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With pregnancy comes a lot of excitement. There are baby names to consider, a nursery to decorate, the most adorable onesies to purchase, baby's first toy, and of course the joy that will come from holding baby for the very first time. But before all of that, expectant parents often spread the word through some sort of pregnancy announcement. This is the big "Ta-da" of pregnancy -- the moment future parents share with their loved ones there's a new little person on the way. Sharing the big news with family and friends is really exciting -- and it can also come with a creative element.

Celebrating a new pregnancy and mourning Pregnant announcements loss of wine at the same time is a great idea! So instead of letting it go to waste, he decided to model it and pose for a photo of his own, cradling his food baby bump and wearing an adorable Pregnant announcements of flowers. With separate themes, messages, and modes Escort teramo execution, the one thing they do have in common is the fact that any low-key mom will absolutely love them. Even better, this T-shirt is actually for sale on Etsy. Sometimes, a blurry ultrasound photo just doesn't cut it and something a little more extreme is necessary. Looks like just another day at the beach, until you take a closer look at the hat! Onesie Pregnancy Announcement Street Sign Pregnancy Pregnant announcements When to Announce Pregnancy?

Lace sandys trim. Cat's out of the bag.

Getting the little ones involved. Most importantly, make celebrating the Pregnant announcements to Big Brother or Pregnant announcements Sister a big thing! They make a cute keepsake, and even playthings when baby gets older. Okay, not everyone will have access to Will Smith when you want to announce your pregnancy you never know though so have that pad of paper ready but the sign route can be really sweet and cool. After that, Panty screwing a work friend, and the rest Pregnant announcements be taken care of via good old-fashioned word of mouth. Getting Pregnant. Photo credit: Lauren Skousen Photography. It's all a beautiful effort to let loved ones know that a baby is on the way and to celebrate this thrilling time. Photo credit: Jonathan Kuhn Photography. On one hand, they are easy to create. You can easily make your own by printing off a design you create on your computer and Playboy emoter it on!

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  • This very cool infographic landed in my inbox from the folks at Panorama they are the ones that have that non-invasive prenatal test that screens for chromosomal anomalies.
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Announcing a pregnancy to the world is an incredibly important moment for a family. It's one of those life-changing things that will be remembered for years. That's why it's crucial the birth announcement is as perfect as possible. But what constitutes perfection is different for all expectant parents. To some, perfectly styled professional photo shoots are the way to go. For others, it's all about expressing how ridiculously happy and emotional they are.

Then, there are the parents who see no other choice but to show off their sense of humor. And many make our Instagram and Facebook feeds so much better for it. It totally makes sense, though. When babies are born, lives are changed forever, and there's no better way to celebrate -- and laugh at that -- than with a funny pregnancy announcement. There are countless ways to create a funny pregnancy announcement.

They can be sweetly funny involving the family pets or older siblings. They can be a little more raunchy and slightly NSFW. They can also be hilariously real and unrestrained. The possibilities are almost endless. To celebrate funny pregnancy announcements and give folks a few ideas of their own, we've compiled a list of 40 of our favorites. These announcements differ in style and execution, but the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they're so funny they can't help but inspire future parents.

Sometimes, all that's needed to create a funny pregnancy announcement is a play on reality. Bringing a new baby into the family isn't always seamless, especially not for new siblings. These two expectant parents are starring in their own feature film. Their "based on a true story" movie poster pregnancy announcement keeps it real with the crazy cravings and terrified expressions, too.

He might not be carrying that baby for real, but his hilarious getup carries this announcement. This announcement doesn't involve any actual people, but it's still hilarious. Celebrating a new pregnancy and mourning the loss of wine at the same time is a great idea!

The couple in this pregnancy announcement are obviously pros at the parenting game. So much so that they have no qualms about giving everyone a glimpse into their hilariously hectic life. Usually, photographing a mom experiencing the worst part of morning sickness would be a major no-no. But all bets are off when there's a brand-new pregnancy to announce!

