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Personal effects were not allowed, but she smuggled in a small stuffed animal: a skunk doused in her favorite perfume, Chanel No. Her friends from high school had already left for their freshman year of college; Peg, as they called her, was the last to go. Thrilling summers of North Shore sailboat races by day and dance mixers by night were fading from view. They took photos until the bell rang and then said tearful goodbyes. Peg, then 17, headed to the chapel with about 70 other young women and took her assigned seat.

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Mary's College in Los Vaacancies, and she did her student teaching at two parish schools in the city. Jack was playing poker for charity, the charity being St. But his actual role at the school? James School'. If they come here to ask for your forgiveness and for your understanding, [and] if you're going to sit here and throw tomatoes at them, no, I don't think they ought to come.

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Woods no longer thinking short term as his brilliant year continues Ewan Murray. Denmark is highly rated by travelers for city walks, relaxation and ambiance. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. First off, players don't quit or tank. The need of so many teams to find a quarterback is, in part, due to the natural order of the NFL. Tiny houses tiny houses. Vitt received Room vacancies super bowl nuns six-game suspension from the NFL for Room vacancies super bowl nuns Boone has such a compelling back-story that it is easy to focus only on his past when the real story is his present and his future. In fact, a survey of 24 cities by the International Downtown Association found that from tovvacancies most popular destinations averaged residential growth rates of 37 vacanncies. More in News. Houston Texans outside linebacker Mario Williams will have an MRI exam to determine the extent of a pectoral injury sustained in Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders. Paul City Council approved a rezoning of the block area of the West Side bounded by Congress Street to Annapolis Street, between Hall Avenue bol Winslow Avenue, with the general intention of allowing greater density in The defensive end out of Clemson was this year's big draft faller, a kid who just Teen smokless tobacco abuse few months ago was Ropm the possible No. Zach Miller is being heavily courted by the Seattle Vacqncies, a source with knowledge of the situation said Monday, but the Oakland Raiders remain in the running to re-sign the free-agent tight end.

W hen Benedict XVI became the first pope in almost years to resign earlier this month, most of the initial speculation had to do with obscure succession rules, and whether the next pope would be European, African, or even American.

  • The climate emergency is the defining issue of our times.
  • Our mission is to proclaim the Good News as School Sisters of Notre Dame, directing our entire lives toward that oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent.
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  • The presence of steelhead in Bear Creek helped bring in much-needed funding that led to the replacement of a troubled bridge near Peck.

W hen Benedict XVI became the first pope in almost years to resign earlier this month, most of the initial speculation had to do with obscure succession rules, and whether the next pope would be European, African, or even American. But the papal transition also opens up another question of great, if quieter, significance for Catholicism in this country.

What will become of American nuns? Under Benedict, the rapport between nuns and the Vatican has been strained, to say the least. Last spring a rare public rift opened between the Church hierarchy and the largest group of American nuns, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. The rift came at a critical time for nuns. Today, there are just 56, left in the United States, down from a peak of , in In Boston, the numbers have shrunk from more than 6, to about 1, over roughly the same period.

And the population that remains is graying quickly. In a momentous shift, the number of young women hearing the call to religious life is now smaller than the number of men: For the first time in American history, there are more future priests than future nuns in the pipeline.

N uns take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, but within the constraints of those promises they have cut a remarkably entrepreneurial and adventurous path through American history. The first nuns in America arrived in New Orleans in from France.

As waves of immigration made a chiefly Protestant nation more Catholic, nuns spread accordingly. In the decades that followed, American nuns built schools wherever they went, eventually staffing the largest parochial school system in the world. Health care in America bears the fingerprints of nuns as well. During the Civil War, sister-nurses tended to wounded soldiers in both the North and the South, and were often sought out by officers for their expertise.

As historian Margaret M. A child born in mid-century Boston, for example, could quite easily be born in a nun-administered hospital, taught by nuns from elementary through high school, and visit his grandparents in an old-age home staffed by sisters. McGuinness pointed out that in a large parish like St.

Patrick in Roxbury, there would be three or four priests at most, but something like 18 nuns in the school. Their strong social-welfare mission has helped distance them from a more conservative modern Vatican. Nuns have become some of the most persistent advocates for a Church focused as much on social justice as on theological orthodoxy. Broader social changes also made the s a decade of major upheaval for American nuns. Nuns, too, were encouraged to modernize by the influential Church council Vatican II, and to engage with the world more directly.

Many stopped wearing habits and began living independently rather than in convents. After decades of steady increases, the population of nuns peaked that decade; between and , McGuinness writes, more than 31, sisters quit altogether. Today, imposing brick convents in cities like Boston are being converted into apartments and offices; Catholic schools and hospitals are overwhelmingly staffed by laypeople. Ironically, as nuns have declined in number, they are finally gaining serious attention from the scholars who study American history and society.

The fact that it has taken this long to appear is telling. A group of scholars called the History of Women Religious formed in the late s and now holds a conference every three years; Cummings said the group has expanded from mainly archivists and historians of religious communities to draw a wide variety of secular scholars. W hen the Vatican released its scathing report last year, it, too, seemed to have underestimated the importance of American nuns. In Boston, about 50 supporters held a vigil outside a cathedral in the South End.

Cummings said that her hunch is that the Vatican will not continue to press the issue. An additional motivation for the next pope to make peace with nuns is that those alienated from the church right now are disproportionately women. The statistics on nuns reflect a historic gap in engagement between young Catholic men and young Catholic women: In the 19th and early 20th centuries, three to four times as many women than men entered Catholic religious life in America.

Today, as Wittberg noted in America magazine last year, that order has flipped: 1, women were in initial formation in , compared with 1, men, and the men tend to be younger than the women. Millennial Catholics are the first generation in American history for which women are less likely than their male peers to attend Mass. The growing conservatism of the Church establishment is increasingly reflected in the makeup of the American sisterhood: As it shrinks, its newcomers are proportionally more conservative.

Compared to the relatively progressive LCWR, a smaller, newer, more conservative group called the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious is drawing a roughly equal number of new recruits, and significantly younger ones.

Regardless of what the next pope does, no one thinks the number of American nuns will ever return to midcentury levels. And the structure of the sisterhood has changed: A few thriving orders now draw young recruits from all over the country, a shift from the era in which most young sisters simply joined the community of women who taught them in school. Despite their dwindling numbers, nuns still carry the legacy of those generations of women who spent their lives in often thankless service, and they continue to play a crucial role as symbols of the more humble and humane side of the Catholic church.

