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Is it safe? Hot air balloon is the oldest and one of the safest forms of air transport. Injuries and fatalities are extremely rare. Nonetheless, here at Flywithme. Our certified balloon pilot is also trained in first aid and fire safety.

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Shown above are some passengers from our Phoenix partners in flight, Aerogelic Ballooning. We will endeavour to durin you as much notice as possible of such a change, but you may not know until you are being collected for your flight on the morning. Long- subsections including update are indicated with CAPS. How we use cookies? About the Balloon Flight. Product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Note:The child less than 4yrs old and the pregnancy period woman during month can NOT take the hot air balloon. Back Close. After the helicopter Tour, we can continue Yangshuo sightseeing tour, like to go to the Yulong bamboo boat, Yangshuo Xianggong hill,Yangshuo Countryside cycling, West street, Silver cave, Liusanjie show or Xingping short Li River cruise with motorized boat and Countryside hiking etc How to Explore Yangshuo By Bike. Classic Car Tours. Sign up with Google. Rocky Mountains, Colorado. If possible, sign up for a ride during the autumn months, when the surrounding trees change colors and Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy a vibrant landscape. Unique Experiences. Help me please?!? Rail Tours. What are the Dangers of a hot air balloon Ride? Long- subsections including update are indicated with CAPS.

After three cancellations with a 7 Day Anytime Plus voucher, you can choose to take an early opt-out without taking up your flight and we will refund two thirds

  • A hot air balloon ride is an exhilarating experience.
  • Find your booking with itinerary number.
  • I'm 24 weeks now and my husband, daughter and I are heading to New Mexico for the hot air balloon festival next weekend.

After three cancellations with a 7 Day Anytime Plus voucher, you can choose to take an early opt-out without taking up your flight and we will refund two thirds Refunds can only be paid to the original purchaser and any merchandise must be returned in saleable condition. Advantages of a Gift Card are: We can exchange these with the gift recipient rather than the original purchaser which ensures they still get a great gift experience No merchandise needs to be returned There is no admin fee.

Please note that refunds are only available on our 7 Day Anytime Plus voucher - all other vouchers are non-refundable. About the Balloon Flight.

A hot air balloon ride with us lasts for around an hour, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites, but you should allow at least four hours for the whole experience. We have more than balloon launch sites, both main and back-up sites, across England, Scotland and Wales. Please see our locations section for full details. We schedule hot air balloon rides morning and evening, seven days a week during the UK ballooning season which is March to October.

This does vary in some areas and in late October some flights will take place during the day due to limited day light hours. During the day, the sun heats the ground which in turn heats the air above causing thermals or columns of rising air. Lower temperatures in late October mean these conditions are not as common which allows day flights to take place. Call the flight line on your booking confirmation for your exact time. Sometimes up as high as 5, feet - although this depends on airspace and it does vary from area to area and time of the year flown.

Even at a few hundred feet the views are incredible and over 1, you can start to see for miles! It also depends on how long it takes the pilot to find a suitable landing spot. You could fly a relatively short distance or as far as 20 miles. The pilot will start looking for a suitable landing site after around 45 minutes. The retrieval crew will track the balloon on the ground and aim to arrive shortly after landing. This is how balloons have been landing for over years and is perfectly normal.

The balloon and basket are designed for your comfort and safety throughout the flight. During landing you will be in the safe, seated landing position within the basket as instructed by your pilot. The landing is an exciting part of the experience and in many cases people say it is their favourite part of the flight. Spectators are welcome but please let them know that there may not be toilets or other facilities at the launch site.

We would not recommend that spectators try to follow the balloon by road for safety reasons. Passengers will be transported back to the launch site after the flight, around 3 to 4 hours after the initial meeting time. No, you will need to make your way to your launch site before the flight and our balloon crew will transport you back there after the flight. You will then need to make your own way home. We recommend clothes suitable for a walk in the country depending on the time of year and on the specific day you are flying.

Generally warm, comfortable layers are a good idea, plus a cap or other hat for the warmth from the burners. Depending on conditions, you may be walking in wet, muddy fields so sensible shoes or trainers are essential.

Usually passengers are asked to help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon which most people really enjoy. This is much appreciated because it helps to make the process much quicker for everyone, so we also recommend you wear clothes which you don't mind getting a little dirty. No designer wear, flip-flops or high heels please, as we are unable to accept responsibility for any damage to clothing and anyone who is dressed inappropriately may not be allowed to fly.

