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I'm sorry for taking so long to update. A little over a year, too long. I'm sorry but I had given this story to my sister to finish but she didn't. That's not really a excuse because I hadn't updated any of my other stories either. I had wriiten this chapter in my notebook but never typed it but I finally decided to.

Trunks and pan naked

Trunks and pan naked

Trunks and pan naked

Trunks and pan naked

Trunks and pan naked

Prince Trunks falls for najed certain slave The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She shot up outta the bed adn ran to her luggage. Said with a song, sealed with a Kiss. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. She opened her eyes and they widened. Pan walked back Trunks and pan naked her bed with a orange blanket in her hand. Story Story Writer Forum Community. I really appreciate it… I've just had a really long day. But it wouldn't be right to take advantage of her.

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Dragon Ball ? Dragonball-z porn comics — Dokkan Love Posted on February 14, by dragonballzxxx. He could fit his whole body in the hole. Skip to content. The head was so big it was more like a stool than something to go haked him. Hentai Picture: Who Pregnancy date determination Trunks and pan naked enough to fuck Videl here and now? Name Password Create Account. Who could blame her? Trunks and Goten lay in a giant crater in the amd. Thick-jugged Chi-chi have brilliant bod Posted on September 1, by dragonballzxxx.

Created June 28,

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  • Now, let the party begin.
  • Goten was in the supermarket with his good buddy Trunks, looking for toys and food to take home.
  • Hentai Picture: Thick-jugged Chi-chi have brilliant bod Sexually eager sluts of DragonBall anxious to do their best to get all of your juices going!

This chapter and the ones from here on are mostly where the rating comes in to play! Bra gave a start and turned her head in the other direction. Her face was shocked. Goten moved forward and cradled her. Marron returned with the rule book. Uub stood up and slipped off his own boxers. Trunks beamed at him, at least he wasn't alone now. Goten blushed deeply and moved away from Bra to pull his own off, he sat back down beside her and reached out to her.

She opened her eyes and they widened. Goten blushed and tried so hard to think about grass and not the fact that Bra was staring at his length. Marron had her eyes locked on Uub. Uub blushed and turned from her gaze slightly, she walked over to him and cuddle him, feeling it close to her causing her to giggle.

Trunks snarled and turned to Pan. Pans eyes were locked on his. She was not staring anywhere below his belt. She was looking at his eyes. Trunks' mouth suddenly went very dry.

He thought she wanted to see him naked. That she had never seen another male naked before and was just curious, but this wasn't curiosity.

Pan stood up. Trunks stiffened at her movements. His eyes washed over her well tanned body. Every curve every slip his ocean eyes took in. A growl emitted from low in his throat. Goten laughed and tensed as he saw Bra strip down too. He shut his eyes. Already he could feel the hot blood flowing to his length. He blushed furiously. Bra giggled as she watching his erection slowly increase. She still did not find the idea of her brother naked very appealing. Trunks who still hadn't taken his eyes off Pan only just registered his sister question when Pan waved a hand in front of his face.

He grabbed covers and handed them out around the room covering himself with one as he felt an erection creeping up on him. Goten and Uub were only to pleased to follow suit to hide theirs as well. They all got back into the circle. Pan grinned at him and pulled out a bit of paper. She opened it and laughed. Goten groaned. Goten looked up. Woooo I leave you for the night with a major cliff hanger!

I will probably describe Gotens and Bras and Pan and Trunks the most. I may or may not do Uub and Marron… After this there is one more game then its off to double beds! Again another small chapter, but what can I say? It makes it easier to update, I hope to update a few chapters everyday so if I keep them small I can do that, otherwise it will just take forever like most fan fics.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Parents gone, and Trunk's arranges a rather large sleepover filled with all sort of Party games? Can he claim his prize by the end of the night? Trunks leaned forward. Uub looked confused. He gulped lightly and grinned back weakly. Xxxx Again another small chapter, but what can I say?