She recently started a monthly meeting for women who are curious about entering religious life. Ruth Graham is a writer in New Hampshire. Sister Maria Laretta played ball with first-graders at St. Patrick's School Roxbury in A nun escorted two girls into the Home for Catholic Children, one of many private orphanages that worked under the Catholic Charities Bureau in the early s.

Archives Archdiocese of Boston. Sister Simone Campbell stepped off the bus during the Nuns on the Bus tour, last June, an effort to call attention to social justice issues in the November elections.

Sunday was the first practice day at Dallas Cowboys training camp. The end to the means is a lot simpler than expected. Jackson was suspended last week for one year after a third violati Associated Press What can we expect next from the Saints' "bounty" scandal legal drama? No pads.

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns. Steve Wyche

April 29th Election Results for the Province of Africa. April 3 — Sister Alice Zachmann: honored as peacemaker. April 1 — Election results for the Central Pacific Province. March 29 — Sister Alice Zachmann, honored for lifelong defense of human rights.

March 18 Sisters head to Honduras to learn about causes of migration. March 17 College of St. Scholastica Group Experience Ministry at U. March 6 March Digital Exhibit: St. March 5 Vocation Reflections March edition.

March 4 Holy work in a time of creative chaos. Three of the Dallas Cowboys' injured players -- quarterback Tony Romo ribs , running back Felix Jones shoulder and tight end Jason Witten ribs -- participated in the walk-through portion of practice that was open to the media Following a weekend of stunning comebacks, continued disappointments and a Monday night game that left everyone but the Dream Team on equal footing in the NFC East, here are five not-so-random thoughts about where things are in the NFL and where they The Cowboys planned to work out Bryant before the game.

But, ba However, how they did it showed that they're not only a Super Bowl contender but that they understand how to evolve with the rest of the league The NFL has warned teams that any suspected faking of injuries by players to disrupt the flow of the game could result in players, coaches and clubs facing league discipline -- including the forfeiture of draft picks.

In a memo sent to all 32 teams Tom Brady's rampage through NFL defenses and passing record books through the first two weeks is staggering, but his jaw-dropping performances might end up being about as meaningful as That was the Patriots' record of course in , when the Instead of feeling even halfway good about his NFL debut, in which he threw for yards and had two touchdowns while adding another score on the ground, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton "took it hard" because his team lost , coach Ron The two-touchdown performan Canvassing the Eagles' locker room following their victory over the Rams , it was clear players didn't think the score was indicative of how well they actually played.

Philadelphia played well enough to win, and made plays at the right time, bu It's hard to give Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo the "first-game" pass for fumbling and throwing an The team announced the extension on its It's almost impossible to not view Rob Ryan vs.

The twins are connected through DNA, after all, which means they're suppo The reasons why the Packers might repeat as Super Bowl champs are legitimate. A slew of key injured players -- safety Morgan Burnett, tight end Jermichael Finley and running back Ryan Grant among others -- return in good health. Quarterback Aaron It also immediately brought to mind the following three questions: 1. How does this affect the AFC South? The Housto The scouting reports already are being formulated for Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton: Keep him in the pocket, force him to read evolving coverages and see how he responds with at least five defenders coming after him.

That's what he' This group The running back who's smiling ear-to-ear and planning a secure financial future for the next few generations of Arian Foster and Mike Williams blew onto the scene in Are they one-year wonders, though? Let's ponder The NFL is like the music industry, in that a few gifted artists emerge out of nowhere each year. There are always rookies wh In touring NFL training camps post-lockout, it's uncanny how many teams are utilizing two tight-end sets to spring slot receivers all in the name of matchup advantages in the passing game.

We know the NFL has become more pass-oriented -- teams threw Talk about a comeback. In less than a full season as a starter and just more than two years after being released from prison, Vick officially has struck it rich, n Week 3 of the preseason is considered a dress rehearsal for most teams since starters tend to play through the Kerry Collins signing with the Colts is a clear sign that the franchise is uncertain about Peyton Manning's return from offseason Timmons, who led Pittsburgh with tackles la In a compelling GQ article published online Thursday, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said he didn't initially want to play for Philadelphia because Buffalo and Cincinnati offered better chances for him to regain the starting role he once held in P Steve Wyche recently visited Vikings camp in Mankato, Minn.

Here's what he saw. Observation deck 1. First the good news. He's got the Lombardi Trophy, his champion's belt and his own mantle in franchise history. He's also got plenty of time to add to The lockout might have benefitted the Packers. Josh D. Steve Wyche recently visited Panthers camp in Spartanburg, S. Ron Rive Steve Wyche recently visited Bucs camp in Tampa, Fla. The Bu Barber, 36, is Former Georgia running back Caleb King, who was ruled academically ineligible for his senior season, has applied for the NFL's supplemental draft and will hold his pro day for scouts on Monday, Aug.

The draft is tentatively scheduled for Aug. Steve Wyche recently visited Eagles camp in Bethlehem, Pa. A high-ranking Eagles officia Umenyiora still not Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will be throwing the ball more than h Observation deck Zach Miller is being heavily courted by the Seattle Seahawks, a source with knowledge of the situation said Monday, but the Oakland Raiders remain in the running to re-sign the free-agent tight end.

The Packers are the team to beat since they're the defending champs. The weekend is here after a furious run of player movement and things could even get more frenetic. With prize free-agent I spoke to Smith as he reported to training camp and he has lost dozens of pounds, saying he's down to pounds, the lightes Then, there are The Miami Dolphins' desire to add some explosiveness to their offense drove the trade for Saints running back Reggie Bus The quarterback feeding frenzy that started during the April draft -- with six being taken in the first 36 picks -- is only being compounded now that we have veteran player movement generated in part by the teams that started this phenomenon during t More than ever, intrigue at training camps is going to be off the charts.

Veterans getting cut, rookies getting signed, free agents being wooed -- all will be unfolding at the same time players are throwing on the pads for the first time.

It will be He will be the starter at some point, though -- and he seems to get that. Don't misconstr Running back Jonathan Stewart was among the first five players to arrive. Quarterback Cam Newton, the first overall draft pick in , arrived shortly For the past few months, football fans have had many questions. Over the next few days, they will begin to get their answers. Using the NFL's timeline for football operations, let's try to put some perspective on what's to come in this abbreviated wa Free-agent wide receiver Terrell Owens probably won't sign with a team until late in the preseason, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said Monday.

