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Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Please contact only if willing to pay this price. The bag still has plenty of life left. For one, it should withstand the test of time and possess the ability to return season after season viitton exclusive designs and prints. Thank you as well for Louis vuitton shoulder strap quick delivery. Description Details Shipping From the Collection, burgundy 'GO Malletage' shou,der lambskin Louis Vuitton shoulder bag 'LV' turn-lock closure at front flap Silver tone metalware Convertible shoulder strap either double strap or crossbody bag with leather shoulder guard Dual interior slip pockets. Shipping Information. Louis Vuitton Tan This product is AAA quality. Grid View.

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Betsy believes that fashion fades, style is eternal and good taste exists at all price points. Gay slave market so much! The stitching is coming undone but the handles are slightly discolored. I can't wait to replace some more of my worn out purse straps. Accessories generally ship in days. The date and logo do not seem to be indented. Before and after of vachetta leather straps that have been cleaned to lighten the patina. Availability In Stock Sold Out. Hi Pam! Purchased from a consignment shop and another patron in the store who was carrying a LV checked it out for me before I went through with the purchase. Reply bobby harrington Louis vuitton shoulder strap 5, at pm hi I ran across a older style vintage louis vuitton luggage bag.

We have over 70 genuine leather colors for your strap replacement needs.

  • Authenticating Louis Vuitton is a valuable skill to have and one I have been fortunate enough to become, dare I say an expert at.
  • We have over 70 genuine leather colors for your strap replacement needs.
  • Sixteen year old Louis Vuitton moved to Paris with the dream of creating an iconic trunk collection that would change the way people travel.
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Shipping Information. Terms and Conditions. Return Policy. Shoulder Bags. Louis Vuitton. Category: Shoulder Bags. Condition: Very Good. USD Est. Description Details Shipping From the Collection, burgundy 'GO Malletage' quilted lambskin Louis Vuitton shoulder bag 'LV' turn-lock closure at front flap Silver tone metalware Convertible shoulder strap either double strap or crossbody bag with leather shoulder guard Dual interior slip pockets.

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Reply betsycottle October 27, at pm Thank you very much! Reply Jenna December 18, at pm I need your help to see if this is real. Reply Legos in my Louis February 23, at pm Happy to take a look. Thank you! September 12, If so, how was your experience? There is very small loose threading in the stitching of the patches which the handles are connected to; the piece that the hangers go on has small chips , which has me believing the gold was painted on.

Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Louis vuitton shoulder strap. Покупки по категориям

Even a second hand Louis Vuitton with cleaned leather will still be slightly darker around the handles. Before and after of vachetta leather straps that have been cleaned to lighten the patina. This is an easy area for a newbie to feel foolish. You need to make sure that the bag you are purchasing, is, in fact, a style that Louis Vuitton made, and that you are purchasing it in the right color and monogram pattern that is offered with that collection. Does a speedy bag have feet? Is the backside of the monogram on a Speedy upside down?

Is the lining on the Neverfull tan, red, or orange? These are questions you should bait yourself with at each buying decision. Since I am a somewhat serious collector, I also collect the catalogs. Each Louis Vuitton store gets a handful of catalogs each year. The catalog is intended for the sales associates use in store to assist customers. If you are a collector of vintage Vuitton like I am, you should try to start locating the really old catalogs.

Louis Vuittons are simple in design and construction and have flawless craftsmanship. The consistency of stitching is executed identically across all bags. For example, a speedy bag will always have 5 evenly placed stitches across the top. A good trick would be ask a friend who has a store bought authentic bag to let you count the stitches and then match it up to the bag you are considering.

Yes you will occasionally see a lose thread on a well worn bag, but never on a new one. The date code is the production number for the bag. It gives information to when and where the bag was produced.

The date code letters tell you what country the bag was made in. Each style listed in the catalog shows the correct date codes for each style. A picture is worth a thousand words. See the differences between real and fake Louis Vuitton bags in these photos courtesy of Fashion Pulis.

The only way to truly remove the risk when buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton is to have it authenticated. If you are purchasing through a reputable website they mostly like already use an authentication service to ensure that all the bags they sell are authentic.

The only trade-off with this is that they tend to charge a higher premium for their bags. The best way to cost-effectively buy a used Louis Vuitton is directly from a seller on a site like Poshmark, or eBay. Typically this would come with high risk but that is completely removed when you order an authentication. A good email only authentication will allow you to use the listing pictures to professionally determine if the bag you are buying is authentic.

With the amount of Japanese super fakes on the market, today and the amount of bags being knocked off to look like they are vintage and confuse people, always having a professional authentication is a must! Have you purchased a Louis Vuitton bag on eBay? What tips did you use to ensure that your bag is authentic? Betsy is the founder and voice behind Legos in my Louis. She is a girls girl who loves writing content that inspires others.

Betsy believes that fashion fades, style is eternal and good taste exists at all price points. She believe deeply in the power of the female entrepreneur and want to spark more of her in each of us. I have an orange graffiti louis vuitton speedy with a date code of LS I havze not been able to find a date code that begins with LS on any of the lists online. Is this fake? Hi Melissa! Happy to give insight. The numbers seem wrong and the letters should be SL which would mean a country of origin in France.

