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Skip to main content Muscle Car Model Kits. In stock. We were so happy with this model and the fast shipping that we received on it from your company my husband even liked the color that was showed as the display on the model he is working on this one now.. I don't do the models but I enjoy seeing them done and I love this one when I ran across it on the site I wanted him to get it and we both agreed it should stay that color, yet he does not have it put together yet he will soon and I look forward to seeing it done. Add to cart.

Plastic muscle car model kits

Highly recommended for anyone building models and crafts. Simply add the eBook format to your cart and check out to complete your order. Discussing their collect ability, variety and rarity of the kits. What a great book! After installing Adobe Digital Editions on your device, you must authorize it. Working odd jobs, like mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, and collecting the deposits on Plasttic bottles It goes up there with baseball card collecting, with Plastic muscle car model kits tops collecting. I purchase this toy a few weeks ago for my nephew's 8th birthday and he loved it! I was happy to see some earlier cars included.

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Chrome plated parts. Features working rotors, detailed rotor heads, detailed cockpit and pilot figure, opening rear drive-on cargo door and more. The big scale kits aren't for everyone, but they sure Plastic muscle car model kits fun to build! Molded in white and clear. Our goal is offer all products in stockwhich is interesting for modelers of cars, motorcycles and trucks. It has never been unpacked Poastic the factory plastic and includes all internal packing material in mint condition. Big scale kits for those who like to build large models. Very nice kit. Scale Model Life. Plastic kit - Car-model-kit.

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  • And if we don't have the plastic model you want, Hobbymasters will see if available.
  • Car-model-kit is online store specializing in plastic kits, models and accessories for plastic model cars, bikes, trucks and engines.
  • Very finely molded with all recessed panel lines, detailed cockpit and gear wells and much more.

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If you already have an Adobe ID, enter it now. Once Bluefire Reader is installed and activated with Adobe you may download eBooks directly on your device using the download links provided on the confirmation page of your order, the confirmation email or in your CarTech account. World-leading authority Tim Boyd takes you through the entire era of muscle car kits, covering the options, collectability, variety availability, and value of these wonderful kits today.

Boyd also takes you through the differences between the original kits, the older reproduction kits, and the new reproduction kits many people find at swap meets today.

Immerse yourself in all aspects of muscle car model kits with this detailed volume by author Tim Boyd, a world-leading authority on the subject. Boyd walks you through the entire era of muscle car model kits, covering the options, collectability, variety, availability, and value of these wonderful kits today.

He also shows the differences between original kits, older reproduction kits, and new reproduction kits that many enthusiasts find at swap meets today. In the s, model kit building was a huge hobby. Kids built plastic kits of planes, tanks, race cars, spaceships, creatures from scary movies, you name it.

Before baseball card collecting, Pok mon, and video games, model kit building was one of the most popular hobby activities.

Car and airplane kits were the most popular, and among the car kits, muscle cars, as we know them today, were one of the most popular categories. Many owners of real muscle cars today were not old enough to buy them when the cars were new, of course. Yet kids of the s and s worshiped these cars to an extent completely foreign to kids today. If you couldn't afford or were too young to buy a muscle car back then, what could you do? For many, the next best thing was to buy, collect, and build muscle car kits from a variety of kit companies.

Hundreds of different kits were made. Many of these kits have become collectible today, especially in original, unassembled form. Although people still build kits today, there is a broad market for collectors of nostalgic model kits. People love the kits for the great box art, to rekindle fond memories of building them 40 years ago, or even as a companion to the full-scale cars they own today.

If you are looking to build a collection of muscle car kits, interested in getting the kits of your favorite manufacturer or even just of the cars you have owned, this book will be a valuable resource in your model kit search. Pages: Size: 8. What a great book! Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits brought me back to my childhood in the 60's and 70's. So many great memories! Working odd jobs, like mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, and collecting the deposits on pop bottles Hours spent with my cousins, poring over the "AutoWorld" catalog, dreaming of what kits and accessories we could buy.

Then the actual process of building and painting the models. What a great time! Tim Boyd has done a masterful job of compiling the information of the different companies and kits they offered. It's a history lesson that guys like me love. And the photography and layout! I have already read this book, cover to cover, several times. And continue to pick it up and just browse through it.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! This book makes clear why Tim Boyd is considered a world class authority on model kits and the art of modeling. There is so much useful detail, great illustrations, and a fine history of both the cars on which the model kits were based as well as the kits themselves.