Owens tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the spring, but he's on schedule with his By all accounts, the painstaking NFL lockout will be lifted Monday with the ratification by both the league and players of a new collective bargaining agreement. As much toil, acrimony and angst as this process has caused, once pen is put to paper an With the progress made Saturday toward a vote possibly being taken by players to recertify as a union by Tuesday, according to several sources, the league year could start as soon as Wednesday.

Players then could voluntarily report to team facilitie The majority of what could be the year collective bargaining agreement has been finalized by NFL owners and players. Some loose ends need to be tied up before players vote on if they want to join owners in ratification of a deal, but we do know s As the NFL waits for its players to ratify or reject a new collective bargaining agreement that owners have approved, league and team officials moved forward with getting football back to business -- even though they don't know when business will be Richardson didn't mention anyone by name, but defensive end Charles Johnson clearly would be Typically, the third preseason game was the only one that meant much.

Starters compete through the first half, The Denver Broncos will find out sooner, rather than later, if quarterback Tim Tebow is their guy. The highly touted first-round draft pick, who spent most of last season backing up Kyle Orton, isn't the one available for a trade; Orton is. The most important thing to have in any type of negotiation is leverage. Free-agent running back Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison tends to speak his mind, but his latest rant , mental cleansing, diatribe -- whatever you want to call it -- takes the right of free expression to a new level.

And this time, it could cost him far more th Teams throughout the NFL are anticipating the near-immediate arrival of players at team facilities within hours of a new collective bargaining agreement being reached, officials from several teams said Monday. Breer: The clock keeps ticking With Besides gearing up on which free agents to sign, teams also are preparing to lose certain free Turning that into Denver's starting QB job remains to be seen. Broncos coach John Fox said "deep down, I have an idea" who will be his team's starting quarterback, John Mackey , who passed away Thursday morning , revolutionized the tight end position.

So much of an NFL coach's longevity hinges on the play of his quarterback. You get good quarterback play and the coach -- or offensive coordinator -- tends to look really good. If you look good, you stay employed or get poached by another team. If yo Louis from to , but they lost all three of their playoff games. Having grown up in St.

Louis, I was always resigned to the fact that the football Cardinals, regardless of where they Talib's attendance is nothing new. The fourth-year pro has Terrell Owens, an exceptional and polarizing player who loves the spotlight, might be ending his Redskins tight end Chris Cooley reinforced this week what most of the NFL already knows: Washington needs a big-time wide receiver. The Chicago Bears do, too.

And add the St. Louis Rams to that list. NFL's best young receiver? When it comes to As momentum continues toward a new collective bargaining agreement between NFL owners and the league's players, What are the Redskins going to do at wide receiver? Santana Moss is a free agent, which pretty much leaves Washington with, well Two years ago, the most newsworthy team in the NFL -- the Dallas Cowboys -- had an incredibly quiet offseason and went on to Longtime New York Giants running back Tiki Barber will try to make a comeback after four seasons out of One of the byproducts of the NFL's work stoppage has been additional challenges for rookies, who have no income or coaches to help ease them into the league.

There is also the matter of signing contracts, which looms as a major issue once the lockout Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said the team has "moved on" from quarterback Carson Palmer and that rookie quarterback Andy Dalton is "competitive" with a temperament similar to Drew Brees.

Whitworth made his comments Tuesday on Even though most NFL players will tell you they'd love to spend their entire careers with the team that drafted them, onc What can we make of the Tennessee Titans? On one hand they're a solid, tough-nosed team with a roster filled with mostly high-character To this point, first overall draft pick Cam Newton has behaved like a rookie eager to earn a starting job.

Newton did not say how many sessions Smith has attended, but did say he has thrown passes to him He watched Rusty Smith take seve Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis, who played collegiately at Ohio State, said "it's disheartening" to see how embattled former coach Jim Tressel has been portrayed following months of turmoil, player infractions and his cover up that led to his rece In their debut , they talked the return of the Raider mystique with coach Hue Jackson, and examined how the veteran QB market could look.

Download the full Jason O. Jets running back Shonn Greene was drafted in the third round -- 65th overall -- in He's been very He'd better be ready to shine in his third year. During a conversation with New York Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn last training camp, he told me that he Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud entered a high school practice field in suburban Atlanta for a Kyle Shanahan might be running his father's offense in Washington, but make no mistake: He's the one running the offense, according to Redskins tight end Chris Cooley.

One of the main reasons so many players admire Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson is because of his frankness and his energy. He's embraced his first head-coaching job by espousing the tradition that's gone wayward for much of this decade and made his Doing it again might be his only chance to stay in the league.

One of the biggest myths in professional sports -- especially in the NFL -- is a vetera The issue isn't necessarily with Lloyd being ranked as highly a Whenever football resumes, there will be a flurry of player activity as teams that didn't Players from multiple teams have been holding such sessions among thei It was somewhat interesting, though, that as roughly 30 Oakland Raiders players walked off a high school pra There are others, like Richard Seymour who make a difference with their presence.

The Seahawks don't have to worry about their first-round draft pick, offensive tackle James Carpenter , not doing what he can to Thomas escorted Joslyn Levell, a year-old with spina bifida, to her school dance Friday. Joslyn Levell couldn't wait to get to school Monday.

The eighth-grader became the most Unlike a lot of my journalistic colleagues, I love reading comments readers paste at the end of You certainly can understand why Da'Quan Bowers has kept a low profile.

The defensive end out of Clemson was this year's big draft faller, a kid who just a few months ago was considered the possible No. That debate is what it is, depending on if you're ev Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik wouldn't project how many games or years rookie Da'Quan Bowers will play because of longevity concerns spurred by medical reports on his surgically repaired knee -- Bowers is expected to open the seas We've seen over the past few seasons that one of the main contributors to a young quarterback's success has be The Minnesota Vikings have not had internal discussions about acquiring Titans quarterback Vince Young, according to a league source.

Don't be misled by just one running back -- Mark Ingram -- being drafted in the first round. Or by the fact As the lockout lingers and you unsigned draft picks wait, unable to meet with coaches, break down film, get in minicamp wo We know which teams needed quarterbacks and addressed that position in the draft.

We also know that there are several vetera What was more peculiar about the Washington Redskins' draft: That they actually added picks along the wa We will never forget the terror Osama bin Laden helped formulate and orchestrate, and just more than four months from now, it will be brought back into our consciousness.