Most people view their animal babies as practice for the "real thing" anyway. Why not be honest about it, like this funny couple was?

Finding the humor in that terror is probably the best way to get over it. Any couple that takes one of the most iconic songs of all time and turns it into some clever shirts to make their pregnancy announcements is all right with us!

Not every pregnancy is planned, everyone knows that -- but few people want to admit it. This couple was able to show off the fun of a "surprise" baby with only a used pregnancy test and a passed-out husband. This couple went through an intense IVF treatment with the help of love and prayers from their loved ones. When they found out they were about to have quadruplets, they couldn't help but tell everyone how well those prayers worked. We're not entirely sure who came up with the idea to use spaghetti and meatballs to break the pregnancy news to friends and family, but we know they're a total genius!

Most of the time, pregnancies mean out with the old and in with the new -- that old drum set, those delicious bottles of wine This couple is putting their old favorites up for sale -- or trading them for a new crib. This pregnancy announcement is subtly funny but amusing nonetheless. For anyone looking for something simple but still humorous, it's impossible to go wrong with pointing out weird pregnancy cravings.

Why not get the excited siblings involved in the pregnancy announcement for the new baby? And if the photo shoot involves some adorably clever T-shits, that's even better. Hmm, and what kind of "mischief" might that be? Whatever it is, it certainly created a little bit of magic. Wink, wink. We've already spoken about how sibling rivalries can be used as the perfect pregnancy announcement fuel, but this dog-versus-baby photo shoot is next-level funny.

For any video game nerd parents out there who already have their own Player One, this pregnancy announcement is just as adorable as it is funny and creative. Talk about low-maintenance and creative!

This pregnancy announcement was obviously one given to co-workers, but that doesn't make it any less funny. These parents are obviously used to a house full of hectic kids; adding another baby to the fold is equal parts terrifying and something to laugh about.

This amazing pregnancy announcement honoring him and a "happy new accident" would totally make him proud. At least these parents are being honest about it. The fact that this cat looks as unamused as a human kid would be about the news of a new sibling makes this announcement one of the funniest things we've ever seen. Using a street sign to announce your pregnancy is so simple and funny we're almost jealous we didn't think of it first.

Not all kids are mad about the fact that they're going to have a new sibling. Some of them take their job seriously, which is precisely why this very serious b ig sister training course was captured and used as a hilarious pregnancy announcement.

Just about every single thing in this photo is hilarious. The perfectly cooked bun in the oven about to be scarfed down by the dog, the expectant dad reading a parenting book, and the new mom sating her cravings. It's pretty much perfect. Sometimes, a blurry ultrasound photo just doesn't cut it and something a little more extreme is necessary. That makes this mom's hilarious artistic rendering of her new baby so dang perfect.

Fielding questions about surrogacy and pregnancy can be hell for same-sex couples, which is why this hilarious duo decided to clear things up once and for all. Who doesn't love a candid look at the moment they first revealed the news of their pregnancy? Especially when the reactions are as amazing as the one by these three. So, this kid's "beach" setup may not be all the way accurate, but she definitely looks more than ready to soak up some rays with her new sibling.

That's probably why this announcement is so relatable. There's definitely something to be said for finding the bright side and the humor in things.

Especially when you prepared for one new baby and ended up with two. Batman and Robin might be one of the most iconic duos of all time, but this Dark Knight looks a little terrified at the thought of gaining a new sidekick. Some people think potty humor is low-brow; we definitely don't agree.

When used the right way, like in a photo announcing baby number two, it's downright hilarious. It takes a special couple to freely admit what a lot of us already know to be true: Alcohol consumption and pregnancies go hand-in-hand. This poor kid looks absolutely devastated at the fact that her spot as an only child is ending. We almost feel bad about laughing so hard at this pregnancy announcement Jordyn Smith Mar 26, Pregnancy. Drinking for Two Pregnancy Announcement 1. Share Tweet Pin. Sibling Rivalry Pregnancy Announcement 2.

