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The National Library was the biggest single clearinghouse, but now that it, too is down, a lot of the fanfic we seek can only be found via Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine is a mighty device, but it is limited in that you pretty much need to know exactly what URL you are looking for before you can find it. Therefore, here are a bunch of Wayback Machine links to old West Wing fanfiction sites for anybody who wants to delve into them. Many of these sites contain links to other sites as well, use them to expand your search! I make no representations as to the quality of any of these, some of them are very good, some of them are pretty rough, but all of them deserve their place in the fandom.

Josh and donna fanfiction

Donna comes home with her for Thanksgiving. What can go wrong, will go wrong When nothing else happened that week, or that month, she decided whatever had happened between Josh and donna fanfiction was just a weird thing, some abnormal facet of Josh-psychology that she might never fully understand. We Didn't Get Clowns by Willow21 reviews It's Josh's brithday and the campaign staff have organised a party, but the birthday boy is hiding. You know that, right? Send me fanfic prompts for West Wing and Buffy. Josh and Donna through Abbey's eyes. And what if Zoey decides to meddle in the currently fractured relationship of Josh and Donna. It seemed to be inherent in her this evening.

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A quick little series Josh and donna fanfiction drabbles inspired by my Joeh episodes of the West Wing. Note: I changed things around As Faith navigates being alive again, she begins a friends-with-benefits hookup with Dean Winchester Jpsh quickly becomes something neither of them expected. Smart people who love you are gonna have your back. I hope this is allowed. Meanwhile, a new demon bar in Lebanon has a previously dormant Hellmouth acting up again. Im a big fan of Josh, hoping to find some great stuff that really focus on him, and his character. It just kind of happened in the excitement of the moment. Leave a comment. After Santos is sworn in, Kazakhstan didn't go away and a fonna puts Josh in the hands of terrorists. Told through the voices of those outside the main event. Please help. I am looking for the story in which Pencil drawings of nude women believe Josh and Donna are a couple. Chapter 14 is up.

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Donna watched as Josh removed his cufflinks and loosened his necktie before joining her on the sofa. She smiled, licking her lips unconsciously. Wasting no more time, Josh closed the gap, kissing Donna passionately. His tongue gently but firmly pushing past her lips. He pulled back slightly, nibbling on her bottom lip, enjoying feeling her moan as she leant forward.

Her breasts pushing against his chest and delighting them both. Gently pushing her back into the sofa, Josh continued his flurry of kisses. A mixture of short teasing kisses followed by long lingering passionate kisses kept Donna constantly unsure of what to expect next. She smiled lovingly at him, still mildly in awe that they'd finally got to this stage after so long. Without saying anything else, Josh returned to kissing her.

Grinding his lower body into hers so she could feel what just kissing her was doing to him. Donna moaned softly into his mouth. Her hands moving to clutch onto his back and squeeze his ass. Josh moved one hand to slip past her dress, squeezing and stroking one breast in time with his kisses. Pulling away, he looked her in the eye, smirking at how she looked. Her eyes already looked a little glazed and wide eyed as she looked up at him.

Her hair mussed up and her lipstick more than a little smudged. Maintaining eye contact, he moved his other hand down, slipping it underneath her dress, and stroking its way up her leg. Reaching her inner thigh, he slowly drew circles on it, using his other hand to tweak her nipple in time with the actions. He hadn't noticed where her hand was roaming until he felt it cup his groin and squeeze gently. Gasping, he tried to pay attention to the rest of what she said.

Stroking the outline of the thong for a moment, he finally moved the garment aside and gently stroked her clit. Donna's response was instantaneous, gasping his name, and thrusting her hips up to meet his touch more so. Josh grinned, as he slowly slid two fingers inside her, leaving his thumb to rub against her clit.

He looked on as Donna, open mouthed, looked enraptured by his touch. Not letting up with the steady thrusts and strokes, he dipped his head down and took one breast into his mouth. He nibbled and sucked on her nipple, his tongue flicking across it with increasing urgency.

Donna was nearly overwhelmed by the sensations. Unable to decide whether to thrust herself towards his mouth or his fingers. She placed one hand on his head, stroking her fingers through his hair and tickling his ear, gasping at the feelings he was producing in her. Feeling her becoming more and more riled up, Josh stroked her all the faster. His fingers pushing into her more and more quickly.

A third just teasing her entrance, while his thumb added pressure to her clit. Brushing his teeth against her nipple, Josh bit down softly but surely, finally pushing her over the edge.

He felt her clamp down around his fingers, as she uttered his name in an almost breathless tone. Grinning into her breast one last time, he kissed her chest softly before looking up. His chin resting between her breasts. A huge smile on his face. His dimples even more prominent than usual. Lifting himself up from her, Josh rolled so he could lay to the side of her on the sofa. His arm draped across her stomach. Turning her head to look at him - the pair almost nose to nose - Donna regained the ability to form sentences.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows West Wing. Set Post Series. Five different times Josh and Donna slept together. Bit fluffy, some comforting, lots of smut, no plot to speak of. Josh opened the door for Donna as she stepped into his apartment. Josh took his dinner jacket off, laying it down on the nearby armchair. Josh leaned forward to get a little closer to her. Now leaning across her, Josh paused from kissing Donna to smile at her softly. You know that, right?

He smiled cockily, as Donna whimpered, wriggling underneath him to feel more of his touch. Swallowing deeply, he regained the power of speech. She gasped his name increasingly loudly as he continued. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Lucifer tricks an emotionally distraught Willow into opening it, and the only thing that can close it is Slayer blood. Tags: fic. Who is it that is destroying Josh on National TV? Only Fate has something else in store for her. Walk and Talk. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Posted at am Link Leave a comment 1 comment Share Flag.

Josh and donna fanfiction

Josh and donna fanfiction

Josh and donna fanfiction. Aug. 9th, 2019


Any good Josh/Donna recs? - i had you big time.

Anonymous asked. Her writing is pure beauty and every story will bring you into its world and completely trap you there. Season seven resolution.

Post-Hoynes resignation angst and comfort. Seven short AUs that will make your heart swell. Pssss… I did a better version of this post here. This bedsharing series. Beautifully written. Soulmates - My absolute favorite AU.

Joanie lives, her and Donna are both attorneys at Debevoise and best friends. Donna comes home with her for Thanksgiving. Everything you want to happen does. Read with apples and peanut butter. Five times Donna already knew.

One time they got there together. Loophole - Very important smut. In Bed - The night before Hawaii, ft. Mostly smutty. So much more behind the cut… Pssss… I did a better version of this post here.

Happy reading :. Mar 5 notes. More you might like. Oct 20 notes Source. It was updated the next week. Comment and leave kudos. It does so much for a writers confidence. Oct 13 , notes Source Source. The X-Files: Triangle 6x Oct 13 1, notes Source Source. Oct 9 notes Source Source. Harry Bradbeer. Sep 29 1, notes Source Source.

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Josh and donna fanfiction