The first full slate of games scheduled to be played this season falls on the The impact of rookies is always hard to gauge -- but I'm going to project anyway. Instead of going the old route and guessing who'll be the defensive or offensive rookies of the year, I'm going to plug those that could have the most impact within the You know how teams send out nickel personnel to combat three- and four-wide receiver sets? Well, to some degree, that's what takes place during the draft. Teams not only select players to build their rosters but also to combat others -- especially th With the selection of Clemson end Da'Quan Bowers in the second round, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back in the familiar position of having a draft slider help them build an emerging roster.

Last season, wide receiver Mike Williams fourth round a There's a certain element of DNA that coaches desire in defensive linemen. We'll refer to it as toughness, although the football translation is a tad more profane. Detroit's Ndamukong Suh has it.

Oh, he has a lot of it. Catch him on the wrong day The afternoon started with a planned news conference inside the Panthers' facility with Clausen' By all accounts, Clausen was first among a handful of Pant The Falcons' stunning trade with Cleveland , in which they gave up a first-round pick -- among a lot of others -- to get from No.

He was headed to dinner with his family and his agents, but he took a second simply to say that he was They're the only franchise-changing quarterbacks drafted in the second round over the past three decades. In terms of quarterbacks, the second round has provided m I just had an interesting conversation with a league source who mentioned a possibility to track as we reach the second, and more likely, third day of the draft: More teams could try to acquire seventh-round picks.

Latest mock drafts all in one pla Chad Ochocinco wanted out of Cincinnati so badly before the season that he went on a nationwide tour of sorts to proclaim as much.

Now the wide receiver believes he's being kicked to the curb. He said as much on his Twitter account Tuesday And while the team's brain trust did not discuss any player by name during Tuesday's pre-draft presser, no one ran f Yet it is a reminder that problems are constantly lurking, especially for football players during the offseas A glance back at the first round of the NFL Draft shows an abundance of players who not only contributed, but stood out For the first time in awhile, folks in St.

Louis, Detroit and Tampa Bay won't have to always watch other teams play in prime time Will Blaine Gabbert be part of the equation? For months, we heard about who would be the first quarterback taken, or whether Cam Newton Some of the teams that unexpectedly reach the playoffs get there, in part, because they lucked into facing injured, underachieving opponents that greased the track for their success.

The following season, though -- when expectations are raised -- can We know injuries and unexpected failures can take the luster off some of the scheduling matchups that look so promising now. Other storylines will also emerge. There is legitimate speculation that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb will be traded once the NFL lockout ends, and the valuable one-time starter recently told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that "I'll go to work as a backup" if not dealt Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett met with Tennessee Titans officials Monday in Nashville, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The Titans own the No. Latest mock drafts all in one place Our writers and ana Jones' meeting with the 49ers is set for Wednesday. The exact dates of the Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers and Alabama running back Mark Ingram have red flags thrown their way because of concerns regarding their respective knee injuries.

How badly could this truly affect their draft status? I've talked to several lea There's something that's really been puzzling me as we get closer to the NFL Draft: Where is the buzz surrounding Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert?

Bowers made the decision to stay with his mother, family and friends in Bamberg, S. It's what we're all waiting for. It's when teams add a new face of the franchise and commit millions of dollars to players they hope can improve their teams. It's such a major event that it now stands o The medical recheck of Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers last weekend showed signs of potential long-term arthritis and some weakness in his surgically repaired right knee, a source with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday.

The information I read a good article by Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler, a former colleague of mine at the Miami Herald and one of the keenest journalistic voices in the industry. In his column, he expresses why the Panthers should draft Auburn quarte With so much guesswork and uncertainty about this year's quarterback draft class, I thought I'd conjure up some recent history about a quarterback group that was projected pretty much as being can't-miss.

Douglas C. Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick met with the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos earlier this week, a source with knowledge of the situation said Thursday. Kaepernick also is scheduled to visit with the Oakland Raiders next week, according to Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers this week visited the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills -- they hold the second and third overall draft picks, respectively -- and he'll see the Tennessee Titans, who pick eighth, before traveling to Indianapolis The arrival of running back Chester Taylor in Chicago drew significant praise around this time last seaso The need of so many teams to find a quarterback is, in part, due to the natural order of the NFL.

One of the Auburn quarterback Cam Newton on Tuesday began a two-day visit with the Carolina Panthers, who own the first overall selection in the upcoming NFL draft. At this point, everything about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has been dissected. From his throwing motion to his collegiate system to his alleged indiscretions and yes, even his smile. It's part of what comes with the territory as a player who could Former South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders will undergo surgery Friday to have a pin inserted in his fractured left foot, according to sources familiar with the situation.

It is the same injury that Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones and curren However, Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure seems to have piqued Miami's interest. Leshoure has a visit scheduled w Let's get this straight off the top. Aqib Talib isn't just Tampa Bay's top cornerback or top defender. The buzz surrounding Colin Kaepernick started at the Senior Bowl. Here was a quarterback at nearly 6-foot-5 who could zip the ball like it was nobody's business and outrun pursuing linebackers.

The coaches who hadn't seen him were asking scouts about We're about a month Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick held a private workout with the Cleveland Browns on Monday, the first of many sessions he has planned with teams this week, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Kaepernick worked out for the San The Minnesota Vikings headed to the South to continue their workouts of draft-eligible quarterbacks this week, with sessions with Florida State's Christian Ponder and Auburn's Cam Newton.

Members of the Vikings' staff are working out Ponder on Tues The NFL believes now is the time to include human growth hormone testing in its banned substances policy and is pushing players to add it to a collective bargaining agreement -- whenever one is reached. The agent for Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers released a statement Thursday to curtail reports of the projected high draft pick's medical status. There seems to be a lot more positive chatter recently regarding Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

I've spoken to several personnel evaluators and coaches who believe Newton has weathered questions about his character and now teams are paying much more The Miami Dolphins will hold a private workout with Auburn quarterback Cam Newton this weekend, a source with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday. Following his workout with Miami's staff, the Heisman Trophy winner will travel to Buffalo The confluence of three factors -- the rule changes on kickoffs , Julio Jones' postseason Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert held a private workout with the Arizona Cardinals at his school Wednesday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The Cardinals own the fifth overall pick in next month's NFL draft and are conside Green held his pro day Tuesday without league personnel watching his workout in person, but from television monitors inside the school's ath The only certainty we know about the short-term future of the NFL is that there will be a draft.

