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As such, Brent had made it his mission to chase Luke out of the dorm one way or another and launched a crusade of mean-spirited pranks at the expense of his roommate, hoping that one would finally push the other over the edge and force him out for good. It was one of the more pedestrian of pranks that seemed to finally ush Luke over the edge, with the most surprising of consequences. Brent had been scrolling through his Instagram feed and saving pictures of scantily-clad underwear models when the door to the room burst open and his own six-foot-four and two-hundred and twelve pound body marched in, clad in only a pair of black boxer briefs that clung desperately to his trim waistline and leaving very little to the imagine. He was still wet from the shower and it was a delicious sight, if a totally unexpected one. At that exact moment the bully realized that all of his clothes seemed a hell of a lot looser on him and as he attempted to push his double away, he caught sight of his skinny arms and pearly white skin.

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories

Boom Boom - Marty was tall, skinny and Teen muscle stories and got picked on by almost every bully in school. However, people talk, and shortly after summer vacation had begun, Teen muscle stories. It was phenomenal, I could clearly make out the bulges of muscle in his stomach. College Amazon Adventures Part 1 - When a trio of titanic teenage musclegirls and college roommates return to school, stories of their summer's sexy exploits are excitedly told to one another! My brother, having wrestled me before, knew his superior strength and for a moment, embarrassingly to me, just stood there as I tried to pull his muscular body to the ground.

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He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him. I have something to show you. Halfway down, the doctor turns and gives Brice a big smile. At the same time, this is causing the red-skinned demonic beast to make more sories inside his ballsac as he feels more flow out of his raging shaft and into the excited gray behemoth. The doctor directs him inside and Fhm finland the door. Damien is breathing extremely heavy and obviously was going through some growth spurt as his undershirt is ripped open and Teen muscle stories lab coat has seams busted in it. The cold water that was supposed to diffuse Starr detox program situation has failed to prevent the transformation process from commencing. He is huffing now feeling his pants creaking now that they are literally painted to nuscle body. There are three seats and two big buff guys are sitting in two of them. I-I'm Teen muscle stories Diary of a Black Cock Slut 2. My Nudist Roommate.

He imploded a building with his bare hands.

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From that day on I looked forwards to P. He was not the only strong guy in the school but he was the most muscular and I liked him the best. Sometimes we went into the gym and I would watch in awe as he loaded up the weights and proceeded to work out. Our shirts had no sleeves which meant that when he did bench presses and other arm exercises you could see his biceps flex under the pressure.

The were huge, how I wished I could be like him. As it happened his shirt had got ripped in rugby and so it hardly covered the front of him. I could see his huge pecs and six pack as he worked them out. I think lots of people in my class are jealous of him and, he knew it. He would load on the extra weights just to show off.

Some people reckoned he was taking steroids but I didn't care as long as he looked good. Once when we came out of P. They were all big but, when this guy came up to the biggest of the others and flexed his arm it was like comparing a tennis ball with a bowling ball, one was small and squidgy and the other, large heavy and hard. The biggest guy looked puny in front of him. Some of the other guys went to feel this huge ball of muscle but, when they touched it it didn't even dent his skin, his muscle was so hard and powerful.

I also went to feel it, it was amazing, I could grip his arm with all my might and his muscle would not even budge.

When one of the other kids asked him how strong he was he grabbed that guy and the nearest guy to him which happened to be me. With one of us in each hand he hoisted us both off the floor, one in each arm. He was unenviable, holding up both of us.

He put us down and we carried on changing. I could hardly take my eyes off his huge body. That evening I lay in bed thinking about him and wishing that I could be like him. I wanted to be able to hold people off the ground and have them admire me, even fear me.

I wanted to go to the gym but I was too embarrassed to go in. I would be surrounded by people who worked out all he time and I would look pathetic. A couple of months later I was in a Chemistry lesson. I had used the wrong chemicals by accident. When I mixed them, the overflowed and went all over my hands. I washed it off and carried on with the experiment.

Later on that day I looked at my hands and noticed that they seemed much bigger. I wanted to compare them with somebody else's hands and so I challenged a boy in my class to a game of mercy. He accepted thinking that he would win easily.