Movie Poster Pregnancy Announcement 3. Gender Swap Pregnancy Announcement 4. Emily Henderson. Wine Bottle Pregnancy Announcement 5. Eviction Notice Pregnancy Announcement 6. Stressed Out Pregnancy Announcement 7. Not the Flu Pregnancy Announcement 8. Practicing for Baby Pregnancy Announcement 9. Expecting Twins Pregnancy Announcement Baby Got Bump Pregnancy Announcement Surprise Baby Pregnancy Announcement Julia Goolia.

Prayed Too Hard Pregnancy Announcement Ice Ice Baby Pregnancy Announcement We're Prego Pregnancy Announcement For Sale Pregnancy Announcement Eating for Three Pregnancy Announcement Siblings Pregnancy Announcement Legendary Pregnancy Announcement Cute Dog Pregnancy Announcement

Photo credit: Lilibean Photography. Photo: Courtesy of Crazy Dog Tshirts. Read more on our privacy policy page linked up below. Click the photo for a larger view. There's one phrase that says it all: "Oh baby! Regardless, we love that you can customize the color for this exquisite pregnancy announcement cake topper.

Pregnant announcements. Cat's out of the bag.

Crack open the blown, sanitized egg to hatch the due date. Have you and your partner hop-scotched around the country a bit since your little sweet pea arrived on the scene? Vacations will never quite be the same again with baby in tow. Nonchalantly serve a round of these house-labeled brewskies and see how long it takes your pals to notice. As new parents soon learn, the Harry Potter series is full of inspiration for all things baby.

This pregnancy announcement photo lays it all out there. And when it comes to fashion-foward onesies , black just may be the new white! Have your friends over for a bake-off. The couples behind these ha-ha-funny pregnancy announcements already have it in spades.

So have fun, you should. PS, how cute is little Yoda in this pregnancy announcement? Best of all, they make the whole shebang even funnier. Some of the funniest pregnancy announcements offer a fresh perspective on ordinary surroundings—which is precisely what happens when you add baby to the mix. This mom finally explains to friends why she wanted eggs over easy with a side of Skittles at brunch the other day. Chalkboards are always a cute medium for your message if you have a pint-sized messenger on hand.

The dreamy filter seems about right for the surreal news. Sometimes baby shows up when you least expect it—which makes the reveal that much more fun. These pregnancy announcements offer ideas for sharing that surprise not just with hubby but also your loved ones.

Does this guy think his partner wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot just because? Same idea as the first surprise pregnancy announcement, but with a onesie—which goes to show, great pregnancy announcements never get old. Looks like this couple was just as surprised with the news as everyone else will be though the oops was no mistake!

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, a big sibling offers a whole new world of creative possibility. Hey, little guy, responsibilities come with that big title change, you know. A onesie is pretty much the universal sign for baby on the way—and this family portrait is about to get twice as cute in a few months. This sweet tot is spreading the word in this second pregnancy announcement by informing everyone about her title change. Big sib too busy to sit in on something as silly as a pregnancy announcement photo?

No problem! This one takes the idea of a sweet onsie and runs with it. Add a personalized photo for a sweet touch to this punny pregnancy announcement card. View more of our favorite pregnancy announcement cards here. Rock one to meet a friend for brunch, and revel in her reaction. Loop people in with a straightforward but lovely message written in cursive script. A stylish customizable pick for mommas with kiddies already on deck.

Plus, your friends and family will appreciate not only the news, but the excuse to eat dessert! Best thing is? They make a cute keepsake, and even playthings when baby gets older.

Regardless, we love that you can customize the color for this exquisite pregnancy announcement cake topper. Want to check out adorable pregnancy announcement cards? Head here to see The Bump favorites. LOG IN. Baby Registry. Real Answers. Getting Pregnant. Baby names. View all Topics. Arielle Dollinger. From etiquette essentials to adorable photo ideas—find fun ways to share your news in our biggest pregnancy announcement extravaganza ever. When to Announce Pregnancy?

