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This is a list of characters featured in MTV 's animated series Daria — The Fashion Club is a group of highly fashionable girl students in Lawndale High that Quinn is a member of but Daria is not. Other insignificant members of the Lane extended family that are seen in Episode "The Teachings of Don Jake" include Aunt Bernice, Uncle Max who is constantly drunk and likes Trent for being a loser , and a verbally abusive, unnamed grandmother in a wheelchair. Is It Fall Yet? First broadcast on August 27, , the film was the first of two film-length installments for MTV's animated series Daria; the film chronicles the characters' summer break between seasons five.

These websites have significant archives of Daria fanfiction, or fanfic archives with unusual themes. Categories : Daria Lists of characters in American television animation. In the final essay, she Oitpost her plans to escape cancellation and appear in other MTV shows. We get a brief look inside Daria's school locker in "Quinn the Brain," and in addition to the familiar picture of the Hindenburg crashing and burning there is some kind of surreal landscape taped Outpost daria oops list season two the right side daira her locker. Phillips first enters Daria's room. When Kevin starts walking away, the lockers are back to normal. Episode Guide. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Mack, unable to stand seeing her like this, goes to Andrew Landon's office for a sit-down and explains the situation to him, hoping to get him to change his mind; when he and Michele confront Jodie, she confirms. Off to Family Dinner, Back Eventually.

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As Daria is walking up the aisle with the other bridesmaids, her sleeve and left arm did not have a black line drawn between them. When Jane tells Daria that she's only picked two Scrabble letters, there are actually three in the tray. Everyone's playing paintball and they get shot, but the paint on their clothes disappears. When Daria sits down with Jane and Tom, there's a half-eaten slice on the table in front of her. It was announced that Planet Daria was moving finally to a paid web hosting service. Soon other animation followed this success. When Kevin walks into the nut stand, he's wearing a suit, but after the commercial break, he's wearing his football uniform. In the first overhead shot of Daria driving, there's no stop sign at the approaching corner. Outpost daria oops list season two, it's a plain wooden headboard. The chair by the door in Daria's hospital room seems to appear and disappear in different-angled shots. On the closeup of Helen, the pad Pornography in iran blank again, yet on the next closeup, the mark reappears.

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In short, it violates canon. Fanfic author jtranser has suggested using the term loose canon. The first example of off-canon canon was the Beavis and Butt-head comics , where Daria "answered" the fan mail in two issues: the letters pages were renamed Dear Diarrhea and Dear Diarrhea, Number Two for the occasion. Daria was in character and giving in-universe answers, but was still aware she was a character in a comic. Were Daria Morgendorffer and company acting out of character when they appeared as hosts of their own show, violating the fourth wall?

Were they "actors" or "real people" in the manner in which the show portrayed them? Fans tend to ignore Daria and Jane Lane's appearances as hosts, though important information has been given out during such appearances.

While talking between episodes on MTV's " Daria Day" marathon in February transcript at link , Daria and Jane revealed their ages during the first season 16 , Trent's age 21 , and Quinn's age Daria is usually portrayed exactly in character during such appearances e. As shown here, a variety of alter-ego pictures supplied with the movie Is It Fall Yet? The actors are shown clowning for the camera in some, or having problems like tripping or being hit by falling scenery.

The effect is quite jarring for viewers accustomed to a "realistic" show. In the run-up to the film, Daria wrote about the production. Daria has been "interviewed" several times in the media about her series. Daria has also written a number of short essays that appear on the "World According to Daria" section of the MTV Daria site, as well as Movie Review , and several of them show she's aware of being a cartoon character yet apparently still part of the "real world".

In the final essay, she discusses her plans to escape cancellation and appear in other MTV shows. After the airing of Is It Fall Yet? The internal consistency of the world created within Daria has at times fallen apart in minor ways. What is stated as fact in one place is contradicted in another, probably as the result of editorial or production errors.

Daria generally went out of its way to avoid giving a hard date for episodes. The S1-set " The Daria Diaries ", however, gave a specific date in October as a time for a Family Court session, something first invented in the tenth episode " The Big House ": this would require everything before that to have taken place in just over one month.