The speedy is heavily replicated because of its simple silhouette which requires less detail and consequently less room for error when replicating.

Hi Melissa. Great blog you have! The code the date code is VI which seems fine to me. The colour is red but the all stitches are black.

I have other LV bags in say blue and the stiches are also blue. I got it more than a year ago from one of those Japanese E-bay sellers you mention on your post. Any piece of advice from you would be much appreciated! Many thanks. Send pics over. Hello, I have a vintage lv purse and wanted to know if its real or not. Could you pls help? I need your help to see if this is real. A lot of blogs recommend it which was why I initially jumped, but regret being so trusting… It is trendlee.

The date code says: TH which suggest made in They list the color as rogue. So I am concerned I have purchased a fake. And will probably return. The Riviera beauty case this bag was produced in the red epi leather in Snap some phone pics when it comes if you want me to look at the details on your bag. Thanks so much for your quick response. This makes me feel better. I purchased a never-full on eBay. I did not do a lot of research until I received the bag. Is there a website you suggest that I can use to check if my bag is real?

This blog post is very useful for most and fashionpile also has deep resources. You can also email me at LegosinmyLouis at gmail. Currently the only things I have found that say its not authentic is the fact that the fabric on the inside of the pockets are not dark denim but the same as the outside and that there is no code on the inside.

Thank you for your time! Windy from your description it sounds like the bag might not be authentic. But feel free to send me an email to LegosinmyLouis gmail. I would be more than happy to post pictures.

Any ideas? Hi there, came across this while trying to authenticate a pre-loved speedy May I send you some photos for your opinion? Dalila, that date could should mean the bag was made in USA or France in the 39th week of Dalia- that date code is possible for a bag newer than Is this correct? Also the inside of the painted area of the handle seems to attract lint and sweater lint.

Is this normal? How can I stop this? Thank you. Sam — the older style Alma does not have feet nor does it have the smooth base. I think you are talking about the interior alcantara lining.

Could you tell me if the date code SR is real? Thank you for your help! I am considering purchasing a LV off Mercari. A Tate Thame PM bag. I noticed one of the LV does have not a stitch but the leather lining over it.

Could it still be real? This is a very knowledgeable write up. Do you know if the Alma was produced with the Icon monogram canvas in the GM model in ? I have only been able to track down one other one and I question that one too. I can send you a link to photos of it via e-mail response. Can this be possible? She sent me several pics and bag comes with the lock and key. Could you tell me if the bag date code VI is real?

However the pouch date code is VI, I know it means week 22 of Thanks for your help. Betsy, Thank you for your information…it was very resourceful. You mentions the LV is not cut in a seam.

Thank you, Julie. My friend and I found an old LV in her great uncles garage. I thought I might see if you thought it was real. Her great uncle was a silent picture actor, so you know the bag is old, his name is written inside the luggage tag.

The stitching is coming undone but the handles are slightly discolored. There is no date stamped in it. What do you think? Elizabeth; very early Louis Vuitton models did not usually have the name stamped on the brassware nor anywhere else on the bag or luggage. Just saw this forum and was wondering if you can tell if this bag is real or fake. I already have an Artsy MM…this new bag is very stiff and on the front the LV it cut off by the front pocket and the button clasp is covering the LV on the interior.

I have always read if hardware or sticking ever cuts off the LV its a fake, however, I have understood that this monogram Saint Germain is a vintage model and I cannot confirm anywhere. Also, the date code — I believe because the letter I cannot read clearly, is NO Vintage items often have monogram icons cut , especially depending on the style.

Look on Google image search for your model and compare. Hi , I need your help regarding the speedy 30 that got , I just wondering the brass was dark? I have a few estate sale bags, but I am not sure if they are real. One is a French company, can I email you pictures? Thank you to everyone who has taken such an strong interest in the post!

Unfortunately I am going to pause my personal authentication services via comments and email. Thanks for your understanding while I create a solution to continue to help people with their authentications. Hi, Betsy! I would love if you would look at it for me before I purchase it. Hey Lindsay. I just purchased a garment bag from Tradsey.

These things and the fact that it took them weeks to deliver makes me question the authenticity of the item. There is very small loose threading in the stitching of the patches which the handles are connected to; the piece that the hangers go on has small chips , which has me believing the gold was painted on.

I explained this to them and they want me to send them pictures before the consider giving me credit not a refund. Ordering from the has been a pain and inconvenience. Hi I have a quick question regarding a discontinued LV Lockit pm vertical tote. The date code seems real, SD I have seen the d ring on items made in Spain codes that start with CA.

Everything else seems legit, stitching is straight and even, correct count , symmetrical, heat stamp font follows your rules, patina is turning, leather is smooth and supple, not plastic feeling. Can you give me a quick shout out.

