and in any case, regular users know the likely spots - the rare straights when you actually might have a chance of overtaking!!

I had the pleasure of a visit by the local pollis not long ago for flashing an oncoming driver on the A I had passed a pollis car - very clearly obvious on a long straight - but and the pollis probably wouldn't see this I flashed the oncoming driver because a large piece of heaven knows what had fallen off the wagon in front of it and was lying on the road.

As a cravavanner, and for several years a motorhome owner, I sympathise with drivers who come up against these hired motorhomes, where in many cases their drivers are new to a large vehicle of commercial dimensions, and therefore limited in their manoeuvring skills. Getting themselves into convoys only makes matters worse.

When we had motorhomes, one thing I noticed was the habit of the owners flashing and waving to each other as they passed in opposite directions. I often wondered if other drivers, not familiar with this habit, ever got confused by sudden flashing of headlights for no obvious reason. I told my wife, "you can wave if you want", but I had no intention of joining in - I was in driving mode, not for socialising on the move. Mind you, talk to another motorhome owner about this being an unwise practice and the response was as rebellious as if you'd told him his wife was ugly and her breath worse than their dog's.

Funny old world! They still do that, Snowball, though more often it's a wave now! But that's amongst owners rather than hirers. I know you're not familiar with our Scottish trunk roads many of which are like country A roads down south and constrained by geology and topography , but convoying is a regular occurrence on them - 40mph or less with no gaps to safely overtake even when the road is clear.

Many of us, not just islanders, feel that there should be a compulsory test to demonstrate hirers can safely manoeuvre their hired vehicle of choice because being allowed to take off. I have had the whole offside of my legally parked car scraped by one of these incompetents - sadly, the only witness didn't get the reg. Originally posted by ficklejade View Post. I feel that there should be a compulsory test to demonstrate hirers can safely manoeuvre their hired vehicle of choice because being allowed to take off.

At the hire company from whom I hire vans from time to time, customers are asked if they have experience with driving a transit sized vehicle. After all, any damage from poor driving will cause hassle for them ok costs are recoverable, but not the wasted time etc. If unsure, a business is in their rights to refuse the custom of course. Help Contact Us Privacy Go to top.

Follow the RAC. Sales Enquiries 03 numbers are charged at national call rates and included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles.

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I would love to spread your legs wide and fill you. Transfer Casino Cash to wid Mar 3, 19 Uk. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. I skpped baseball and she never went for her walk.

Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum.


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Driving in Canada today in some of the smaller towns near New Hamburg I seen flashing green lights and arrows - I know in Mexico the green lights flash a few seconds before turning yellow to red but these green lights started flashing right from the start.

Is it just to save energy or what - seems like traffic act like its just a normal green light, do you ever have to yeild if the green light is flashing? Just thought I ask, oh driving up on the in to Toronto was UGH today around 4 pm why do some folks drive in the center lanes when most traffic is going or faster?

I was doing at times with traffic on my bumper and under 90 at other times till traffic just came to a crawl but then it got going again and I made it in untouched In the olden days, before the arrow, it was the flashing green for the advanced left turn.

You don't see the flashing green as much anymore I guess smaller towns still have that as you're proof of that but that's what it's for. Now most major urban areas have the arrow. Used to cause a LOT of confusion when people from Ontario would visit BC, where the flashing green indicates a pedestrian controlled light. You would approach the intersection assuming you had the right of way for a left turn, only to get honked at when the oncoming traffic didn't stop for you.

In BC, the flashing green will flash continuously until a pedestrian pushes the button starting the cycle of lights to allow the pedestrian to cross. A little bit of trivia for you. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers.

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Ask a question. See All Toronto Conversations. How long is the drive from Toronto to NYC? View Hotel. Fairmont Royal York. Novotel Toronto Centre. The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto. Chelsea Hotel Toronto. Radisson Admiral Toronto Harbourfront. The Omni King Edward Hotel. The Hazelton Hotel. View all hotels. Top questions about Toronto. Do I need a passport? New entry rules for Canadians with dual citizenship.

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Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum

Flashing wife post forum