Graphic of nuns with shotguns-Warrior Nun Areala - Wikipedia

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Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Foo as Maxie J. Brother John Maz Siam Retrieved April 24, Chavo Perry D'Marco For example, Lyga's second series featured Sister Shannon asking herself if she should protect the Church from a man seeking revenge for alleged church involvement with the ratlines.

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The order was created in when a Valkyrie named Auria renounced her pagan ways and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation; ever since then, Auria, now Areala, has chosen an avatar every generation to carry on the mission.

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Is the TV series in animation or live action? The feature film is on hiatus until the completion of the Netflix series. Are there T-Shirts or Prints of the artwork available? Not yet - they will be made available shortly so stay tuned. What happens if the TV series is lame and ruins the spirit of the Graphic Novels? Frequently Asked Questions. Live Action. Who will star in the TV series? The Sisters will never let that happen…. First Name.

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Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns. PRODUCT & INDUSTRY NEWS


Nude Nuns with Big Guns - Wikipedia

The order was created in when a Valkyrie named Auria renounced her pagan ways and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation; ever since then, Auria, now Areala, has chosen an avatar every generation to carry on the mission. In modern times, this has grown to a world spanning organization in the service of the Catholic Church with the current Areala, Sister Shannon Masters as the best and brightest.

With her friends beside her, Sister Shannon has led the forces of good against those of evil, ever serving the Lord with faith and humility.

Appearing on and off for twenty years since her first appearance, Warrior Nun Areala is creator Ben Dunn's favorite character. With strong continuity telling storylines in a serialized manner, Sister Shannon Masters' cast, powers, and trappings have slowly expanded throughout the years thus creating an entire society within the Church. There has been some controversy regarding the character from both religious and non-religious people, the former for appropriating Catholic imagery and the latter for how the comic book unapologetically shows the Catholic Church as a force for good.

While there have been other comic books emphasizing Christianity and superheroes utilizing Christian imagery, Warrior Nun Areala is unique in that it is a mainstream, albeit independent comic that approaches its subject matter with respect and takes its idea seriously. At its core, it portrays people who have unshakable faith in God and their religion.

Its affection for nuns is also evident — and sometimes returned. One real nun asked about Warrior Nun Areala noted that she and her colleagues give poor children college prep-level educations — that they are superheroes. Amen, sister. Her fellow nuns, including the Mother Superior , also learned self-defense hearing that the neighborhoods were dangerous, though they insist that their martial arts training is mostly for sport and that they have had no problems with the surrounding neighborhoods.

Their story was ultimately picked up and reported by The New York Times. Ben Dunn, who attended Catholic schools , read that article and was inspired. He states that "Other superheroes, you never know what their faith is. Batman or Spider-Man or Superman, they do all these great things, but what do they believe in?

Part of this was due to the power Ben Dunn sees the Vatican as possessing. He at one point wrote that it may not speak of itself as being a world power but it is. That is because despite being the smallest country on Earth the Vatican's influence on world affairs is disproportionately immense by virtue of its moral and spiritual authority as the headquarters of Earth's largest religion. With over a billion adherents, a headquarters that is a Sovereign nation , a leader that is a world leader, it is a force in the world.

Thus, it was only a small step to grant the fictionalized church also has a military force that would serve as Heaven's proxy if demons were to attack. In further explaining the concept, he added that "If Hell were an actual physical place with physical manifestations then they would be subject to some of the physical laws of nature would they not?

Of course that would mean Heaven too would be physical place. While this may not be so in our world it certainly is so in WNA's world. Therefore, things would progress differently. He was also desirous of creating a true hero, not an anti-hero. Beginning in December and ending in April , it was a three issue limited series that established the world of Areala, introduced several key characters, and served as her origin story.

She was shown having just completed her training in a time when there had been no demonic activity for years and the Warrior Nuns were in danger of being disbanded. She foiled their plans of course. Published every two months, they expanded the world and provided more information and depth concerning the characters. There were also one shots such as crossovers with heroines of other companies such as Glory and Avengelyne. At the time there were other mini-series set in the Warrior Nun Areala universe that were not directly related to Sister Shannon Masters but instead widened the scope of the fictional world.

Focusing on other Nuns of her order from past, present, and future; they include but are not limited to Crimson Nun , Warrior Nun Frenzy , and Warrior Nun Dei — , respectively. There was also an ongoing anthology series, Warrior Nun Black and White that focused on the whole of the Warrior Nun universe.

It was not until that Sister Shannon gained her own series. Running from to , it was simply titled Warrior Nun Areala Vol. It concerned an ongoing threat by Areala's most persistent foe, Helga, as she tried to destroy the Vatican itself.

In a battle that put to the test, the promise that the gates of Hell would not prevail. Though it climaxed seemingly with the death of Sister Shannon, she later returned and appeared in another ongoing series, Warrior Nun Areala Vol.

Sister Shannon will be appearing in an upcoming War of the Independents tie-in issue, centering on her and Sean Koury's Bounty Hunter character, as well as appearing in War of the Independents itself. She can be seen on the cover of issue one, as well as in the group shot at the end of the issue. The film is to take all the main characters and mythology that author Ben Dunn provided and re-imagine it in a modernistic setting.

Ben Dunn's involvement includes doing storyboards for the film as will as designing the opening sequence which will blend animation and live action. Vancouver based production company [7] has been developing the film and the official website can be found at www. Sister Shannon Masters, the Warrior Nun Areala, given the serial nature of her adventures has developed a wide circle of heroes around her making them into a family she otherwise would not have. That is seen in her foster sister joining the Warrior Nuns and her looking at her fellow Sisters as just that, sisters.