When we locked hands I could see that my hands were much bigger than his and my fingers were thicker than his. I tightened my grip and got ready. I noticed that my hands seemed a lot stronger. My grip was more powerful! I almost beat him. I thought back in my mind to the Chemistry lesson. It must have been the chemicals that I spilt on my hands. I had taken notes on the lesson and so, before I went home I took the chemicals I needed from the lab.

I mixed up the chemicals again but this time I took the mixture and spread it all over my stomach and chest. It felt warm and like maple syrup. I waited for a while but nothing happened. I had to wash it off and put some clothes on. I had my shower and went down for dinner. When I came up I took off my T-shirt and went to look in the mirror.

I almost died. I had developed a beautiful six pack, not a very big one but there were definite bumps on my stomach. I tensed the muscle and rubbed my had over it. They felt amazing, six hard lumps of muscle on my stomach.

I looked up at my chest and could see a clear line under my pecs. My necklace now dangled between to big muscles. I had grown muscles! I then mixed all of the chemical that I had and put it in a bath. I added water so it covered my whole body. I got in the bath and relaxed. I sat in the solution for 10 minutes and then got out and cleaned off.

I went and lay down on my bed. Suddenly I felt a tingling in my legs. I felt my jeans get tighter around my legs. I quickly took them off and looked at them. My legs were growing thicker and stronger. I could feel my quads growing and my legs widening, I could see my skin tightening to fit the muscle underneath. The feeling moved up through my body and into my stomach.

My already nicely developed six pack grew again. This time I could see the bulges growing. I was getting my dream! The feeling went up to my pecs.

They grew outward. I could now clearly see two huge pecs on my body with heavy shadows underneath them. I could feel the lines. I put my hands on my hips and posed, boy did I look tough!! Then out to my arms. My biceps and triceps were growing. I flexed in the mirror and watched as my arms went from nothing to something as big as the guys who I admired and fantasized about so often.

It was like the biceps were being blown up. I took my other hand and rubbed it over them. They felt fantastic. Them my forearms grew, they got bigger and rounder and if I tensed them I could see the power in them. I posed in the mirror, what a hunk I was! Suddenly the feeling went, my transformation was over.

I looked forwards to the next P. I took off my clothes as quickly as I could, I went over to where the BIG guy was changing as soon as he took his shirt off. I stood next to him and noticed that I had also grown taller, I was almost his height. I said to him that my arms were bigger and stronger than his. He didn't even look up, just laughed. I challenged him again and he reached out, put his hand on my chest and pushed. He was hardly trying.

When I didn't budge he stood up and looked at me. He saw my new body. He then pushed again with all him might but I still didn't budge. He then said that he was much stronger than me and his biceps were way bigger than mine. He called his mates over and asked them to judge. He took his arm and flexed. There it was again, that huge ball of power that used to intimidate me so much. I then took up position next to him and flexed my bicep.

He could now clearly see that my arm was bigger than his. He backed down and continued getting changed. When we got to P. To my surprise, the big guy, Richard, came up to me and asked if I wanted to be his partner.

It goes pouring down all over his bare red chest and face as he gulps as much down as he can. During the last few minutes of their exchange, they were both unaware that they were being watched by Damien and Owen, who were standing in the doorway, completely nude, and smiling while leaning against each other. Brice feels the raging heat coming from it and even feels how hard it is. August 18, , am by hardgirllover. Recently back from college for his winter break. He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him.

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories. John D.’s Stories

The doctor turns to look at Brice and looks as if he is about to have a breakdown. I have something to show you. The muscles are stretching and popping getting wider and thicker making his lab coat stretch to its limit. The hair on his body increases exponentially creating an intoxicating scent that spreads through the whole room. He rips his pants off revealing huge quads that have started to affect the way he stands.

He appears to revel in destroying his lab coat and watches as his body destroys every seam and stitch. Brice smells him from across the room and is getting wildly turned on by it as his cock springs back into its upright position. The doctor tears off the remaining material and motions for Brice to come over to him.

The cum will repair your hormonal deficiency and much more. Brice sucks extremely fast making the doctor moan loudly. He looks at his bulging stomach and wonders how this will help him.

The doctor picks him up off the floor and sets him back down on the exam table. The doctor is soaked with sweat and stands in front of him. Brice watches as his distended belly shrinks and the jizz gets absorbed into his body. Brice can feel a rush of energy cascading to his feet and feels it starting to move its way up.