More confusing to work out, if we assume Daria spans three years then Beavis and Butt-head can only be Daria's ninth grade - trying to cram all the episodes and comics with Daria in and ones without a speaking part that a fanfic author might like into one year is very difficult, especially as the comics liked to tie in to the month they were in you'd have to assume the stories set on specific holidays are not in chronological order and " Scientific Stuff " mentions Daria as being at Highland High "last year".

Carter County first appears in The Daria Database in the form of a map of a Mystik Spiral tour, along with a guide to the venues with travel time from Lawndale and various places of interest murder sites, the State Prison for the Criminally Insane While it was not stated there that Lawndale was in Carter County, the old MTV website had several in-universe webpages to that retconned Lawndale to be part part of Carter.

However, the name Lawndale County suddenly appeared in the episode, " One J at a Time ", in the form of a road sign seen while Jake Morgendorffer , Tom Sloane , and Jeffy take a captured squirrel out to be released. This clash is an oddity, as the book and website material were by Peggy Nicoll and Anne D. Bernstein respectively , regular writers for the show and the story editor in in Nicoll's case.

Tommy Sherman was the oafish ex-jock and Lawndale High alumnus who was accidentally killed by a special goalpost dedicated to him in " The Misery Chick. Someone obviously is confusing one American Civil War Union general with another This renaming is generally assumed to be an error and nothing more.

However, some fans like to combine the two names and say that the company making the new memorial goalpost got the name wrong. Much of this issue is discussed at Lawndale Mall. Canon sources offer two different names for the indoor shopping mall in Lawndale. The assumed placement of Lawndale on the east coast, as a suburb of Baltimore or Philadelphia, was challenged by the appearance of a rock-filled desert with occasional trees in " Speedtrapped " - just under miles away from Lawndale.

Explaining this without bringing in wormholes and tesseracts, but no cacti are visible and the inhabitants look like a mix of country rednecks and cowboy wannabes. An isolated place in Virginia might fit the bill. If Daria and Quinn attended this summer camp shown in " Camp Fear " five years before Daria's senior year, then they would have had to live in Highland , Texas.

However, the camp is shown to be fairly close to Lawndale as well, a few hours' drive away. How is this possible? Not to mention that Quinn thinks nothing of asking several people whom she hasn't seen in years for a ride home - never asking if they happen to live anywhere near Lawndale. The episodes of Daria were not necessarily shown in chronological order.

It is commonly assumed that the episodes from seasons one and two show Daria's first year in Lawndale , seasons three and four and Is It Fall Yet?

However, the episodes within each season are not always in sequence. Most famously, " Road Worrier " from the first season shows Daria and company attempting to go to Alternapalooza , a rock concert that takes place in mid-August per The Daria Diaries but is sandwiched between episodes showing portions of Daria's sophomore year at Lawndale High - and episodes set in the sophomore year show Daria knowing about Trent's band and Jesse Moreno , who she only meets this time.

They would have to overlap in order to be realistic for a typical school year. The Episode Guide page at Outpost Daria lists every episode and movie done for the Daria series, and also provides links to animation goofs noted in every production. Follow the link given and look at the column on the far right, "Oops. The Morgendorffers' home was particularly susceptible to startling transformations from episode to episode and even from scene to scene, making attempts to draw its layout problematic.

In certain fanfics, animation errors are assumed to have actually happened, though under extreme circumstances e. Though Daria was a fairly realistic animated show, certain episodes raised the ire of fans because their treatment of reality was regarded as cavalier. Six episodes in particular, from the third and fourth seasons, are often assumed by sticklers for "realistic canon" to be events that never actually occurred.

Some fanfic writers assume they were dreams, hallucinations brought on by a variety of ailments, or fictional works created by one of the show's characters, usually Daria Morgendorffer. One of the episodes below actually was a dream. A few stories, nearly always fantasies like " Deus Jane ," assume most of these events occurred exactly as shown. The fact all these episodes were shown after Write Where It Hurts supports the "Daria's wrightings" explanation.