As I was posing questions to an NFL general manager about the value of running backs prospects and the overall draft class at the position, I got a question boomeranged back toward me: How many teams, right now, really need a running back?

It took With all the hypotheticals and uncertainties immersing the NFL right now, isn't it intriguing that it's a supposed sure thing that might be causing the most consternation as it applies to the draft? LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson has What has been the fastest way to turn around a team's woebegone fortunes the past few years? Acquiring the right quarterback, mainly through the draft. Lots of teams need them, and there are plenty to be had but only a few are considered to be imme While there is optimism that a labor deal between owners and the NFLPA could be reached by the end of the week, it's no slam Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews won't need surgery on his injured left shoulder and will participate in his school's pro day, his agent, David Dunn, said Thursday.

Matthews injured his shoulder while participating in the bench-press test Sunday The Packers' re-signing of inside linebacker A. Hawk makes Nick Barnett's future in Green Bay look tenuous at best. A source with knowledge of the situation said Thursday that the Packers will explore trading Barnett, who broke his wrist during Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones will have surgery on his fractured foot this weekend, his agents, Pat Dye Jr.

Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews received a second opinion Wednesday about the left shoulder that he injured during last weekend's NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and is awaiting word on the prescribed course of action.

Matthews injured the Every personnel man I spoke with at the NFL Scouting Combine thought Newton was more of a project, who needs time and coaching to develo The looming labor cr The scales hav There are at le Within the next few days, as we get into the NFL Scouting Combine , we're going to hear more and more Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Winston Justice underwent a successful surgery on his left knee on Tuesday.

The procedure was performed by surgeon James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. The operation removed a bone chip in the knee. Justice missed thre The sit-down in Indianapolis, site of the combine, wi In seeing and speaking to Vikings staffers and coaches at the Senior Bowl and Super Bowl, they've come to the universal conclusion that they're thankful for their health and families because just about everything else that happened to the franchise o If I'm an Eagles fan, I think I'm glad that Philadelphia placed the exclusive-rights franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick to assure him being back for at least another year.

The "franchise tag" mechanism is a team-to-player tether that seemingl No matter how well things were going at different points of the season for the St. Louis Rams, coach The Jacksonville Jaguars ended the last few seasons with pretty much the same unanswered questions they have Tampa Bay had a pattern in of beating non-playoff teams, but losing to teams of substance. Which is why in The Oakland Raiders don't enter this offseason as a punch line. It's the first time in a long ti More than 50, fans withstood what felt like sub-zero temperatures to honor the Super Bowl The grisled veteran, like fellow old-timer, wide receiver Donald Driver, got hurt in the first half.

He knew he DALLAS -- On the eve of needed contract negotiations between the NFL and its players union regarding a new collective bargaining agreement, league commissioner Roger Goodell made it abundantly clear that if the sides don't reach an accord exactly a DALLAS -- When the Packers were deciding on whether to draft USC linebacker Clay Matthews in , there were a lot of arguments made as to why to make the pick, but none was more persuasive than this: He will perform because he doesn't know any bett Put aside the lengthy time sitting in the green room at the NFL Draft waiting for his name to be called, and then the three seasons as It's been 12 football seasons since Dan Marino retired.

To this day, the Dolphins have yet to find a quarterback capable of filling one of his shoes, let alone both of them. Part of Lewis' return hinged on him ha DALLAS -- The evolution of the "zone blitz" has led us to the now, a showcase meeting between two of the masterminds who have helped shape the highly effective and widely copied scheme all the way to the biggest game possible. Packers defensive Nam Y. Marvin Lewis is back as coach.

Carson Palmer wants to be traded. Chad Ochocinco wants to become Chad Johnson again The Atlanta Falcons won 13 games and earned the No. Unfortunately the As individuals, they are playmakers worthy of singular honors and league-wide respect. Together, they are elite A breakdown of Sunday's divisional showdown between the Seahawks and Bears: Matt Hasselbeck showed his courage and experience in throwing four TDs during last week's dynamic wild-card win over the Saints.

Hasselbeck, who's played in A breakdown of Saturday's NFC Divisional playoff between the Packers and Falcons: Aaron Rodgers is playing at a high level, and he now has a playoff victory to his credit. Green Bay relies on him more than Atlanta does Matt Ryan. He had one Very few times while trudging to their regular-season record did we hear the Seattle Seahawks counted out of the playoff picture.

Granted, the perpetual hope was an offshoot of the abysmal NFC West, where no team finished with a winning record. For more on the Dallas Cowboys, check out the late Despite being angry, wide receiver DeSean Jackson was able to put things somewhat in perspective, saying t Little did they know, seven weeks later they would get one.

Vick has provided steady upgrades this week on th With the rift between coach Jeff Fisher and quarterback Vince Young settled when owner Bud Adams opted to part ways with Young , the path to normalcy seems back in order in Nashville.

Seems to be -- but not quite. Adams threw a wrinkle into thing The circus-like coaching search ended where it started -- with current coach Tony Sparano remaining in his position after owner Stephen Ross chased Jim Harbaugh across the country, hoping to get him to take Sparano's job. After letting Sparano twist He's one of the best passers and leaders in the NFL.

He's no Miichael Vick, but he can run A breakdown of Saturday's wild-card showdown between the Saints and Seahawks: Drew Brees has thrown for 4, yards and 33 touchdowns, but his 22 interceptions rank second-worst to only Eli Manning. All signs indicate that Marvin Lewis will return as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals and that no major changes are expected, a source with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday.

Lewis's contract expires after the season, but the team and Lewi Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith is glad his top-seeded NFC team got a first-round playoff bye -- and not for the usual reasons of players getting healthy, getting more time to game plan, etc. The added few days allow Smith, and every other team wi The night before losing at New Orleans, St. This time last season, we weren't really running down playoff scenarios.

We were still ripping the Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who's dealing with an Achilles' tendon strain and an ankle injury, has been declared out for Thursday night's game against the Carolina Panthers. Polamalu hasn't practiced all week after missing Sunday's ga Gene J. The New York Jets spent this week embroiled in Trip-gate, which was the latest scene from a season of cinema that included Sainz-gate and Sterger-gate.