He can feel his glutes inflating now into bowling balls. Damn, this feels incredible doctor. The doctor immediately starts pumping it. Numerous popping sounds start emerging from his back as his arms are pushing outward to make way for his massive lats.

He feels his back raging as his spine cracks and makes way for his immense back muscles. The feeling moves up to his shoulders and neck as he feels them start to expand.

The veins are engorged with blood and the biceps balloon into softballs. His triceps grow into massive horseshoes taking up nearly the entire back part of his arms. With his fists still locked, he feels his fingers swelling up and putting pressure on the giant ball of muscle growing in his forearms.

The sheer ecstasy puts him over the edge as the doctor feels the cum racing through his cock. You swallowed a lot of cum and the effects of that large quantity made your body respond in this way. He gives him a jar to shoot in since there will be a lot of cum. The doctor stands beside him as he starts to jack off again. After a few more minutes, Brice shoots another massive load and then another one. Each time he gets smaller and closer to where he started.

The doctor himself gets worked up and shoots a few loads into the same jar. When it is ready, I will call you back into the office. He puts it on and leaves the room. Brice is completely soaked from this ordeal but manages to put his clothes back on before he goes out to see the receptionist. He is told that he will be contacted soon to come back in for a follow-up. He smiles as he leaves the clinic because he is feeling more invigorated than ever.

Despite feeling invigorated from his visit with Dr. Darkori the first time, Brice Hanley has returned to having energy problems like before.

It has been close to six months since his last visit with the gorgeous red doctor and was hoping to hear from his office again, but has yet to do so. As a result of his low energy yet again, he returns to see his primary physician Dr.

The handsome doctor greets him once he enters the lobby which seems really strange to Brice. The doctor directs him inside and closes the door.

Brice sits in one of the leather chairs in front of Dr. Orleans desk as the hunky doctor sits in his chair. Orleans says to Brice. I used to have a lot of pain in my head, but Damien made a serum specifically designed for me. Brice seems quite interested in what he means by this.

Orleans gets up to close his blinds and lock his door. It has definitely been a while since I have relieved myself. Go ahead and put it in your mouth. He tastes the sweet juices that have started to ooze from the piss slit and begins to suck harder. Brice moans loudly as he moves faster and faster making the doctor rub his own body and moan himself. He moans in ecstasy as he continues to drain the doctor of his spunk.

He shutters as it starts to fill up his belly. I think you drained me dry now. Brice gets up and pulls his underwear off to shove his cock up inside the doctor. Orleans moans as Brice feels more energized now than before and thrusts in and out of him.

The doctor moans a little louder as Brice feels his cum starting to build inside his balls. Devin laughs a little as he feels it moving up into his intestines. Brice slaps his ass a few times making his bubble butt shine in the light bright red. He pulls out of him not long after he stops cumming and sits in the leather chair again.

Doctor Orleans sighs and goes to put his clothes back on. He sits down in his chair again and puts his arms on his desk. He smiles as he gets into his car and goes back to his house.

He goes back inside and his landline phone rings. He walks in and the receptionist tells him to go ahead and go on back that the doctor will be waiting for him in the hall.

As he enters, he sees the muscular red skin that he so wanted to touch again near the end of the hall. Halfway down, the doctor turns and gives Brice a big smile. His white teeth shine as his groomed beard and brown eyes make Brice swoon just a touch. I can sense that you have already had sex today. Brice looks down at his body and wonders how the doctor knows this.

His cum is pretty potent I have to say, at least for the type of guy he is. I just want to know. Well on your face, but that is strange. Brice seems genuinely intrigued by him. The doctor tells him he will be back in a minute to retrieve something.

When he returns, he is not alone as a huge red-skinned man comes in with him. Brice stares at the hulking brute as he stands in the doorway. Damien smiles and puts a jar on the countertop behind him. He is also a doctor. I know my appearance is shocking, but Damien invited me in today to work with you. Do I have to service one of you or what? The two red skinned doctors move closer in to where Brice is sitting as he has two huge cocks in his face and starts to slowly stroke them.

Brice catches his thick pre and moans really loud. Brice starts to shake wildly after consuming it. He gets back up and smiles. Brice works Damien over now making him start to buckle a bit. Cain tries to make Damien control his urges by talking to him. Damien yells as Cain wraps his arms around his waist to keep him from giving in to his need to grow. Brice finishes drinking his load and moves out of the way as Cain yanks Damien away to sit him in a chair.

