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I am rewatching Iron Fist and after finish the first episode I have just been reminded about something I don't think they ever mention again. What's the deal with the homeless guy Big Al that Danny meets? I get that part of it was to show Danny's craving for acceptance but after Al OD's Danny notices a tattoo of a bird on his arm and looks confused. Danny looks confused when he sees this, so what is the significance? I know that Danny's spirit animal seems to be a hawk but is there anything else to it?

Iron fist tattoo

Iron fist tattoo

Iron fist tattoo

Iron fist tattoo

Wing continued to say that she Blond anal thumbnails show Rand that there was good in their faction of the Hand. When it was Davos' time to enter the tournament, he was approached by the Prince of Orphans to reveal his new Warrior's name since he was representing Kun-Zi for the first time, to which he chose "the Steel Phoenix". The Golden Tiger Gang and their control of the docks leads to an intergang conflict with the Hatchets that the Iron Fist struggles to control. Sub streets and secret locations tatoo commonly found in this neighborhood, according to the comics, making alluring locations for villains like The Hand and The Golden Tiger Gang to spread. Her role in the comics was as political liaison with Stark Industries, taking on Iron fist tattoo security based roles at that company. Detective Knight regained consciousness in time to save Temple, but Bakuto cut off the detective's right forearm instead. Rand, however, proceeded to advise her to teach Kung-Fu. But I think, you know, we've got to be realistic. Having won Iron fist tattoo the fight, the Ringmaster awarded her Iron fist tattoo prize money Irno invited her to return any time she pleased. Wing insisted, saying that she wished not to lie to him anymore, to which her teacher replied that if he were to reject her after this, he was not right for her.

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Iron fist tattoo issue 17 September to the series' tatoo at issue 27 Augustthe series was written by Duane Swierczynski and largely drawn by a returning Travel Foreman. Retrieved February 25, The character is usually depicted as an enemy of Iron Fist. Views Read Edit View history. When the H'ylthri Iron fist tattoo to kill Iron Fist, Miranda turns the power of the Zodiac Key against them, seemingly killing herself in the process. Plus, we can never turn down old skool tattoo-inspired clothing. Davos was restored by the Crane Motherpromising to locate and destroy the renegade Iron Fist Orson Randall fust return. Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos. The Steel Serpent is a master of the martial Iron fist tattoo of K'un-Lun, including those practiced millennia ago. Please try your search again later. Why we love 'em: Iron Fist refuses to be pigeonholed, yet we can spot an Iron Fist goodie from a mile away. When Rand confronts Xao, Xao reveals that there is an eighth city of Heaven before killing himself. This section does not cite any sources.

In many respects this new season of martial arts crime fighting surpassed the last one: the villains this time felt more properly grounded and motivated, less like cartoons.

  • By now, many diehard Marvel fans have already started making their way through Netflix's latest superhero series, Iron Fist , which released all 13 of its episodes on March
  • The character is a practitioner of martial arts and the wielder of a mystical force known as the Iron Fist, which allows him to summon and focus his chi.
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Colleen Wing is a martial arts expert who had became a loyal soldier of the Hand having been recruited by Bakuto. While running her own dojo within New York City , she helped Danny Rand to adapt upon his return and gained his trust while he sought answers about his own company's role with the heroin trade within New York.

After capturing Madame Gao , Wing's true allegiance to the Hand was then revealed, forcing her to choose between her loyalties to her fellow soldiers and Rand.

Wing chose Rand and helped him to escape, later defeating Bakuto in combat and helping Rand to kill Harold Meachum. With their mission now complete, Rand invited Wing to return to K'un-Lun with him, only for them to discover it had been attacked and seemingly destroyed while Rand was away.

Wing assisted Rand with tracking down the Hand searching for answers, encountering Elektra and a mystery they could not understand. Having also encountered Stick , Wing then witnessed the formation of the Defenders who took on the Hand, with Wing also discovering that Bakuto had returned from the dead to help lead the Hand. Wing continued aiding the Defenders, destroying the Hand's own base of operations and killing Bakuto once and for all.

