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The ancients knew that our sex centre was extremely powerful. In our modern world, we have forgotten the power of our pussy. This has caused a deep disconnect from our innate power as a woman, that being our authentic, unadulterated, untarnished, unashamed, pure, raw, unique sexual essence. I was called to work with Grace because my soul was ready to release some deep, repressed shame and guilt. Grace works in a very shamanic, spiritual way, I find myself in complete other dimensions and memories in the presence of her healings.

Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage

To tug the clitoris, pull it gently away from the body by grasping at the sides and tugging back and forth. Most Popular. Traditionally, a ykni practitioner carefully massages the vulva and Naruto clip art free whilst Offer yoni massage receiver performs breathing exercises. Eventually, after massaging both arms and my neck, he returned to my breasts, cupping them in his hands and rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. I spoke to a sergeant in the special victims unit who had never heard of a yoni massage before and had to look it up online. It felt Offer yoni massage strange and thrilling, and I quickly scrambled on top of the bed, lying on my stomach to hide by breasts from view.

The internet was made for porn. What is the Yoni Massage?

You Offer yoni massage not be aware, but your Offer yoni massage can store old memories and somatic experiences, manifesting in numb and painful areas inside your inner temple. Some men are also looking into giving Yoni Massages professionally, and this course is a great kickstarter for that. You can have sex that feels like a soul-uniting, body-merging, earth-shattering, passionate goddess-meets-god-like experience. I found that my body's reactions to various pressures fascinating. Allow your hands to go soft and feel her body. In this way, yoni massage has a healing element. It's free. Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating. My online course will liberate your love-making… AND unlock next levels of pleasure, healing, and connection. Yoni Massages Awakened My Soul. The intention of the Punishment and whippings is to experience massagge pleasure, healing, awakening and transformation.

Today we are going to talk about yoni massage , a kind of massage that is quite unknown.

  • And you would still like to experience a professional non-sleazy Tantric Yoni massage in beautiful surroundings with a person you feel comfortable with?
  • Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and giving a yoni massage is a means of honoring women.
  • A Yoni Massage session is a therapeutic opportunity for women to open emotional and spiritual doors that may have been closed because of trauma and emotional challenges, resulting in blocked sexual expression.
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  • And how you can have it too!
  • Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina.

My own experience with yoni massage and de-armouring was via self practice. I started to explore this, because I read in a tantric oriented blogpost that there was pleasure available in the vagina in ways that I had never heard of. How was it possible that I, who considered herself quite open minded in the area of sexuality, had never heard of these ways to pleasure!?

And not only pleasure, no, it was written that these pleasure spots in the vagina has orgasmic potential in every woman. I decided to give it a go. And so I started massaging myself. All the parts that were named as having orgasmic potential. Some points had pleasure, some points were more uncomfortable, some points even painful.

Also it felt so different then a clitoral orgasm. More expansive. More energizing. Especially when using the breath as a tool to move the sexual energy! Exploring and massaging pleasure points in the yoni I had never heard of was just the start of my own vaginal massage and de-armouring story. After a little pain I had this funny thing of a hymen that grew back every time after making love… it would become fun, but after five to ten minutes or so I was done.

And he would come. And that was that. Boy, is there more to my yoni than I thought. After digging deeper into vaginal pressure point and de-armouring and regular self massage I feel so much more in my yoni. I do believe that I carried generational conditioning in my vagina, of ignoring this whole area and centuries of not being touched in the right way.

It became numb and even painful in some areas. You know… with not paying attention to and developing certain areas of human life you lose neurological and energetic pathways and also just collective knowledge.

To help women reclaiming their sexual nature, liberate it, spread lost and new knowledge about the full potential of their body. Whatever you experience in your body, that is normal.

All women's bodies work differently and you can explore more and more if you desire, but you are normal. You were born normal. Or you do have pain Because we live and learn.

Sometimes we learn the wrong things. But we can learn new things, uncondition ourselves, learn new habits, create new neurological and energetical pathways…. Let me know what you think about Vaginal and Yoni Massage De-armouring, below! My own experience with Yoni Massage and De-armouring. I was baffled. I was super sceptic. First see experience in this case… then believe. If I was to know more about conscious sexuality and taotantric arts for women, I should explore this!

So much pleasure is unlocked. Having and owning your pleasure is normal, not having it or being scared of it not. Having pain is not normal. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Personal Stories, Relationships Mirjam Maas August 30, shame, pleasure, feminism, newwavefeminism, april , 2.