He can see that this may end up being troublesome and tells Brice to leave the room while he tries to calm his brother down. Brice rushes down the hall as he hears Cain yelling at Damien telling him to calm down and to not let the urges try to control him like they did with him. Brice seems intrigued that Cain would say something like this and realizes that Cain went through the same process and was permanently stuck in this giant unnatural looking body.

After about five minutes, Brice is called back into the room as the two doctors sit across from each other. Cain has to sit in two chairs considering how huge he is. Damien is breathing extremely heavy and obviously was going through some growth spurt as his undershirt is ripped open and his lab coat has seams busted in it. Cain smiles and says that everything will be fine for now and that they need him to bust a load into the jar since he has both of their loads inside him.

His mixed together with theirs will complete the serum and they can move forward with it. We would have it ready for you before you leave today. As the white patient continues to jerk his cock, Cain lifts the lid and the contents begin to start swirling making Brice very nervous. As he gets closer to cumming, the mixture begins to move up the jar closer to the opening. Brice begins yelling as he feels his cum pouring out of the piss slit. The mixture in the jar flies into the air and collides with his cum as it pushes its way into his cock.

He screams in agony as the huge amount of liquid forces its way inside him. Cain laughs as Damien seems to be sweating again. Brice nearly loses consciousness as the mixture moves its way throughout his body. Cain walks over to him on the exam table and picks him up.

Cain puts him in a holding cell and closes the door behind him. Brice finally passes out as his body begins to change on the inside. That is the reaction Brice has after he passes out and then wakes up several minutes later after Cain Darkori places him into a holding cell. The larger red skinned brother leaves the room and locks the door as Brice tries to stand up. He barely remembers anything that happened just a short while ago except that some crazy substance has taken up residence in his body somewhere.

He wonders if it will force him to somehow change against his will or if it is awakened by some sort of weird occurrence. His energy level seems to have leveled off and he feels fairly decent, but the fact that he is locked up tells him that he may be in some secret program.

After a few more seconds, he goes to sit on a bench inside the cell and puts his hands on his head. As he sits there, he hears a click on the main door as it opens. He looks up and sees a familiar face and even looks at them bewildered.

The young trim man sits in a chair just outside the cell and puts his glasses on that he had in his pocket. He parts his legs enough to put his arms on them and smiles back at Brice. Why are they red and why do I find them so attractive? Is this a side effect of their serum? I also was attracted to their red skin and how the muscles glistened in the lights.

I can feel it moving through me, it does make me feel normal though. Trust me I had no idea either when they did this to me. Owen wipes his brow as more beads of sweat begin to move down his face. He pulls a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and rubs it all over his face as he pulls his glasses off to wipe them down too.

He puts them back on and sighs. Are you going to change colors? They were born that way, I am just a product of their creation. He starts to grab whatever he can get his hands on in the cell: the bed, the bench, the clothes, and puts them all around him as he cowers over in a corner and watches Owen start to squirm in his chair as it starts to creak slightly. His breathing grows heavier by the minute.

He grabs his chest and turns his head down into it. His shirt begins to shred under the sheer size of his muscles. Seams split in his pants as the chair crumbles beneath him as he falls to the ground. The man looks up as his glasses fall to the ground and shatter. His green eyes have now turned yellow as his massive chest makes quick work of his shirt as the material falls to the ground in tatters.

The growing beast gets up to stand as his shoes explode beneath him as his feet nearly double in size and appear to be getting longer.

His toes get a new shape to them which alarms Brice to the point that he starts to mumble to himself. His quads grow fatter and more developed as his cock explodes through his underwear dropping them to the ground as his cock grows larger and longer. His formerly normal skin tone is now grey. His body hair is minimal now besides the goatee on his face. The creature turns to his side and laughs as his huge ass presses up against the bars exposing his throbbing hole.

Brice involuntarily moans as he sees this and feels an erection building in his pants. The beast moans in delight as a tail begins to grow from just above his bubble butt.

It flies out of his enormous back and sits close to the ground in the cell as it flails about. Brice jumps up and yells in fright as he realizes that his friend is actually a demon. It turns back around and starts to shake the front of the cell like it is taunting him. It laughs again and starts to bounce its giant cock at him.