With that issue swirling, Rex Ryan's boys had a far more pressing issue at hand on Sunday when the San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is unlikely to play against the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Gates, who had played through a torn plantar fascia in his right foot, has done The 49ers and Chargers were expected to play for playoff berths this season. The Rams and Chiefs were not. Yet, it's the 49ers and Chargers playing for their playoff lives against each other Thursday, hoping to keep pace with the Missouri franchise Sintim, whom Coughlin said will have surgery after the swelling dies down, Derrick Burgess is returning to Philadelphia.

The Eagles announced Tuesday that they have signed the veteran defensive end, originally drafted by Philadelphia in Burgess will help replace the loss of rookie defensive end Brandon Graham, In a week we saw a stadium roof collapse under the weight of snow , a game moved to another city , an NFL assistant tripping an opposing player on a sideline, the first playoff team determined, and races tightening, only Brett Favre could trump it a From "Hard Knocks" to little resistance.

The New York Jets are on the verge of falling out of the playoff hunt and dredging up memories of two Saints coach Sean Payton likes what he's seeing out his football team and is optimistic things will get even better now that Cincinnati and has been key to the Saints' five-game winning streak.

For more on the Indianapolis Colts, check out the latest from our bloggers. This will be his third stint with the team Only the timing of Josh McDaniels' firing came as a surprise, that being with four games remaining in the regular season.

Yet being eliminated from playoff contention a week after an embarrassing video-taping scandal was disclosed apparently cast to When the media gathering had walked away, the Colts defensive end looked at me and said, "The break The oft-electrifying rookie season for Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has come to an abrupt end.

That according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who said Bryant is out for the rest of the season with a fractured right ankle. Bryant suffered the in With Michael Vick's dogfighting trial and then-coach Bobby Petrino's alienation of nearly everyone in the In the aftermath of Atlanta's compelling victory over Green Bay on Sunday, I tried to take a bigger picture look at both of the NFC's best teams and which one is most equipped to make a deep playoff run. Although I picked the Packers to reach With so many things uncertain as we head into December, several playoff spots won't be decided until the final two weeks of the season.

However, there are some games that will be played earlier in the month that will, at the least, set the table for Tom E. The NFL scheduled each team to have a divisional game in Week 17 in order to create meaningful Jets coach Rex Ryan unequivocally said when is anything he says less than unequivocal? It was funny, in part, because it was Ryan speak The split scenes of Titans quarterback Vince Young bolting LP Field after Sunday's overtime loss to Washington in a collected temper and coach Jeff Fisher, moments later, candidly condemning Young's role as his team's starting quarterback, was as An injured thumb that could require surgery might provide the medical reason for him not to play again in His behavior dur Wide receiver Sidney Rice is "almost certain" to be activated for the first time this season when his Minnesota Vikings play host to the Green Bay Packers this weekend, a league source said Friday.

While it isn't clear whether or not Rice will star Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne is inactive but will serve as the team's emergency third quarter against the Chicago Bears Thursday night.

Henne was listed as doubtful after sitting out the team's practice Wednesday, their only workout dur It's so odd how life and sports sometimes run parallel. In this particular case, what's unfolded with the Jacksonville Jaguars and their punter, Adam Podlesh, intersect, albeit for far different reasons, to where Sunday's winning Hail Mary touchdown Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long is expected to start Thursday night against the Chicago Bears, barring a setback prior to game time, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Long was a limited participant at practice Tuesday and The Cleveland Browns have signed kick returner Clifton Smith, who will step in for Pro Bowl return man Josh Cribbs, according to source with knowledge of the situation. Cribbs reportedly dislocated four of his right toes in Sunday's overt After watching the Cincinnati Bengals stumble and bumble yet somehow manage to still be in a game with five turnovers Leaders come in all types. Some are quiet, some flamboyant, some spiritual, some charismatic.

But in the NFL, they all have one thing in common: They are the guys their teammates follow in tough times and rally behind, the guys setting the tone at Baltimore's Joe Flacco has the big arm. Detroit's Matthew Stafford has tremendous upside, except for durability concerns.

The Jets' Mark Sanchez can improvise. Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman, he has it all, except for experience. Atlanta's Matt Ryan is the Back in , Jim Mora's Atlanta Falcons jumped to a record at the halfway point of the season, seemingly delivering on the promise set forth the year before when they advanced to the NFC title game.

Then, in Week 10, a journeyman running back na Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said Tuesday that he will play against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night despite a knee injury. Brooks: Watch the Falcons "I really believe that home-field advantage will play a huge role in determi The team that he coached to 11 wins and a playoff victory last season began to take on too much of his laissez faire persona, with excuses, not accountability, more What has this talented te They are relevant, though, and in the process of transitioning from punch line to inept to credible, relevant is a good place to be.

At with back-to-back blowout victories over the Broncos an Once Randy Moss' exit from Minnesota becomes official -- and coach Brad Childress made it clear Monday night that is the team's intention -- his services will be sought.

However, after his outburst that led to his trade to Minnesota out of New Englan Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre "likely" will start Sunday against the New England Patriots, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation. Favre suffered fractures in his left ankle and heel during a loss to the Green Bay Falcons wide receiver Roddy White answered the phone: "Ocho quatro.

I think it's pretty safe to say that, with quarterback Tony Romo out for at least six weeks with a fractured left clavicle, the Cowboys' season is toast. Owner Jerry Jones already is formulating his short list of candidates to replace coach Wade Phil The decision about whether or not Brett Favre will play Sunday at New England could come down to Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress and the team's doctors and trainers.

If Favre is healthy enough, he will try to play, a league source said Tuesd GREEN BAY -- Vikings owner Zygi Wilf sat in a locker stall about 20 feet from his quarterback Brett Favre, who was doing the same thing, except in obvious pain from a balky ankle that had been wrenched again and was throbbing. The image of two of th He said Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said veteran quarterback Carson Palmer hasn't played as poorly as some people think, but is accepting blame for the offense's troubles in order to shield his teammates.

Two days before a flurry of helmet-to-helmet hits resulted in players getting concussed and later fined by the NFL, I sat in a high school stadium and bristled at the absence of facemask-bending hits that would leave someone's mother in tears.

There's more to Jon Over the past three seasons, which dates back Leading up to Tennessee's victory over Dallas, I had a conversation with someone with the Titans, who had done extensive film study on the Cowboys. He told me that, individually, Dallas is frighteningly gifted and that on nearly every down, pl But he made some plays against a very good Jets defense Monday night and almost led Minnesota to a much-needed victory.