Grateful to Detective Misty Knight for her sacrifice in saving her life, Wing helped her to get a new Prosthetic Arm to replace the one Bakuto had cut off during their fight and helped Knight to get used to it. As Wing gave up her investment into helping others, she decided to help Rand let his vigilante life to take upon stopping the Triad War that is upon taking over New York.

However, Wing had tried to get Rand back into recovery, she gathered the necessary tools to recreate the ritual in order to steal the Iron Fist back from Davos. As Rand had gone back on his feet, he proposed to Wing to take the power of the fist, but reluctantly refused. Despite Davos' attempt to keep his new power, Wing eventually defeated him and took on the title of Iron Fist during Rand's temporary absence.

Colleen Wing was born in Hokkaido where she lived with her mother. Wing's father the sent her to live with her grandfather. Years later, Wing was recruited into the Hand and trained by Bakuto. Introduced into the fellowship that the Hand provided, Wing came to regard them as family. She was eventually granted Chikara Dojo in New York City by Bakuto, so she could provide martial arts training, safety and a scholarship to youth who needed it.

One day in Central Park , Wing was putting up some ad flyers for her dojo. In the park, she encountered Danny Rand meditating. Believing him to be a homeless person begging for money, she placed a few dollars in his cup. As she put up the flyers, Rand approached her to give the money back. Slightly unnerved by his appearance, Wing tried to not pay attention to him. Rand noted that she was a martial arts trainer and he began speaking Mandarin to her. Impressed, they briefly spoke Mandarin, before she stopped him and told him that she hasn't spoken Mandarin since she was a child.

Rand simply wanted to ask if she could give him a job. Wing apologized and told him that she'd already hired someone who cleans up, before heading off. Wing trains her students in Chikara Dojo. Later that day, after Wing had finished one of her usual classes at Chikara Dojo , Rand appeared by the entrance.

Already tired of his presence, she asked him if he was there for a lesson. Since Rand couldn't afford a lesson, she suggested that he leave.

Rand, however, wanted to challenge her master. Wing was confused, so he explained that it's protocol for the one visiting a dojo, to challenge the dojo's master. Wing explained that she was the master and rejected his challenge. Colleen told him she was closing up and that he should leave. Rand, however, proceeded to advise her to teach Kung-Fu. She said she didn't need the hassle. Rand even offered to teach a couple of the lessons, and that was what he meant when he asked her for a job earlier.

She then asked where he'd trained, to which he replied K'un Lun. Disbelieving what he was saying, she forced him to leave. Rand then apologized for any inconvenience and retreated towards the door. In sympathy, Wing gave him a pair of shoes for his bare feet. During a training session with her students, Wing traveled throughout Chinatown, being tailed by her class.

At an underpass, her four students attempted to ambush her, but they were quickly defeated. Upon cooling down, she critiqued each students performance: Darryl could easily be heard, Jenny was lacking in speed and agility, and another male student quickly detected through scent; and telling them they were in need of some improvement.

After Danny Rand was committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital , he used the phone to give Wing a call, as she was the only friendly acquaintance that he had. He asked her to help secure his release from the hospital. Not knowing him well enough to assist, she ended the call. While training at Chikara Dojo , Wing was visited by Ward Meachum who offered her a bribe, asking her to sign a legal document that stated Rand is dangerous and that she felt threatened by him.

When she did not accept, he told her he would give her some time to think it over, reminding her of what money from him could do to help her dojo. Not understanding why the Meachum's would go through so much to try and detain Rand, Wing visited him in the hospital to inform him of what had happened.

When she asked him why the Meachum's cared so much about him, he revealed his identity as Danny Rand. She asked him if he was a threat to her; he assured her that he was not.

While there, she witnessed as Joy gradually became tearfully elated at the lack of the brown candies. Before leaving, Wing returned the agreement that Ward had previously given her, letting the Meachum's know she was not signing the papers. As she walked into the elevators, she glared at Ward. The Chikara Dojo got broken into one night by Ward 's men who were looking for Rand.