Once again, Brice can feel his cock stirring as he feels his temperature heating up. Brice jumps back and tries to climb up the wall away from Owen. It locks its lips on his and begins to push the entity from within Brice to the surface.

The pound creature continues to summon the beast inside Brice as it wraps its giant arms around him and rubs his back forcefully. Brice feels his body go stiff as the change begins. He can feel the hair on top of his head starting to fall out as the man demon Owen makes him flex his biceps.

He peers over at them as his eyes enlarge noticing them growing rapidly rising ever higher. The fact he is nearly nude makes the growth cycle commence even quicker as he feels his back popping and stretching further outward. He still cannot make a sound as the pain intensifies. He winces as tears roll down his face. The man demon caresses him as his abs grow and thicken as well as his pecs which blow up into huge slabs of granite. With the slit growing bigger, Owen leans down to shove his tongue inside and starts to lap up the juices that are beginning to flow through his cock.

He can feel the muscles tightening and growing at the same time as he realizes that he may lose his awareness soon. His feet are also changing as his toes thicken and lengthen at the same time. His pain threshold is now gone as it now turns to pleasure. He moans deeply as his voice changes dramatically. The cum begins to build up quickly as Owen moans deeply too tasting the thick pre beginning to change over to the white stuff. Before long, Brice moans in his new gruff tone as Owen gulps down tons and tons of thick cum.

They are completely unaware that someone else has entered into the cell. After a minute of wrapping their tongues together they realize they are being watched. I see that you two have gotten acquainted with each other finally. Brice and Owen stare at each other and smile. He tries to say something, but nothing comes out.

Perhaps even Owen can help you out with your issue. I am glad that you have someone to help you transition. Just know that this form only appears when you are excited or feel the need to act. After taking a few more steps, Brice stares at the red-skinned behemoth and remembers that it is Cain Darkori. He wants Brice to watch carefully so that he is able to do it in a safe fashion away from anyone he cares about. Owen sits down on the ground as his tail begins to fall off and his face returns back to its normal shape.

His body hair begins to sprout again as his muscles slowly shrink back down to their original places and sizes. Now drenched in sweat and completely nude, Cain walks over to him and pulls another pair of glasses out of his lab coat he is wearing and hands them to Owen.

He extends a giant red paw out to Owen and embraces him. He then tells Brice to let his brain clear itself and to let himself revert back. Brice nods as he sits on the ground and attempts to do the same thing that he saw Owen do. His tail falls off and his body hair begins to grow back as he calms down. Before anything else happens though, he passes out as his muscles were beginning to shrink down again.

Owen follows them into a separate area where Cain places him on an exam table. He rushes out as he starts to yell for Damien to come quickly. Owen looks down at his grayish-colored friend and wonders if something has went gravely wrong with Brice. At this point, the half man half demon has gotten his original face back but has retained various features of the creature like his coloring, his feet, and even his gargantuan cock.

Owen keeps staring at it in awe as Brice bounces it for him. It just keeps building and it is driving my mind crazy. Owen stands there and debates on whether he should even honor this request since it may be too dangerous. Brice moans deeply as he feels a volcano of precum flowing out the slit of his cock. He grabs Owen on the arm and pulls him towards the leaking pole. Owen tries to resist as he feels pre hitting him in the face. It immediately makes his body start to tingle as his mind begins to race wildly.

Before he locks lips on the giant pole, he is thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. Damien Darkori immediately locks lips on the leaking rod and pumps it quickly. It goes pouring down all over his bare red chest and face as he gulps as much down as he can. Cain watches in the distance as he picks up Owen and slings him over his shoulder. Damien turns to look at Brice and smiles a bit before he turns around to leave the area.

Brice jumps up quickly and realizes that his skin is still gray. Look at it as a stepping stone to something better. You are not the same human anymore, you are something far better.

I suggest you stay here overnight so me and Damien can help you with your diagnosis. He pats the helpless man on the back and turns to leave the area. Brice goes back to the table and sits down with his hands on his face. He begins to wonder what will happen next as he ponders his next move. After several minutes, Brice gets up from the table and walks into the nearby hallway. He is still a bit woozy from the ordeal he just experienced, but for the first time in years, he feels as if he is going to be alright on the inside.