Yet, his team los What's been said about the NFC West for the past few years -- that it's wide open because there is no Following his 2,yard rushing season and his string of 10 consecutive yards-plus rushing games when Vince Young took over at quarterback last season, Tennessee Titans tailback Chris Johnson figured he could surpass the 2,yard mark in League and team sourc It just won't be on display any more except for occasions of mannerly protocol such as this.

Cecil shook hi Green Bay Packers starting inside linebacker Nick Barnett will receive a second opinion on his injured wrist, but the team doesn't expect good news and is preparing to be without him for the rest of the season, a league source said Thursday.

The trade between the Vikings and Patriots for wide receiver Randy Moss further exemplifies Minnesota's push for a shot at a Super Bowl this season, New England trying to get value for a player it didn't plan on re-signing after the season, and the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins, who has missed the first four games of the season with a shoulder injury, returned to practice Wednesday and is expected to make his debut this weekend against the Cleveland Browns.

The seven-year vete It isn't known if any claims have been put On a weekend where parity bore its head in full force, the rich got richer. The Texans, Jets and Steelers cleared the first lap of the NFL season with records and either lead or tied atop their respective divisions. Now they're each set to get When I was in Valley Ranch last week visiting the Cowboys, I was able to get in a brief chat with linebacker Keith Brooking, a guy I've covered for years and have tremendous respect for.

He's honest and genuine and someone I know who will shoot it to Of all the key players the San Diego Chargers lost or don't currently have on their active roster -- Vincent Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Marcus McNeill -- no larger void was left unfilled than the one by special teams ace Kassim Osgood.

San Diego's Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Tanard Jackson plans to enter a rehabilitation center in the near future to keep on the straight and narrow and return to the NFL, a team official said. Jackson was suspended last week for one year after a third violati Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston had arthroscopic surgery to repair meniscus damage in his right knee, the team announced Tuesday.

The Cardinals haven't put a timetable on how long Breaston will be out of action, but the injury isn't Lumpkin will rotate The perception is that the preseason Super Bowl contenders were seemingly back to their rudderless ways as they uncharacteristically sputter For months, we were told Donovan McNabb was traded within the division to Washington because it was time to introduce the world to Kevin Kolb When Gary Kubiak called a timeout a split-second before Redskins kicker Graham Gano booted what would have been a winning field goal, the Texans coach ignited one of the most passionate issues in the league -- icing the kicker.

It worked because when Turner had nine carries f The flurry of injuries to come out of the first regular-season weekend immediately set off cries that there is no way players could withstand an game season and that some projected favorites -- the Packers, Jets, Colts, and Eagles -- are in troubl Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore, who sustained a concussion late in the Panthers' loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, is expected to be cleared to practice this week and should start Sunday's home opener against the Tampa Bay Buccan Did every team whose season hinges on an unproven quarterback have some issue surface in Week 1?

Philadelphia's Kevin Kolb didn't play well before sustaining a concussion and giving way to Michael Vick, who generated a lot more production than Kolb White, taken in the second round of the NFL Draft after a dy Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Antwan Odom tested positive for a substance banned by the NFL, but he expects to be cleared of any wrongdoing because the element is contained in a prescribed medication, a source with knowledge of the situation s Schools are letting out early in parts around town on game day; there will be a midday parade; the game is being treate He also didn't give any indication that he would voluntarily give it ba Though Revis' first game with new teammate Antonio Cromartie won't come until Monday night when the Jets host the Ravens , it shouldn't Each season there's a team -- or three -- that comes out of nowhere to captivate us and ear Can he handle a secondary role with the Jets?

What role he's in depends on the point of The interview's about to wrap up and Brandon Marshall beams from ear to ear and throws on the charm. Seems natural, though, not some public relations-induced polish on his tarnished image.

It's hard not to be charmed by Marshall. Great demeanor. NAPA, Calif. Since being traded from Washington this offseason, Campbell's provided hope for Oakland, where previous quarterback play was abysmal and I asked Johnson if there h Even before the rift between Albert Haynesworth and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan ratcheted up over the weekend , the defensive lineman's behavior since opting to skip mandatory and voluntary offseason workouts has annoyed players well beyond the nati As much quarterback drama as the Vikings have gone through the past two seasons waiting on Brett Favre, things could get equally, if not more interesting heading into next season.

The opening week of preseason tends to leave more questions than answers, especially because starters don't play much. So it's hard to tell if their good or bad play is a sign of things to come.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers looked great. Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is supposed to decide on Monday where he plans to play in People close to him have insisted for months that he's not going to pull a surprise retirement party and that he will indeed be back for a nin The Titans only passed when they needed to last season, as Young's As much news as Albert Haynesworth made by skipping the Redskins' offseason training program and missing the first week of training camp while he tried to pass the team's conditioning test, he'll probably be a non-issue when the Redskins host the Bil Houshmandzadeh, Lofa Tatupu and Lawyer Milloy, wh For the first time in a First off, I'm not buying it.

Brett Favre might seriously believe that today -- today -- he's done. But the sun will come out tomorrow His ankle might feel better. Training camp might be closer to end What annoys the heck out of them is the rationale as to why they've become the hot team in the division: The uncertainty of two-time defending Quarterback Philip Rivers was in a lounge chair with a few other teammates in the middle of the locker room, glued Vikings players and coaches are approaching this season as the best, and maybe last, shot this particular team has to win a Super Bowl.

Publicly they're not going to say it because it underm Coach Brad Childress said that Rice will be brought along slowly in training camp and won' The New Orleans Saints reached terms on a five-year contract with first-round draft pick Patrick Robinson, a source with knowledge of the deal said Thursday. Robinson was the last selection 32nd overall of the first round and will be signed in ti Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant agreed to a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Terrell Owens has found a home and, surprise ha! In assessing Owens' options -- and there weren't many -- it seems like a great fit after he agreed t That's the timetable Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith set for being able to make a serious run at the Super Bowl.

Nuns at Phoenix monastery renting rooms to Super Bowl fans - New York Daily News

In , the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, a congregation of nuns, learned that an energy company planned to build a pipeline on their land. So they started a resistance movement. Many carried red banners stencilled with wheat sheaves. They were there to protest Williams, an Oklahoma-based pipeline company that was trying to build the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, a two-hundred-mile natural gas pipeline that would carry shale gas from fields in northeastern Pennsylvania to the coast, where the fuel could be shipped abroad.