Wing disabled the men and informed them that she was alone and she could take care of herself. After they left, it was revealed that Rand had in fact taken refuge in her dojo. He promised to make it up to her and that he wouldn't be any more trouble. She made it clear that she was only helping him to honor her code, which meant that he needed to have left the dojo before the next morning. The next morning, Wing awakened to find that Rand hadn't left and was, in fact, meditating in the middle of her dojo.

Wing demanded to know why he was still there and he stated he was worried about her safety. Colleen said that she could take care of herself and when he objected, they began to spar, with Darryl as their witness. Rand easily came out on top but Wing remained adamant that he had to leave. He offered to pay her rent for 6 months to a year in exchange for a place to stay for the week.

She responded by saying that he could remain there for the week but could not interfere with her practice. When Rand returned to the dojo, he became upset with students who were joking around.

When a student made fun of him, he used force to bring him to the ground. As her students were regularly bullied and beaten, an infuriated Wing kicked Rand out of her Dojo. Desperate for money, Wing took a trip to the underground cage fights that Darryl mentioned partaking in. After witnessing a fight, the Ringmaster called out for a free-for-all, allowing anyone in the audience to leap into the cage.

She leaped inside and was introduced under the fighting name Daughter of the Dragon. Soon, her opponent Rusty entered the cage as well. Wing managed to stun him with a few strikes but was overpowered a few times. Eventually, she managed to knock him to the ground and progressively pounded in his face, bruising and bloodying him.

Having won of the fight, the Ringmaster awarded her the prize money and invited her to return any time she pleased. Later the next day, she spoke with Darryl, who was showing a video of the fight to the other students and apologized for her hypocrisy. Though she was praised for fighting in the cage, she protested that she broke a code in fighting for money. Wing returns, fighting Duke and Jim Pierce.

She later broke this code once more when she accidentally broke a piece of her equipment. To obtain the money to fix it, she re-entered the ring, fighting two opponents for double the cash.

She came out victorious but not unharmed as she sustained a dislocated finger. When Joy and Rand were attacked by the triads, he brought her to Wing's dojo for protection while he negotiated with the leader. During his absence, Wing taught Joy some basics of martial arts punches. Joy, in turn, shared some insight into Rands' character. Rand returned, having finished his negotiations, and popped Wing's finger back into place. He reminded her that he still owed 6 months of her dojo rent.

Though he brought in food, a table, and chairs, she first rejected his offer for a date; Temple, on the other hand, willingly joined the two, expressing that she was hungry. The three ate together, Rand saying a prayer before digging in. While Wing spoke little, Temple and Rand conversed a bit--where Rand trained, his life in K'un-Lun , and the long gap between his stay and his return to New York. Wing has dinner with Rand and Claire Temple. Sometime after Temple left, with some food taken along with her, Rand spoke to Wing about his actual reason for visiting the dojo.

He explained that there were criminals that were selling and distributing drugs through Rand Enterprises ; when Wing questioned his inactivity with police, he stated that this would all fall on his business and they would have sought an alternate route.

He went on to add that he wanted evidence for Meachum to see so that an effort could be placed on having them removed from the building. Wing was in disbelief that Rand needed her assistance; after Rand stated that the drugs could potentially do harm to her students and that he had purchased the building in which her dojo was built, she accepted to help him.

She also mentioned a leak to one of her sinks. During class at Chikara Dojo , Wing announced Darryl 's graduation from her dojo and congratulated him, telling him that he would be servicing something bigger than himself.

Afterwards, she spoke with Rand , who had informed her that the Hand knew about her and Claire Temple.

Alter Ego 70 : Acolytes A. Back Issue! His power was further enhanced via the consumption of the life forces of the Crane Mother's daughters. Season 4.

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In many respects this new season of martial arts crime fighting surpassed the last one: the villains this time felt more properly grounded and motivated, less like cartoons. The story finally explores the mystical aspects fans were dying for, instead of spending hours in the boardroom. The biggest difference between last season and this one is a combination of improved acting and greater attention to character across the board.