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I arrived on my first day sure that I knew what took me there and left sure that wasn't the re In my course, I have included a whole module that teaches you step-by-step how to practice a Yoni Self-Massage. I know about Levine and porges work and I can see how the body wor Although it may certainly feel good and can lead to orgasm, a yoni massage is more about therapy, healing, and discovery than it is pleasure. For some people, genital stimulation is appreciated most when the intent is to reach orgasm and explicitly provide pleasure. When I first started seeing Mal Weeraratne, my husband and I strived for high intensity, passionate sex, which was becoming increasingly stressful; just to try to feel higher.

Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage. Did you know that…

You found a few websites that offer these kinds of massage? Great, you are one step closer. Call them or send an e-mail and ask for their professional background.

Where did they learn this kind of massage? But you can ask them if they have any other therapeutic qualifications for performing treatments on the body. Like any therapeutic license, a qualification in physiotherapy, a certificate to work as a masseuse, or graduation from a course in healing and energy techniques.

Any credentials that would back up the credibility of the person you are trusting to handle your body with professional care and intuition, and provide you with a space for healing. So this is where you can sort the wheat from the chaff. Is their service focused on pure erotic pleasure with a happy ending? Or are they sincerely interested in providing a space for outer and inner spiritual healing?

Most massage parlors would be specific in the way they advertised. They would focus on the erotic aspect if all they wanted was for you to have pure erotic pleasure as a result of the massage. Developing awareness of your body. Learning to feel sexual energies and for sure an opportunity for healing any traumas or sexual blockages that arise within the process. From regular meditation to a yoga or qigong practice, anything that would show that the person giving the Tantric Yoni massage is familiar with this stuff.

Do they have knowledge of the traditional Tantric system? Where did they study it? You will actually find many out there lacking this qualification. This is the most important one. Schedule an appointment to meet the masseuse and inform yourself about the process only. When I received my first Yoni massage I chose a person who was not only famous in this field but one that I could connect to the most easily. A lot of stuff can come up and you just want to have a person involved who you trust and who can hold the space for you.

Of course, this really depends on where you are. Yoni massage can go hand-in-hand with tantric sex practices read more. Although, you can enjoy both separately if you prefer. If you want a yoni massage, you have a few options. You can give one to yourself or your partner can give it to you.

Although this is more common in larger cities and sex-positive locales, there are practitioners who provide yoni massage, too. Here are a few tips for finding a practitioner to give you a yoni massage. The websites and descriptions may not outright list yoni massage as a service because it may be considered as sex work, which is illegal. Expect to make a few calls to determine who offers this service. Some businesses that provide this type of massage focus only on yoni massage while others offer yoni massage in addition to more traditional massage styles.

Pay close attention to the ratings and reviews left by others. This can give you insight into how competent a practitioner may be and how comfortable their space is. Beware testimonials that are hand-picked and posted on a website because they may purposely leave out less-than-positive reviews.

Third-party sites think Google or Yelp are often less biased. Yoni massage providers often vet their customers. There may be a screening process to see if your needs are compatible with their services and to weed out anyone who might be trying to abuse yoni massage for nefarious purposes.

The consultation can also benefit you: you learn more about what to expect during your massage. Yoni massage will be less effective if you feel pressured to orgasm or perform in a certain matter. This is one of the benefits of sensual massage [ 5 ]. Getting a yoni massage can be a life-altering experience. Along with surprise, you might experience pleasure, relief, and a number of other emotions, all of which are completely normal! This can include candles or incense, mood lighting, a warm room and relaxing or sensual music.

Many of the tips we provide for giving a sensual massage apply to yoni massage, too. For instance, a slick oil helps you give or receive an even longer yoni massage without pain. It enables hands to easily glide over skin. Massage oil may even be scented, which adds to the overall ambiance. There are a few options for massage oil. Natural oils such as coconut or jojoba oil work well, and you can add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

However, you can also use silicone-based lube, which is quite slick and long-lasting. The shower is one possible location for yoni massage.

Soaps and bubble bath fill the air with your favorite scents, and lather can be used for your yoni massage. Avoid getting any soap in your vagina, however.

This could lead to a bacterial or yeast infection. Discover more about the causes of yeast infections. Slow, deep breaths help to relax your body and keep you in the moment. Focus on your breathing. If you find your attention drifting, gently revert it back to the sensations of your body and the sound and movement of your breath.

You can breathe in sync with your partner during a yoni massage, too. When you breathe out, he breathes in. Start with a rundown of your body. Most yoni massages include breast and nipple play. Slide your hands around and over your breasts. Bring them down to include your stomach, an area which many women ignore because of body-shame. You can rub your hips, your thighs, even your knees.