He is still nude and is unconsciously rubbing the thick grayish skin on his chest and legs feeling the new textures of his fresh hardened skin. It makes his cock jump a few times as it dribbles a few drops of precum onto the floor beneath him. There are several rooms on both sides of the corridor he is standing in. Each one of them has a red shield with square boxes around them, flames are superimposed on top of the shields, and they are in numerical order.

The east hall is where he was before in the cages and the west hall, which looks as if it is nearly a mile away down the aisle, is where a door is open. Brice quickly realizes that he is in an unmarked area of the property and which makes him shake his head a few times.

This is obviously a much bigger operation than he previously anticipated. Cain Darkori opens a door approximately ten feet away from him and walks through it. He is glistening with sweat and appears to be a bit winded.

He spots Brice and walks down the hall to see him. Brice lightly winces but feels a sense of warmth run through him. I managed to get Owen down for a long nap I think. He went and got his frustrations out on another one of our patients. Cain smiles, showing off his perfectly formed white teeth and fangs. They are noticeably longer now than he remembers and it feels like he is heating up as his breathing starts to get a bit heavier.

It is a side that Brice has not really seen of him before other than what he saw happening in the exam room. You are more my type now that you have transitioned to this look. Our bigger halves are getting a bit more acquainted judging by how we are responding to each other. He also realizes that maybe it is a bit too soon to be fraternizing with someone that just recently returned back to their human form. He carries Brice down the hall and into an extremely large shower area where the two stop for a moment or two.

The huge hairy red-skinned doctor turns on the cold water in front of one of the showerheads in hopes of cooling them both off.

The immense muscles in his hairy chest are now entirely visible underneath the fabric. I am being compelled to pleasure you from whatever is residing inside my body. His gray partner starts licking his swollen neck which is bringing him to the point of no return. He can feel his own power tool expanding to the point that it is ready to explode out of his pants.

He is huffing now feeling his pants creaking now that they are literally painted to his body. His own hands do the same as his nails elongate and become sharper. It appears that they are both doing so in sync with each other.

The cold water that was supposed to diffuse the situation has failed to prevent the transformation process from commencing. Cain can feel the seams on his pants being pulled apart by the colossal mass that is emerging from them both from behind and along both sides of his lower half.

He shoves his thick demonic fingers in between the two growing bloated gray globes to prepare them for what they will have to endure shortly. A thick covering of black fur has formed along the ridges of his cavernous delts and traps. They seem destined for each other as they both meet with each other head on. The hungry bottom moans deeply feeling the massive tool pushing itself all the way inside. The two demons have found their way over to the shower wall where a few of the tiles have broken due to the force they caused by slamming up against them.

It is definitely getting the attention of others that are in the same part of the complex. Damien can sense the excitement coming from both of them as he stands in the doorway that leads into the shower area. He is surprisingly calm, probably due to the fact that he himself just had a session with a fuck buddy and it has drained him and his other half, at least for the time being.

He is quite amazed though at how primal Cain is getting with Brice. The gray-skinned demon bottom has somehow sprouted a tail while he is being ravaged. It is the most satisfying feeling he has ever experienced from another being.

He is tilting his head back with his mouth open exposing his fangs as he to be fucked slowly and methodically. This is making him want to cum more than ever as he tries to pump Brice at the same rate. Damien is getting noticeably turned on by this, but he is trying to keep his composure despite what he is seeing in front of him.

He feels compelled to join them, but knows that Cain would probably not like that since he obviously is developing a strong bond with Brice. Earlier while the gray beast was resting, the larger brother lectured him about interrupting the regression process in which he was interfering with.

It led to what Brice ended up looking like now, which at first was considered a negative. Now though, it appears that Cain has completely changed his mind about it and is becoming totally infatuated with him. Feeling his own body warming up again, Damien decides it is time for him to go visit Owen down the hall before he transforms into his bigger self once again.

Both of the horny beasts have been edging each other for quite some time and are in need of release. As a way of determining who will do so first, they begin to tussle with each other to see which demon is going to win the challenge. Still stuffed inside his partner; however, Cain slams him down to the shower floor causing several tiles to break beneath them as he tries to show how dominant he is.