Anyone interested in the history of the muscle car craze, even those who do not model, will find this a compelling resource. My own editorial: No manufacturer has step up to the plate to bring two of the more iconic cars of the s to scale, either in plastic kits or diecast.

The fact that neither the cars of Briggs Cunningham nor the Nash-Healey have been made in scale is a shame. Another book brought to us by the peeps at Car Tech. I have received and read countless books published by Car Tech so I can honestly say, without a doubt, when you get a Car Tech book you are getting quality and beauty and all things cars that you are seeking.

Never disappointed. I usually read car books of actual cars Collecting model kits should not be left out of that genre. There is a history behind model car kits American history. It goes up there with baseball card collecting, with spinning tops collecting.. I grew up watching my grandfather and uncles make, create, paint, glue and take pride in their model car kit creations.

I could still smell that paint and it takes me right back. When I saw this book.. A fantastic read. I loved every bit of it. I especially loved showing this to my husband Nostalgic feels all the way around.. Fun read about model building history. Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits is less about collecting car model kits and more about the history of model kits.

It's an interesting read that is well illustrated with examples of the model kits. Lots of photos including examples of professionally built models. If you like building models cars, you'll like this book! This is a history book on Muscle Car Model Kits. I was happy to see some earlier cars included. This took me back. I use to build car kits ranging from models. This well produced book is more than a walk down memory lane.

It is also a reference book on any kits you find now. Discussing their collect ability, variety and rarity of the kits. Boyd does a fantastic job of tying the history of the actual cars to their pint-sized counterparts.

Whether you collect full-sized cars or their diminutive-sized counterparts, this is a great source of historic information. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Tim Boyd is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on model cars and model car kits.

After achieving regional and national model car contest wins, he became a model car journalist, eventually authoring more than published works during the next 40 years. His monthly Modeler's Corner column was a highly popular feature in Street Rodder magazine for 17 years, and he is by far the longest running and most prolific contributor to Scale Auto , the world's most popular model car magazine. He retired from a year marketing and design career in the auto industry and lives in Southern Michigan.

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It makes it easier for us to actually see what we're building, without using tweezers and a magnifying glass to add that tiniest of model parts to the build. Scratch and Dent. In he began producing wooden model airplane kits. Includes parts to build a stock Bel Air, or construct Joe Gardner's "Northwind" super stock drag racer. Custom steering wheel. A beautiful kit featuring 51 well molded parts with very fine, all-recessed panel lines, good cockpit and full decals for the famous aircraft shown on the box art. It includes any piece of culture that you choose to artistically replicate in scale.

Plastic muscle car model kits

Plastic muscle car model kits

Plastic muscle car model kits. Products of Revell-Monogram Plastic Model Cars / Trucks / Vehicles

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support! There have always been model kits that are big scale. This also makes any modifications you do magnified, easier to see and appeciate. With a growing population of modelers that are older and our eyesite isn't what it used to be , larger kits are becoming more popular than ever before. It makes it easier for us to actually see what we're building, without using tweezers and a magnifying glass to add that tiniest of model parts to the build.

Tamiya is a big producer of large scale kits and has been for many years. Some can be expensive, but the level of detail is amazing. Then there are some odd balls, older kits, from Nachino let's say, that are rare and hard to find. But different none the less. Big scale models range from cars, trucks, hot rods, tanks, motorcycles, engines, even aircraft.

Do they cost a little more than the smaller kits? Of course. But you tend to get a lot of bang for the buck.

You also get some subjects that may never be made in a smaller scale kit. And let's face it, the big scale models really catch the eyes of everyone, they're quite impressive on the model table or your model shelf at home.

Talk about the WOW factor! Probably the biggest draw back is, where do you display the large scale model once you've assembled it? I also feel that large scale kits, especially cars, give you that "big" look to them. Meaning, they look so much more like the real thing because of their size. Again, they make an impressive statement, even to folks who may not be a modeler, but can appreciate the easy to see details and hard work you have into them. There are a few other odd ball scales for models, but these are the most common when referring to "Big Scale".

Recently their Lamborghini series has done well, but they're expanding into motorcycles, and more large scale kits are coming. Older Pocher kits are very rare now, and expensive. Features hundreds of pieces, detailed propulsion unit, movable rudder, detailed cargo deck, opening bow doors and ramp, detailed 40mm AA guns, three M47 Patton tanks, three HS30 armoured personnel carriers, three 5 Ton gl Emma cargo vehicles and helicopter landing pad and Bristol Sycamore helicopter for L version.