While a Beavis and Butt-head episode and not a Daria one, the former show is usually seen as canon for Daria's past. In this episode, the explicit existence of God , guardian angels , and alternate universes are involved in the plot.

As this is not a Daria episode and a number of Daria fans will not have seen it, it is rarely used as an example of God's existence in canon. This is the most notorious of the fantasy episodes, in which various popular holidays appear as Holiday Island teenagers, wandering around Lawndale and interacting with Daria, Jane, and others. In the succeeding Falling Into College series, Daria even dresses up as the character Halloween for a party.

Kara Wild's second fanfic, " A Desperately Needed Ending to "Depth Takes a Holiday" ," speculated that Daria ate a tainted piece of fruitcake at school, which led to a drug trip that produced the fantasy episode. However, some fantasy and science-fiction fanfics assume the dimensional wormhole in the back of the Good Time Chinese restaurant was real, leading to fairly wild universe-crossing tales e.

In this episode, Daria never reveals any knowledge about things she can't know. This makes the "Daria's writings" explanation perfect. A musical set during a hurricane? Daria and Jane dancing and singing? Again, most fanfic writers assume this did not actually occur. In Richard Lobinske's story " Freshman Spread ," Daria mentions that it was a dream of Trent's and, from the snippet of lyrics, had written down at least part of it.

In some ways this episode may be considered even more in violation of reality than " Depth Takes a Holiday " because the characters violate the fourth wall and speak, sing, and dance directly for the audience, as if on a stage. They make eye contact with the audience in acknowledgment of their true status as animated characters.

This does not occur in "Depth Takes a Holiday," which is a point in the latter's favor. However, this episode can be explained by "Daria's writings" version, too: it explains everything from "singing Jane" to fourth wall violation. A very small faction of the fandom holds that there is a "middle ground" for this episode, in that the events as shown The hurricane, Daria, Jane, Kevin, and Brittany in the water tank shed, Jake and Trent heading out into the hurricane to look for the girls, etc.

However, the actual singing, dancing, and fourth-wall breaking can be ignored as part of "musical theater logic," wherein the audience notices the singing and so on, but the characters don't. The bulk of this episode is a dream Daria has, in which many parts are based upon popular television detective shows.

The title, for instance, is based on the mystery series, Murder, She Wrote. At the end of the episode, while Daria is awake, Anthony DeMartino attempts to strangle Kevin , possibly the springboard for that teacher's involuntary commitment at a psychiatric hospital as shown in The Daria Database. The fact that nothing of substance otherwise occurs, since the episode wasn't "real" to begin with, is a sore point. The pink flower that sprouts from Kevin Thompson's "planted" crutch is a reality violation of the first order, though it does respond to the general theme in the episode about miracles occurring.

Alternatively, the bit with the crutch could be a pointless throwaway joke that ultimately means nothing in the larger scheme of things, can be easily ignored, and is not an actual reason to assume this episode didn't happen.

The strange presence of the obviously X-Files -based government agents and some of the sillier consequences such as Mr. DeMartino being arrested struck many as unrealistic, though the reality violations here are less damaging than those elsewhere. Artie's appearance on Sick, Sad World and the transformation of Daria and Jane into "Alien Love Goddesses" was also an issue, but mainly it was another episode in which everyone acted stupidly and nothing of consequence took place.

The steel teeth of Metalmouth hanging on the door handle of Helen's SUV at the show's end were a problem for many viewers. Interestingly, Helen's SUV was, up until this time in the series, probably a Chevrolet Blazer, but hereafter turns into a Ford Explorer another information conflict. Was she so upset at finding the teeth on her car that she bought a new vehicle?

Dey , at Outpost Daria , archived by the Wayback Machine. This is the only unrealistic part of the episode. It could be assumed that while Helen was talking, a funny thing comes to Daria's mind: "Was it the Metalmouth? Alternatively, Metalmouth really does exist. On a more mundane note, the "Girl in the House of Bad Grades" story features the only depiction of Upchuck 's mother in the series.

