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Breastfeeding in public officially became legal in all 50 states this summer but that hasn't stopped people from giving the side eye to moms who exercise that right. Reka Nyari, a New York-based fashion photographer from Finland and self-proclaimed "lactivist," knows this all too well. She has gotten more than dirty looks for feeding her nearly 3-year-old girl. According to the DailyMail , Reka has been accused of trying to steal another woman's man over breastfeeding on an airplane! It sounds completely ridiculous but that is the sad reality of our society that is so quick to judge everything.

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

I don't see any lack of self respect in any of breast-feeving photos. These photos are in no way demonstrating what is OK in public. ErikaHeatherMolnar 4 years ago Pornographic??? Agreed - these photo's are beautiful art. And if you get the porn vibe from this then maybe you have something in Nude pictures of breast-feeding with the perverts who get it too. You can read more about it and change your preferences here. These photos are more about sexuality than mother feeding a baby. Vector Illustration. PetuniaVolpe 4 years ago Shutup.

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DarcyReeder 4 years ago That blows my mind that you never once nursed your baby while naked. Awesome photo with stunning lesbian blonde. If 'men' are turned out by the sight, then they're the freaks not the mothers. Pcitures you strive for breastfeeding in public why the nature setting and the only pic set in the city features a mother dressed inappropriately for the weather see the people behind herthen why the need for a sheer sexy dress? Which is why i consider this project a fail in the attempt to promote breast feeding in public as normal moral and un-sexual. StaciaErckenbrack 3 years ago I simply can't see how anyone can come to this conclusion, Nude pictures of breast-feeding simply nursing in beautiful settings. A way od life when naked people live in harmony with nature:. Jan Saudek ,born Czech Nude pictures of breast-feeding photographer and painter : Rose of Sharon breastfeeding a starving stranger. This lazy panda forgot to write something about Rawhide adult dvd. All it took was one day with a nursing mom to get it. Did you feed your own shit to your children? It's just a matter of time. Michelangelo — David 6. Happy mother looking. His images are bright and elegant.

It was mentioned couple of days ago that the internet has served as a medium to share diverse opinion, perspective and information.

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It was mentioned couple of days ago that the internet has served as a medium to share diverse opinion, perspective and information. On Friday, April 12 th , pictures of an unclad lady surfaced on social media breastfeeding her baby. The nursing mother identified as Tony Childs has sparked immense controversy on the internet after she shared nude pictures of herself breastfeeding her daughter.

This Nursing mother took to her Instagram on Friday, April 12th to share this completely naked photo of herself breastfeeding her baby daughter and wrote:. This is US! The chocolate complexioned mother of one shared the above picture, despite the controversy of the picture, her caption is a demonstration of feminism and the strength of a woman.

According to Tony Childs, she is passionate about the well being of kids and she does not take it for granted.

She revealed that she would spend quality time catering for her baby girl even if she has to go the extra mile. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Latest Posts. Discreet Writer. Avid reader. Creativity Savvy Emerging Billionaire. Fajana 1stnews. More reasons to read 1stNews.

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The most beautiful thing in the universe. LoriDennis 4 years ago You're right that breasts were made for feeding babies. BogDan 4 years ago This comment is hidden. In order to have taken these photos, these women probably have more self-respect and self-love than most people. Resend activation link.

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding. {{ data.title }}


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Reka Nyari, a year-old photographer living in New York, revealed she was on a flight from New York City to Budapest with her month-old daughter, Ilo, when the woman sitting in front of them degraded her for breastfeeding her little girl. Raising awareness: Reka Nyari, 39, has hit back at her critics by sharing nude photos of herself breastfeeding her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Ilo. In another stunning shot, Reka is lying on a sofa in an open robe while nursing her daughter.

A black and white picture shows her breastfeeding in the nude. She has also shared a photo of herself nursing Ilo while cuddled next to her husband, Ian, and their dog. Reka has been breastfeeding her daughter since she was born in November and has never given her formula.

Mother Earth: Reka has responded to the criticism by sharing photos of herself nursing her toddler, including this majestic shot of her sitting on a chair with an owl perched on her arm.

She has always been an advocate for moms who choose to breastfeed their children beyond the age of one and insists that the natural practice is beneficial for the mother and child in the long term. Reka, who is originally from Finland, unapologetically breastfeeds her daughter anywhere she would want to be fed, including public places.

Nothing to be ashamed about: Reka said she breastfeeds her daughter wherever she wants to be fed, whether it be restaurants or the subway. Reka noted that only a few people have given her trouble for breastfeeding in public, but, interestingly enough, most of those critics were women.

People are shocked. Change of heart: The mom considered weaning Ilo off of breastfeeding when she turned one, but changed her mind after learning the benefits of extended nursing. Goal: With more than 31, Instagram followers, she uses her social media platform to educate critics about the benefits of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding.

Reke explained that she considered weaning Ilo off of breastfeeding when she was one year old, but she found so much evidence that said continuing nursing is beneficial for both the mother and child.

I was not pushing it — I let my daughter decide how she felt, and if she still wanted to feed. Her decision: Reka is letting her daughter decide when she wants to stop breastfeeding. Schedule: The mom said Ilo usually has breast milk in the morning when she wakes up and if she is home, at night before she goes to bed. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed for about the first six months with continued breastfeeding along with introducing appropriate complementary foods for one year or longer.

I have always been a bit of a lactivist. Say what? Now that her daughter is a toddler, breastfeeding has become easier in a way, because it is no longer a constant food source for Ilo.

I have found that most of this anger is unfounded. As soon as people read on the matter, they become less judgmental. Routine: Reka, who is originally from Finland, has been breastfeeding her daughter since she was born in November and has never given her formula. Support: Reka, who is pictured when she was pregnant with Ilo, said she gets a lot of supportive messages on social media from women who have also breastfed their toddlers. Then I kindly present them with the abundance of research that states that extended breastfeeding is beneficial to the mother and child.

Although she has received some negative reactions in public, Reka said she has gotten mostly positive comments on social media. These are my breasts, hear them roar. Link article. Your email address will not be published. Six of one of the best: Glasses instances. Novice cooks share their most disastrous baking fails. Kent mother of baby boy born with thick hair has no plans to cut it.

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Nude pictures of breast-feeding

Nude pictures of breast-feeding