Which teen titans are you-Which Of The Teen Titans Are You Like?

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Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

However, you're loyal to your friends and a lot stronger than tern look. Throw something at them. A GoToQuiz original that answers the question, " when will I die? I'm in trouble all the time, but nothing serious! What is GotoQuiz? I like everything. Which of these fast food places is your favorite? Wonder Woman.

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As long as I am at peace I am content. I don't think so. He pits the Titans against the original animated Titans, who agree to fight after the Master of Games threatens to destroy their Earth. I don't speak to them. What could be a better power to cause chaos and mayhem? A new car. Martial Arts. Scroll To Start Quiz. This quiz is testing out a new look, and if you notice any visual bugs please report them! I don't take things seriously.

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  • There are many fans of Teen Titans, but few are true fans.
  • How many of you know about the Teen Titans?
  • Our goal at Zoo.
  • Teen Titans Go!

Skip to main content. Which member of the Teen Titans Go! Find out in an instant with this mega Teen Titans quiz! Let's go! What are you wearing on your feet right now? Bunny slippers. Pool slides.

Football boots. Muddy wellies. How would your friends describe you? A bit clumsy. A whirlwind of fun. Who's your favourite superhero? Wonder Woman. The Flash. At a buffet, what's the first thing you load onto your plate? Sausage rolls. Nothing but slices of delicious pizza. What are you most likely to doodle?

A rocket ship. A monster with a big grin. The ultimate burger. Amazing gadgets. What's your favourite type of fruit? A single grape.

What's the coolest gadget you can think of? A smartphone with unlimited battery life. Self-drying clothes. Invisible headphones. Socks that never smell. What would be your catchphrase if you were a superhero? Fair play! That, my friend, is science! Who ate my biscuits? How tidy is your bedroom? It looks like I share it with a tornado. Very tidy. I suppose it'd be quite tidy if I put my clothes away.

It looks like a rubbish dump. What are you most likely to do at the weekend? Watch films. Read comics. Design a jetpack.

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Bob Haney Bruno Premiani. Image: Via img2. And if I did, I wouldn't make a big fuss. When Gentleman Ghost attempts to possess Raven to escape, he cracks her gem, which unleashes some of her inner demonic power and results in his defeat. Learn more or post your buzz! The Titans destroy Trigon's Worlogog and assist Raven in getting her powers back, which sends Trigon into limbo while Robin uses their Worlogog to send Trigon to a zombie dimension.

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you. Trending Quizzes

I'm very tall, and I have stubby eyebrows. It's a bit obvious, isn't it? My washed-out, goth complexion, and my permanent chakra. The strange hue of my skin. Sarcastic, Mysterious. Determined, Intelligent. Cheerful, Kind.

Hyper, Funny. Outgoing, Strong. Kindness and Generosity. Understanding and Acceptance. Humour and Fun. Working out. Hanging out with my friends. Playing video games. Herbal tea. Good riddance! It was lovely meeting you, my friend! Good luck! Consider yourself a honorary Teen Titan! Wait up! Comments Change color. DarkRaven Craze Dragon fruit face Yes yes yes yes yes! Nyancat I got 33 percant on Robin and Starfire. I think I'm good with those. Featured Quizzes.

Trivia Quiz: How well do you know about Diwali Festival? Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. I'm a freak! I'm different from everyone else! I want to go back to the way I was! I don't say it the same way every time but I think that war and chaos is fun! I kind of laugh a lot Who needs powers? All you need are gadgets and brains to be a super hero. The ability to cream my arch rival once and for all!

And some gadgets would be nice. Super strength. What could be a better power to cause chaos and mayhem? No, not really. And if I did, I wouldn't make a big fuss. No need to start all that fighting. Well not really, but if I did I would threaten them and tell them they better not leave me out. This quiz is pointless, but yes, many times I feel different from the rest.

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Which Teen Titans Member Are You? (Teen Titans Go)

If you were a kid in the early s or had a kid in the early s , chances are you are familiar with the Teen Titans. The DC Animated Universe show is still considered by comic book fans to be the definitive version of the legendary comic book team as well as one of the greatest shows DC has every created. The Teen Titans got their start back in , when a bunch of the universe's sidekicks got together to form their own superhero team without their more famous mentors; the Titans originally consisted of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl.

However, the team that is engraved into everyone's hearts is the one made up of Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. Even though the network was bringing back the characters that everybody loved, they were completely changing what made them so great in the first place. Gone was the over-arching storylines and intricate character development, replaced with a bunch of "ZOMG Random! They may be back, but they aren't the Titans!

Whether you are a casual fan or the most die-hard Teen Titans fanboy or fangirl out there, chances are you relate to one of the characters in the show. Take this quiz to find out Which Teen Titan are you? Part of being a Titan is the ability to go undercover for investigative purposes when the job requires it. After a long night of fighting crime, a Titan has to find a way to replenish their strength! We all eat. It's part of our human nature However, most teenagers LOVE the act of consuming food, especially when they're bodies are growing during their early years.