Given the situation, however, it is difficult to say if her appearance and personality in the scene should be considered canon or just a product of Daria or Jane's imagination. A brief moment in this fifth-season episode toed the OCC line but recovered well. When Ms. Li attempts to get Daria to teach Quinn's English class, a tiny "devil Daria" and "angel Daria" appear to tempt Our Heroine into different courses of action. As Ms. Li apparently does not see either fantasy character, they are assumed to be fragments of Daria's conscience that appear only in her imagination as she considers what course of action to take.

Amusingly, the two opposing figures turn out to be perfectly in sync as to what Daria should do. Daria enjoys her moment in the spotlight.

And for some of the same reasons. Ted was too much like most prom dates for comfort, or, to male fans, too much like their reflection in the mirror The author falls into the latter category. When Lara fills Jodie and Daria in on the many advantages of a Grove Hills education, the man next to the bookcase in the background leaves the room but can be seen in the same location in the next shot. The clock in the Morgendorffer kitchen has hands in one shot, but in the next shot, the hands disappear. The hinges on the ladies' room door switch sides between the scenes outside and inside. However, in the next shot, Mr.

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If you wanted more than that, you had to pay, or hire Johnny Mnemonic. As for the lack of artifacts from these earlier sites, it should be remembered that in these pioneering days, due to the lack of space overall, leaving a site meant all files were deleted.

In March of , the home page of the site featured the logo shown on the top of the page, and a very simple but eloquent HTML layout. The links to recent changes, fan fiction, fan art and the message board where very clear and straightforward. The color scheme played on the green color worn by Daria in the series.

For a while. All and all, the author remembers the site fondly during this period of time. It was digital Garden of Eden, well tended and maintained. But like Planet Daria, there are no artifacts of the original Garden of Eden left today. And for some of the same reasons. Instead of Daria, triumphant, the fans met, well, themselves. Ted was too much like most prom dates for comfort, or, to male fans, too much like their reflection in the mirror The author falls into the latter category.

It would be late June when the next half of the season would be shown, and reveal to all if any such shark jumping had indeed taken place. There was plenty of time for the fans to get on each other's nerves. The screen name was Boner, and this serpent found its way to the message board and started flaming away at many of its inhabitants.

Most tried to ignore Boner, but others let him get under their skin. Boner claimed he was a female lesbian of Manchurian ancestry, but his IP address put in a suburb of Bakersfield, CA, and his behavior put him as male, at age 30, still living in his mother's basement.

Boner had an affinity for Chris Smith, who gave him the attention he craved, and Rowena had to now take time out her already hectic schedule to moderate, and delete entire threads from the message board. Updates of the site started falling off, giving Boner a reason to foully attack Rowena, causing more board deletions and more site delays. It was obvious by June of that year something was going to change. Sometime during this period the denizens of the site learned that Rowena had taken a boyfriend, and soon on the message board, Diezel Monkey made his appearance.

It was announced that Planet Daria was moving finally to a paid web hosting service. After shutting down for several days, Planet Daria reemerged anew, on the-wall. With greater bandwidth and storage than a free service could provide, Planet Daria began to expand, and started getting the attention of an audience outside of the immediate Daria fan base.

The message board was still on the free site, and now in total chaos. Towards the end of summer, in , Diezel Monkey announced that the free service was going to be discontinued, and a new message board was being constructed by him. This would require a login, and would have strict rules, strictly applied. It was clumsy interface, and hard to use, and certainly different from the board everyone was used to.

It only took the author a few minutes to realize that by using the address bar of the browser, he could view the entire source code of the message board. And the unencrypted password file. It took Boner and other trolls even less time to discover this. Taking the passwords, he applied these to the then new service Hotmail accounts of the denizens of the site, and soon everyone was receiving email from each other telling them exactly what they could do to themselves, with what, and how, with the from line signed by someone they considered a friend.

