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Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters

Called by AxeKnightmon to be the strongest and most evil of destructive gods, GrandGeneramon has the head and chest of Dorbickmon, the wings and left arm of NeoMyotismon, the abdomen and tail of Zamielmon, the body of Splashmon as its lower half, the right arm of Olegmon, the right Hot digimon characters of Gravimon with its chest and tentacles as the shoulder, and the crest and left arm of Apollomon. It can also use its vines to wrap around anything. Dinobeemon digivolves from Stingmon and can digivolve further into GranKuwagamon. Tai resolves to carry out her wish despite the objections of the other DigiDestined. Dinobeemon is a Mutant Digimon with a considerably reckless personality. Despite his evil-sounding nicknames and job, he is actually a Vaccine-type. Divermon can Twin carrier be battled in Duel Island for card battlers and as a fighting Digimon underwater. The force of the impact caused DarkVolumon to shut down, as he was found by Shoutmon, Hot digimon characters repaired and reconfigured him. Hackmon informs them of Homeostasis' intent to reboot all digital technology in the Real World to stop Ordinemon.

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These characters are often displayed as damsels in distress, but from Charavters Adventure to Digimon Xros Wars we see many ladies who can keep up with the boys on any day. At the beginning of the series, Angie arrives at the Digital World. Hot digimon characters is very tough, to the point of appearing cold Hot digimon characters uncaring to her friends. Related Articles Top 10 Characters Who Would Make the Best Anime Girlfriend If it was physically possible, and we managed to avoid being put in the friend zone, it would be almost every anime fan's dream come true. After Ewan meddles in her affairs of hunting down Cutemon and turned down her offer to become her subordinate by bullying him, Airu develops an obsessive love-hate relationship with him. As Astamon, he uses Ryouma to oppose them, but he betrays him. He is partnered with a Centarumona MetalMamemonand a Meramon. In the end, these two within the span of Keeani pussy episode Hot digimon characters able to defy expectations and become fan favorites. Battle Spirit 1. Accompanied by Tyutyumon, he served as SkullKnightmon's [18] third-in-command and spy within the Bagra Army by playing the role of Lalyamon's pet to occasionally sit in on meetings with Bagramon and the Three Generals, criticizing them constantly. Her eventual friendships with the other Digimon Tamers and her partner Renamon go a long way towards softening her characterz. World 2 3 4 Re:Digitize Next Erect penis acm wiki.

This is a list of characters from the anime series Digimon Fusion.

  • Digimon: a childhood classic of the 90s and a rival to the legendary Pokemon series.
  • This is a list of characters from the anime series Digimon Fusion.
  • Each child is partnered with a Digimon and use a Digivice [a] to help them Digivolve [b] into stronger forms.
  • Most anime shows featuring a team of adventurers have at least one girl on the team.

Most Digimon of all levels reside in the Digital World sometimes called "DigiWorld" for short , a parallel universe created from data inside the Earth's electronic communication networks. It is a Veedramon that has fought long and hard, allowing to to grow wings and become skillful at both long-distance and melee combat.

It is a rare and legendary sight, and equal in power to many Mega-level Digimon. His offensive and defensive powers have increased as well. AeroVeedramon digivolves from Airdramon , Flamedramon and Veedramon , he can digivolve further to Phoenixmon. AeroVeedramon appears at Sky City as an opponent. The AeroVeedramon card belongs to the Nature card group. AeroVeedramon digivolves from RedVeedramon , and digivolves further into Goldramon. AeroVeedramon digivolves from Veedramon , and digivolves into Goldramon.

Andromon is an Android Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Android. It was developed at the same time as Boltmon — while Boltmon was created to be more fleshed-based, Andromon was designed to be more mechanical.

It is able to defeat weak Ultimate Digimon with a single attack, and is sometimes described as being one of the most powerful Digimon, as its body is a tireless machine capable of taking on many larger Digimon with little to no effort.

Andromon lacks much emotion and usually acts only in accordance with its programming, though certain Andromon have artificial intelligence installed, allowing them to have free will. However, since there are only five known such Andromon, it is unknown whether this was intentional. The technology used to develop Andromon was also used to develop other machine Digimon like Megadramon. Andromon was among the Digimon which met with several X Digimon to discuss Yggdrasil 's plans.