The rush of the powerful river involuntarily makes the bottom flex his entire frame as he feels every muscle fiber in his body start to expand once again. He grows rapidly as Cain looks on in amazement. At the same time, this is causing the red-skinned demonic beast to make more cum inside his ballsac as he feels more flow out of his raging shaft and into the excited gray behemoth.

He is breathing heavily as he lies down on the shower floor. The showerhead they are lying under is still on and it is starting to flood the entire area they are in. Brice has now grown to over pounds and his skin has been stretched to its limits as marks are appearing all over his massive body.

He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him. The sensation of feeling something entering his cock makes the beast moan deeply. The huge doctor continues raping his dick until he can see that Brice is about to lose control, judging by the wild look on his face. When he finally does manage to get the entire appendage free, he is drowned by the largest white volcano he has ever felt in his entire life. The intensity of the orgasm is so incredible that the gray demon loses consciousness and falls over to the side.

With each ribbon of cum being released from his bloated body, Brice slowly reverts back to where this whole sequence started in the first place. The thick demonic hulk is laughing in his extremely deep demonic tone as he reaches up to his face with his claws to wipe the flood out of his black eyes.

He is beginning to calm down now as he starts to shrink back down to his human form. He is tired but he is still manages to sit up long enough to move over to tend to his gray partner. He can sense that Brice is not breathing well and starts to do a few chest compressions on him. He then gets a few breaths in to his lungs before his weakened partner starts coughing and spits a bit of cum into his face. They are both back to their normal sizes once again. Cain smacks his face a few times to get him to open his eyes so he can look at him.

It works as they stare at each other for a few seconds before the doctor says something to him. They both laugh a couple of times which is followed by Brice coughing to his side as he tries to get a few words out. Cain covers his mouth though to tell him not to speak. You are far too weak to do anything so we can talk more when you are rested up, okay? His gray-skinned partner does the same as they lie there together in the milky-colored water. During the last few minutes of their exchange, they were both unaware that they were being watched by Damien and Owen, who were standing in the doorway, completely nude, and smiling while leaning against each other.

They both walk into the flooded area to start cleaning up the mess that the two lovers just caused. Owen is told to shut the showerhead off and to clear out the drains of the milky cum that has accumulated so they can get the room fixed for later patients. Damien gets his brother up off the ground and takes him in to one of the exam rooms to lay him down on the table.

He immediately dozes off once his brother walks back down the hall to do the same with Brice. Once he gets the gray man into another room, he wanders back into the shower area and starts helping Owen clean up the rest of the damaged facility. He stops the spectacled man long enough to say something funny to him. After a few eye rolls from his assistant, they go back to what they are doing. Help us cover our server upkeep and maintenance costs.

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Story of Muscle Growth in a Teen, A

He imploded a building with his bare hands. So you can be our witness Jeremy, you have a camera? In a good way, I mean.

His strength and muscle size are incredible, especially for such a young boy, and his brains, wow, you thought Lex Luthor was smart, Mikey makes him look like a complete idiot. I heard that he sped read the Bible and remembered every word in it precisely, then spent the next two hours translating it into 4 different languages by memory alone. The same could be said for his strength, how can you be so sure that it was he that imploded the building, it sounds like a sham to me.

Not to mention the rock he turned completely to dust with his bare hands. Ah, here he comes. He was carrying his brother, Tyler, on his shoulders. Well, maybe you will after you see this. Then the neck started going when his traps started moving unceasingly towards his earlobes, his pecs pushed outwards causing his shirt to rip down the sides, until he was standing topless in front of us.

His 8 pack abs stood out at least 2 inches now, his pecs 7 inches over that, and his shoulders were doing their best imitations of pumpkins.

Really, really large pumpkins. Then the pants started to rip along the seems themselves. Mikey was wearing nothing but a posing strap underneath his shirt, he started doing a posing show for Superman, who from the first sight of Mikey was speechless.

So, how do you want to do this? That would make it much more fair. Fatboy, count us down! What he saw shocked him to no end. Mikey looked positively bored, he appeared to be looking at the fingernails of his other hand, as though nothing was pushing against his other hand at all. Superman started pushing with all his strength, he gritted his teeth, pouring on all the power he could muster.