This bubbled up into battles between folks who would normally be non combatants. When cooler heads finally prevailed, many of the original fans were already moving to on greener pastures. Diezel Monkey fixed the broken site, and enforced his new, more rigid policies.

But Boner and other trolls simply took up the new challenge, changed their screen names and reentered and trashed the place again. Diezel set up password confirmation via email, but the new miracle of Hotmail and other free email sites thwarted this effort.

In short, the message board was in a continual state of moderation, and things were no better than they were before. On June , Gifted aired, and it was once again revealed to the waiting fan base that Daria was not the smartest, most savvy inhabitant of the planet.

She was not the intellectual equal of first Ted, and now she was shown to be intellectually equal or behind the students of the gifted school. In the next episode, Ill a skin rash reduces her to hiding in a bathroom stall.

At this stage both Katherine and Wrath officially stopped updating their sites, with Katherine publicly lamenting the lost of quality in the show. Some fans starts drifting away to other fandoms, but those that remain begin to converge on the only game left in town. These were always followed by the words:. Since the day Netscape remember them unleashed the horror of frames on the World Wide Web, many of the smaller sites incorporated them, in effect creating two sites, one with frames that would remain updated, and one without, that would from that point on, would not.

As the fall of was ending and the cold winter of Planet Daria began, the site, which had never followed the chrome and glitz trends of the past was in full lockstep with them now. It was full of moving panels, java clocks that displayed exactly the same time as the tiny clock on the right lower half of the authors computer, and icons that did annoying things as you moused over them.

The author had already started his search for another place to go. It was, of course, at this time that Planet Daria was receiving the most attention from the outside world. Like the sound of summer cicada in the trees, there was a continuous, endless whine from the fans.

God help Rowena if the update was so large that part of it had to be done the next day. There was much complaining if the art was made too small, or cropped to fit in any way.

This was the tone of the final months of Planet Daria. Planet Daria fans demanded that things change! Planet Daria closed down on the last week of November, All content was removed, and Rowena offered to email any stories they had put up back to them.

Her reason for leaving was for financial and time constraints. Diezel Monkey did not mince words. On alt. Diezel would a few months later break up with Rowena. He left on the-wall. O'Neill classroom, the clock shows , but in the close-ups of her, the clock shows Also, the images of the lockers seen through the doorway are backwards during Quinn's close-ups. When Brittany gets up from her booth to sit with Jodie, the pizza and sodas are still on the table, but when she gets up to leave, they're gone.

Episode The Lost Girls. The table in the faculty lounge is supported by a single center pole. In "The Daria Database," it's supported by four wooden legs. The Morgendorffer dining room is a physical impossibility. The door in the kitchen next to the sliding door leads directly to the garage, and the only place the other kitchen door can lead to is under the stairs. It's very unlikely that the dining room would be upstairs, so where does it fit in?

When chatting with the reporter, several students are behind Val, including an African-American boy. In the scene where Val and the reporter are in the same shot, the boy is behind the reporter and the other students are scattered. In Mr. O'Neill's class, a shot from behind shows a boy with a green elbow.

In the shot from the front, the same boy is wearing a blue outfit. In the wide-angle shots of Jane's lunch, her glass is on the right. In the close-up shots, her glass is on the left. Val's chair and purse are left behind in Ms. Li's office when she leaves to make a phone call. In the next side shot, both are gone. When Daria chews out Val, Val has her makeup case in front of her, her phone behind her, and her eyeliner on the table next to the couch.

When she grabs her bag to leave, all of the items are gone. Before the SSW promo, there is no remote control to be seen, but after the promo, Jake shuts the TV off with the previously missing remote control. Episode It Happened One Nut. In the counseling scene, the clock appears to be at In the close-up, it's which then clicks to In the next shot, it's back to again.

The sign on the gerbil cage in the pet store has the name "Ned" listed twice. When Kevin walks into the nut stand, he's wearing a suit, but after the commercial break, he's wearing his football uniform. Presumably, it's the same day, so how -- and why -- did he change clothes?

