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I can show you exactly where it was. I had a friend that got chased out I noticed this reference to Wisconsin's own midgetville in the comments to the "Legend of Midgetville" article:. This story sounds like Haunchyville near Milwaukee WI. The difference is in Haunchyville the midgets are supposed to get mad and chase you away with axes and pitchforks.

Midget town in wisconsin

Midget town in wisconsin

Midget town in wisconsin

Midget town in wisconsin

Insert URL Cancel. Welcome, Private Messages : Unread. I have been hearing Friend of a friend Midget town in wisconsin about a midget town in what we refer to as the "Valley" since high school. Some kids were just curious; some just want to find someplace to drink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Don't Threaten. Thanks for being a subscriber. I have heard this several times around school, and nothing really seems Transsexual hormones be consistant plus I also have Enemas inflation Wisconsin I have also searched all over mystic drive with google earth, and cannot see ANY sign of even a single shed in a wosconsin, let alone a whole village unless under trees, but i doubt Modget so, ih would be willing to Midget town in wisconsin my head on it that it doesnt exist, but it's jsut supposed to keep all of us entertained, thus mostly being circulated during hig-school years. We were on either lindenberg rd or ridge rd when we saw the tinest houses that look wiscknsin large shoe boxes. I was driven by one by a friend after a few brews.

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In China a " Kingdom of the Little People " with fairytale houses is set to become an attraction. New book shows how weird Wisconsin really is. I believe the myth originated when the people who lived in mansions at the end of the drive constructed lavish playhouses for their children. An urban legend holds that with the success of the American musical fantasy film The Wizard of Ozmany of the little people who had acquired their wealth by playing the roles of the Munchkins purchased lots in the La Linda development of Long Beach and built homes sized to suit their needs. However, several years ago when the homes were being built Constantineau remembers writing a number of tickets. Patritto isn't sure which way the referendum will go. Hurley considers changing 'Midget' mascot — a 'dehumanizing' term some argue is part of town history The Hurley School Board is letting Dad fuck daughter free gallries decide what to do about the Midget mascot in an upcoming referendum. As a young boy he accidentally stumbled upon Haunchyville, upon instantly treating them as equals, Midget town in wisconsin sheltered the young boy and raised Midget town in wisconsin as one of their own. Bixby, was subdivided in and most of the homes were built before But officials from the Muskego Police Department said the story is a hoax. The story also goes that he first met the group of dwarves as a child. Marinette, Wi : Eagle Herald.

Locals say that within the woods near Muskego, Wisconsin lives a conclave of dwarves whose homes are built-to-scale and in the woods.

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  • Locals say that within the woods near Muskego, Wisconsin lives a conclave of dwarves whose homes are built-to-scale and in the woods.
  • If you've lived in Muskego for a while, you've probably heard about a place called Haunchyville off of Mystic Drive.
  • Midgetville also known as "tiny towns" refers to real or legendary communities of " midgets ", people with forms of dwarfism who are normally proportioned, or collections of small "midget-sized" houses.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. I grew up in a tiny town called Big Bend on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While we could get to the city in less than a half an hour, it was also incredibly rural with half my fellow classmates living on farms and the rest families who had left Milwaukee proper in the migration out of the Rust Belt cities that happened in the 60s and 70s. One of my friends who often came out on Fright Nights worked in the little hamlet of Muskego, Wisconsin at a Supper Club.

Muskego was only a few minutes away from Big Bend towards Milwaukee, we passed through it all the time just to go get groceries. His workmates who went to Muskego High School told him about the legend of Haunchyville. Near the end of Mystic Drive in Muskego is a barn where a farmer hanged himself.

Underneath the body, in the dirt, you could see many child-sized footprints all around where he was hanging. The Haunchies made me do it. Of course, I wanted to check that out, so we picked a night and went out to Haunchyville to find out what we could see.

It was a hot night and we parked our car before we got to the No Trespassing sign and just started walking down the road and it was mostly just an empty field.

We did see a few signs that maybe were lower than normal, but nothing special and some backyard shacks, but no hanging ghost body! As we got farther down the road, we heard a powerful scream that sounded like a gigantic bird. And that was it for me, I ran back, abandoning my friends and being a gigantic wussy for which I was mercilessly ridiculed by my friends for awhile afterwards sigh, I deserved it! In fact, it was a popular Milwaukee area legend that started in the s. And it was more than the colony of little people, there was the idea that:.

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Little People of America doesn't approve of the word and aims to educate people on its history and why it's offensive. The cottages were rented out but the place eventually became overgrown with ivy and trees. These obviously looked like real houses that small people would live in CT Jan. He is said to wait at the end of Mystic Drive, shot-gun in hand, to ward off anyone trying to cause trouble to the dwarves.

Midget town in wisconsin

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Haunchyville - Wikipedia

Yes, the story of Haunchyville has intrigued and delighted countless bored teenagers and bong-hitting college students for decades. Hendricks place the origin of the story as far back as the s.

Facebook pages and YouTube videos dedicated to Haunchyville abound. A giant shotgun- or axe-wielding albino protector is sometimes involved. Making these missions appealing is the fact that the actual location of Haunchyville is up in the air. The most agreed-upon site shall remain unmentioned here, though it shares its name with part of a Van Morrison song title and can be Googled in approximately two seconds.

In a piece for the Muskego Patch , Lt. F ive years ago this past June, I made a trek to Haunchyville and wrote about it for the now-defunct A.

Club Milwaukee. I found…well, something. Not a bustling burg of pissed-off circus folk hell bent on keeping outsiders away, and not a crumbling community of gone-to-pot loners and their grizzled caretaker. Oh, and some creepy-ass stone huts.

Tall grass and trees provide plenty of cover, and a long, gated private drive snakes off even deeper into the woods. Might this be evidence of the fabled Haunchyville? But the most important thing I found that day was the looming demise of the Haunchyville legend itself.

While crumbling evidence of Haunchyville may or may not exist, the sad fact is that much of the area has fallen victim to suburban sprawl. Surrounding cornfields have been bulldozed into sterile subdivisions, and the nearby forests that once likely provided many a Haunchy shelter from the cruel, outside world have given way to paved roads and McMansions.

Front lawns the size of golf courses stretch on for miles. The crumbling stone huts are nowhere to be found. The purported location of Haunchyville—once so filled with mystery and promise—now looks like this:. Keep looking.

Midget town in wisconsin

Midget town in wisconsin

Midget town in wisconsin