Yes, you can bring a camera, binoculars or camcorder as the balloon makes an excellent platform for photography. They must not be in metal cases and they are carried at your own risk. Most of our balloons have special pouches to stow cameras on landing. Some of our pilots in certain areas offer an in-flight photo service and if this is available, they will explain this to you on the day.

Our hot air balloons are very large and, once inflated, most of them tower at almost ft tall or more than 10 storeys high. They take between , and , cubic feet of air to fill. Our balloons have large baskets which carry either 10, 12 or, in most cases, 16 passengers at a time. The balloon basket is split into compartments with between two and four people in each so ensure everyone in the basket has enough space to be comfortable.

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone who flies, passengers must be satisfied they are physically able to take part in the experience. This means that they can climb in and out over the sides of the basket which is about 42 inches or 1. Passengers must also be able to fully understand and follow all instructions given by the pilot and react quickly to them in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Under Civil Aviation Law, the balloon pilot has a duty of care for all passengers and, ultimately, it is their decision if someone is able to safely participate on the day. Please see the sections on age and weight restrictions, medical conditions, pregnancy and disability below. Children must be aged seven or over and at least 4ft 6in 1. We know that our passengers come in all shapes and sizes but due to weight and space restrictions of hot air balloons and baskets, anyone who is 20 stone or more will be required to pay a supplement.

This is also the case for anyone who is over 18 stone and under 6ft tall. You can call our customer service team on to discuss this before booking and they will be happy to explain our policy in more detail. Unfortunately, for safety reasons we are unable to fly women who are pregnant. However, if you become pregnant when you already have a voucher, we will extend the validity until after you've had the baby. All you need to do is contact us and provide us a copy of your MAT B1 form which you will receive from your midwife.

All passengers should be sure they do not have any pre-existing medical conditions which could be affected by the ballooning experience or could prevent them from safely taking part and should seek professional medical advice if unsure. You must not fly if you are suffering from any significant medical condition or if you have recently undergone major surgery.

We require you to tell us about any medical or physical condition that could be considered to affect your safety or the safety of others. We may request a certificate of fitness to fly from a doctor or specialist. We make every effort to ensure people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in balloon flights with us wherever it is possible and safe to do so.

We can provide information about disabled facilities at specific launch sites on request. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to fly anyone who requires a wheelchair.

No, our pilots are all qualified and highly experienced and we think it's best to leave the actual flying up to them. However, they will be happy to answer questions about how they got into flying balloons and how it all works.

See the Pilot Profiles section under The Experience tab for more information about our ace team. Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity, which is highly regulated in the UK with strict safety guidelines. The weather is our friend because it is what makes every flight unique but unfortunately, we cannot control it no matter how hard we try!

This means sometimes pilots will cancel flights because the weather conditions are not safe to fly in. Our pilots are all highly experienced and they decide whether it is flyable. Our pilots put your safety first at all times. When cancelling a flight, either on the flight line beforehand or occasionally on site, the pilot will usually try to offer some explanation as to why.

Our pilots make their decision to fly based on the most relevant and up to date forecast available just before they set their flight line message. Sometimes the actual conditions may be different to what was forecasted. There are also different forecasts and they can be interpreted in different ways. So, like all weather people, we do occasionally make mistakes but unfortunately we can only go by what the forecaster says and some forecasters are better than others.

We can tell you some of the general reasons why a pilot may cancel a flight:. The wind at ground or gradient level 2,ft or the gust speed might have been too strong and outside operational limits.

Rain may have been forecast in the area. We cannot fly in rain because it means there will be poor visibility and it also makes the balloon heavier to fly. Getting a balloon envelope wet can lead to some damage. Thunderstorms or CB Cumuli Nimbus clouds may have been forecast. These are dangerous and we would not fly in their vicinity. If yours was a morning flight, the visibility early in the morning during our flight period could have been poorer than later in the day.

There may have been a wind direction which would have taken the balloon towards something unsuitable, like a large town or restricted airspace. I saw another balloon flying in the area so why was my flight cancelled? Our pilots consider all the weather factors and make their own decision, always putting your safety first.

The other balloon could have had better shelter at take-off from the wind on that particular wind direction. It might be a private balloon and they can legally fly in much poorer visibility than balloons on public transport licences like ours.