Episode Daria! When Brittany stops making out with Kevin and turns to greet Daria and Jane, both hers and Kevin's hair and clothes are disheveled. In the next shot, their hair and clothes are back to normal. In "The Invitation," Kevin said that Joey, Jeffy and Jamie were on the football team, but here they participated in the pep rally as audience members, not as part of the team.

The team jerseys are slightly different from Kevin's jersey. The part in Ms. Li's hair switches sides when she turns her head. When Kevin knocks the peg out of the door, it changes positions on the floor. Helen's day planner and other items disappear from her desk while she is singing "I Can't Leave Yet. Near the end of "Gah, Gah, Damn It! He runs off the road, but there is no actual turnoff. The water tank shack on the roof of Lawndale High was not present in previous shots of the roof.

Helen's checklist and hurricane book disappear in some camera angles. Trent's duck phone didn't quack in "Arts 'N Crass. Jake's mug and the spilled cocoa disappear while he's singing "Manly. The couch in the Morgendorffer living room is missing when Jake and Trent first enter, then reappears moments later.

Jane and Daria's backpacks disappear in the third act. Andrea we "think" it's Andrea has blonde hair and a white T-shirt in the crowd scene in the finale. The colors on the rainbow change places between the rooftop scene after the hurricane and the final shot. It was never explained how Daria, Jane, Kevin and Brittany got down off the roof. The leggings on Jane's legs disappear at the point where Quinn sings "So you've found my sis at last" during the reprise of "Morning in the 'Burbs".

Tiffany says that Sandi's shirt "makes her highlights pop," but Sandi's hair doesn't have any highlights. The rainbow that appears when the storm passes has only five colors, when it should have seven blue and indigo are missing.

Episode Lane Miserables. When Helen cuts the lasagna in the opening scene, it's in six pieces, then in the next shot, it's in nine pieces. In the opening scene, Quinn is not wearing a bracelet when she's reading "Waif. Trent said that their father was photographing Celtic rock formations, but there are no such things. Possibly, what was meant was Celtic rock "art. When Daria and Jake are sitting in the living room just before Jane arrives, the large bay window is missing from the wall behind Daria.

In the breakfast scene, the clock changes from to When Jane tells Daria that she's only picked two Scrabble letters, there are actually three in the tray. Then, in the close-up, there's only two. The square window in Quinn's bedroom over the garage is not lit when Daria, Jane, and Quinn are actually in the room. Episode Jake of Hearts. When we see a full-length shot of the doctor, one leg is orange and the other is pink.

The bridge on Daria's glasses is missing in the shot of her just before Grandma Ruth comes back into the room to give Jake a sponge bath.

When Daria, Jane and Jodie were talking about Upchuck and the bumper sticker, Daria's backpack was gone, but when the Spatula Man came to talk to her, it reappeared. When Tiffany was talking into the microphone, her lipstick kept changing into different shades. Daria is right-handed, yet she was writing on the message pad with her left hand.

Helen is right-handed, yet she was cutting the piece of fish with her left hand. Episode Speedtrapped. Throughout the episode, Quinn alternates between wearing and not wearing her seat belt from one shot to another.

Jane implies that Daria's celebratory cake has been in the freezer for a long time, yet in "Lane Miserables," the freezer is shown to be completely empty except for the red mystery stain, which is there in both episodes.

Outpost Daria Reborn - Oops! List: Season Two

Episode Guide. Previous "I Don't" Next "Monster" Summary: A visit by friends from their counter-culture past cause Helen and Jake to question the choices they made in life, while Daria and Jane join Trent and Jesse on a trip to a local flea market.

Full Synopsis: Willow and Coyote Yeager, two of Helen and Jake's friends from their hippie days, arrive with their son Ethan for a weekend visit. At Jane's, Trent and Jesse are going through a bunch of vinyl LPs, which they plan to sell at the weekend flea market.

Jane, naturally, decides to invite herself and Daria along, despite the fact that they have to be up at A. The Yeagers' visit doesn't go as smoothly as hoped, because while Quinn is frustrated at her lack of success in hitting on an uninterested Ethan who seems to be something of a male Daria , Helen and Jake are constantly reminded of how they've "sold out" when compared to Willow and Coyote who've seemingly never abandoned their hippie-era ideals.