Get more ideas in our post about giving a massage. Vary your touches from light and gently to more intense. You might pull and pinch your nipples but lightly caress your stomach. Let your hands explore as they will. There are five common yoni massage techniques. As the name suggests, circling is about creating circles. This technique for yoni massage works well for clitoral stimulation as well as the nipples, and you can vary the size of the circles you make.

This yoni massage technique is a bit more intense. Using your finger, you can push down on your clitoral shaft, then use strokes to push and pull. Slide your finger down the shaft. Repeat this for both sides of your clit.

Place a finger on either side of your clitoris and tug it lightly. You can also gently roll it between your fingers by rubbing your fingers against it on either side. Using one or more fingers, tap your clitoris. Try various rhythms to see how your clit responds. If you find direct tapping too intense, you can tap on either side of your clitoris. The final yoni massage technique moves away from the external clitoris to involve the G-spot.

You might remember your G-spot as a sensitive spot on the front wall of your vagina. Simply look for a sponge or bumpy area. However, a toy with a curve or bulbous head might make the job easier.

Slow down your movements and take as long as you need to balance the energy in your yoni or to massage any other body part. For some people, orgasm is almost inevitable when getting a yoni massage. Some people can tap into their ability to have full-body orgasms with yoni massage. Enjoy orgasm if it happens.

Some people prefer to ask their partners whether they wish to orgasm or not during a yoni massage. Some people even experience pain during this activity. On the other hand, you might feel ecstatic. Again, this is completely normal. Practitioners credit this to the massage doing its job at removing blocks or negative energy in your yoni. These blocks can take on physical attributes. There are three types of blocks.

When you encounter a block, you can choose the most appropriate technique to remove it during your yoni massage. At the end of your massage, you can rest your hands on your yoni and feel its power and heat someone who is giving you a yoni massage can do this, too.

You can search for classes and workshops, which offer the added benefit of teaching you more about the practice as well as introducing you to people who can give a yoni massage.

Some businesses that provide massage may also host these events while larger cities may be on the tour schedule for tantric coaches and teachers Californians are especially lucky in this regard. One website that can be helpful is Meetup. This site lets people create groups and schedule events based on similar interests.

Yoni Healing Massage — Grace Hazel

For those of you who have been wondering what is a yoni massage, I would like to take some time to delve deep into this mysterious practice and share with you exactly what is a yoni massage and how to massage a vagina, either on your partner or yourself. Follow the instructions in this yoni massage guide to learn some tips to help you master this orgasmic vagina massage technique and check out our infographic below.

In the practice of tantra, a real yoni massage is the ritual of erotic connectivity between a man and a woman or two females focusing on massaging the parts of a vagina known as the yoni area. Yoni is defined as vagina in Sanskrit which can be interpreted as a sacred space. Traditionally, a yoni practitioner carefully massages the vulva and vagina whilst the receiver performs breathing exercises. The idea is that both mental and physical tensions are freed, resulting in being able to take pleasure from the delicate yet enchanting tantric touches of another man or woman.

Orgasm is not mandatory but a welcomed side effect! Did you know? Breathing is central to the art of tantra and authentic yoni massage. It can allow you to completely and freely let go of both mental and physical tension down there. It can also allow you to better connect with your partner.

This will tremendously enhance your yoni massage experience and allow you to take in all the spiritual and therapeutic benefits so it should not be overlooked.

The following yoni breathing technique is designed to draw blood into the vagina, thereby enriching your yoni massage:. Instead of heading straight to the vaginal area as a way to warm-up, a more appropriate way to initiate touching is by starting with a gentle tantric massage of the body and breasts.

Remember that a woman generally takes a little longer to become aroused than a man, so the aim is to build up arousal slowly. Massaging the naval and stomach area is a great way to start as that area has lots of nerve endings. Gently massage the belly with some oil, slowly caressing the chest area, rib cage, lower belly and between breasts. This whole area is often ignored when lovemaking but is very effective when igniting arousal. However before actually touching the nipples, begin with gentle caresses of the breasts and then move onto playing with the areola.

The body will start to respond to this so now the nipples can receive some love with very gentle pinches, teases and circling actions. Now that the scene is set, the mind is prepared through breathing and the body is aroused, she should be ready to receive her yoni massage. Be mindful that, unlike most people assume, penetration is not necessarily required. The focus is around the other areas of the vagina to increase the blood flow to the nerve endings, so try and be open minded to avoid going too far internally.

Below is a basic step-by-step guide on yoni massage techniques to get you started:. Start by gently massaging around the clitoris, bringing sensation to the area but not directly on it. Some females will have different thresholds of sensitivity here as this is where most of the nerve endings meet, hence why the body hides the tip of the clitoris with a small hood.