Which of these fast food places is your favorite? Growing up, we all had that group of friends that stuck together like white on rice and did literally everything together. As we grew up, our group may have changed, but the types of people in them most certainly didn't!

In your posse, you are known as Come on They may not like to admit it, but deep down inside there is something that makes even the toughest of the tough tremble in horror. Which of the following phobias most gives you the heebie-geebies? Yeah, it's a terrible stereotype, but most people are somewhat lazy in their teenage years. Sleeping in until noon and putting off doing the dishes are everyday occurrences to you, but some teens are much, much lazier than others. So, how lazy are you?

Video games have become so ingrained in our popular culture that even the most staunch anti-gaming people know the likes of Super Mario and Zelda. Chances are, if you're a teen in this day and age, you've played some sort of video game.

Which of the following best suits your tastes? It would be too easy to do this one as DC heroes, but that would almost be cheating considering several members of the Teen Titans have real-life connections to other DC heroes.

However, Marvel has many equivalent characters that should be good enough for our purposes! Which Marvel hero do you look up to?

If you ask the old-timers, they'll go on a rant about how "kids these days" hate to read and would rather sit around on their cell phones. Of course, this is totally false; statistics show that teenagers today read more than any other generation in history! If you had to pick a book, what would you choose? Everyone has a story. Maybe you were the local basketball star from your small town high school, or maybe you're the wacky artist from the big city. Either way, your place of origin says a lot about you.

Which of the following options best describes where you came from? If you're going to be a superhero, you have to have a catchphrase! Batman has "I'm Batman! Which is yours? Part of the Teenager experience is the whole "first crush" thing. It may happen in the early years of the era, or it could wait to rear its head until you're a full-fledged "adult. Who was yours? Much like soccer, Basketball is a sport that can be played by anyone, anywhere, at any skill level. Unlike Football or Golf or Baseball you don't need a huge open space or special equipment; you just need a ball and a hoop!

Which of these NBA teams do you enjoy watching the most? Be honest here! What is your opinion of yourself? Do you see yourself as a go-getter? A lazy POS? A happy and charismatic leader? Often times people are too humble or embarrassed to assess themselves accurately. But, if you had to describe yourself to someone in a single word, what would it be? Call it what you will: The "Sweet 16" Finances aside, what kind of car were you clamoring for when you turned 16? Another question for which we need total honesty!

For a large portion of teens, school isn't a fun place to be. You could be out spending time with your friends or playing sports or even just vegging out on the couch watching Netflix. But, getting an education is a requirement in this society, so here you are. What kind of a student were you or are you if you're still in school? Animals are better than people. There, we said it. They don't hold grudges or lash out at you for no reason. Instead, they love their humans unconditionally, and there's something to be said about a being that is able to embrace its primal needs without hesitation or question.

Which of these animals is your favorite? In our modern, interconnected world, cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. We use them as cameras, to calculate simple math problems, store contact information, and browse the world wide web. Phones tend to get an upgrade every year or two- What is the most important aspect of getting a new phone? Like we said before, people between that ages of 12 and 20 seemingly love to eat! We all know that one teenage boy that can wolf down three plates of food and still wants to go back for more.

We also know that one person who refuses to eat anything more than a tiny morsel so that they can keep themselves in shape. How much food do you consume in a day? The Amazing Spider-Man may not be DC, but he's one of the world's most popular superheroes as well as one of the most influential comic book characters of all time. His legendary quote, uttered by his Uncle Ben, states that "with great power comes great responsibility.

How would YOU finish the quote? Everyone needs to get away every once and awhile. The everyday grind of life can get to be a total drag, causing you to question every life choice you've ever made as well as your sanity. A quick getaway to your favorite location or to do you favorite past time has been shown to do wonders for morale.

What is your dream vacation? The best part of being a teenager is that you have no responsibilities! More than likely you don't have a job, and High School only takes up the majority of your time nine months of the year and five days of the week. This means that weekends and summers are made for doing whatever you want! Of course, this also means that you can use this free time to get into trouble Have you ever been in serious trouble before?

This one may be some low hanging fruit, but we have to ask: What is your favorite sitcom? They come in all shapes and sizes, from zany surrealist comedies to shows with dry wit to shows that blend the lines between sitcom and another popular TV genre.

Of the following list, which one of these appeals to you the most? Stress is part of the human experience for everybody. It can take on the form of physical, emotional, or even mental stress that takes a toll on your body and livelihood. We all have different coping mechanisms when we are faced with massive amounts of stress. How do you deal with it? We know that some of these bands have a sort of weird stigma, and that many of you would never admit to listening to them frequently, but we're all friends here!

For "teen-centric," we are talking about bands that were huge on the scene with teenagers during their heyday. Which of the following teen bands were you or are still a fan of? As we stated in the opening of this quiz, the show "Teen Titans, GO! However, it has been met with severe criticisms from fans and casual viewers alike for being nothing like the comic book or DCAU counterpart.

Other say the show has its redeeming qualities- What do you think? Even as adults, many of us still don't like to clean our room.

Why should we?

Which teen titans are you

Which teen titans are you