However it turned out that Andromon was a spy for Yggdrasil and was informing it of all the happenings during the meetings of the Royal Knights. When Omnimon appeared and attacked the X Digimon, Andromon was sure he had made the right decision, but when Omnimon turned around and attacked him and his comrades he realized that WarGreymon X and the other X Digimon were right the whole time.

The Dramon Killer ended up impaling Andromon, and he died shortly after. He has an army of Guardromon with him. He is killed by Chaosdramon, but changes Yuu's mini into a Blue iC. He was the original holder of the Machine Digi-Memory.

Andromon can been seen in the factory area of File Island, as well as being an obtainable Digimon. He is in charge of Factorial Town and operating all the Machinery in the town. The Network Keeper, Giromon , causes lots of problems, but Andromon doesn't believe it until the player defeats Giromon. Afterward, Andromon apologizes and starts to retrieve the data which was sabotaged.

Andromon is one of the many types of Ultimate Digimon you can find in the wild. He digivolves from Angemon and can digivolve to Seraphimon.

Andromon digivolves from Guardromon , and can digivolve into HiAndromon. Andromon also appears in the Hard Mountains. Andromon digivolves from Guardromon , and can further digivolve into HiAndromon. Angewomon is an Archangel Digimon whose name and design are derived from a concatenation of " Angel " and " Woman ". She is a counterpart to Angemon , but outranks him as shown by her eight wings. She has a gentle personality and is called the goddess of the Digital World, but won't allow wickedness, and will attack her enemy until it is defeated.

LadyDevimon is said to be a fallen Angewomon. An Angewomon can be seen along with other Digimon kept in stasis glass tubes in the room where Thomas ' sister is in. An Angewomon appears as one of the nurses when Lord HolyAngemon was being healed, as well as during the celebration of Daemon's defeat.

In a letter to the readers, the author and illustrator also expressed their desire to make a side-story involving a "Prince Plotmon ", but due to time and resources, having to settle for drawing a "Sexy Angewomon Picture". An Angewomon ran the Hot Springs Paradise. Unfortunately, it was just a robot piloted by Datamon.

Angewomon digivolves from Gatomon, and can digivolve into Magnadramon. Can also be traded for a magnadramon. Angewomon is the 2nd opponent in Sky City's Extra Arena. Angewomon belongs to the Nature card group. Angewomon digivolves from Gatomon , and can digivolve into MarineAngemon. Angewomon also appears at the Sky Palace. Angewomon digivolves from Gatomon , and can digivolve into Ophanimon.

In the Japanese version, it is considered a male, while in the American dub, it is considered a female. The corrupted form is considered a male in both versions. Resembling a rabbit, it protects those weaker than itself due to its kind and gentle personality. It also has excellent hearing due its large rabbit-like ears. It can freely manipulate the "spirit" that flows inside its body. It can use this flowing spirit to strike its enemies with heavy ironlike blows. Antylamon digivolves from Wizardmon , and can digivolve to Cherubimon both Corrupted and Uncorrupted , as well as ChaosGallantmon.

Antylamon was abandoned by its previous Tamer in a battle with Kimeramon and was defeated, being reborn as the BlackAgumon that taunted the player at the beginning of the game. It becomes a Pagumon after being defeated by Machinedramon as DarkTyrannomon , and needs to be trained to attain Gold Tamer. Antylamon digivolves from Wendigomon , and can further digivolve into Cherubimon or Cherubimon Evil. Argomon is a Mutant Digimon that is based off of Argus Panoptes. His name is also a pun on the word algo rithm , while Rhythm, another character in his debut movie, is a pun on "- rithm ".

Argomon is full of the strong powers of darkness. Even though countless eyes are attached to his body, the eyes on his head remain closed. He can freely change his shape, transforming his arms into wings and displaying his adjacent offensive tentacles. Argomon is the main villain the movie who used his power to spread a thorn through the Human World, putting all humans into a deep sleep, including the DATS' members. After his body is burned by Agumon, he returns in his Mega form to fight him.

Argomon digivolves from Chrysalimon , and can digivolve into Argomon Mega. Arkadimon is a unique Digimon in that its name does not change when it digivolves. All of Arkadimon's forms are called "Arkadimon". Armormon is one of a few centaur-like Digimon.

He is known as Assaultmon in Japan. A theory states that, from his appearance, he could belong to the Special Forces of Centarumon. Armormon is an unlockable Digivolution who is part of Monmon 's Digivolution line. Arukenimon is the romanization of her Japanese name Archnemon. She was based on Arachne , the woman from Greek mythology who was turned into a spider by Athena as punishment for boasting of being a better weaver.