Small circular movements using two or three fingers around the clitoris hood should be performed slowly with extra attention to ensuring the touch is slow and mindful. It should be more of an exploratory style with varied circle sizes starting from large circles further away from the clitoris, moving into smaller circles as you progress.

Try to imagine you are lightly pushing blood flow to your target clit area, which sometimes, but not always, can be visibly seen as it starts to slightly enlarge and swell. When your circles have become so small that they embark on the clitoris hood, ensure you massage the skin here very gently and maintain circular movement in your touch. Avoid retracting the hood of the clitoris as this will expose the very sensitive tip, which may not be ready for direct touch stimulation.

One of the most overlooked areas of the yoni is the labia. These are the lips that mark the entrance to the internal vaginal area. Sometimes these will be externally evident however on many females they are almost completely concealed by the pelvis skin.

These lips are also populated with a large amount of nerve endings which means they are a perfect area to stimulate for arousal. Once located, rub your fingers around each lip, making sure to be mindful and touch each crevasse and contour slowly. You can try working on the outer areas first then move to the inner parts after. Take consideration not to let your fingers wander too far into the internal parts of the yoni at this point.

Place one finger on the left and one to the right of the clitoris hood. Use a push and pull technique to retract and reveal the tip, then conceal it again with your next movement. This is similar to how you would approach masturbation of the penis, with the clitoris head being the equivalent of the penis tip. Apply only mild pressure to each side and again try to avoid hard pressure on the very top of the clitoris. Your speed should be very slow at first, slightly faster as you progress with alternating pressure to evoke stimulation and sensation.

As you continue, you can attempt to alternately press each finger as you push and pull to enhance the clitoral massage. Start to consider the yoni area as a whole now, with multiple areas to be stimulated in combination. Run your fingers from the very top of the vagina, over the clit with a little more pressure than before, then down around the lips and vaginal opening. Use a rhythmical touch to now proceed from the bottom up and repeat, adjusting pressure and speed based on the pleasure of the journey your partner is expressing.

If you would like to advance with two handed movements, use one hand to perform a clit massage stimulating it with your fingers. Your other hand should embark on the vaginal lips and synchronise in a repetitive motion.

Those of you who are familiar with the location of the female sacred spot or g-spot can use this opportunity to seek it and incorporate a g-spot massage. Many women have reported Yoni Massage supporting the mental healing process of painful menstruation, infertility and painful sexual intercourse. Improve sexual relationships Can help unlock fear of intimacy and touch, improve trust and develop low sex drive.

Release higher energy Can help to achieve a greater connection with the mind, body and soul. Consider Using A Yoni Massage Specialist If you are interested in receiving a yoni massage from a professionally trained massage therapist, find a reputable tantric agency or tantra specialist in your area. London-based tantric massage agency Karma Tantric offers a range of specialist yoni massages for women conducted by professionally trained tantric masseuses.

Click here to find out more about our yoni massage! To explain things a little easier, after all pictures speak a thousand words, We have published a yoni massage guide infographic below to help you understand yoni massage and to guide you through this truly amazing experience. Please share this infographic if you love it or if you know another who may benefit from understanding this tantric massage type better! Yoni Massage Articles. Author: Erica. Wow, I tried the techniques you mentioned and my partner couldnt speak for 2 hours after the massage!

Thank you so much for showing me how to please my wife in this way. It seems the ancient civilisations knew a thing or two about female pleasure after all!

Very interesting, thanks for this. I think its time I gave it a try with my partner and will certainly get back to you on how the session goes. I had no idea the clitoris had so many nerve endings. That would certainly explain the amazing sensations we get from massaging it.

You learn something every day. I had heard about tantric massage but I thought it was just for men. Hey there Melissa. Thanks for the comments and interest in my article.

If you would like to find out more about female yoni massage sessions just give the Karma Team a call on and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist in arranging a Yoni massage session for you. Thanks again! Great article and yoni infographic, really like how easy the information is to see. The techniques you describe are something I always consider when masturbating myself.

Many thanks for the kind words. That was the idea, its so much easier to explain the details regarding yoni massage when you can actually visualise it. Glad you enjoyed. What Is Yoni Massage Therapy? Circling the Yoni Start by gently massaging around the clitoris, bringing sensation to the area but not directly on it.

Lip Syncing One of the most overlooked areas of the yoni is the labia. The Push and Pull Place one finger on the left and one to the right of the clitoris hood. Rated 5. Rated 4. All Karma Girls. Considering a Lesbian Massage? The Ultimate Feminine Fantasy….

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Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage

Offer yoni massage