Each player in the Iron Fist gang has their own motivations, both outward and inward, and they all try to figure themselves as well as each other out. They also engage in highly choreographed fights when necessary, but sometimes real relationships are like that. This season really opens up toward the end as gangland negotiations fade into mystical tattoo rituals. In order to keep up with the easter eggs, comics references, and character twists, here are 20 Things You Completely Missed From Iron Fist.

The primary slow burn of the ten episode second season was the unfurling of Mary Walker and her back and forth impact on the Meachum-Rand saga. Alice Eve brilliantly portrayed the unsettling nature of dissociative identity disorder, and the effect lands her squarely in the anti-villain category; the audience can even sympathize with her as a victim at times.

The comics treat her as a sometimes friendly villain as well, she even forms a brief relationship with Daredevil. Her supervisor there, we learn, is named Sam Chung. Sam Chung is also the name of a long time street level-Marvel hero named Blindspot. In the comics he takes his martial arts background, acrobatic talent, and genius brain over to Daredevil for mentorship. Even if he grows into something else on the show, Chinatown has another strong protector. The second ceremonial tattoo of the show took place when Colleen finally decide to take up the mantle of the Iron Fist.

From there, she ends the show as a full Iron Fist with her katana bathed in white light. In the second half of the season, when the audience learns a little bit more about Mary Walker, she eventually lets on that she was a prisoner of war in Sokovia. And then she mentions it a few more times just to make sure that everyone heard her.

In addition to being the setting that initiated her psychological disorder, Sokovia was also the fictional Eastern European location of the final battle depicted in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. That movie was only released three years ago, so even on the most conservative timeline, Mary Walker has had more than enough time to spiral down and out from her traumatic event, and transform from Sergeant First Class Walker, into Typhoid Mary.

However, it might have been one of the many negative consequences of the events of that movie. The Golden Tiger Gang and their control of the docks leads to an intergang conflict with the Hatchets that the Iron Fist struggles to control.

Season two presents Iron Fist as a necessary street level hero to keep the peace and maybe work with the gang hierarchies once in a while. Even Kwai Chang, the once-leader of the Gang who suffered an untimely stroke on the show, was also a character in the comics. Davos is his son, but Danny goes on to be the one to fulfill the prophecy. Lei-Kung is an immortal in the comics. Even in the few scenes he appeared in the show, it was clear that his primary focus was the power of the Iron Fist, and he who held it.

Eventually, it becomes clear that too much of that focus was diverted from his first son. All of the Netflix Defenders are set in New York City, each making their home and beat in a different neighborhood. Season two of Iron Fist goes a little bit further toward making the city a character in the show.

Chinatown landmarks like Canal Street and Columbus Park are name dropped, and back alleys, abandoned buildings, and secret entrances all play key roles in the story. Chinatown is the canonical home for Iron Fist and his supporting crew. Sub streets and secret locations are commonly found in this neighborhood, according to the comics, making alluring locations for villains like The Hand and The Golden Tiger Gang to spread. Colleen Wing stole season one, first as martial arts teacher, then as disillusioned Hand operative, and finally as partner to Danny Rand.

Colleen goes into more detail about her childhood, when she was raised by her grandfather. The white katana she wields, and her training in Bushido, come from him, but the details of her mother and father were never spoken of. One day she stumbles upon a very old, ivory hair combing set that jostles a memory of her mother and she takes up their mystery once more. It takes all season to track down a lead, but eventually she learns that comb set could be the key to her larger destiny.

The scene nearly functions as a meet-cute for the hero and occasional villain, until Danny clarifies that he has a girlfriend.

Coffee A Go-Go is a long recurring Marvel joke, mostly in X-Men comics, but they probably have non-mutant customers too. Most appearances of the cafe also place it in Greenwich Village, instead of the implied Chinatown here, but coffee shops are known to pop up everywhere. With the help of some local tattoo artists, an ancient bowl, and the exhumed body of a former Iron Fist, he recreates the ritual to imbue himself with the power of Shou-Lao. The Steel Serpent is one of the many monikers Davos adopts in the comics.