Hello i have a louis vuitton monogram with the numbers on a metal gold button on the inside N0. After that N0ATD the logo is upside down in the back? The LV Monogram??? The number sequence you describe does not seem to be genuine.

It noted the full price my husband paid including tax. I have thoroughly examined the purse, the box, the little LV note card that came with it he left it blank and everything checks out as authentic. Can you confirm with me whether or not this particular style is supposed to have one? I have only used this purse one time. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Hi I purchased a 55 keepall SP from Tradesy which has a turn around return of four days If you could please help me authenticate it before the four day return period is up I would greatly appreciate it.

Im planning to purchase a keepall 45 with a date code SA which is a vintage piece. However im not sure if it is authentic. Im purchasing it from one of the members on the page on facebook. I am about to purchase a green epi carry all dufflle. The date code reads V. My questions are: did LV make a 60? Also, I see some with black writing stamped on luggage tag and some with just an imprint into the tag.

Do you know which is real? Thanks so much! It might be a Borneo green Epi Keepall. And yes LV dis make a size 60m Keppall and I think they still might do so. Today I got in the mail my Babylone from Tradesy. Imagine my shock when, Aside from the anticipated sticky pocket, it was nearly pristine. So red flags went up. Date code is vI The straps and leather are perfect for a 22 year old bag.

The date and logo do not seem to be indented. I expected variations in leather and some cracking. Sounds odd, but I would be more confident in my purchase. I have four days to return. Any thoughts on authenticity? When I called Tradesy they said I got it from one of their corporate dealers who pre authenticate. Hi — thank you for ur blog. I recently came across a LV Noe in a resale store — not consignment. It has the french company sticker inside.

Talon on the zipper. It came with a key. But it obviously fits a larger l. The bag is a combination leather with what appears to be wood on top amd bottom. The substances are harder Im curious to see if i did good in buying Jewel. Its truly beautiful. I do so love louis vuitton vintage items. I have a Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirage speedy noir bag. I do not know much about this bag and have been trying to find information to determine if it is authentic.

Can you please help? Thanks for this article. Happily we have got help of a certified LV expert. Hello I bought mine at a thrift shop and it has the exact same date code was wondering if you where ever able to get it authenticated? Nice post, thank you. I woild really love to knw if my Louis Vuitton is real. I have wanted one for so long, so excited when I finally found one.

Number SP Other colors may work. Cross Body Strap for LV. Please note: Mautto does not create replica designer straps. We create alternatives that serve a similar purpose allow a bag to be carried , and meet or exceed the quality standards of high-end bag makers.

Please contact your local official retailer for authentic replacement parts. Mautto is an independent company and not affiliated with Louis Vuitton. All strap orders are made by hand in California, USA, and generally ship in days.

Accessories generally ship in days. Expedite Your Order Quality craftsmanship you can trust! Mautto products are crafted to give you a professional look that complement the finest designer bags. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, return it within 45 days of purchase. Mautto keeps your payment information secure. All major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

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Detachable shoulder strap included. Bought in i never buy fakes so please note this is an original LV Please: no la. Hi there, Thank you for take a look of this lovely Louis Vuitton bag! Light and body-friendly in supple Taurillon leather, the Volta features both handles and a removable strap, for a multitude of carrying options. This hard to find beautiful Louis Vuitton Vive Cite shoulder bag is finely crafted of traditional Louis Vuitton monogram on toile canvas in the medium to larger size of this line.

This bag features vachetta cowhide leather trim and a looping shoulder strap as well as two external frontal pockets and a frontal flap. The top zipper opens to a raspberry red alcantara microfiber interior with patch pockets. Very versatile and is a great size not too big and not too small. Size approx: Widthcm,. This bag can be carried or slung over the shoulder using the removable strap.

Perfect as new condition. Handbag comes with all original packaging, including soft bag cover and receipt. If the Ad appears here the Bag is available to purchase. It also has 4 protective feet on the base e. The only fault is an ink mark on the inside lining max. The monogramed canvas has no faults, there is no rubbing to the edges, th.

Please note this is a AAA grade rep. Brown woven Louis Vuitton Antigua Besace messenger bag with gold-tone hardware, logo plate at front, green woven lining, dual slit pockets at interior wall and buckle closures at front. Condition: Very Good. Light surface scratched exterior.

This vintage piece is still available in the model LV bag collection made in France. Features: Brown fawn epi leather exterior; smooth leather trim; adjustable leather patina shoulder strap 62x 26cm ; gold tone hardware; signature leather drawstring closure; microfibre lined interior with 1 x D-ring, signature LV etched into the side of the bag Whilst still being effortlessly stylish and elegant and very spacious.

Mint condition or. No shoulder strap. As is. No returns. Loui Vuitton bag like new for sale shoulder strap not included used twice. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: shoulder bag vuitton bag lv strap authentic louis vuitton bags louis vuitton australia authentic louis vuitton retiro louis vuitton epi louis louis vuitton bags vuitton louis vuitton strap louis vuitton louis vuitton bag strap louis vuitton bag louis vuitton handbag.

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Louis vuitton shoulder strap

Louis vuitton shoulder strap