Queen of the Dokugumon , her quick tempered personality made her feared by most Digimon. Her special ability is to transform into the form of a beautiful woman so she can draw close to her victims. In her human form, she can use her hair-strands in her 'Spirit Needle' spell on Control Spires to create artificial Digimon that obey her command as long as they are of the same level or below it this explains why she could not control BlackWarGreymon who was a Mega Digimon and a powerful one at that.

In Digimon Adventure 02, Arukenimon can also control any insect Digimon by playing a special tune on a flute she possesses.

Arukenimon digivolves from Devidramon , and can digivolve further into Apocalymon. Arukenimon digivolves from Ogremon , and can digivolve further into Parasimon depending on its stats.

An Arukenimon also appears as a boss during the game in Steamy Jungle, attacking a girl named Ellie as she claims that she will not allow a girl cuter than her to live. The player has to fight Arukenimon to save Ellie. He is named after Astaroth. Asuramon is a four-armed Wizard Digimon with three faces Anger, Pity, Happy , though he only uses one of them to speak, depending on his mood.

He frightens evil Digimon, but just Digimon have no fear. His Fire Fist of Shiva attack is extremely painful for anyone who gets caught in its blast.

He can survive in lava. Some people thought that he was going to appear in the Tamers series as a leader of the Devas ; due to his namesake's relation to them in Hindu as a villain and Persian as a hero legends. When Tommy was trapped in the sphere, he was attacked by Asuramon but then Asuramon again appeared as a hooded figure.

He told Tommy that he wanted to help the boy look for the other DigiDestined , being overly friendly all the way, until Tommy realized that his ideal of friendship doesn't work.

Enraged, Asuramon burned his cloak away, revealing his true form and demanded the boy hand his Spirits over. Kumamon was at a great disadvantage due to the environment but he nevertheless was able to drive Asuramon over a cliff into the lava. However, Asuramon emerged from the lava unharmed. He was finally defeated when Kumamon changed to Korikakumon and destroyed him, thus deactivating the Fire Sphere.

As Tommy was scanning his fractal code, Asuramon's angry red face rotated to his happy yellow face, thus showing that he was being purified of his anger and evil. Betsumon looks like a person in a Gatomon costume. BigMamemon is a Mutant Digimon. He is a member of the Mamemon family. He is ten times the size of mamemon, and his data capacity size is a hundred times bigger.

He has a placid character, and is always playing with mobs of Mamemon.

Leomon : A digimon commander of DSG who goes to investigate the mysterious Death Valley but is captured by evil digimon, later he is found in the Mecha Rogue X lab where his power is drained to create Mecha Rogue X1, he is saved but loses his memory of the operation. Main article: Akira World 2. He is actually the mother computer used in a project called "GAIA", which happened in the real world. Digimon creature Virtual pet Card game Appmon. Battle Online Masters. After Mikey, Jeremy, Angie and Shoutmon are sent to Earth by Bagramon, Nene began to make a habit to don disguises to move incognito in the reformatted Digital World, even after being reunited with Mikey.

Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters. Related Articles

After Mameo leaves the Ditial World due to saving it from Analogman and Machinedramon , Jijimon summons him again, as Analogman and his Machinedramon have returned and have to be dealt with again. Analogman and Machinedramon return once a month and Jijimon rewards Mameo with a Chain Melon every time Analogman is defeated. Akira is given the job to rescue him from Giga Domain. Digimon World 2.

Jijimon is briefly mentioned by Mameo, who explains to Takuto or Shiki that he and his World's Jijimon banished the Ice Sanctuary away due to the evil harboured in it and that he was surprised to see it had wound up in the Next Order Digital World as the "Frost Cathedral". Due to being friends with this Jijimon, Mameo was excited to befriend the Next Order's Jijimon as well. Machinedramon is Analogman 's partner, who Mameo fights and defeats on Mount Infinity.

By traversing the Back Dimension successfully, Mameo faces a stronger version of Machinedramon. Defeating this Machinedramon, however, reveals it to be a regular Digimon a Muchomon when accessed from Ogremon's Fortress, SnowAgumon from Ice Sanctuary, and Soulmon from Grey Lord's Mansion merely corrupted into looking like Machinedramon by Analogman's lingering grudge.