How to Announce Pregnancy. Thoughtful Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family. Photo: Courtesy of KidTeez. This is the big "Ta-da" of pregnancy -- the moment future parents share with their loved ones there's a new little person on the way. Sharing the big news with family and friends is really exciting -- and it can also come with a creative element.

Photos, videos, and digital cards can be posted on social media, emailed, and texted to family and friends. Gifts and paper cards can be mailed or handed off. Many future parents choose to go all out with a funny or clever design -- others go with something heartfelt. It's all a beautiful effort to let loved ones know that a baby is on the way and to celebrate this thrilling time. Couples may choose to share the news differently depending on who they're announcing it to and when.

For example, in the early weeks of pregnancy, Mom-to-be doesn't have a baby bump yet and she may just want to tell close family; at that time, sharing a sonogram photo is a popular method.

The ideas are nearly endless for how to make these pregnancy announcements fun and unique. Need some ideas? This collection of pregnancy announcements is certainly inspiring and can help parents-to-be figure out which way they want to orchestrate their own big reveal. Have fun deciding on a favorite! A marquee or sign quite literally spells it out for people.

A simple and clear pregnancy announcement like this one never gets old -- it's classic! Cute baby-themed props, such as a sonogram photo, teething beads, and sweet baby blankie, make it visually complete. Some parents love to announce a pregnancy using clever plays on words. For those who love all things techie, this is cute code for "We're expecting!

This video game—themed onesie could not be any cuter, and makes an especially fitting pregnancy announcement for gamers who are expecting. This couple proudly displays their sonogram photos while embracing. Saying anything with hugs and smiles is a no-fail way to share the news. Pregnancy announcement signs are hugely popular. This one's black-and-white color scheme is stylish and gender-neutral. What better way for a family of musicians to announce a pregnancy? Snap a photo of an instrument with the sonogram.

Dad's cup is full but Mom's is empty. This is a funny way for a wine lover to break her pregnancy news. For parents who struggled with infertility, a onesie like this one may an apropos way to announce the news. On vacation? Some expectant couples take to their favorite amusement park or sight and buy a souvenir shirt or onesie.

Snap a pic, and people will get the hint. This idea is unique and fun! It's as easy as taking a photo of two fingers to show that baby will soon make three. We feel the love just looking at this pregnancy announcement photo.

Reveal the news with a cute shoe photo, showing mom, dad, and kid feet, along with an adorable pair of baby shoes. A crafty mom-to-be might find a way to stitch or paint or otherwise craft her ultrasound image. We couldn't be more in love with this idea. Wearing this Thanksgiving-themed shirt makes a perfect pregnancy announcement for the couple who have quite the sense of humor.

Getting a new sibling is super exciting, and we love that this family decided to announce the big news with a chalkboard drawing. Spelling it out with magnetic letters is an easy and whimsical way to share that baby is coming soon. Imagine nonchalantly holding this sperm-meets-egg mug and then seeing the reactions as people read it?! A heart-shaped light makes for a cute pregnancy announcement photo -- and it'll look so nice in baby's room, too.

Who needs to be a professional illustrator to create the perfect pregnancy announcement art? Not us! We can show there's a baby in Mom's belly with just a few safety pins.

Dad-to-be will be so excited when he finishes his cup of coffee. Maybe fill the mug only halfway just so the reveal happens faster. Everyone loves mail; everyone loves babies more. Why not mail family members a sonogram photo with a card to announce the news.

Find a sign or spot that shows where baby will be "made," and take a pic! We are in love with this couple's clever pregnancy announcement idea. There's one phrase that says it all: "Oh baby! To announce a pregnancy, parents-to-be can send a sweet pic like this to their loved ones.

40 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas You'll Want to Steal | CafeMom

The impending arrival of a new baby is easily one of the most exciting milestones in the life of a couple who wants to build a family. It's a joyous time worthy of celebration, and a lot of expectant parents express their joy with fun pregnancy announcements. While we've all seen our share of cheesy or even tasteless announcements, every so often someone really nails it, surprising and delighting family and friends sometimes even their future coparent.