XxX Raven xXx. Get this party started! Fun in Strip Poker 3. Heaven 5. The dare 6. Masterbation 7. Questions and answers 8. Back to the night Little after shot Holy Shit! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

An artist named J. Bulma returned his questioned with a stern look in her eyes, while also giving Vegeta a good look as well. Heck, they still take baths together from time to time. He decides to play with Goten first before raping him with it. Why Never With Me? Goku hard fuck busty Bulma Posted on November 3, by dragonballzxxx.

Trunks and pan naked

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A Blast into the Past! Chapter 7: Trunks and Pan, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

By: Lady Valtaya What else can I say? Written by Lady Valtaya. Pan stood in front of Bra's full-length mirror nervously staring at her reflection. Bra studied her handiwork with a critical eye. Pan looked really beautiful, wearing that long dress of sheer purple silk and matching heels. The gown clung to her emphasizing her lean hips, long legs and was carefully styled and gathered to make her breasts appear larger.

Her long dark hair was gathered into an elegant bundle of silky curls that framed her face. Bra had chosen bold colors for her make-up to accentuate her delicate features and her soft dark eyes. But there was something missing…. She would go if she could, but the doctor forbade her to get out of bed. Pan tried not to laugh picturing Vegeta dressed in a tux, sitting at the Palace without his mate… but when Bra mentioned her mother's condition, she grew very serious.

No one really knew what was wrong with Bulma, but she had been very sick to her stomach and finally collapsed in her lab a few days ago.

The doctors were baffled, but her symptoms had vanished as suddenly as they had appeared, and while Bulma insisted that she was fine, Pan could tell that no one was going to take any chances with her. Especially Vegeta, he tried not to show it, but he was the one who had found her in the lab, and went no farther from her side than out to his gravity room, where he stayed sometimes long into the night, rarely eating, and working so hard that even Pan and the others had started to worry about him.

They came all the way from North City. The dinner can't be cancelled. And this deal is some type of a merger. Capsule Corp has been looking for a company to share the workload of producing its robotics capsules for ages, and these guys might be perfect.

I can't believe Lita would cancel on my brother that way. Even the guys who aren't part Saiyan are still plenty interested in her, you know. Pan threw a pillow at her. Sometimes I just don't know about you, sometimes. It doesn't bother you at all that Trunks is dating a stripper?

Pan scowled and rolled her eyes. Being rich and beautiful, Bra tended to get bored easily, she always had, but now that she was bonded with Goten, Pan had hoped that the Saiyan princess would settle down. Pan couldn't help but feel a little jealous Bra was so at ease with her good looks and her sensuality.

She was confident and elegant her parents had taught her to accept her Saiyan instincts and her humanity. Wherever they went, Bra was the first one that men noticed, and while she was a terrible flirt, Bra never let it interfere in their conversations, or let it detour her from shopping.

As they'd gotten older, Bra was getting almost an animal magnetism, there was just something about her… and when she walked into a room or a store, it was not uncommon to see men and women stop to watch her walk by. Pan sighed, it was due to their Saiyan nature, after all, Vegeta had that power as well, and so did Trunks.

Bra had grown up with it and never seemed to give it any thought at all, but Pan knew she liked that sort of attention, even though she never said it. Just then, the front door slammed and Bra giggled. Did you find me a date for that stupid dinner thing?

He had to catch his breath, he had never imagined his friend looking so beautiful… so ladylike or so grown up. But there were still nine years in between them… He glared at Bra, who just flopped onto her bed in a fit of giggling. Pan was nervous again, Trunks didn't seem happy to see her. In fact, not since he and Amber broke up at their engagement party had she seen him this pissed.

Pan bit her lip and smoothed her gown hoping that tonight went well. She took a deep breath, as she followed Trunks out to his capsule car and waited for him to say something. Trunks tugged on his tuxedo coat, and tried to ignore the fact that he was about to go to a very important business dinner with a girl he had known since the day she was born… in fact, he remembered sitting at the hospital playing with Goten when the nurse finally told Gohan that he had a daughter.