Jijimon congratulates Mameo on each victory with a "Chain Melon", while Mameo vows to deal with Machinedramon no matter how many times it comes back. After beating it at Mountain Infinity, Machinedramon becomes a playable Digimon in two-player mode. Mameo's mother. She left a note in the table saying she would arrive home late, and arrives home after her son comes back from the Digital World.

He is actually the mother computer used in a project called "GAIA", which happened in the real world. Despite being just a machine, GAIA has the ability to think and act on his own. Despite her friendship to Bertain, she seems to be fairly kind with Akira, although she does get mad at him when he defeats her Digimon in the Colosseum. She is thought to be a villain, but after Akira defeats her Digimon in Modem Domain he discovers that she was only borrowing the Generator Parts for her sister to invent something new for the Digital World.

In the ending, it seems she becomes attracted to Akira. She is partnered with a Wizardmon , a Seadramon , an Akatorimon , and an Ogremon. He held the secret to reaching File Island. He is partnered with a Centarumon , a MetalMamemon , and a Meramon. Akira comes to the professor to ask him where the Archive Ship is. Later [ please confirm ] , the professor informs Akira of three "Mega Form Digimon": the Virus-attribute Diaboromon , the Vaccine-attribute Omnimon , and the Data-attribute Baihumon , whom he cannot remember at first.

He is partnered with a Yanmamon , a Syakomon , and an Ikkakumon [ please confirm ]. He is often boastful but is constantly beaten by Akira. He tries to infiltrate the city by impersonating a Black Swords Tamer. Brian tries to comfort her, and she is also Akira's companion throughout the game. He is partnered with a Saberdramon , a Gururumon , and a ShimaUnimon. He battles Akira in the Colosseum. He is partnered with a Garudamon , an AeroVeedramon , and a Mammothmon.

This is also the Guard Tamer group Akira canonically joins. Akira joins her team after his last mission in becoming a Tamer is complete canon to the story, but in-game Akira has the choice of joining the Black Swords or Gold Hawks. She is partnered with a Jijimon , a Magnadramon , and a MarineAngemon. He helped Akira with his last mission to get his Taming License. He lends the first three to Akira and uses the last three for Colosseum battles.

He is partnered with a Hagurumon , a Puppetmon , and a DemiDevimon. Her partners are a Megadramon , a WaruMonzaemon , and a Tekkamon. Dorumon , Agumon , Guilmon and Veemon are the main protagonists. Confident, energetic, and geeky, Inoue is a technical genius and the successor to Sora and Mimi.

Hikari returns to help a new team of Digidestined, now taking on a more senior role. Ruki is very tough, to the point of appearing cold and uncaring to her friends. Her eventual friendships with the other Digimon Tamers and her partner Renamon go a long way towards softening her heart.

Izumi is a beautiful lady, often getting attention from her companions and even male Digimon. Using the power of the Spirits of Wind, she can transform into either Kazemon and Zephyrmon, two very powerful Digimon.

Yoshino is the mature one of the group, taking an older sister role. With her partner Lalamon, she was the first girl in the franchise to have her Digimon achieve the Mega level of Digivolution. Originally a sad and mysterious person, Nene becomes a happy and optimistic as she works with her partner Sparrowmon and the Fusion Fighters army to save her brother from the clutches of an evil Digimon. While Sparrowmon still fights alongside her, she now also partners with Mervamon and Beelzebumon.

Digimon may have a habit of focusing on the boys, but each and every girl in every team has been essential to stopping the evil Digimon. Top 15 Best Anime Hackers. All Tags Trending Tags. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Digimon Adventure. Girls from the Worlds of Digim Featured Articles. Girls from the Worlds of Digimon Most anime shows featuring a team of adventurers have at least one girl on the team.

Character Analysis Cute Girls. Digimon Adventure Sora Takenouchi A kind and caring person and a bit of a tomboy, Sora represents the Crest of Love to fights alongside her partner Biyomon. She enters a relationship with Yamato Ishida Mimi Tachikawa Despite growing up pampered and spoiled, Mimi is a kindhearted person who bears the Crest of Sincerity.

Hikari Yagami Hikari returns to help a new team of Digidestined, now taking on a more senior role. Digimon Tamers Ruki Makino Ruki is very tough, to the point of appearing cold and uncaring to her friends. Digimon Frontier Izumi Orimoto Izumi is a beautiful lady, often getting attention from her companions and even male Digimon.

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Hot digimon characters

Hot digimon characters