In the show, when Davos harnesses the Iron Fist, he has a snake tattoo on his chest instead of the dragon that Danny has. In the source material, Davos could never hold the Iron Fist either, but the Steel Serpent can find mystical power in other places.

The main gang conflict takes place between the Golden Tigers and the Hatchets, but in the background, the Triads are mentioned in fear even by the crime lords we see. In the comics, villains such as Fu Man Chu, Mr. Negative, and the Mandarin all spin out of this centralized gang structure. This is good news for Iron Fist , a lot of that second season was about laying out the hierarchy and nuance of the street level gangs.

Danny Rand was even at the negotiating table. At the climax of The Defenders miniseries, Misty Knight lost her arm in battle with the ultimate legions of the Hand. Upgrading the arm with more abilities will hopefully become a seasonal event, adding gadgets and just-in-the-nick-of-time escape advantages. Today, super strength, maybe tomorrow, repulsor blasts? The surprise of the season has to go to the rebirth of Ward Meachum. His struggle with addiction and repairing his life through recovery has somehow made itself seem interesting, conflicted, and sympathetic.

Her role in the comics was as political liaison with Stark Industries, taking on several security based roles at that company. To facilitate his transformation, Davos tracks down a shipping container with one important artifact that he needs. In the container is a sarcophagus holding the corpse of one who was obviously a former Iron Fist.

No one ever figures out who the guardian in the tomb is, though it connects to a larger chain that eventually leads Danny around the world. For all viewers know, they could even belong to Wu Ao-Shi, the first female Iron Fist, dating back to s. A group of underground tattoo artists are able to assist Davos in his final transformation into the Steel Serpent. They even give him his eponymous ink.

These women are referenced as the Crane Sisters on the show, but they could connect to a larger group of dark martial artists that ties into a whole Crane family. In the comics, the Crane Mother, through her daughters, supports Davos, and briefly contributes to his power in return for his protection. The glowing fist, along with the mystical temple, years of training to be an ancient guardian, all held together with Chi; there was a lot of swirling background there.

This season, more about the dragon, Shou-Lao, anchored the power of the Fist. When he was slain in a misunderstanding, his heart was enshrined so he would always stay with the city. That heart of fire, as we saw on the show, is what the Iron Fist must be worthy of harnessing. By plunging his fists into the flames, Danny Rand carries the heart of Shou-Lao wherever he goes.

The rivalry between them eventually drives Davos crazy, and Danny is powerless to save the man he once called his brother. Before the Rand family semi mysteriously crash landed on the mystical city, Davos was the heir apparent to hold the Iron Fist when he came of age.

His father was the Thunderer, chief guardian of the Iron Fist legacy, so he was training his entire life to one day take the power of Shou-Lao. Back in Luke Cage season two, it was Colleen who came in to help Misty get used to her new arm.

That emotionally and physically difficult process led to the two continuing their friendship into this new season of Iron Fist. Their friendship extends into the comics. Knightwing Restorations was just barely name checked in the show. It's a bail bonds firm the two start together and use to base their private investigations. The two have been known as the Daughters of the Dragon, due to their martial arts expertise and proximity to the Iron Fist.

According to the man who bought it from her, that brush and comb used to belong to the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay, a princess who challenged a pirate king for control of a small fishing village. For the final sequence of the show, Danny sends himself on a trip back to Asia, to reconnect with the power and meaning of the Iron Fist.

Ward and Danny have a confrontation with a man who says he works for Orson Randall, trying to recover his property. Danny responds by flashing two Chi powered handguns in his face, and blasting his way out of the situation. Orson Randall was the Iron Fist immediately previous to Danny, known for his use of those guns. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Leave A Comment. Every Smallville Season Finale, Ranked. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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Iron fist tattoo

Iron fist tattoo