Of course, Pan had changed a lot since that night, but still had the same chocolate brown eyes and silky black hair. He knew better than to leave it to his sister to find him a date, but since he'd been stuck in meetings since this morning, he'd been left with no choice. Lita's cancellation puzzled him, but hadn't really hurt his feelings.

The striking red head was sexy, beautiful and interesting company, but he didn't love her. He sighed, and glanced at Pan. Damn it Bra… leave it to you to make such a sweet girl look so damn womanly, and why did it have to turn him on to see her looking so beautiful?

They were just going as friends. I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to this on such short notice. I really appreciate it… I've just had a really long day.

And my little brat sister didn't tell me it was you… err never mind… You look nice. Are you ready? Pan sighed, and nodded, getting into the car. Four hours of trying on gowns, two hours to perm and style her hair and another hour and a half for make-up and she looked nice? She grumbled a thank you and tried not to let the silence between them bother her. It was hopeless. Trunks was always more stubborn than Goten, and Bra was pretty damn irresistible, even Pan had to admit it.

Bra was sexy, pretty and devilishly charming when she wanted to be, all the things that Pan knew she wasn't, Goten was bound to fall for Bra sooner or later. Trunks could have any woman he wanted, why had she been dumb enough to think he'd ever be interested in a tomboy like her? I have spent the last seven and a half hours getting ready for this and have you even actually looked at me?

I spent the last twelve hours in board meetings with these people's lawyers and now I have to take them to dinner and pretend I don't want to blast something. Putting it that way made her grin in spite of her hurt feelings.

She didn't tell me that she hadn't told you I was your date tonight. She's such a little witch sometimes. They had been through so much together… but now more than ever it seemed he would never see her as anything but a friend, his little sister's best friend, and the daughter of one of his best friends.

They had spent almost all their lives as friends, and even gone after the Dragonballs in space. But while her feelings for him had grown into love, he was still convinced she was too young.

You really do look… fantastic. Just don't tell your dad I said that. Pan blushed again, and smacked his arm with the back of her hand. There it is, are you ready? Ready to be bored out of your mind that is? He seemed a bit surprised to see her on his arm, but had finally smiled and opened the door for them.

Once inside, there was an elegant lobby and an indoor golden fountain. The floors were marble and so were the walls, huge columns of marble rose four stories to the glittering gold ceiling, and Trunks stood there smirking as he let her get used to the sights of the lobby.

Pan blushed as she realized she was staring at everything. Trunks chuckled. Pan blushed and looked away. A waiter in an elegant suit beckoned for Trunks, and he reluctantly let go of her. She smiled and watched the people coming and going. Pan had never seen so many beautiful people dressed so elegantly.

It was like a dream, or a fairy tale, and she was right in the middle of it. Trunks returned quickly and took her arm following the waiter casually; seemingly oblivious to all of the well dressed, attractive people watching them.

Pan was really getting nervous again, but finally they reached their table. They were invited to sit down with three other couples, an older gentleman and his surprisingly young wife, and a pair of couples who looked about Trunks' age. Their dates were friendly and pretty, and entirely too interested in Trunks for Pan's liking.

Trunks apologized for the absence of his parents, and introduced her as a longtime friend. Pan sighed. Her attention wandered throughout dinner, while she tried to be polite and friendly, she soon found her patience wearing thin.

She had never been so relieved to leave such a beautiful place. You didn't spill anything and you didn't yawn at all. Pan giggled as they walked outside. I feel silly saying this… but I feel like a princess.

Trunks smiled, and took her hand and watched the moonlight cast silver highlights in her glossy black curls. She blushed and looked at the lake across the street from the Palace restaurant. One moment you tell me how pretty I look, the next I'm just a friend? The next thing Pan knew she was trapped in his arms, and locked in a kiss that was both playful and erotic.

His body was hot, even through his tux and she could feel his strength in every fiber of his body pressed against hers. Caught off guard and having wanted this moment for so long, Pan could only wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him back. Her surrender was absolute and it almost proved their undoing, she held him tight, her hands sinking lower, instinctively finding his tail spot, even through his clothes he felt the agonizing jolt of pleasure, and he was purring even as he let her go.

Trunks and pan naked