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William Oliver Stone born September 15, is an American filmmaker, director, writer [1] [2] [3] and conspiracy theorist. Stone achieved prominence as writer and director of the war drama Platoon , which won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture. Platoon was the first in a trilogy of films based on the Vietnam War , in which Stone served as an infantry soldier. His latest film is Snowden Many of Stone's films focus on controversial American political issues during the late 20th century, and as such were considered contentious at the times of their releases.

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

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Archived from the original on 10 May Archived from the original on 31 August Login or sign up. She and other veterans hid Oliver, the other correspondents, and the oljver crew from security. Courthouse News Service. Retrieved 13 March Addicted To Ass. Oliver continues to perform stand up. Erotic Rendezvous. The Guardian.

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The majority of his movies are part of a series. The List. Most Relevant. Archived from the original on 4 October Time Retrieved 19 January Ripped muscles, big cock, round ass

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

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William Oliver Stone born September 15, is an American filmmaker, director, writer [1] [2] [3] and conspiracy theorist. Stone achieved prominence as writer and director of the war drama Platoon , which won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture. Platoon was the first in a trilogy of films based on the Vietnam War , in which Stone served as an infantry soldier.

His latest film is Snowden Many of Stone's films focus on controversial American political issues during the late 20th century, and as such were considered contentious at the times of their releases.

His parents were divorced abruptly while he was away at school and this, because he was an only child, marked him deeply. Stone's mother was often absent and his father made a big impact on his life; father-son relationships were to feature heavily in Stone's films perhaps because of this. He speaks French fluently. Stone was admitted into Yale University , but left in June at age 18 [14] [21] to teach high school students English for six months in Saigon at the Free Pacific Institute in South Vietnam.

Martin's Press. He worked as a taxi driver, film production assistant, messenger, and salesman before making his mark in film as a screenwriter in the late s, in the period between his first two films as a director: horror films Seizure and The Hand.

In , Stone was awarded his first Oscar, after adapting true-life prison story Midnight Express into a hit film of the same name for British director Alan Parker the two would later collaborate on a movie of stage musical Evita. Stone's screenplay for Midnight Express was widely criticized for its inaccuracies in portraying the events described in the book and vilifying the Turkish people.

The original author, Billy Hayes , around whom the film is set, spoke out against the film, protesting that he had many Turkish friends while in jail. Stone wrote further features, including Brian De Palma 's drug lord epic Scarface , loosely inspired by his own addiction to cocaine , which he successfully kicked while working on the screenplay. Like his contemporary Michael Mann, Stone is unusual in having written or co-written most of the films he has directed.

In , Stone directed two films back to back: the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Salvador , shot largely in Mexico, and his long in-development Vietnam project Platoon , shot in the Philippines. Platoon brought Stone's name to a much wider audience. It also finally kickstarted a busy directing career, which saw him making nine films over the next decade.

Alongside some negative reaction, Platoon won many rave reviews Roger Ebert later called it the ninth best film of the s , large audiences, and Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. British TV channel Channel 4 voted Platoon as the sixth greatest war film ever made. The Doors , released in , received criticism from former Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek during a question and answer session at Indiana University East in During the discussion, Manzarek stated that he sat down with Stone about The Doors and Jim Morrison for over 12 hours.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison —a well known rock critic and author—was a consultant on the movie, in which she also has a cameo appearance, but she writes in her memoir Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison Dutton, that Stone ignored everything she told him and proceeded with his own version of events.

From the moment the movie was released, she blasted it as untruthful and inaccurate. During this same period, Stone directed one of his most ambitious, controversial and successful films to date: JFK , that depicts the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, The Assassination Records Review Board created by Congress to lessen, but not end the secrecy surrounding Kennedy's assassination discussed the film, including Stone's observation at the end of the film, about the dangers inherent in government secrecy.

I make my films like you're going to die if you miss the next minute. You better not go get popcorn. Originally based on a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino , but significantly rewritten by Stone, Richard Rutowski , and David Veloz, [36] critics recognized its portrayal of violence and the intended satire on the media.

After a period from to , where he released a new film at least every 1—2 years, Stone slowed down in the s, though still finding some success. In , Stone directed the critically savaged Alexander. He later radically re-edited his biographical film of Alexander the Great into a two-part, 3-hour minute film Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut , which became one of the highest-selling catalog items from Warner Bros.