Both she and Jake decide to regain some of those ideals, with Helen making bread and starting a compost heap and Jake growing a beard. At the flea market, Daria and Jane aren't having much luck selling the LPs, and the snoozing Trent and Jesse who stayed up all night rather than get up early aren't any help at all.

Upchuck, who's attending the market with the hope of finding some rare collectable items, gives them some impromptu salesmanship lessons, but his main usefulness comes when the foursome decide to get some burgers and sodas. This proves to be a mistake, because while Jane and Jesse hunt down some burgers and Jane sees first-hand just how vapid Jesse is and Daria and Trent get sodas, Upchuck abandons the booth in search of girlie magazines.

When the foursome finds him and drags him back to the booth, they discover that the booth has been ransacked and almost all of the LPs stolen save for three copies of Boston's debut album.

Meanwhile, Helen and Jake make a startling discovery: while they've been trying to be more like the Yeagers, the Yeagers have grown tired of their hippie ways and want to be more like them. Helen and Jake are more than happy to help, with Helen giving Willow an electric bread maker and Jake giving Coyote impromptu lessons in golf and ruthless business management.

When Daria returns, Helen tries to punish her for skipping out on dinner with the family, but she backs down when Daria starts to interrogate her about an embarrassing incident from her college days which Quinn learned from Ethan when she finally convinced him to take her out for lunch.

As the Yeagers leave, Jake declares that he's going to stop living in the past as of right now Fox as a teenager who is propelled back in time to and inadvertently prevents his parents from meeting. The Yeagers' dog is named after Timothy Leary , the well-known "LSD guru" of the s who later became an enthusiastic supporter of the computer revolution.

The term "Trekkies" is usually used to refer to the more obsessive end of the fandom, people who tend to attend conventions dressed in costumes from the series. Steal This Book is the famous book by Abbie Hoffman that described how to "beat the system" and survive in the America of the early s. The album that Daria is holding at the flea market is the debut album by the Velvet Underground.

The "banana" cover was designed by pop artist Andy Warhol Miscellaneous: During the scene where Daria is staring at the sleeping Trent, astute viewers have noticed that Trent opens his eyes when Jane finishes teasing Daria about "the crush.

Not according to writer Anne D. Bernstein, who confirmed in an interview that this was deliberate, and that Trent had indeed caught on to Daria's crush on him. Of course, they were well aware that they had changed and possibly had turned into "the man" and grew away from the lifestyle. The ironic twist is that the Yeagers were the ones that had really become uncomfortable with whom they were, and turned into aggressive capitalists.

The Flea Market, It's All a Rich Tapestry: Well one thing is straight here: if Trent didn't know about the crush before, no matter how oblivious he is, he now has some idea that something is going on, because Daria "is gonna wait. While we're here, what is the deal with Upchuck? Right, he's the joker. Daria and Jane must feel like a "puke" magnet, because everywhere they go, he shows up.

The advice was not useful, but he was trained for free. There was Trent and Jesse staying up all night just to fall asleep at the flea market. Then, Ethan said that "he thought it was lunch time" and is going back to sleep.

I don't quite know the significance of it. Maybe it has something to do with a commentary on the tired aspects of the hippie lifestyle. Quinn, Quinn, Quinn: Quinn tries push her scrawny little butt into everything in this episode. With the possibility of a reward, getting information to influence her parents, and meeting Ethan, her date wasn't so important anymore she got Stacy to fill in; must be some sort of food-chain-of-command within the Fashion Club.

She remained the annoying little complement seeker that she is most of the time. On re-watching, this episode wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Sure, the "blast from the past" thing was interesting, especially the fact that Helen and Jake changed so completely or radically in such a short period of time the meat didn't make Jake aggressive, however.

Besides, anything that takes a crack at Trekkies can't be that bad. Used with permission. The views presented here are those of the author, and may or may not necessarily be those of Outpost Daria.