Initially uncertain of herself she has developed as a character though she has never lost her idealism or her love of God and Jesus Christ. She has formed strong bonds of affection with her surrogate sisters, Sasuki, Mary, and Sarah; her surrogate son, Jason; her parent figures, Father Gomez and Mother Superion; and with them has fought a wide variety of foes such as Demon Foster, Julius Salvius, and Helga.

Her story begins in when the original Sister Areala was met by the angel who would become her namesake. An American, Shannon Masters was born after and was orphaned at the age of four where on she was left at the steps of the Our Lady of the Virgin Mary convent. She lived in Japan with the Yomas until she was eleven years old but after showing exceptional academic and athletic abilities, she was chosen for the Silver Cross Program and was raised to be a Warrior Nun at upper New York State's Saint Thomas Academy.

Thus her experience at the orphan school was more of a boarding school. Growing up at the Saint Thomas Academy, she wrestled with feelings of self-worth over how she had been orphaned. However, she over came those doubts and found a purpose for her life in her service to the Church as did her adopted sister, Sasuki Yoma of Japan. It was while she trained there under a young Mother Superion, then Sister Katherine, that she first met and befriended the future Sister Sarah, her best friend; Father David Crowe, her future love interest; and Shotgun Mary.

It was at this time that she visited Quagmire High School, also called Ninja High School, though at the time she yet to take her vows and was referred to simply as Shannon and not Sister Shannon. After this, received final training from Mother Superion her at Vatican City. Though a rookie , Sister Shannon training was completed and she reported to the New York City archdiocese. There, she patrolled two sectors from her assigned parish , Saint Thomas Church in Manhattan on the grounds that she was assigned to an area where there had not been demonic activity since the Purge of Replacing Sisters Sanguine and Hannah, she soon saw a sustained surge in New York City's demonic activity after her arrival.

A stock situation in comic books wherein the supervillains can appear only after a hero shows up. She soon received her calling from the first Sister Areala after she was nearly killed in a battle with minions of Satanist and arms dealer Julius Salvius.

On recognizing her as the Chosen One of that generation, the original Sister Areala gave Sister Shannon her name and awakened her latent power. It was made official when the Areala confirmed her as her avatar after a battle against the avatar of mad valkyrie Helga. As might be expected, the crux of the story is the battle between good and evil.

God created space-time along with all reality an indefinite time ago and created out of love for those who would be His children. Ruling from Heaven on high and "working in mysterious ways", He guides Creation to the ultimate good of His creations. All beings are His creations and He looks at them all as His children. Indeed, His Christian worshippers refer to Him as Father.

However, not all wish to accept His love and even reject Him and His goodness altogether. In the beginning, one of His creations, Lucifer rejected God's wisdom and, thinking that he could be a superior leader than his omniscient Creator, sought to take the throne of Heaven.

Lucifer's War of Heaven and rebellion against God and His goodness led to the creation of evil. To delilver His children whom He so loved of evil, He sent Jesus, His only begotten Son and even sacrificed His life so that whoever believes in Him should not die but have eternal life.

Thus, Areala shows a "cold war" has been fought between Heaven and Hell, with human souls of at stake. At the moment, Heaven is content to leave Hell alone as long as it does not transgress its boundaries or harm the innocent.

When that does happen, the Church's Catholic Corps is the means by which Heaven fights a proxy war. While preceded by earlier miracle workers and martial saints, the Corps has its roots in with the creation of the first Areala and later in when Pope Gregory VII authorized a new order to train those blessed by God with power to either use them as miracle workers or as warriors.

The Corps is the most visible sign of the Church and by extension God on Earth. While Warrior Nun Areala in its various incarnations has had its loyal followers, there has been controversy over its use of religious imagery. Some, including comic book fans including Areala fans have charged Antarctic press with " nunsploitation " in the character of Areala. There were times when Ben Dunn himself considered changing the name to something more "palatable.

Toole states that Dunn's idea of a "woman who slays monsters in a habit and Dunn made it a point to focus on escapist storytelling and after Antarctic Press' failed attempts at a "serious version" backfired this was reinforced.

The man they chose for this was Barry Lyga who wrote the second series. He writes "The original three series were very tongue-in-cheek Unfortunately, the audience for the book liked the more tongue-in-cheek approach, and by mutual agreement, I left the series after six issues. Despite this, some people wrote in commenting on and requesting stories dealing with current issues in the Catholic Church such as the abuse cases.

For example, Lyga's second series featured Sister Shannon asking herself if she should protect the Church from a man seeking revenge for alleged church involvement with the ratlines.

One person noted that the characters' "complaints about the magic priests having more money — even though the warrior nuns, not the magic priests, are on the front lines against demons — ring true after seeing the stories last year [source quoted in ] about people "adopting" elderly nuns to help a convent stay afloat or articles about burial costs for nuns being subsidized by the state.

Such sentiments also extend to members of the real Roman Catholic Church. Real priests and nuns sent their letters in alternately praising and condemning the series.

The habit is something sacred. It was a seeming contradiction in terms with how a nun's habit is meant to hide the body in order to discourage lust. In fact, Ben Dunn wrote that the reason he did that was that "nipples sell". Regardless, Dunn stated the loin cloth is "for mobility" and that is the official in-continuity explanation that the modest Sister Shannon herself unapologetically espoused when confronted on her seeming lack of modesty.

However, this was addressed in an issue that bordered on breaking the fourth wall where Sister Shannon took her ward Jason to the Big Apple Con comics convention where he bought a copy of "Battle Nun Areola ". She criticized him and he sheepishly said that it was just a comic book.

Ultimately acknowledging that there were bigger problems to face and that she should not take such fantasy too seriously, she decided to let Jason keep his comic. She thought "Why I've never even read the book

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns

Graphic of nuns with shotguns