Here are the best pregnancy announcements we've ever seen, from the funny to the genuinely moving. But the third time around I figured we'd have a little more fun with it," she wrote. Seeing that look of genuine surprise in the second photo, followed by the ecstatic smile in the third is priceless. I appreciate a bit of subtlety — not so much that the point of the photo completely flies over your head, but just enough so that it's cute and playful. This photo is a example of how to skirt that line, with the hand on the stomach and, of course, that big speed BUMP warning in the foreground.

But I can also respect if you think subtlety it totally overrated and want to announce your first child the way one would market the next big summer blockbuster. I also like that the mom got the executive producer credit for this project because clearly she's doing the heavy lifting. The R rating is also pretty cheeky, touting "strong, crude sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use.

It's always fun when couples tie their other passions in life to their announcements. Clearly they're going to let their future witch or wizard and the Sorting Hat decide which house they'll rep, as the Hogwarts scarf is displaying all four colors. Chanel Smith and her husband, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith used a popular brand of pasta sauce to announce their big news.

It's extra cute because of the wide-eyed expression of fear on Torrey's face, while Chanel is just going to town on a big bite of spaghetti and marinara. Not every pregnancy is planned and long-awaited. Often — possibly most of the time, really — it's a bit of an accident or, to put a positive spin on it, a happy surprise. Kudos to this couple for embracing their oopsy with this announcement that says, "Maybe this wasn't the exact plan but we're super stoked about it. This looks like Will Smith has some very uncomfortable news for his wife, Jada, but in fact he's just helping a big fan make a very big splash with her pregnancy announcement.

A friend of the couple shared this photo on reddit, which quickly went viral for obvious Men in Black star reasons. Emily here ran into Will in a coffee shop and had a brilliant idea. Why not use the serendipitous celeb sighting as an opportunity to tell friends and family her big news: She's expecting a baby who's only separated by one degree from the Six Degrees of Separation star.

It's obviously extremely rare for same-gender couples to have an "unplanned" pregnancy, which means they also have plenty of time to orchestrate the perfect way to break the news. This couple hopefully nipped any "who's the father?

This reddit user's wife bought the flowing top above to wear for her baby announcement but it didn't fit.

So instead of letting it go to waste, he decided to model it and pose for a photo of his own, cradling his food baby bump and wearing an adorable crown of flowers. I have to hand it to this couple for their pumpkin carving skills as well as their creativity in delivering the news of their upcoming special delivery.

Extra bonus is the slightly smug look on the expectant papa's face. Honestly, I've seen this shirt a few times and every time it takes me a minute or two to figure out what's going on. This spooky, Halloween-themed selfie definitely ticks the boxes of being just subtle enough and a little big cheeky — the key ingredients of a perfect baby announcement. It's often hard on only children when they learn they're not going to be the baby of the house anymore — even if they walk on four legs.

In case you can't read the book in front of this unsuspecting shaggy dog, it's S--t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year , so hopefully this means their pupper is in on the news and preparing for their little brother or sister.

As an emetophobic that's somebody with a deep fear and anxiety about vomit , announcements alluding to morning sickness normally aren't my jam. However, the second image in this two-frame baby notice makes it worth it, as it shows this future father "reacting" to the news that his wife is expecting not one, not two, but three at once.

Dude, if you think you're nauseous, imagine what she has to go through to bring them into the world! People who do work in the visual arts always have the best baby announcements. I love this old-school comic book themed illustration, reminiscent of s pulp sci-fi book covers. After all, what is a baby but an alien parasite sucking the life out of its host for nine months? Other than, you know, a miracle or whatever This is definitely not the first "only child expiring" announcement for Baby No.

While it's just as likely she's crying because of one of the 23o things toddlers find to cry about, it's funny to imagine she's just learned in this very moment that she will have to share her toys with somebody else for the rest of her life. Surprise, daddy!