In , Stone was intended to direct his fourth Vietnam War film Pinkville , about a Pentagon investigation into the My Lai massacre of Vietnamese civilians. The film was to have been made for United Artists , [39] but the company officially cancelled the production start due to the — Writers Guild of America strike. Shortly after the strike, Stone went on to write and direct the George W.

Bush biopic W. In , Stone announced that his Martin Luther King project, which he had worked on for three years, was aborted by the producing studios, Warner Bros. In , he was presented with an honorific award at the Sitges Film Festival. Snowden finished filming in May and was released on September 16, On May 22, , various industry papers reported that Stone was going to direct a television series about the Guantanamo detention camp.

Harvey Weinstein 's production company is financing the series. Stone is reported to be scheduled to direct every episode of the first season. However, Stone announced he would quit the series after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against Weinstein in October The documentary was also released in several cities in the United States and Europe in the mid In , the documentary miniseries Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States premiered on Showtime , Stone co-wrote, directed, produced, and narrated the series, having worked on it since with co-writers American University historian Peter J.

Kuznick and British screenwriter Matt Graham. Certainly in documentary form, and perhaps in fiction, feature form. Moynihan accused the book of " moral equivalence " and said nothing within the book was "untold" previously.

It's been thoroughly vetted Stone was interviewed in Boris Malagurski 's documentary film The Weight of Chains 2 , which deals with neoliberal reforms in the Balkans. Foreign Policy called the documentary "beyond redemption, a work of cinematic malpractice that marks him as a ' useful idiot '".

Two years later in , Stone released Ukraine on Fire. In the documentary, Stone argued that Russia was justified in invading Crimea. Newsweek stated that "The less said about that orgy of alternative facts , the better". Stone's series of interviews with Russian president Vladimir Putin over the span of two years was released as The Putin Interviews , a four-night television event on Showtime on June 12, Stone also appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a controversial interview about the film.

In a cameo, Stone appears on a television in the show discussing how the theories in his film JFK had been proven correct the series took place in a hypothetical future, That same year, he also spoofed himself in the comedy hit Dave , espousing an accurate conspiracy theory about the film President's replacement by a near-identical double.

Martin's Press , a semiautobiographical novel first written in — Stone has been married three times, first to Najwa Sarkis on May 22, They divorced in He then married Elizabeth Burkit Cox, an assistant in film production, on June 7, Sean appeared in some of his father's films while a child. Sean Stone currently works for the Russia state media company Russia Today. Oliver and Elizabeth divorced in Stone is currently married to Sun-jung Jung from South Korea , and the couple have a daughter, Tara b.

Stone is mentioned in Pulitzer Prize -winning American author Lawrence Wright 's book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief as having been a member of Scientology for about a month, saying "It was like going to college and reading Dale Carnegie , something you do to find yourself. In , Stone was arrested and pleaded guilty to alcohol and drug charges. He was ordered into a rehabilitation program.

He was arrested again on the night of May 27, in Los Angeles for possession of an undisclosed illegal drug. In , former Playboy model Carrie Stevens alleged that in , Stone had "walked past me and grabbed my boob as he waltzed out the front door of a party. The allegation Stevens made surfaced after Stone announced he would no longer direct The Weinstein Company 's television series Guantanamo following the revelation of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations.

I'm a believer that you wait until this thing gets to trial. I believe a man shouldn't be condemned by a vigilante system. It's not easy what he's going through, either. During that period he was a rival. I never did business with him and didn't really know him.

I've heard horror stories on everyone in the business, so I'm not going to comment on gossip. I'll wait and see, which is the right thing to do. Later both Patricia Arquette and Melissa Gilbert came forward to say he had acted inappropriately towards both of them.

Stone has been described as having leftist political views. Stone has had an interest in Latin America since the s, when he directed Salvador , and later returned to make his documentary South of the Border about the left-leaning movements that had been taking hold in the region. He has expressed the view that these movements are a positive step toward political and economic autonomy for the region.

Stone has criticized the U. Stone called Saudi Arabia a major destabilizer in the Middle East. He also criticized the foreign policy of the United States , saying: "We made a mess out of Iraq, Syria, Libya, but it doesn't matter to the American public. It's okay to wreck the Middle East. I think he's an intelligent individual. I think he responds to difficulties well Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Bush administration policies," and "has created In an interview with The Times newspaper on July 25, , Stone claimed that America does not know "the full story" on Iran and complained about Jewish "domination" in parts of the U.

The remarks were heavily criticized by Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center. His words conjure up some of the most stereotypical and conspiratorial notions of undue Jewish power and influence. In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry. The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity—and it was an atrocity.

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black

James k oliver gay black