I always thought you were supposed to be the strongest man in the Universe, how does it feel to be overpowered by a 4 year old boy with such ease? All I know is it is annoying the hell out of me. I will. And you better do it quick, those alarms seem to be getting more urgent. You are my master, I am your slave. He bent down and lightly pecked one. He rose up higher, kneeling chest to bigger chest. But his thoughts were barely on the job at hand, his mind was going back and replaying the last 20 minutes of his life again and again.

The End. My New Step-Brother. His name was Keith whom I had met previously at the wedding. He was a very handsome guy with the frat jock look about him.

I was amazed at how easily he lifted my two suitcases in the air and carried them so easily. While he was walking swiftly in front of me, I did my best to keep up with him…. On the way to the house I found out that Keith was a jock and plays football in college. Keith filled me in on the details of the community and what was what, etc. I felt we really bonded on the ride.

He did make a comment though that took me by surprise. Looking at your dad I expected so much more from you. How bad can a 10 year old be? If you have any problems, do not, I repeat do not call me. You have to deal with Jason on your own. Just humor him and you two will get along fine.

Just remember that he likes to be in charge. I stood there…. After fumbling with the house keys he gave me, I finally got the door open. Dragging my bags in the house I looked for Jason but saw no one. It was a gorgeous house with all the right amenities.

I put my bags down and decided to walk around the house and yard. Through the dining room I noticed an incredible back yard…. That is something that I would take advantage of later on I thought to myself. I carried my one bag upstairs to the guest bedroom my dad told me which one it was and came back downstairs to get my other bag. Not noticing how out of shape I was, I seemed a bit tired from lugging two suitcases up the stairs.

Are you here?! As I relaxed in the hot tub, the alcohol seemed to take over and I was very, very relaxed. Time passed and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Then something happened…… I suddenly felt an iron vice wrap around my skull, crushing my head. I reached up to grab whatever was grabbing at my head for some relief.

Then, I felt my body being lifted from the hot tub and onto the tiles around the pool area. My face was turning red and I was slowly starting to lose consciences. Just as quickly as the vice wrapped around my head, I felt it release. I started to cough while trying to gather air at the same time when suddenly I felt my body being shoved backwards.

Before I knew it I felt a marble column wrap around my neck like in a figure four move. What my hands did feel was soft, like velvet human skin, but it was harder underneath than any substance I had ever known. I was becoming lightheaded as I looked up at the sky. Behind me I heard giggling…then the marbled tightened up…. I thought I heard blood running through the hard marble…that was the last sound I heard before I passed out.

The Tiniest Bully part 3. He says you can come back! Mikey shakes it with a little bit of his power, Clark winces noticeably. Muscle Wimp! Get out here! I beat him physically, mentally, and emotionally, he was my first slave. It was so cool to know how strong he was compared to everyone else, but how week he was compared to me. Now he does whatever I say. Muscle wimp? Mikey said that I should count down to three to start. He got back up and looked at Clark, smirking.

I admit, though, that I may have taken your strength for granted, I may have not believed the stories Jeremy told me about you, and for that, I apologize, you are incredibly, incredibly strong. That was nothing, you know how much strength I was using there? You actually believe that? I know him, I can arrange a meeting between you two. Well, believe me, if anyone on Earth deserves to be worshipped, its me.

Set it up, Geek, and get ready to bow down to your new God. The Tiniest Bully part 2. So I came back the next day, not entirely expecting him to be there, thinking it may have been a dream, I mean meeting a 3 year old with a body that would put most Mr. What do we do now? I pulled out a measuring tape, a pair of handcuffs and a digital camera. But it went along with the rest of his body, shoulders wider than my own, despite the fact that I stood 2 and a half feet taller than him.

When my body grew, my intelligence, both emotional and mental grew with my muscles, I found out when I turned 3 years old, my dick started getting hard for no reason, using my advanced intelligence, I looked it up on the internet, and found out all about sex.

Harry Potter was my first book, at 1 and a half, I finished all 7 books in the series in about 4 months. He seriously looked like a morphed picture come to life, but he was standing right near in front of me, flesh and bone. Well set the camera down and come over and see how big these muscles really are. Waist, 20 inches, your calves are almost as big around as your waist is! Your biceps, Holy Christ! I kicked it, all I did was hurt my foot. I am not a pedophile, I just love muscle, on anyone, but I never was attracted to any kids, no matter how muscular they appeared.

This kid had the kind of muscle that just changed your definition of right and wrong.

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories

Teen muscle stories