There are decals for all four ships listed. Tamiya's early armor were work of the mold maker's art, and the top of the line issues had push-button remote control and dual electric motor operation. This is one of those kits, featuring factory-assembled, all-metal gear box with two RE electric motors, hand-held remote control, factory wired switch and control unit, metal hardware and a very well detailed model kit of the Leopart.

Never started and inside it is like new. All of the plastic parts that Tamiya factory sealed are still in the factory sealed bags; the ones with colorful 'Leopard' headers still have them present and in 'excellent' condition. The few large parts that were never factory sealed are inventoried complete. Includes factory sealed decals and 'excellent' instructions.

Features working rotors, detailed rotor heads, detailed cockpit and pilot figure, opening rear drive-on cargo door and more. Molded in gloss silver and clear and includes the famous 'Revelving' Swivel Base molded in clear.

Inventoried and NOTE: missing one part, the tail wheel strut. All other parts are present along with the decals and instructions. A nice kit with detailed engine, removable cowling, full cockpit, two pilots, ground crewman and aircraft tail dolly.

Molded in gloss yellow and clear. Sale Pending Email for availability. Very nicely molded kit that includes a color paint guide and decals for both aircraft.

One of a series of popular and desirable metal and plastic kits by Hubley. The metal castings are very well done and detailed. Features cast metal body, frame, hood, rumble seat cover, engine, suspension and more, injection molded wire wheels, interior seats, a large tree of chrome plated parts, real rubber tires, whitewalls, decals and more.

Features full rolling chassis with engine, exhaust, suspension and driveline just like the real car, removable hood, opening rumble seat, complete interior, aft trunk luggage rack and more. Large scale, well detailed model can be flown rubber free flight, gas free flight, or converted to electric RC using today's small and light servos and receivers. Guillow's founder, Paul K. Guillow, was a WWI naval aviator. In he began producing wooden model airplane kits.

His 'Shelf Models' were some of the earlier non-flying models in production. Guillow's grew during the model boom of the s, and when the Depression hit the hardest, Guillow's responded with lower prices and became one of the low price leaders, frequently advertising in Model Airplane News and other leading publications. During the war, like most manufacturers, Guillow's was forced to alternative materials such as cardboard and pine.

Guillow's survived the post WWII slump by creating many inexpensive profile flying rubber powered aircraft and gliders in the s along with North Pacific which became famous - some are still available today.

The stick and tissue lines have been updated with laser cut parts and are still in production as of Still factory sealed and dated A beautiful kit featuring 51 well molded parts with very fine, all-recessed panel lines, good cockpit and full decals for the famous aircraft shown on the box art. One of the more dramatic Craftmaster boxes.

A British carrier launches heavily battle-damaged Buccaneers with enemy ships within visual range. Other Buccaneers are taking heavy and accurate fire from the enemy, while one ship is engulfed in flames. Propeller driven aircraft fall burning from the sky. The Buccaneer was the world's first purpose designed low level 'below the radar' bomber.

Low level strike aircraft have a shorter airframe life limit due to the stresses of low level flying, so the Buccaneer was designed to be very strong and even had many sub-assemblies milled from solid metal. Kit features opening unique rotating bomb bay, folding wings and working arresting hook. Very large scale stick and tissue model with a 20 inch wingspan.

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As a child, I spent many afternoons helping my dad put together scale models of classic sports, muscle, and race cars in his workshop. Like the glue we used to adhere numerous tiny plastic parts, we bonded over the hobby that he had growing up — and was passing along to me. Published by CarTech Books, this publication chronicles the biggest decades of model kit production.

Product Details: Softcover, pages, 8. Road Trips for Classic Cars: Great places across the country to take your vintage vehicle. It outlines the need-to-know basics, including the model car kit fad, what a muscle car technically is , and how to read through the book itself.

The first chapter delves deeper into hobby, discussing the types of kits, leading manufacturing companies, and the evolution of production. From there, the reader has an ample understanding of the hobby to tackle the rest of the book, which is organized by automobile OEM — Ford , Pontiac, Chevy , and such.

Report: Recent classic car auctions show that popularity in vintage vehicles is higher than ever. The pages are filled with full-color images of the kit boxes in impressively pristine condition.

Particularly, his insight into how designers adapted full-scale cars into plastic models — and the hurdles they encountered — was intriguing. As the title suggests, Collecting Muscle Car Kits is much more about researching, understanding, and preserving specific kits rather than honoring the art, inner workings, and customization of model car kits. Thus, his book makes an excellent addition to the library of current kit collectors and those wanting to revisit an old childhood hobby.

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Plastic muscle car model kits

Plastic muscle car model kits

Plastic muscle car model kits