The company was trying to lay the line under a cornfield belonging to the nuns, and the sisters had decided to fight back, hoping that they might draw attention to the issue of climate change. Then they walked onto a bed of turned-up earth in the middle of the site, where construction had begun. Dwyer belongs to an international Catholic congregation of nuns called the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, which was founded in Italy, in , by a woman who was later declared a saint.

The Adorers now have twelve hundred members worldwide, who live in countries including Liberia, where, in , five nuns were killed during a civil war, and Guatemala.

Sixteen nuns live in Lancaster County, near a seventy-acre plot of land that they have owned for more than a century, where the pipeline was being laid. They once farmed tobacco and raised sheep. The nuns see protecting the earth as part of their religious duty, which separates them from much historical Catholic teaching.

They were influenced by the work of Thomas Merton , a Trappist monk and poet who, in the early twentieth century, became known for locating religious belief in the natural world. In the nineteen-seventies, as the secular environmental movement grew, the American theologian Thomas Berry called on Catholics to make a more active commitment to protecting the earth in the name of God.

The Adorers learned in that Williams planned to claim eminent domain in order to build the pipeline on their land. The congregation soon met the Clatterbucks—Malinda, her husband Mark, and their teen-age children, Ashton and Hannah—who had recently started a resistance group called Lancaster Against Pipelines, and were going door to door along the pipeline route, alerting people.

They sent Dwyer, who lives in Washington, D. The sisters joined the protest and, in the summer of , filed a lawsuit to block the company from laying the pipeline through their land, on the grounds that it went against their religious beliefs. That fall, a federal court ruled against the nuns, and, soon after, they lost on appeal.

So, last September, they petitioned the Supreme Court to hear their case. The Adorers argued that their rights were protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, from , which has recently been invoked in several high-profile cases.

In , the owners of Hobby Lobby won a Supreme Court case in which they argued that being forced to offer employees birth control violated their religious liberties; four years later, the Court also sided with a baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding.

Cases on religious liberty have tended to reinforce conservative values, but the Adorers hoped that their beliefs would also be protected. While their case wended its way through the courts, they continued protesting.

In July, , they built an open-air chapel on their land, along the proposed route of the pipeline, to block construction. It consisted of an arbor, an altar made of a tree trunk, and a dozen wooden pews, and they named it the Cornfield Chapel. They held morning and evening services there, trudging up to the cornfield with their canes and walkers, sometimes in cold rain or by flashlight.

They hoped that, through their services, they would help people understand the religious significance of the environment, and that this, as much as opposing abortion, was a pro-life issue.

One chilly evening, at their ranch house in the woods, Mark and Malinda Clatterbuck, the activists helping the nuns fight the pipeline, called a small meeting of four other members of Lancaster Against Pipelines. The Clatterbucks live in a remote part of the county, and many of their neighbors are Amish or conservative Mennonites.

On my way to their home, I encountered a horse and buggy driven by a young Amish man, who smiled as I passed. When I arrived, Malinda was preparing for the visitors by pulling a vegan orange chocolate-chip Bundt cake out of the oven. Ashton, Hannah, and Mark, who is a forty-seven-year-old professor of religion, were clearing the table from dinner and putting dishes into the sink. A pocket copy of the U. Constitution sat on the dining-room table, near bundles of white sage.

Malinda is a tenth-generation Mennonite in Lancaster County, and currently lives in the house where she grew up. She had a difficult childhood: her stepmother physically abused her between the ages of six and seventeen, forcing her at one point to eat spiders. Left alone much of the time, she read her King James Bible and played in the forest. The only place I had refuge and was safe was in the natural world. The Clatterbucks attend a local church that is socially progressive as well.

The four other organizers arrived, stamping snow off their hiking shoes. The Clatterbucks had called the meeting to discuss an alarming new legal development. Other states, including Ohio and Wyoming, are considering similar legislation, some of which was written by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative organization that often drafts local-legislation language to further corporate interests.

Later, when I spoke to Martin, he told me that he had not intended to single out the nuns. He had drafted the legislation broadly, to avoid the kind of fees incurred in North Dakota, where protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline had cost the state millions of dollars in law enforcement and cleanup.

The organizers told me that the group had been trying to keep its protests positive. The proposed legislation frightened them. Ashton is the local high-school leader of the Sunrise Movement, a group of young activists committed to addressing climate change. He was directing a school walkout that was part of a larger movement, in which children refused to stay in school every Friday to protest climate change. In the square, he picked up a bullhorn and climbed onto a marble bench to address the protesters, the majority of whom were kids from five local high schools but also included children as young as two.

Ashton came to the climate movement at age twelve, when he began helping his parents in their battle over the pipeline. The appeals court had just ruled against the nuns, and construction was beginning while they scrambled to put together their next appeal.

The group became known as the Chapel Twenty-Three, and a local symbol of the religious fight against the fossil-fuel industry. Across almost every religion, there are those who believe that protecting nature is their religious duty.

The activist Wen Stephenson told me that, in the U. In Union Hill, Virginia, Swami Dayananda, a Hindu monk, is helping a group of Baptists to lead a battle against a natural-gas compressor station.

For some, religion has also been a way to cope with the despair of watching environmental degradation. In the Global South, where the effects of climate change are already overwhelmingly palpable, religion plays an even more significant role. In , on a trip to northern Nigeria, I met Amin al-Amin, an Islamic educator, who was attempting to counter the belief, held in many conservative communities, that extreme drought was caused by sin.

He spread the message that humans were largely responsible for warming weather, which was frequently met with hostility. At the rally in Lancaster, Ashton emphasized the damage that climate change would bring. Mark, who was attending the rally, approached the man to try to calm him. On a recent afternoon, I went to visit the Adorers at one of their residences in Lancaster County. Klostermann was the youngest nun there; the rest were well over eighty. The other sisters laughed.

Klostermann handed me a stack of black-and-white photographs of their foremothers working the land. In one, three nuns, clad in heavy habits, hoed a field of tobacco. In another, a sister drove a tractor, her wimple fluttering behind her. The nuns no longer wear habits. When I met them, most kept their snowy white hair sensibly short, and all of them wore silver-colored hearts around their neck, a symbol of the Adorers worldwide.

In Guatemala, some of their fellow Adorers had protested against gold mining, which damages indigenous communities and the land. In February, the Adorers learned that the Supreme Court was refusing to hear their case. When I visited, construction had already been completed, and gas was flowing beneath the outdoor chapel.

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Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns

Room vacancies super bowl nuns