Private balloons are also generally a lot smaller and therefore easier to inflate and land. Don't worry, if your flight is cancelled because of the weather or related factors, you can just book onto another date.

Plus if you have a cancellation near the end of your voucher validity period, we will extend it free of charge so you have another six months in which to book again. Most people prefer to keep trying until they fly but with this voucher and gift package you have the options that follow below. Sometimes a flight will be moved to a back-up site because the forecast conditions are not flyable at the original launch site, because the wind direction from there is not suitable i.

Back-up sites are alternative locations which give flights improved chances of going ahead and your pilot will advise you of this on your flight line. If this happens you will need to attend the flight at the back-up launch site at your own cost or your voucher will become invalid and you will be required to buy a new voucher to fly.

Please ensure that you have all maps, directions and transport arrangements in place to get to all of the potential launch sites on the day of your flight.

Find out more about back-up sites here. This will include your dedicated flight line phone number, which the pilot will update to let you know if the flight is going ahead, if it is being moved to a back-up site and any other important information. If it is a morning flight you will call the night before and if it is an evening flight you will call in the afternoon on the day.

You can cancel off a flight up to seven days before online at virginballoonflights.

Breathe in the crisp Colorado air as you glide high above the striking Rocky Mountains. Duration Short to Long. Audio Guided Tours. The email or password you entered isn't correct. City Tours.

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy. Report Abuse

I feel like this is a once in a life time opportunity but I don't want to risk anything happening with my little man. I went up in a helicopter while pregnant with my daughter, it would be so cool to tell him that he went up in a hot air balloon in my belly. I honestly never thought about it! I would put a call in and check with your doctor to be safe :. I've done it before and it might be uncomfortable to get on the basket because its high..

It gets very hot and uncomfortable on balloons. They look like it's all fun but this time of year may still be too hot for a balloon ride. I would find out how long the ride is and what temp the basket gets to. I would advise against it. I've been on a hot air balloon rides before and the landings are usually pretty rough. Google hot air balloon landings to check it out. But there's no landing gear or wheels, it just kind of hits the ground and the basket tips over on its side pretty often.

Better safe than sorry. I actually just went a few weeks ago for the first time. I lucked out and had a soft, completely smooth landing, but that's not always the case. See if the basket you'd be in is compartmentalized.

I had three other couples plus he pilot, in the basket, but the basket was sectioned off so only people were in each section. That way, if there wasn't a soft landing, only my husband and I would have fallen on each other. Check with your doctor too. I'd love to go to that festival some day. Also, I would do a little research. I'm assuming it would be fine but when you never know.

Everything is against the rules when your pregnant! With its deep, vivid red-orange hues, the Grand Canyon is one of the most distinguishable natural wonders in the U. The canyon, which cradles a section of the Colorado River, stretches miles long and over a mile deep, making for a phenomenal sight while in the air. During the two to five hour journey, passengers may soar to a remarkable 18, feet above sea level supplemental oxygen is available and will travel anywhere between 20 to miles, depending on weather conditions.

Although the dramatic display is spectacular from below, it is especially breathtaking from above. Rainbow Ryders, Inc. Located along the California and Nevada border, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America at 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. It is the second deepest lake in the U. On a clear day, take a tranquil balloon ride above the lake and you will see a the vivid reflection of the balloon on the water below.

As passengers drift 8, to 10, feet above sea level, they may be able to see Emerald Bay and Yosemite which is over miles away. Sail above the massive, vibrant red-rock formations that give Sedona the nickname, Red Rock Country. Lift off during sunrise and watch the sun illuminate the landscape.

For an experience that is sure to leave you breathless, book a flight with one of the many hot air balloon operators in Sedona. Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

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I think it is not recommended for a pregnant woman to do the balloon ride for safety reason and you cannot climb the basket if you are pregnant. The most difficult part of the balloon ride is climbing into the basket. Otherwise, there was nothing jerky about the flight itself. I am not an expert but I suppose It depends on your pregnancy such as how easy it is and how many months you are into it. Obviously balloon has light shakes which may make you sick and also the space on the balloon is a bit tight.

People get exited to take photos a d may knock on ypur stomach. I would be anxious to take a risk. Otherwise, It is similar to other forms of transport. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. See all questions. Ranked 24 of Attractions in Goreme.

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Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy

Hot air balloon rides during pregnancy